Giunchigliani or Sisolak for Dem Gov Nomination?

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 8, 2018

‘Nuh uh, no way bitch, uh huh, dammit that bitch Chris is gonna try showin’ me up?’  

              —–My vivid imagination picturing Rep Dina Titus at her Hillbilly Hideaway Hacienda, she livid her good buddy and pee-pee break partner Chris G,  dared to announce she is running for Governor in 2018!

Titus, legitimately terrified that anyone residing between Craig Road and the Arctic Circle would forget just how much they all love her, didn’t want to wait for the plane to Reno and the hour flight up there, so she kicked off those penney-loafers she calls high heels and removed that nasty little Tit Scarf thing as she calls her pit-stained brassieres and never matching really old school men’s drawers, and decided to just run nekked all the way up there to sit down with Sam Shad’s Ray Hagar and explain how Chris G is ruining everything (for her) and for all of humanity too—-and that though she doesn’t know him and had never even heard his name before—-she’s endorsing Steve Sisolak for Governor since Nevada voters made such a horrendous error in judgement back in 2006 for the same office.

Yes we did Congresswoman, we nominated the wrong people in both parties that year and we are a lesser state today because we did that as Drive-by Voters not paying any attention at all to the details in 2006.  Pointing this out on its the 10th Anniversary during the 2016 Crappy Campaign Cataclysm brought almost universal agreement with me from everyone on both sides of the aisle!

Unfortunately, we’re almost guaranteed to do the exact same thing again this year if we don’t convince some candidates to switch offices before its too late!

So much for all of that Girl Power Bullshit NV Dem Fems espouse especially St Dina of Titus who at age 193, doesn’t fit in anywhere in the most diverse District in Nevada and in the Southwestern United States.  Throw in that she’s in the minority party on the Hill and you just know she’s kickin’ the livin’ crap out of poor Dr Tom every night of the week now!

This is how you read this:  Harry Reid insults Dina yet again and he runs her over with a big steam shovel and bulldozer choosing ‘Wacky Jacky the Lackey’ for US Senate against Senator Dean Heller.  Dina has a big, HUGE, snit fit and shit attack about it but does it privately while beating Dr Tom near to death again!  Then she goes after Ruben Kihuen with all the Hatin’ in her Heart she can muster telling Hagar ‘she’s not surprised’ that Ruben slept with everyone….except her!

Titus Divide Us sees the same fluidity for the Governor’s office this year that me and many others do because the two party’s Gov front-runners are so exceptionally poor choices right out of the gate.  Steve Sisolak is positively nauseating to even contemplate as Governor.  I don’t know who told him that he could win this because we all adore him so much all over Nevadastan, but I’m guessing it was his consultant Jim Ferrence noticing those 6 million Susan B Anthony dollars just laying there on his kitchen table that one day!

Today, trying to be relevant and current, something he’s never been able to pull off or fake, he’s started a new anti-Trump narrative and though not knowing what it is, he wears his Vagina Hat better than most jolly looking, just seconds away from hitting old age men into Whack-ass, Crazy Bitches do!  Apparently, no one bothered to inform him that we’ve all known for 8 long years we’d have a woman the top of the ticket in 2016 and that would necessarily require that we White Supremacist, White Privileged Men salute all women the following cycle and run them up and down the ballot to show how much we really care about them and their getting elected goals!

So by default for being willing to take political risks, all of the good 2018 lines and sharp political barbs are owned by Chris Giunchigliani now who has all of them Donald Trump himself placed in her bag of tricks!  ‘I pledge right here and now that when I’m elected with your help this November, there will be no ‘pussy grabbing’ under a Governor Chris Giunchigliani!’

I can hear every crowd she faces roaring with approval as her very good so far fundraising keeps making deposits, can’t you?

