Metro Shines in Murren’s Mandalay Bay Massacre

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 9, 2017

I just got done editing this piece and as I hit Publish, Sheriff Lombardo does a PC wearing an olive green shirt and  matching lighter lime green tie from the Judge Bill Kephardt Collection, someone once having incorrectly told Lombardo that anyone ever looked good in olive green, then he almost gets into a chick fight with an unseen reporter…

Then 8 days AFTER the fact, he proceeds without explanation and though blaming the Press—changes a major component of the Murren Massacre story regarding Security Guard Jesus Campos, the fake-ass Miracle in Minutes story they never bothered to correct, SWAT stumbling badly, Mandalay Bay having no Disaster Plan

He’s no less than fibbing, his PIO failed to correct printed major errors in the Los Angeles Times ad New York Times and from the AP’s wire services Metro knew were incorrect.  Sheriff Lombardo, though a cranky little shit during last night’s PC, has only himself to blame for not ordering his PIO to correct factual errors with the Media in question.

I don’t believe him and neither does anyone else; he is covering for MGM-Resorts and the Nevada Resort Association!

We’ll need to see video tapes and speak with Mr Compos now too Mr Sheriff.  10/10/2017 0645


That was some Damn Good Sheriffin’ this past week, huh?

<—-Not even 10 seconds after he got word of Jim Murren’s Mandalay Bay Massacre, Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s hair turned completely gray and was very nicely combed too!

He is re-elected next year already.  He still needs a strong challenger because 13 months is many lifetimes in politics and a lot of things were on his plate before Sunday so we’re either going to all love him at the Voting Booth, or we’re going to Churchill him next year, that’s the political psychology of the American voter at work now and 13 months from now!

Nothing else matters, no other issue is more prominent or more important.  Sheriff  Joseph Lombardo faced with the Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre under his watch this past Sunday night, stood out like a beacon of hope and light in the darkness for us all.   He is MY sheriff and I felt the weight he was carrying when I first saw him on TV after 1:30 AM Monday morning and he’s performed better than anyone has a right to expect of any public servant and frankly, I was very impressed and quite moved.

Very nice work Sheriff Lombardo, thank you sir!

Not the most oratorically gifted guy on the block, Sheriff Lombardo found his voice and it was deep, resolute, and purposeful, it warbled a time or two cracking with the emotion over the enormity of the magnitude of the calamity his officers were relaying over radio traffic.  The Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center kicked into overdrive and the response of officers of all ranks on the ground was selfless, focused, heroic and truly awe-inspiring to we mere civilians who entrust such things to our First Responders when things go so terribly wrong in the dark of night on the most illuminated street in the entire world.

I looked from my West Valley balcony at the Luxor’s beacon shining to infinity into outer space knowing the pure Hell these men and women were stepping into and doing so only on a quick prayer and very deep breath as they came running into the abyss and into the unknown.  All the training in the world is certainty helpful and key, but no one can fully ‘train’ for this kind of catastrophic event, in some ways it is entirely dependent on the caliber of officers and the entirety of the content of their individual character make-ups. This was an Active Shooter police protocol and it is unbelievably intense; a bombing would have been handled very differently for instance.

Almost every officer at the scene was performing for a great deal of the time without supervisor or management oversight because of the situational response required and boy did those men and women deliver!

We’d been training for this very type of event for more than six years under a concept called MACTRAC retired Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody championed at the LVMPD after he traveled to Mumbai India to research their hotel bombing there and I don’t recall anyone giving him credit where credit is due this past week.  His protege, now Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, has implemented and greatly broadened MACTRAC under Sheriff Lombardo and going back to when he was a Deputy Chief under the former sheriff too.  I’ve told you before that no Metro officer of any rank had spent as much time in Washington as US McMahill has these past years.  He’s the right man in the right job running the day-to-day today and no one disagrees!

<—-I asked my old friend Jesus H Christ (left)—also known as ‘Hot Jesus’ to the Vegas Club Scene—if I could use His picture today since I have no idea what Jesus Compos looks like and since it seemed they had one another’s Sixes at the massacre site Sunday night!   

I strongly suspect Brothers of Different Mothers between Jesus and Jesus, don’t you guys?

‘Hot Jesus’ was all good with my using His pic tonight and He even waived the royalty fees He usually charges me and others too!

All of that duly acknowledged here, the Hero Among Heroes was an MGM-Resorts unarmed contracted security guard named Jesus Compos who responded to one of the connected suite’s doors being ajar which triggers a silent to guests alarm downstairs at the Front Desk as does any breakage of guest room windows—-and he got himself a very warm 200 shot welcome from the assassin and his leg shot up!  He was the first person at the killer’s door and the massacre ended with his leg taking the last bullet fired!  


