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Race Pimp Colin Kaepernick Fired Himself

Posted by Michael Zahara on Sep 28, 2017

Though I don’t like it at all, I have no problem with him taking a knee—though I wish it were a knee into his balls—because taking a knee for the cameras tells to a guy like me, all it is I’ll ever need to know about Colin Kaepernick.  Just like the Nazis and their predictable bullshit earlier this year too, nobody’s words or deeds are ever going to intimidate or ever upset me into a tizzy.

I truly believe the First Amendment is stronger than any Nazi or Black Lives Matter bigot could ever be.  

This is why we allow for all haters of every color and persuasion to spew their always venomous vile and bile within the protective cocoon of our sacred First Amendment.  I’m proudly a Bill of Rights absolutist.  Our first Ten Amendments to the Constitution—-The Big Ten!—-have been under intense assault from the Ultra Far Left Extremists for at least 25 years and our now junior Senator Catherine Cortez Masto declared that she is so barren and bankrupt any ideas at all, that she must join the efforts to blow up the First Amendment because of Citizens United.  The very Amendment Colin Kaepernick waved to us as he took that knee for the cameras last season!


I don’t ever remember not singing the National Anthem.  This 29 year old man going on 14 year old boy still has no idea what these truly evil BLM people have done to him these past two years and I’m going to tell you exactly what happened and why this past NFL weekend was American racial politics at its very worst desperately trying to cover their tracks which have almost certainly ended Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career and having nothing at all to do with Race or with KneesGive me a minute to get there tho—-


I’ve stood with a broken leg, then a few times on crutches after another injury, maybe a little too over-served a time or two at Soldier Field, Wrigley Field, the Chicago Stadium, United Center and Sox Park with my Dad, brothers, uncles and boy cousins…everywhere it was played, that’s what we did—we sang the National Anthem though I don’t think we ever owned a flag at our house—I don’t own a flag now and never did here either—though we Zaharas all love blowing shit up on Fourth of July, we also never said ‘Grace’ at any meal ever either—though we were raised so hard-ass Catholic, we never ate meat on Fridays for the entire year, or on Wednesdays either for the entire year!

Somehow because of this, there’s a measure of humility in all of us and delayed gratification and hard work is its own reward and ‘There but by the grace of God go I’, is something we’re at least saying silently to ourselves when we interact with those less fortunate and blessed than we are.

I have a rather unusual fact about my family that most other families do not.  Both sides of my family immigrated to the US in the early 1890s and for our entire history through today, we’ve never lost a family member in service to the country because Uncle Sam would not let them serve our county overseas in the Military. No, not because they could drink anyone under the table in seconds, but because they could build and assemble heavy machinery for the war efforts and slaughter cattle, hogs, sheep, and chickens day and night to feed the troops and refugees too.  My big sister was the first from our generation to join the military joining the US Navy and keeping an eye on the Soviets for NATO in Iceland, she was on duty there when the US Embassy in Tehran was taken over in 1979 and she is also the last Zahara to serve so far.

Two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam—my family was not there fighting–singing the National Anthem is the very least we could do and we all do it very well too. That said, I don’t like the song and consider it tortuous to human hearing  as well as vocal chords.  It’s nearly impossible to dance to much less Polack Polka to, and if you’ve mastered making love to the Star Spangled Banner for mood music, than you are a far better man than I!

I reads much better as a poem or verse to me and is too glorifying of war for my tastes and I have literally always believed that our National Anthem should be ‘America, the Beautiful’ because I remember being a cranky little shit on one of those annual family Brady Bunch-like vacations in our green Ford Country Squire station wagon with the wood paneling on the exterior, and finally after what seemed 35 weeks to me and my siblings waiting for Nebraska to finally end or we we going to kill our parents–and there they were, just like the song said‘For purple mountains majestied above the fruited plain’ from the Rest Stop look-out post at the NE/CO border and from horizon to horizon, north to south…and about another 40 days and 40 nights drive away to the west, were the Rocky Mountains and the first time any of us had ever seen them live!


I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Colin Kaepernick even if I had one to give. I don’t spend any amount of time trying to persuade morons to be less moronic because they tend to take care of themselves with their narcissism and self-absorption which Mr Kaepernick has in great abundance but completely lacks an intellectual capacity to connect the dots about anything.  He’s mighty impressed with himself this 29 year old man-child standing there saying ‘Look what I can do Mommy!’

I think that’s very sad but he’s one of those one-night-stand babies, a casualty of the casual nature his birth mother held of her own value as a person and a young woman willing to bed whomever came along in Fond du Lac.  He caught a break his legend writers say, being adopted out to a couple who cared for him but who instilled no discernible values within him because none are at all visible in him at 29 years old and he’s a scholarship graduate of our state’s local university system no less too, and for that all of us owe him an apology for he left UNR with zero Life Skills or marketable skills other than throwing a football.

