The 30 Days of October

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 6, 2017

Sure, there’s 31 days, but the ‘event’ happened on October 1, 2017

‘Event’ so much nicer sounding that ‘Murren’s Massacre’ and the FBI even playing this game by calling this a ‘mass shooting’!

The month has passed and were already over it an onto other things like the NRF and CES coming up.

Life does indeed go on so let’s continue to look at the cover-ups and deceptions we’re being fed by Sheriff Lombardo and MGM-Resorts InternationalIn the mean time. the Press reported a missing Paddock hard-drive–what?—a Jesus Compos trip to Mexico and him driving there with his shot up leg and all, the Sheriff still won’t tell us why it took over an hour to breach Paddock’s room, or why it was only this past week we learned of another brother making 3 now, while a near breathless Compos personal attorney made sure to tell us Compos was allegedly born in LA, but went to Mexico of all places on a long-planned, MGM-Resorts approved trip.  The still hot rumor mill about Compos being an illegal immigrant on someone else’s Social Security number and even him being a despised and reviled DACA Deplorable, have not subsided, but grown exponentially!

Mr Compos is reported to be back at work, yet another major violation by our state’s largest parasitic employer in reporting that fact to the public when it is not the public’s business to know this, he is not their employee but their contractor’s employee.  If he was a willing participant with the killer or an accidental shill on the 32nd floor, MGM-Resorts Intl has again victimized and willingly compromised the safety of Mr Compos.  If they cared at all that Mr Paddock’s associates may have a Mr Compos targeted for assassination as the premier witness to the Jim Murren Mandlay Bay Massacre, they’d not have rolled out their Press Puking to make it look like MGM-Resorts Intl cares at all about any of its employees.

Mrs Murren, the Wicked Bitch of Gaming who famously assassinated the defunct Nevada Cancer Institute, is friends with Mrs Clinton and they had a Graceless Gringo Grandmas dinner together last year but they killed no one on staff at the restaurant or anyone associated with the massacre here…yet!  Given the death tolls of persons who became dead after orbiting into the Clinton Cluster Fuqster or checking into Heather’s failed NCI, Mr Compos is safer at the Pimp My Siegel Slums!

MGM-Resorts referring to Compos in multiple publications as their ’employee’, but refusing to answer whether or not he is actually a contract ’employee’ of the firm they hired to do their Renta-Eunuch Security Guard needs.  MGM-Resorts famously dumping off its own former in-house employees to 3rd party contractors like they did with their own Valets after launching their successful and beloved Paid Parking for Locals!  That MGM-Resorts is paying to put Compos up was obvious from the beginning, that Sheriff Lombardo doesn’t seem to have an issue with this is curious.  That DA Wolfson doesn’t seem to care yet either is also curious to me.  Adam Laxalt’s seeming silence is also noted.

MGM-Resorts could be putting him up at a competitor or in any number of non-company accommodations.  Then of course, why would MGM-Resorts even bother saying it had approved his ‘vacation’ when he isn’t even their employee?

The missing hard drive story is also not being believed by anyone also reflects poorly on Sheriff Lombardo and with the FBI refusing to comment and tossing the hot potato back to Metro, it is more than legitimate to ask the FBI when it was that they knew the hard drive was missing given the type of incident this was, that laptop and hard drive would be number one on their list to retrieve along with his phones or other devices.

The psycho killer went through all of these planning details and Inflatable Datable Filipina Granny Trannies were also a pastime for him and he’s the one who ‘forgot’ to install the hard drive?

The crime scene photos sale and Media release and the laptop hard drive missing are both Metro’s doing and are two major PR plane crashes Sheriff Lombardo still has not recovered from and neither has the entire LVMPD or the police profession across Nevada. because he shepherded them happening and the LVMPD’s early first and third week’s narratives, into existence!

50,000 hours of LVMPD over-time clocked already and we didn’t learn these new details from Metro, but from the national press?  That’s how damaging the photos and the missing hard drive misanthropy was to the totality of the investigative work here.  There is precious little sign that Metro as a whole has regained its professional footing one month afterward and we know this externally as citizens because of what they’re not talking about:  

That the putrid piece work the Los Angeles Times placed onto and into its hard print editions and always changing on-line editions, I still don’t know if they’ve ever completely corrected the record.