MGM-Resorts International’s super vulgar ‘Don’t Blame or Don’t You Dare Sue Us’ PR efforts had their contractor leaking to the New York Times that the Mandalay Bay’s unarmed Security Guards are now under a union contract at near to slave wages which is true, but what they left out of course is that this parasitic Community Cancer corporation which partnered with the Muslim World’s Dubai World to save its current Chairman’s sorry ass, has 12 other gigantic resort properties on the Las Vegas Strip where its hourly employees are Indentured Servants where none of their other 12 Resorts’ on the Strip Security Guards are under even a garbage, horseshit union contract in ‘At-Will/Right-to-Work’ Nevadastan.

Badly failed Nevada Senate Majority Leader Aaron Fraud Ford and equally failed Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson are vehemently anti-worker here and are the only Democratic Party leaders in the entire country to fully support ‘At-Will and Right-to-Work’ on the direct orders of the Nevada Resort Association. 

Please valued tourists, remember THAT when you book anything from dinner reservations or major conventions here in SoNev!

The most biased, bigoted, racially prejudiced person sitting in appointed to elective office I have ever come across in 38 years of Political Activism, racist America-hater Sen Yvanna Cancela was the Political Director of the evil and blood-soaked Culinary 226 union here and they adamantly refuse to participate even in E-Verify just like Laborers 872 here!  She just couldn’t get enough for illegal immigrants and trans-gendered this past session and not a single Democrat in this entire state has never said a word about ‘At-Will and Right-to-Work’ in exchange for the hush money donations of labor here!

What that tells directly to any person who’s ever run a business or met a payroll, is that our Resort giants have thousands of service workers who are employed using stolen credentials and Social Security numbers, at Culinary 226, they’re famous for working some of their low-tiered Housekeeping members—the very same ones Route 91 guests are bitterly complaining that they never noticed the camera set-ups on the room service cart outside his door!—not exceeding 24 hours in a given week because in Nevada, Unemployment benefits kick in at 25 hours per week!

Seriously folks, working in such MGM-Resorts sweatshop conditions, would you ever expect any of these almost all foreign born slave laborers to say or do anything when their very unlawfully held jobs hang in the balance?

These are just some of the Very Dirty Little Secrets of the parasitic and predatory Las Vegas Strip Resorts which will hopefully come to light in the coming weeks and months!

Mr Compos, you’re being secreted away by MGM-Resorts and your predatory union there, has loaded the Cyberworld with nothing but speculation that you may be here unlawfully too and I wanted you to know that I can and will get no less than 100 very prominent political and business persons here including myself to personally plea to President Trump in Washington, to pardon you and yours here and expedite a single-case citizenship/legal status Executive Order to assist you because our entire community here fully realizes what you’d done for us even if you had no idea when you went up there, what you were likely to face!

I’m amazed and very angry that your employer and the Resort giant they contract with, ordered you to the 32nd floor!


200 shots were fired through the walls and doors at him, the very hand of God Himself protected Mr Campos I have no doubt about it at all!  

Mr Compos, there is no photo of you in the public realm and when there is, also be prepared to drink A LOT of beer and to be propositioned A LOT by the lovelies here in town and I personally want to shake your hand and buy you that first (dozen) beers too!

I’ll pick up your Uber ride home too or send you off with any of my many East African fans and readers who drive cabs here!  I’ll see what I can do to get you my friend, Caesar’s all-star ‘Driver to the Stars’ Ernie Fitzpatrick, to roll the limo out for you too!

Thank you sir for your unarmed selfless efforts on our behalf last Sunday night! It is simply remarkable that you did what you did without knowing the impact it would have, and we citizens and the survivors are eternally grateful to you!

I have supervised and managed thousands of employees over my entire career and it’s unfathomable to me and to thousands of others here in SoNev that your superiors at Mandalay Bay and at your ‘union’ sent you, by yourself, unarmed, and without any protective gear at all to the 32nd floor of the Resort.  This tells all of us that MGM-Resorts had no fuqn idea what was happening on their own gigantic property.  For this single reason alone, every single Executive at Mandalay Bay should have already been summarily fired—they’ve all got to go, PERIOD—and your company’s parasitic Chairman, James Murren, should have been dismissed by the MGM-Resorts Board before sunrise last Monday morning!

I’m truly ashamed and embarrassed that our state’s largest employer did this to you sir, and on behalf of our entire community and state, I’ll apologize on behalf of all of us that they did this to you!

