‘I Thought It Would Be Easier…’

Posted by Michael Zahara on Dec 1, 2017

I had no expectations at all of him and am pleasantly surprised he’s had no accomplishments this past year since upsetting the universe last November winning the White House while having no clue at all how its run, or how the Congress and Supreme Court are run either.

Exactly like his predecessor!

‘This is more work than in my previous life…’ began President Trump’s only demonstration of public humility via an April 28, 2017 interview with Reuters and continued on with the title to this piece.  However, I read this info in Besos’ Washington Post analysis piece by a Phillip Bump whose headline and tack changed the entire Reuters interview to be one be one where Donald Trump admits he wasn’t ready to be president…and which he never said!


The title is an outright lie with the WAPO using a Reuters interview to deliberately mislead with the headline being their most egregious lie.  This is just one example of the nonstop Media Hate-On barrage this past year from the entire former print journalism sect of America’s once preeminence in political and government non-biased news writing which is dead and gone, never to return and Trump is the causation, but not the assassin, as this has been a deteriorating profession for decades.  Television journalism has also lost all of its credibility and CNN–once the ‘vanilla’ of cable news–should be defending its license its reporting has become so terribly tabloid and absent factual information.  I refuse to watch vulgar race pimp Don Lemon or any of their other racially and ethnically biased and bigoted talking heads crying their eyes out in fake-ass outrage!

I’m at that awkward age being too old to pretend and too badly burned to buy the bullshit from anyone about anything and I’m at the point where I’m OK that not much of anything is being done by anyone in Washington this past year, maybe that’s why the stock market is rocking way too high now?

Expect a January ‘correction’ unless all this Artificial Intelligence and Flat Earth stuff is true which I’m not dismissing is possible, if not probable.  Someone or something has been flooding markets with capital and this predates Trump by years.  The economy is hot and he gets the credit because he’s the sitting president and that as well as America repudiating him so severely electing Donald Trump, just has to be killing Bigot Barack Obama too.

Trump publicly slapping down that pretentious, ignorant-ass, bougie Little Brown Bitch is worth all of this!

I’d have never guessed in a million years we’d have two insufferable, narcissistic presidents in a row who would treat their congressional counter-parts with such disdain, disregard, and disrespect.  Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, the two co-equal pricks who ruined the US Senate under Obama and Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell under Trump, couldn’t repeal ObamaCare they hung up on Repeal and Replace when no one campaigned on the ‘replace’ part and those ‘nay’ votes as well as the ‘yeas’ are fully aware of the enormous tax revenue pouring in from everywhere under the ACA—-which means more money for them to spend that we don’t really have to spend as we have no money for discretionary spending and we can’t print money fast enough.  ACA is a massive taxing and wealth redistribution scheme as we’ve known for 7 agonizing years having nothing at all to do with Healthcare and that there are Democrats still defending this worst bill in American history should have Republican holding every office in the solar system but they can’t capitalize on it?

Maybe the tax bill will pass and the ObamaCare mandates will finally end too.

Republicans were unable and unwilling to counter the Dem Plantation Fieldhands and their false narratives at Town Hall Terrorist meetings jam-packed with George Soros paid activists who rarely lived in the Districts they were terrorizing and fear-mongering in.  Just try to take an entitlement benefit away from even the unqualified and undeserving as millions of new Medicaid recipients are today, and you will have Progressive Extremist Hell to pay buddy!

It never occurred to a Senator Dean Heller to ever point to the fundamental unfairness where Medicaid patients are getting everything for free with no co-pays including free prescriptions and no worries for them, while families within these Unholy Exchanges are now on the hook for some $30,000 in annual premiums for a family of four in addition to colossal deductible amounts having to be paid in full first before actual coverage would kick in?

Pay attention to the Progressive Extremist Bigots and their Hate Speech people, they don’t want anyone to pay for anything in Healthcare ever again Mr President, and you don’t appear to know how to respond to such hatred and arrogance from them, nor does Congress!

Seriously, how do Republicans never mention this discriminatory disparity in a 2017 full-scale national response to the full-scale assault by Progressive Extremists who’ve been so emboldened and energized by their success in ‘bullying’ the president and Congress this year, that they’ve actually floated ‘Medicaid for Everyone’ here and elsewhere!


President Trump also sent mixed signals about Hillary Clinton and him apparently in a more forgiving mood said early on he wanted to let the matter of continuing to investigate her ‘drop’, then his firing James Comey and him not ordering AG Sessions to at least review and report to him what was lacking in the Clinton non-investigation that saw her suffer no jeopardy for destroying evidence under subpoena, mainly that former AG Eric Holder and President Obama were never interviewed, much less deposed under oath as to when it was Holder learned of Clinton’s illegal server and reported to President Obama that our national security had been breached by Putin’s Russia. and him reading every stinkin’ email on that server live and in real-time her entire four years as Secretary of State!