Yes, she really can say that too and it is the perfect example of Political Speech being the freest of all speech! Its likely she won’t though she should say it at every stop the entire way!  Chris, we don’t ever again want to see First Holy Communion Chris G with her little bitch prayer-book and those stupid-ass, g*ddamn barettes in her hair—-if you want to win this, we’ll need to see the Dago-matic, Guido Girl, Barrington Bad-Ass Bitch we know as Chris G, got that?


Nevadastan, like many other states, does not yet have a full compliment of candidates up and down its ballot and our Primary is just six months off—so much for these Waves I keep hearing about which may not even be ripples in a puddle come November.  What no one is preparing for is the potential for a significant Mid-term permanent drop off of voter participation because 2016 turned them off so much, making it near impossible to game and predict outcomes.  That means you had better field your very top-tiered candidates who bring along Value to Voters with their candidacies in both parties.

Nevada is completely blowing that off this cycle!

<—No one works harder than Jason Frierson at getting himself third and fourth helpings at the buffet line and his scatter-brained priorities and atrocious performance as Undeserving Speaker for the 79th Session cost NVDEMS one of its most interesting and most qualified candidates in eons!

Irene Bustamonte Adams, is leaving elective office instead of NVDEMS’ horseshit, bottom-of-the-barrel ‘Leadership’ under William, Aaron, & Jason—‘The Three Bougie Boyz’— insisting and begging she be slated for State Constitutional office—and the decks cleared for her run—this year!

NVDEMS’ sure-fire, take it to the bank winner for Governor 2018 was former two-term Treasurer Kate Marshall—Try as I did to convince her she would become Nevada’s first female governor and therefore outright killing Dina Titus Divide Us, someone claiming to be her husband (pfffft!) talked her into running for Lt Gov instead, hoping that Sisolak is long overdue for a massive, chest-exploding heart attack!  He is, his health is definitely a campaign issue given his pure, hedonistic enjoyment of both gluttony and Whack-ass Crazy Bitches, both well-known to cut decades off of many men’s lives here!

Kate was intimidated by Sisolak’s 6 million dollar war chest though he has no core constituency and never has had one, he has few political or real friends except a Whack-ass Crazy Bitch here and there, and he has had to barter and bargain just to get his name in the Media, and has sold-out to every conceivable Special Interest he could find, #1 of those, our lovely public employee and Trade unions including an early endorsement and ten-dollar check from the Whack-ass Crazy Bitch Union Local 666!

But here’s the thing, Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani-–an actual Founding Mother of the Whack-ass Crazy Bitch Club—has the same union friends and lovers and has had them for many years longer and she can actually be called a real and True Blue Democrat when her opponent is more correctly called an ‘Unaligned, Undefined, Opportunist, Interloper, and Shitstain’!


I’ve never called him ‘dirty’ but ‘hygienically challenged’ just sounds better to me-he’s always made me feel itchy and its not pleasant observing his political self; there’s something so rehearsed, so contrived, and so prearranged about him and how he carries himself and his very wide-load publicly, that I’ve never believed him to be genuine or the ‘regular guy, taxpayer protector’ as he claims himself to be…and that’s largely because he’s neither!

Above all else, he just wants this office so much and so badly—he just wants it too damn much!its almost a pathological neediness in him driving his 2018 campaign and that kind of covetous behavior will always have BIG RED FLAGS flying for a guy like me.  Always!

I wouldn’t call CCBC Chairman Steve Sisolak, nor his Primary opponent, Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, ‘fundamentally dishonest’ either, but both of them are hauling around with them a lot of baggage—-big honkin’ steamer trunks people used to travel on ocean liners with before the age of air-travel—-both claim to love and respect the other on the CCBC and that’s just a bunch of bullshit on a stick wrapped in cotton candy.

Sisolak had always been singularly focused on being CCBC Chair for his entire tenure if possible to show the Big Money Boys he can be just as corrupted as they are,  It’s worked for him too, he threw his political legs up for any little fuqr who stopped by with checkbook in hand and the promises he’s said to have made to Labor alone, would make even a Tom Collins blush!