That he or they are still there hanging around the Executive Suites tells all of us this is the MGM 1980 Fire all over again with cover-up being the key phrase here and that simply will not stand this time around and its the very biggest of the unreported stories of the night! 

No story is bigger than how it was you were the only person on the 32nd floor that night sir!


We lost a beloved off-duty veteran officer in Charleston Hatfield who I had met some years back when he was assigned to SEAC in the Southeast Valley, he was a patron listening to the music and proving Black-Americans can and do like Country music depending on which country its coming from though!  Solid guy, solid cop, solid citizen.   Chuck, we love you and miss you already and we will get something named for you given your dedication to our kids in your off-time, I promise!

It was US McMahill who pointed out to call the FBI’s hotline numbers with tips which tells civilians that yes, they are the lead agency cuz they have all the really cool shit, but that doesn’t diminish LVMPD at all as this is their crime scene and their investigation.   There will be thousands of people having their hands in this investigation.  There were a few errors as somehow a lot of Communications were live and not on secured or encrypted radio channels which lead to the Net Rumor Mill exploding with misinformation the LVMPD will be moping up for months to come.  The FBI is not being helpful regarding how USDOD came to have title to his aircraft and why Valet and Room Service records contradict the official story that he ‘checked in’ on Thursday.  We know he was at the Ogden prior but how does one have room service at MB without being checked in?

Undersheriff McMahill is running the entirety of Metro’s investigation and he will also note where the LVMPD could have performed even better as that is his responsibility too and watching him address the Press was difficult for me my being one of his very biggest fans and champions.  I sent to both Sheriff Lombardo and US McMahill words of encouragement after I walked the site and hit the Resorts last Monday morning, and to my surprise, both responded!

Of courseI also ordered Joe to pull up his pants and tuck in his shirt surprised AS Fasulo hadn’t done that for him when dressing him earlier, and I made fun of Kevin’s haircut too! They were both spectacular so of course I have to poke at that in good fun at least a little bit!  I also conveyed a brief assessment of what I had seen so that they would know how their subordinates were holding up too.

<—- I love this photo and consider the very best we’ve seen so far.  Imagine, 2 Black guys and 3 White guys and one was even a bald White guy, just rushing right in where angels fear to tread!

This is a real Pulitzer Prize caliber photograph, no one was taking a knee late last Sunday night in Las Vegas and shots like this silenced the crybaby NFL players…at least temporarily.

…and that officer caliber and character shone supernova brighter than all of the famed Las Vegas Strip’s combined marquees ever could shine as temperatures dropped cooling the over-heated and over-extended corps of men and women who began their day reporting for their shifts as they’d done countless times before.  There was no warning, no sinister macabre message phoned in, no direct briefing from SNCTC, the FBI, or DHS for this event.  We’d been warned about Lone Wolf attacks on soft targets in nationwide DHS and FBI briefings recently and with regularity for years prior and one wonders how effective such warnings are to agencies when the public doesn’t want to know about it either?


As much is left to instinct as it is to training in such circumstances and the officers converging at Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd South just north of the carnage south of the Tropicana Resort one of  Las Vegas’s last old line, old-school Resort casino’s which became the gathering place for hundreds then thousands of tourists and concert goers as well as First Responders behind her giant old-school twin towers four years older than I am having just celebrated its 60th Anniversary this past April 4, 2017.

The Trop was clearly prepared to ensure its guest’s security and safety and ushered guests and visitors alike into its basement areas until they got an all-clear from Metro.   

Trop, you Rock and I’m calling your Resort the very best of all the Strip property responses that night!  Thank you Tropicana Resort, also, as King of Clark County, I’ve made myself your Ambassador for as long as you need me!

Another nearby Strip Resort owned by the giants, inexplicably ordered its guests and visitors out of the Resort and directly into harms way out on the street!  Can you even believe that and that no one had a Disaster Plan and MGM-Resorts is already trotting out its PR Maggots trying to pretty up this pig which they own 100%!

It wasn’t until 3AM that MGM-Resorts even activated its Social Media and every single executive there is still employed tonight including Chairman Murren!  Astounding!

It’s stunning and shocking really, that no one has been fired yet and Las Vegas’s premier Pimp and Community Cancer Pariah, MGM-Resorts CEO James Murren, should have been fired already if not also charged with 59 counts of Criminal Negligence resulting in Death, his parasitic corporation already intimidating local lawyers to dare not sue them over Route 91.  With Sheldon Adelson owning the RJ, we may get real reporting into how our state’s largest parasitic employer in our largest industry, really operates!