What every single adult in his life did to this young man from the moment his egg came tumbling down his mother’s Fallopian tube is no less than morally reprehensible and repugnant and he has a large measure of empathy from me because even as a grown man, we cannot expect from him something which was never taught to him as being required to possess in order to achieve successful interpersonal relationships with our fellow human beings…and that would also be ’empathy’ of course!  A little bit of humility, humbleness, thoughtfulness, and selflessness is also very helpful to possess for anyone needing a crash course here today! Have you read any of his evil family’s bullshit which is another reason no one cares what he has to say about anything on race relations between anyone?

That’s not my Catholic faith delivering some empathy for Mr Kaepernick, that’s my humanity feeling very badly that this guy has become such a tool fool for others and his only recently perhaps realizing this as he has publicly said in the Press that he wants to play and is now done with all of this kneeling stuff!  You gotta feel for the idiot if he’s having some sort of epiphany now and finally realizing the terrible gamble he took listening to his BLM Bigot Bitch in 2015.

I don’t hold in high esteem or regard people insistent on wearing their patriotism, piety, or politics on their sleeves always looking for approval over how wonderful they really are because they did this or participated in that.  This would include Pop Culture Protesting and Social Outrage especially.  Colin Kaepernick is its Poster Child today who has failed to state one coherent point or state any relevant fact about his warped points of view about Police Brutality against Black men and spoon fed to him by his bigoted, biased, racially prejudiced America-hating girlfriend these past two years together.

It’s too bad Colin Kaepernick never got even a crash course in good manners or how to comport oneself in public when engaging other people when you yourself are in the public eye. Though Colin is very well-versed in his ‘free speech rights’, he’s remarkably deficient in the knowledge that exercising those rights does not prevent consequences he may find unpleasant. He was working for someone else and he has never had a ‘right’ to force onto league fans paying $175.00 per seat to watch a sporting event, his political views tantrums, and demonstrations live on national television during the National Anthem.

Your First Amendment right protects Political Speech above all else because our Founders wished to be able to call King George III a horse’s ass and literally not lose their heads over it—-none of us have ever enjoyed a protected First Amendment ‘right’ to engage in political free speech in the private-sector workplace and here in ‘At-Will’ Nevada, you can be fired for it or for your misconducts on Facebook and they owe you no reason or explanation for firing you either.  Run that by Senator Aaron Fraud Ford as he runs for Attorney General, just for shitz and giggles!

It was boorish, rude, juvenile, and childish of Kaepernick to subject league fans to this misconduct which made him the star of his own little production for them each time he knelt and no matter how right or correct you may think he was in doing so, in the real world within the private-sector, were you to commandeer your employer’s customer base and pontificate even by mere gesture your personal political views about something on your company’s platforms. you’d find yourself terminated immediately—-and rightfully so too!

<—He managed to alienate, anger, and offend first tens of thousands of fans, then millions of them and not just because he was being so boorish forcing his views onto others in an NFL venue they had no business being displayed in!

But because like Hollywood and their awful Awards shows of Hating-On, the American public also detests being lectured to by pampered multi-millionaire athletes about anything especially when they’re paying top dollar to enjoy their sports fix…only to be insulted by a bigot in a football uniform.

What a big dumb-ass and a biased, bigoted, Race Pimp Colin Kaepernick is too!

I would suggest that UNR never use him for recruiting about what a terrific education he got up there in addition to his football skills, since no one there remembers him ever having any opinion regarding anything or him having much of a functioning brain either which has been abundantly clear to clear-headed persons since the now 29 year old QB ‘took his first knee’ on the direct orders of the little 37 year old, UC Berkeley educated Islamofascist, American-hating piece of ass bigot-bitch, calling herself Nessa Diab.

<—-Aging badly, 37 year old Egyptian Barbie Bigot Nessa Diab has ended Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career and is so hyper-bigoted a hateful Islamic woman, even the Canadian Football League doesn’t want him now!

Just so you all know from the start, Colin Kaepernick was under contract for 2017 with the San Francisco 49ers and he decided—also on her orders?—to ditch that deal and play the Free Agent field seeing he had developed a following among America’s Black Bigoted Class of Race and Poverty Pimps/Oppressed Multi-Millionaire Crybaby Club Division.

He made this decision in spring 2017 and without an Agent or attorney convinced by Nessa his BLM street cred bestowed onto him from her patronage, was the key.  In most neighborhoods around the world this is also known as being pussy-whipped.  She has already directed over one million of his money to various Hate Groups and Urban Terrorism ventures in the US since she overtook him and then his finances in 2015!