All of the Uranium One details Putin knew before the NY Times and American public knew because of that illegal unsecured server.  Syria and ISIS, Putin knew to go ahead and assert there because of those email intercepts and now has his long desired Mediterranean port and gets credit for putting ISIS near to down today.

That’s what Russia is all about and always has been about.  It is the most serious interception of Classified information by a foreign power in American history and what we don’t know is if Hillary did it deliberately to enrich the Clinton Foundation because no one bothered to ask her seeing Rep Gowdy found the illegal server quite by accident in 2015 during his Benghazi hearings he also didn’t revive after Comey’s termination.

As an added bonus here, degenerate Dictator Obama declared the other day that the worst mistake he made during his presidency was Libya, his having no choice but to lie and say that since his gross incompetence and appalling naiveté were not tempered at all by his colossal Arab Spring failure of policy, revived the Human Slavery trade there and seen all over the world today as being Obama’s great African legacy/failure!

Nothing about this from the current president and nothing from Congress or the RNC either?  Human Chattel chained and bound hanging in a Libyan public market and President Tweaker Tweeter says nothing about the previous narcissistic president’s culpability?

That’s stunning!

So please Mr President, enough with the ‘drain the swamp’ crap already.

You can’t do much else but expose the horrific corruptions of the Congress in both parties and can only reform the White House which you have not yet delivered on your five year ban on lobbying promise there either.  You’ve dropped the ball on Term Limits the most urgent national matter above all else entrusting it to Senator Cruz who was not your friend or ally on the campaign trail last year and your Press Secretary should be briefing us on that and about another dozen other matters daily before she begins her other duties in front of the Press as she’s quite good at her job and these matters need to be beaten like a drum every single time she goes to that podium.

Your party’s Establishment doesn’t like your not being Republican and doesn’t wish to give you a victory on anything ’cause you’re rather an ass and have no idea how to build their trust and do the ‘Sausage-making’ of legislation–you’re a pale Barack Obama identical twin in that respect.  Your weak support of Judge Moore in Alabama signals you are unwilling to stick your neck out for a man who Alabama voters know very well and are comfortable with his religious dogma popping up all the time.  You’re even over-using the Executive Order like your predecessor to the peril of whatever your legacy turns out to become.  The parallels between you and Obama are astonishing on the look back.

He was the non-threatening, lighter-skinned Black American best friend we never wanted him being such a bougie, condescending, pretentious asshole, and you’re the pasty white Prep School guy who was bullied as a kid making up for lost time getting back at them today being an asshole as president just as much as Obama was!

Thank you for ridding the nation of human vermin Senators Flake and Corker though!

Trump ended the despicable Obama DACA for Deplorables, so far his best decision, and tossed it back to Congress where it belongs but showing soft and mushy spots for this group deserving of no special status or treatment because doing so would reward the parents who did this to their own children determined to steal American generosity and then making citizenship demands upon the Republic they loathe and despise.  We own them nothing, they deserve nothing, yet the president has the warm and fuzzies now for these Ultra Leftist 36 year old anarchist ‘youngster’ citizens of other nations?

The outrageous San Francisco verdict, like the hyper-racist, bigoted and biased NFL conflagration, further strengthens you despite your low approval ratings.  Thankfully, there will be no new DACA from Congress because of that verdict yesterday!

Prototypes of your infamous ‘Wall’ on our southern border were constructed and open for the public and not a single person nor group even showed up to protest that.  That should tell you that what is needed and feared most by these Uninvited Invaders stealing our generosity is a corrective Act of Congress to clarify that Birthright Citizenship is not at all to ever be bestowed onto those who are here unlawfully and without sanction.  Getting that Act written and on Congress’s agenda would seal your being in the very top-tier of American presidents for successfully ending what has been driving the illegal immigration invasion into the US for over 60 years.

No Birthright, no invasion incentive, it really is that simple and much cheaper than your ‘Wall’ too!  A federal law requiring E-Verify helps expedite their exodus back home where they all belong.

You do love to be praised, flattered, and patted on the head, that much is true as your recent trip to China proved and I’ve known less emotionally needy puppies than you are Mr President.  Your pals in China, Israel, Hungary, Poland and Saudi Arabia just love your irascible self too, yet you didn’t take the opportunity during your Chinese Flattering Fun to demand China control its client state North Korea, but even there, as juvenile as your taunts of that fat litle fuqr are, you managed to goad him into displaying his missile batteries and for the first time in 64 years our CIA and Pentagon are now able to determine what they’d be bringing down if fired at us or South Korea and Japan.