How Metro’s PIO Carla Alston remains employed today is as mysterious as what her actual duties and responsibilities to the Department are. Though  Metro Media Werks is improving, it remains a Public Information and Media disaster and catastrophe.  That they appeared to all be oblivious that there were at least three parallel tracks: the Legit Media, the Local Media, and the Net Nutz until two weeks in, hurt them all misfeeding this misinformation.

That the sheriff’s threadbare consultant was trying to triangulate his client Joe with CCBC Chair and Dem Gov candidate creepo Steve Sisiolak, also his client, was repulsive and sickening to view his theatrics and camera hogging and hamming.  There was no reason for him or the other politicos to be on TV with the sheriff.  The actual Commissioner over this area of the valley, Jim Gibson, yet another shared consultant client with Lombardo, may have also been there but I didn’t notice him.

That the local and national media is still giving MGM-Resorts Chair, Jim Murren a pass for not being with the sheriff during these press conferences, is simply astounding! His complete total absence for 8 fuqn days is what makes all of Metro’s Press efforts seeming to be to lighten MGM-Resorts PR load.  Even the Compos story reversal by the sheriff was not at all urgent to be announced during his now infamous testy, angry and agitated press conference and could have waited even until after Jim Murren addressed it and all but threatened IMEX the following morning at the Sands Expo Center!

Don’t ever lose sight as this case continues on for years in court here and where MGM-Resorts will be insisting that they had succeeded in ‘out-sourcing’ our county’s juror needs to one of their contractors way before Mandalay Bay happened!  James Murren in the bumbling, fumbling shitstain CEO of our fine state’s largest firm as well as its largest employer just couldn’t be bothered about his guests employees, and Renta Eunuch contractors, and we hearing nothing from this little fuqr for 8 days until IMEX???

MGM-Resorts’ Board of Directors Cretins, why haven’t you fired Jim Murren yet and flushed Heather Murren’s Dollar Store fragrance and flatulence Chemtrails yet?

During this month of MGM-Resorts madness, CEO maggot Jim Murren even thought it was appropriate to announce that his company bought a WNBA team!

Major shows and groups who come to Las Vegastan to meet certainly know that ‘the Resorts’ are an annoying bunch of douchebags and lying fuqtards and that Las Vegastan having replaced the old-time Mobsters of yesteryear (yesterday!) with a Wall Street Mobsters Crew 1,000 times crueller, crushing along with unconscionable management teams which now has Nevada citizens happily subsidizing Communist China and 40 other states, something they/we weren’t doing on November 21, 1980 when what is now BALLYS was then the MGM and had this tiny little fire which ‘supposedly’ killed 85 people in 1980 which forced our 2017’s Murren Misanthrope to take 8 days off trying to cope.  Some leader there, huh?


What’s upset me most and continues to bother me though, is the crime scene photos released/sold to the media!

It’s sickening to me that the perpetrator is almost certainly an LVMPD employee who committed this atrocious act for literally a couple of bucks.    The pool of suspects is small and measured only by those few who had access to the room.  I believe that Metro knows who did it as is hiding that information from us in a backward, politically retarded attempt to protect the sheriff when doing so does nothing but bring great harm to Sheriff Lombardo!  

Suspected first would be Metro’s own civilian CSI personnel and that would be a travesty for this department and that profession.  Next up would be Metro’s own commissioned officers and Brass and should that prove true, would be a catastrophe for this department and that profession.  It was an unforgivable, reprehensible act of greed, nothing more or less than pure greed could have possibly been the motive and the perpetrator did great harm to Sheriff Lombardo and Undersheriff McMahill and to every person in the entire organization by stealing and then selling these crimes scene photos which includes one with the suspect’s head blown off.