Nothing but gigantic red flags have been flying for Colin Kaepernick since Nessa showed up in his life and ruined it for him on behalf of and to benefit Black Lives Matters!  She came over to his spot one day to borrow a cup of his NFL celebrity and ended up taking it all for herself and BLM and he still doesn’t have a clue.  The sooner she’s gone, the sooner he may have a chance at reviving his NFL career, but with both of them having their heads jammed so very far up their own asses, the prognosis is not good!

This seemingly impromptu anti-Trump demonstration of NFL Brotherhood for the cameras last weekend had the print and visual Media ignoring that Colin Kaepernick placed his own career in jeopardy by going to Free Agency and then his not addressing at all why his girlfriend has not been heard or seen from since the first week of August this past summer after she personally killed off his NFL career he did nothing at all to try to rescue.

That was about 200 NFL players doing a clueless, revolting ‘Kneel Along for Colin’ during last weekend’s NFL line-up and chocked full of Player Bigots accusing the NFL of false ‘Racism’ for not hiring him when he’s the dumb-ass who up and walked away from playing this season thinking his new celebrity born of his Pretending to Care for the Cameras about an alleged police brutality issue that does not exist in anywhere near to the proportions alleged by any of these Black Extortionate Poverty Pimping Enterprises anywhere in America.

Black people are still brutally murdered by other Black people in astonishing and appalling numbers–not by police officers–which in recent years under Obama’s War on Cops are what they are trying to divert attention away from ever being addressed, discussed, or resolved to ensure and keep running the federal Gravy Train on this the very eve of the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Rev Dr Martin Luther King just a little more than six months from today.


2018 promises to be a truly revolting regression of American contemporary society and politics done by America’s newly muscular post-Obama Race and Poverty Pimps and done with express malice to pay phantom reparations and tripling the former 60’s era 22 trillion dollar budget of Congress newly reauthorizing those 50 years of Great Society hit and miss programming where 75% of Black-America was lifted up and out of despair and into the mainstream and 25% remains now stubbornly demanding half of Oakland’s police Department budget, half of California’s prison system budget, that if you’re White and die, you leave to BLM your property and assets, and scores and scores of other demands which must be paid in full to Black Lives Matter for them to distribute as  they see fit’….or else we’ll turn violent again…’ all across the country.

One of the necessary excretory functions trying to rid the nation of the great stain and shame which forever is Barack Obama’s badly failed presidency/dictatorship, is to reconcile that this vile man was obsessed with his legacy because the illegitimate birth and deformed growth of Black Lives Matter in Orlando by the Obama’s political intervention and investment after the Zimmerman verdict lead into Ferguson Missouri and all the Obama directed mayhem that occurred afterward.

We in Las Vegas are the only Metro area in the United States which could see this ugly political abortion called Black Lives Matter being born after this same president and same attorney general did absolutely nothing to Las Vegas only months prior.

21,000 people in Ferguson, a federal consent decree, and lies by omission and inflammatory rhetoric by DOJ intended to ignite America which it did and make Obama look like he cared, which he did not—-and 1.8 million residents and 40 million visitors in Las Vegas/Clark County just prior to Ferguson and not even a USDOJ Consent Decree here?

Please people, pay attention to your world and what’s going on within it.  Black Lives Matter has murdered 13 American police officers in cold blood to date, they are not legitimate, they trade in hate and are all about Trans-gendered and Trans-queer getting comped into everything and thanks to Obama, were financed by George Soros after Trayvon and they are a Hate Group and they are Urban Terrorists to the many multiple millions of us from coast-to-coast who believe this Inconvenient Truth because of the facts on the ground for four years running now

And a truly revolting Press Swarm Attempt this past weekend to drown Trump’s meaningless excoriation actually began on the weekend of August 3 2017—-not coincidentally, the last time we heard from her too—when Kaepernick’s truly evil Egyptian Muslim girlfriend called the owner of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens a ‘slave owner’ and Tweeted that bullshit to the entire world and a deal everyone involved agreed was nearly completed to bring Colin to the Ravens, vanished in seconds when no phone call to the Raven’s owner of genuine and intense personal apology for his girlfriend’s bigoted racist invective diatribe was ever received in Baltimore.

All of this entire matter brokered very publicly by 17 year Ravens legend Ray Lewis and is all over the Sports Press which the legit national papers instead refuse to cover the truth about why Colin Kaeperick’s career in the NFL is over, their preferring to print the outright lies of one Shaun King, a Black Lives Matter bigot mouthpiece and others in Media spreading the falsehood that ‘racism’ had anything at all to do with this.

It did not and it never did!

Nessa Diab nabbed a Big Fish recruiting Kaepernick for BLM Bigots in the Bay Area  in 2015 not too long after their last Super Bowl and she played him against another NFL player toying her affection with their testosterone levels and between American men she is forbidden to have sex with and to marry because she is the Chattel Property of her imperious father under Islam’s Sharia Law in Egypt...more importantly to her, 37 years old is a Death Sentence for her at MTV and to many observers and fans of the league including me, it’s always looked like Colin Kaepernick was seeking out his human garbage birth mother who rejected him as did his human vermin father, by his dating this vile Muslim bigoted woman seven years older than him and looking to his player peers like he was dating his Grandma because he had some kind of geriatric Granny perv.