You are a most peculiar president Mr Trump in that each time you say and do something stupid, the Democrats say and do something even stupider and over-react and are stuck eating their own shit sandwiches their intense hatreds are so irrational, undefined, chaotic and pathological, that they have no idea that they’ve wasted an entire calendar year since your election hating on you while they think they can take Congress next year they hate you that much, but they’ve have also completely forgotten that in order to be elected, voters must like them on some level, and not a soul on the Left is at all likable today!

None of them see that though they claim to hate you so, that they are in fact you in all of your glory!and all that they claim to hate about you is all of them in their tantrums and hysterical fits this past year!  Their appalling bigotry evidenced every single day in the Social Media responses to LA Times articles I don’t even bother reading anymore they are so hate-filled, biased and bigoted in their coverage, the paper’s respondents show precisely why America hates California and the LA Times’ readership.

The only thing much more scary to me than you to me, is returning the Democrats to majority or the presidency before the Obama Toxic Poison which is their party and its members today, is cleansed and its Nazi-mimicking membership permanently extinguished, and which will not occur as the Democratic Party is spiraling in its death throes now and will cease to exist after losing 2018 and 2020 to become the Progressive Democratic Party after losing the presidency again to you in 2020.

Today, I am an office or two away from touching my first straight Republican ticket less than a year from now not because you’re at all impressive as president or any great shakes regarding anything really, or because the GOP in Congress is at all effective, but because I cannot support vile, racist, racially and ethnically biased and bigoted political people like Progressive Extremist Democrat Bigots  have proudly become today, anymore!

Your greatest success to date by far, has been to smoke and flesh out into bright, disinfecting sunshine, truly ugly, racist, hate-filled, hateful elements of some segments of Black-America’s bigotry, bias, and intense racial hatred and Black Supremacy, the real and true Mexi-bigots as demonstrated with the DACA Deplorable’s Intense Hatreds of America as shown in Nancy Pelosi’s press conference they commandeered publicly humiliating her this past year with their obnoxious demands, and the intellectually bankrupt, seething and frothing of the Transgendered Hyper Hate-On via Hate Group the Human Rights Campaign Neo Nazis which outright stole the Gay Rights Political Machinery to force their agenda onto society with the former failed president and his first criminal Attorney General and done without Congress and forced onto the Pentagon corrupting and polluting the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to enshrine within it, a psychosexual psychosis and ‘gender-identity’ fetish as being somehow worthy of being constitutionally protected and not even requiring anything of them other than simply ‘identifying’, thus ‘verbing’ a protected right to exist for the very first time!

Outrageous that they did this to these people without mandate or participation from the Congress or from the People, and distinctly un-American and anti-American as we do not make laws this way!

I’m sure Black-Americans are delighted with this further Hate-On of them done by Democrats and the Act of Congress intended to remedy 100 years of Democratic Party 100% directed and controlled Jim Crow perpetrated against their Group, to include these Trans-confused poor souls, and despicably done by those who also have Black faces and even blacker hearts.

Science has been on this since at least Christine Jorgensen’s day and still today, the ‘Science’ is not there on Transgenderism, this is another new Human Sociology scheme and scam done by bored and willing academics to further a Progressive Extremist Political Agenda and you and your Education Secretary and Attorney General have not permanently rescinded the infamous Obama ‘Dear Colleague’ letter from the Department of Education ordering about the nation’s school districts and colleges and universities to accept males in female locker rooms and rest rooms and vise-versa.

What are you waiting for President Trump?  You can’t be this wishy-washy after being elected and then ignore these major outrages of the previous president and not act to correct them and expect to be re-elected or have any coat-tails in 2018 oe 2020—or maybe you can ignore them in some of your super-solid base’s minds because again, the only thing scarier than you, is the prospect of the Democratic Party returning to majority status and the presidency!

That you continue to upset the living shit out of the Pretentious and Privileged Political Class in both parties and around the world, remains your strongest suit despite low approval ratings and your bizarre Tweets and school yard behaviors and tantrums, but myself and millions who also voted for you expect you to correct the thousands of obnoxious and self-indulgent and extra-presidential excesses of Barack Obama, and you still have far too many his appointees in place and you have not cleaned house at USDOJ as I ordered you to do as your first order of business after your swearing-in, and we expect action from you Mr President, not political Performance Art.  Here in Nevada, we are stuck with an Acting US Attorney and the Obama appointed United States Marshal because Senator Dean Heller has let both twist in the wind and Nevada needs these positions nominated and senate confirmed one year after your election.

I still support you and have no buyer’s remorse or regret whatsoever because I had no expectations of you at all, and now I do and expect you to get it together, knock the bullshit off, and get down to the business of the presidency because time is not your friend President Trump and political support is always a precarious thing and always to be respected and not ever disregarded.

Don’t blow it buster because today, you’re easily re-elected and you will continue with the GOP in control of Congress...until we tire of your antics and your not delivering on your promises to us.

Don’t ever take us for granted!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!