We simply do not do this at the LVMPD, period

No excuse given is plausible or defensible, no tears or snots will save you.  This is always unacceptable and against Department policy and against contemporary community standards of common decency. We do not sensationalize suicide or sex crimes victims.  We shield this information specifically because of the salacious nature of those seeking to exploit those who are victims—even victims at their own hand and even though guilty of a terrible crime against our community, we simply do not engage in such depraved, psychotic, and sociopath behaviors in this, our police department, and I am embarrassed and ashamed for everyone drawing a paycheck from the LVMPD today, that closing in on 5 weeks past so far, that the perpetrator has not come forward or yet been identified.

Metro has some of the nation’s very best Detectives and I will remind the sheriff that he too was a Detective, as were his Undersheriff and Assistant Sheriffs at earlier points in their careers. You all know ‘how to’ do the Detective thing and tracking down who did this atrocity couldn’t have been and shouldn’t have been all that difficult for the LVMPD!    Both union Chiefs have substantial and credible time as LVMPD Detectives and President Gramas at LVPPA still holds the title in addition to his union duties.

It’s inconceivable to me that our police unions would come to the perpetrator’s aid and comfort in termination proceeding given how despicable their conduct was and how damaging the publication of them has been to a profession brutally assaulted by the last president, his two Attorneys General, and his FBI Director to sow for him some legacy crumbs for his Know Nothing/Do Nothing/Is Nothing badly failed presidency.

The FBI is also suspect in the crime scene photos release and publication; the pool of potential perps is small and limited to those who were on the 32nd floor.  Sheriff Lombardo appears to be protecting a favored officer who should be fired and is not protecting his department by doing so.

Mr Sheriff, you above all others at Metro, should be livid about this incident as it reflects so poorly upon you as sheriff and all of your subordinates.  I don’t care if it’s someone I know, someone I like and respect, someone I consider a friend, I don’t care if its you who did it either Joe, they must be fired for the grave damage their extracurricular, for profit activity has brought to the Department and to the profession under your watch.

Assistant Sheriff Fasulo department-wide rumored to have been stopped but not arrested on a suspected DUI and his warped-speed retirement sure doesn’t make you look good either Sheriff Lombardo.  When were you planning on addressing his departure for greener pastures during the height of the biggest investigation the LVMPD ever undertook?

If anyone or group at the LVMPD has been ordered by you to jump into sorting out the Metro Misinformation Calamity which swept the nation and the Legit and Net Media sir, you’ll see that after the release of these photos, is when it all began to spiral completely out of your office’s control which it has not yet recovered its footing six weeks out!

Clamming up and shutting down is not the right approach Mr Sheriff, though it was absolutely necessary to end the Charade Parade when you did, you still have major issues to address with the public and only you can do that and not delegate it to subordinates.  Trotting out failed Sheriffs Young and Gillespie was truly pathetic Joe and unworthy of you as was the Redemption Tour you did with fluff pieces by George Knapp and the LVRJ-you’re lying Joe, the public now knows this about you and these horseshit efforts on behalf of your reputation have failed you badly too.

Where was Sheriff Keller said to have the most sophisticated and advanced security team on the Las Vegas Strip at Wynn & Encore?

Your department went into immediate cover-up mode and mindless cheerleading for the resorts lead by you Sheriff Lombardo.

You fuqd this up, this is your legacy Sheriff Lombardo and only you can correct the lies and deceptions you personally allowed to flourish completely uncorrected.

The choice is yours Joe.  Continuing your public lying that MGM-Resorts was not the major impediment which hampered your men and women’s professional response because MGM-Resorts had no disaster plan and dozens of Metro members milled about on the casino floor while it took more than an hour to breach the killer’s door, needs to come from you Mr Sheriff, your silence now is deafening.

Stop protecting MGM-Resorts and the dozens of jobs their 13 Strip properties provided to retired LVMPDers held in high favor even in retirement because your continuing this barrage of lies and deceptions hurts only you Sheriff Lombardo and kicks you way down to being even worse than your predecessor as the very worst Bought and Paid for Sheriff in Clark County history.

That’s your legacy today Sheriff Lombardo, fix that or that’s how history will remember you…I guarantee it!

Finding and firing the photos and hard drive thieves is your only path to redemption now Joe, your entire credibility and legacy are on the line because nobody believes you today.


Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!