<—-This is the first time these four had ever been photographed together because one was thought to be a vampire or something, I think, and I Social Media shared this pic with my friends and readers because you should know the Brass who run the joint over at Metro under Sheriff Lombardo!

From Left:  Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo, and Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly all of whom I know well except AS Kelly!

I will hunt you down like a dog until we meet AS Kelly, go ahead, ask Captain Walsh who I once found standing right there hiding from me in plain sight at Take Back the City!


On your next visit to Las Vegas, I wholeheartedly recommend you stay at the Tropicana Resort & Casino long one of my very favorite places and owned by Penn International Gaming and run very well by Hilton’s Doubletree brand, its one of the few Strip Resorts not owned by the two parasitic giants of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Wynn and Encore properties owned by Vegas visionary Steve Wynn, became the very first Strip properties to begin metal-detector wanding of guest baggage before OKing them to advance to guest room floors in the aftermath of the Jim Murren’s Mandalay Bay Massacre.

Wynn got former Sheriff Jerry Keller on board as soon as he retired from Metro to run his empire’s security which is long said to have a team of Mossad-like Commandos on site to prevent similar atrocities at his properties.  MGM-Resorts has nickel and dimed locals, tourists, and conventioneers for years under Murren’s appalling greed and incompetence coming up with paid guest parking as another Screw-the Little-Guy fuq in the ass by MGM-Resorts International, the very worst Gaming company in the world today!

<—-JoeLo does possess great gifts like the ability to put Catherine Cortez Masto and Dina Titus into deep sound REM sleep (comas?) during a live Press Conference and Ruben Kihuen into some kind of Jim Jones trance! 

Remarkable abilities I never knew that Lombardo had until I saw it for myself this past week!

I’ve said it for years and have been blown off by everyone except Law Enforcement here, it truly is ‘9/10 on the Las Vegas Strip’ and I wrote a two-part series on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 exposing the many, many vulnerabilities of the Strip Giants who did nothing after the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and did absolutely nothing again to secure and reinforce their properties here after 9/11/2001-16 years ago!

We in SoNev all knew that Jim Murren’s Mandalay Bay Massacre was going to happen, we just didn’t know how or when it would occur. 

MGM-Resorts has never been a partner in policing here which is another reason Murren must be fired and MGM-Resorts B-O-Y-C-O-T-T-E-D until he is deservedly fired!

Each and every year like orphans in a Dickens novel coming with hat in hand, the LVMPD goes begging Congress for Homeland Security grants which is no way to fund securing the largest concentration of hotel rooms in he entire world, nor our 43 million visitors per year either, but there was US Representatives Dina Titus and Ruben Kihuen along with anti-cop CCBC Chair Steve Sisolak, hamming it up for the cameras alongside Sheriff Lombardo Monday!  It was truly repulsive and reprehensible pandering and grandstanding drenched in the blood of the victims and I will never again cast a vote for these three Human Garbage politicians who have let the LVMPD twist in the wind for all the time they have been in elective office.

Dina Titus standing there with a g*ddamn cannon or Howitzer in her purse at all times, began the local pandering grandstanding about gun control not knowing a damn thing she was talking about though Hillary Clinton was the very first out of the Pandering Gate to comment nationally and as is required of all Americans, I threw up a little in my own mouth listening to her bullshit!

Sure she’s not running and losing again in 2020, sure, anything you say dumplin’!


There’s much much more and some very cool stories of we as a Community I never thought I would see to such an enormous degree like the never ending lines to give blood here—and then the food and water and other supplies!  We’ve got Dr Dale Mitchell Carrison performing like the state’s very best person, Superman, Indiana Jones he’s always been before heading back up north to his girl, retired Patrol Officer Laurie Bisch who I reached out to last Monday afternoon, and our Very Best on the Bench, all-star Justice Court Judge Suzan Baucum, hurting very badly still this week, the massacre touching way too close to home for her and her Dance Kids Tribe she and Tod follow and support like Grateful Deadheads all of their girls Jazz Dancing right out of the birth canal!

And wouldn’t you know it, two Detectives—my favorite kind of cops–Casey Clarkson and Tara Brosnahan a male and female Metro partner pairing who should be the inspiration for a new Hollywood Cop Show‘Crazy Casey & Tara Terror!’ both getting big ink in the LVRJ and Clarkson’s old lady is named Tara too!

Another kid, 2nd day on the job, takes a bullet down there!   Imagine him explaining that to his mother who probably wanted him to become an Accountant! LVPPA reports another officer was down there bare-footed having to take his cowboy boots off to run right into the mayhem!

Bare-footed?  Can you even believe that?

Thank you Metro, we’ve turned a very big corner because of all of you!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!