NFL trophy girls are always nubile and as young and beautiful as possible.  No NFL player is the cub of any Cougar on the prowl out there because it plays against the hype and mystique especially at the QB position.


We here in Las Vegas several weeks ago suffered public threats of lawsuits and fake-melodrama from Seattle Seahawks dickhead Race Pimp Michael Bennett who was present at the Cromwell and Drais when Metro responded to a call of shots fired there—-the most intense, very highest level of police response everywhere in the US—-and please also note that at Drais or anywhere else, the call is never Black Shots Fired which Bennett and his bigoted attorney somehow got that impression was true for them.  11 days in the making and done without advising Metro, the Cromwell, Drais, or anyone else, Bennett went public with the lies of his mistreatment by Metro perhaps confident patrons wouldn’t still have their cell recording and that the Resort wouldn’t either.

More than 200 patrons recordings and the Resorts recordings all directly contradicted the lies Bennett was telling to national Press and I asked LVPPA President Det Steve Grammas to go ahead and sue Bennett, the Seahawks, TMZ and the NFL for Slandering and Libeling his two subordinate Latino-American officers and I would assist in anyway in which I could because I also told Grammas and Undersheriff Kevin McMahill of an experience I also had there a couple of years ago observing two veteran officers maintaining complete control over the entire Resort and club all evening long and that I would testify under oath about that to benefit our two Slandered officers who Mr Bennett was intent on character and professionalism assassinating and ending their careers.

Please Mr Bennett, I beg you to sue Metro because I am planning on frying your fat ass for what you and your garbage attorney thought was at all permissible or appropriate in this vile bile very ugly Black Lives Matter Outrage Age we’re all suffering though today!

This was by no means an isolated incident but was so egregious in deliberate lying done solely to bring harm to our Peace Officers in Las Vegas, it is an example where I believe a jury would award substantial damages because Mr Bennett was using his sports celebrity to further damage both LVMPD officers.

Now the phony fuqr is pleading with America to ‘just get along’ together with one another in a Town Forum the other day where no one called him out on his bullshit behaviors here!

Several dozen fake, contrived, and staged Race Baiting or Anti-Semitic incidents have occurred on campuses all over America and done largely by Black-American bigots and Race Pimps who suffered no jeopardy and were often applauded for ‘raising awareness’.

This past summer, my old political cohort and Odd-Couple acquaintance from back home, Congressman Bobby Rush—-an actual original Black Panther—-was busted by Chicago’s Police Superintendent himself-—for lying to the police and lying to the Media about his fake mistreatment by the Chicago Police Department, Rush not knowing that although not visible to him, the officers involved had indeed recorded all of it and proving Bobby Rush a liar as well as a colossal asshole.

This pathological, sociopath behavior has been occurring all along at Black Lives Matters direction all over the country but has increased exponentially since Trump’s election and is not being reported in the MSM but is being scrupulously documented in Law Enforcement publications with the logical next step of forcing state’s to confront this Community Cancer by making it a felony with stiff fines and mandatory prison sentences for anyone engaged in such behaviors  Already, many states have made attacking or killing a police officer a Hate Crime with more detailed laws sure to follow.

This is the legacy of Barack Obama’s failed presidency; he’s he man who created this monster when prior to Trayvon’s Zimmerman verdict, you couldn’t find much of anything about cops and alleged Police Brutality anywhere in America or even from the USDOJ’s super-corrupted Civil Rights Division.  Ask yourselves why America’s many Black-American police officers, many who are at the profession’s very highest ranks and are untouchable from recriminations, are not locking arms or kneeling together anywhere in America. Please stop being afraid to confront these Progressive Extremist Bigots fearing you’ll be called a racist—you will be called that, this is certain, and so what?—get over it and learn of the ‘systemic racism’ and bigotry being used against America by the very people profiting from America’s fake, imaginary racial divide!

There are billions to be pocketed in Race and Poverty Pimping in America.

Until or unless Colin Kaepernick tells to America and the NFL that he’s finally dumped the predatory extortionate BLM Terrorist female who took his money and ruined his career, he will never again play football for the NFL and his race and his politics had nothing at all to do with it.

This is the smoldering ruins Black-America is in today after being at war with itself for more than 50 years as we approach the 50th anniversary of Dr King’s assassination next April 4, 2018…and today as America’s Race and Poverty Pimps are licking their chops at the bounty they intend to devour because we will not call them out as the biased bigots and racists they’ve proven themselves to be hundreds of times in just these past four years.


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



<—-An Adorable Deplorable!

…and a Goddamned Delight too!