One wonders if Sisolak’s minimal brain function allows him to realize his insatiable lust for Chair of the CCBC marginalized and dismissed the two most gifted fellow CCBC members who are both significantly more talented and far more politically skilled and savvy than he is:  Commissioner Larry Brown and Commissioner Chris G!   I don’t care what either of them have said publicly, had Steve Sisolak begged off and insisted Chris G take the CCBC Chair for a term, and then Larry Brown for another, he’d look much less like Chairman Dickhead of the CCBC than he does today.

Steve, had your consultant not told you the CCBC has had only one female Chair and that you’ve looked politically gluttonous parking your big fat ass in it for so long?

Of all the potential Democratic Party men in this state, the guy with the very worst record on Women in his personal and professional life, is trying to buy the Office of Governor of Nevadastan hoping that none of us will notice or remember that he has never been a Champion of Women, except for Whack-ass, Crazy Bitches!

That’s rather audacious of him in our ‘Me too’, ‘Pussy Grab’, ‘Vagina Hat’ ‘Women’s March’ current political reality, isn’t it?  And he claims to be a Democrat no less too!

In the lead-up to his 2018 candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Nevada, Sisolak has prostituted himself like the Political Whore he proudly is today.  He’s left nothing to chance, he’s closed every opening, sealed every crack in the foundation, and hermetically sealed himself into a nifty little political sarcophagus of complete total darkness where no disinfecting sunlight may ever shine through, nor fresh air circulate to revive the already dead within.

Jesus Christ, its gotta stink some big stank in there, huh?

If we had to suffer Betty Lou Sisolak on the Dem ballot, I wanted Stavros Anthony to be the GOP nominee and winner for Governor in 2018!  There may be a guy in Summerlin slightly sneering at his screen reading this now, but my friend Bob Beers is well-suited and well-liked for Treasurer this cycle and I could accept an Anthony v Sisolak match for governor—two former Regents just kicking the living crap out of one another—-a former 29 year, well-liked, veteran LVMPD cop who’s never killed anyone and who used his benefits and got dozens of PhDs versus the somewhat jolly looking chubby fella who really enjoys eating…a lot, but not as much as Jason Frierson does…as well as dating Whack-ass Crazy Bitches….and one or the other former Regents may not think too highly of the other.

How is it that the NVGOP does not see nor respect the super high-value Stavros Anthony brings to a GOP ticket all over the state?—-especially this cycle and after the very worst presidential campaign in history?—-is amazing to me given that among all the rest of us in this state, Stavros Anthony is the anti-Sisolak in every regard, by every standard, by every measure, and he’s got the state’s very best secret weapon his own assembly-line, boring-ass consultants who also can’t seem to ever get a good picture of he and his bald little Cop head—-his own mother, who his consultants have never used in any of his races!

Mrs Stavros’s Ma is the very best political asset I have ever met in 38 years of the stuff and she found me one evening at one of his events!  If he switches offices and runs for Governor, he not only carries Clark County for the GOP his Brand is that strong down here, he helps their entire ticket where Adam and Wes are doing the polar opposite today their both sinking the GOP’s 2018 enterprise! 

Stavros Anthony and Bob Beers draw thousands of Democratic Party moderate and conservative ticket-splitters in 2018 we know them so well and like them both down here, and we don’t know Adam and his pal Wes at all so we may not split a single ticket in SoNev they are so foreign to us.

Adam Laxalt caught a lucky break in 2014 against the laziest office-holder Democrats have ever produced here in a divisive, derelict, and degenerate president’s 6th year, and he thinks he’s some kind of political savant now?

Is anyone ‘woke’ at the NVGOP wheel this cycle?  Can someone check for me please?

I think only a Kate Marshall could have even beaten Stavros Anthony, the only Democrat I saw him possibly losing to had he run for governor and not used his Mom’s assistance for a gubernatorial run.   A Dem ticket with Kate for Gov and Rochelle-y beating Dean Heller badly in a rematch, would have been the Democratic Party’s magic elixir guaranteeing that Democrats would Re-apportion Nevada in 2021.

Today, very regrettably for Nevadastan, Steve Sisolak buys the Governor’s office in November unless we all remember the mistakes we made as voters for this same office in 2006.   He will be an economic calamity for Nevada and a catastrophe for her future even more because he doesn’t have a g*ddamn clue how to address, much less temper, contain, control, constrict, or cut-off a very large pool of insanely to the Very Farthest Leftist Extreme members who made the nationally embarrassing 79th Session one of the very worst in state history and resulting in the 2nd highest amount of vetoes too.

Democratic dumb-asses are still congratulating themselves and high-fiving one another over the 79th Session where all of their legislation ideas were stolen from other states!  

The very thought of a Governor Sisolak and a Democratic majority Assembly and Senate should scare the living shit out of everyone in Nevadastan beginning with our entire business community in the entire state!  Why hasn’t our Business Bloc demanded a rearranging of which person for what office on the GOP side?

The Toxic Progressives will roll Steve Sisolak on everything, every stinkin’ thing—because he stands for nothing, he’ll fall for anything they demand of himand then they’ll cry ‘racism’ in harmony together anytime he steps out of line regarding their Socialist fidelity to Cradle-to-Grave 100% dependency on government demand he adhere blindly to the Democratic Plantation and Safe Zone.

True to my word given earlier, I am supporting, endorsing, and voting for Chris Giunchigliani in the June Primary and will bring her about 2,000+ voters mostly in the West Valley if I can convince them I haven’t lost my mind yet!

She being the most prepared and well-qualified to win the Democratic nomination and I think she can beat Adam Laxalt tooanyone beats Adam Laxalt he’s that poor and unprepared a candidate him falling for the really ancient GOP Establishment’s flattery and their appealing to his excessive and appalling hyper-vanity most of all—if she does her campaign correctly without Gary Gray this time around.  I also think that like her now former BFF Dina Titus Divide Us,  Chris G will have some trouble attracting votes in 15 of the other 16 Counties besides Clark, unless she…

More on that later, she knows where to find me and sees my sister at work a lot, and I am there to help her beat that raggedy phony fuqrs fat ass!

Dina’s endorsement of Steve was an unecessary territorial shot aimed directly at Chris’s head and surprising many partisan Dems not the biggest fans of either female politico since Dina Titus let Harry Reid walk all over her again for US Senate this cycle.  Politically, that was a ‘man move’ by Congresswoman Dina Divide Us against Chris G done for no other reason other than she’s a bitch and she could do it, so we must be growing up and maturing now that our Dem Fems are acting just as ruthlessly shitty as the men are!

It should be pointed out that Dem Girl Power is one of the Democrats’ oldest and biggest lies ever told.  Neither Dina nor Chris or any other Dem female elected official in Nevada has ever mentored and guided any young up and coming female to political success and elective office.  The first and last female-to-female political mentor was retired Chief Justice Miriam Shearing who mentored and guided a young, bony, sassy, brassy, skinny-ass, flat-chested girl, with a GIGANTIC Afro named Rochelle Berkley, to great political success here and famously marrying well her second time at bat!

Dina pulled her bullshit Sisolak endorsement cheap-shot on Chris G because quite remarkably, quite a number of factors have come together benefitting Chris G this cycle, not the least of which Kate Marshall did not jump into this race against the front-runner no one likes or wants to be around for very long and their fearing Indictment by Association somehow, one assumes.


I really liked Chris’s TV Ad for mayor, it being very well-crafted, created, shot and edited, her late husband always doing his best work only for her and for everyone else, it was the same damned tired old assembly-line crappola Nevada political campaigns have become so nationally infamous for sucking so badly from both parties.  It was a good enough ad to cost Larry Brown the mayor’s office—but not good enough elect her to it either, so Chris gets scored for the political error back then and if she’d like to become our next governor, she can’t afford to make creative mistakes or missteps like that again!

In 2006, Gary Gray created for his wife their campaign masterpiece to win her current CCBC seat.  It was beautifully done, gorgeous political campaign aesthetic work I always place the very highest value on having, he put a lot of thought into everything it was that they did and it really showed too.  I think his going with Red t-shirts for his Blue wife and her Welcome to Vegas sign campaign livery was a very well-considered masterstroke because it served to make her 2006 campaign look as stylish and sophisticated as the office itself demands it be with a portion of her District covering the Resort Corridor.

It announced to everyone that she was a serious-minded contender and that she would approach the CCBC as professionally as she could at all times and she’s succeeded very well in that regard and if there was any fear or trepidation of her from the Resorts back then, her work ethic and study as a Commissioner assuaged those doubts and fears with she becoming a very formidable go-to-gal only the truly foolish and stupid would by-pass getting her input and counsel on any matter before the CCBC.

Yes, she really is that good up there!

Much like Chair Sisolak did ignoring her with the Raider’s Stadium fiasco he owns, and she does not, she being on the correct side and point-of-view from the very beginning–which should earn her a boatload of votes in 2018 if she threads that political needle correctly!  She is far more informed on and about Metro than she lets on publicly and proved a solid and very valuable asset to her friend, retired Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody who if she can convince to challenge a very weakened and walked on and failed Sheriff Lombardo, the two of them could extinguish both Sisolak and Lombardo in the same cycle for a very sizable and ever-growing number of voters in SoNev disappointed with both men and so tired of their respective bullshit as one another’s new best friend the last couple of years!

I could just fuqn puke seeing them together and all kissy-face GOP & alleged/pretend Dem buddies now after all that little fuqr did decimating Metro under the last  sheriff  guy; Sisolak is the very reason we’ve scored our highest Homicide rate ever for 2017 and here’s what you may not know though, we also scored the highest number of pedestrian deaths ever in 2017 with the LVMPD having the exact same amount of Traffic Bureau officers that it had on staff 25 years ago!

I’ve left $250,000 cash in an envelope on the table by the pool at Moody’s Peccole Ranch digs to help him along in his decision to run and win this cycle!  Yes, Lombardo is that weakened and vulnerable, but with no challenger today Ted!

Political gadfly Fred Conquest recently stated on Facebook that Chris G is stupid or something to that effect and that is not true at all, she is one of the smartest elected officials in all of Nevada and I’ve always said so though she and I aren’t each others biggest fans.  She knows how to create, write, read, adjust, and deliver legislation and county and city codes.  She knows how to understand and navigate within huge suffocating bureaucracies and where to look when bureaucrats bury bullshit hoping no one ever finds it!

A healthy number of County staff don’t care at all for Madame Commissioner meaning that she knows them very well and knows all of their respective bullshit too!   Whereas President Trump has his Deep State, Chris G has her Deep County and is always voted ‘Least Likely to Decorate Your Cubicle on your Birthday!’

The prospect of another disastrous session with Dems controlling the legislature again is Chris G’s biggest selling point believe it or not, possessing quite a bit of her own Progressive Extremist street cred tempered and tamed by her CCBC time served, only she can possibly contain them…and she certainly will do that with her eye firmly on her own re-election and her veto pen expected to get quite a workout if she is defied and is unable to prevent what she doesn’t want to reach her desk and to be killed in Committee.   Bigot Boys Aaron and Jason fully expect to be able to pull the same sexist, racist bullshit on Chris G that they pulled on Irene Bustamonte Adams and Teresa Benitez-Thompson in 2017, and roll her too.

Chris G will smoke both their sorry asses…and do it publicly too!

Chris G knows the inner-workings of Carson City better than Adam or Steve could ever dream to come to know as well, and she will be a strong Governor model because she necessarily has to be, her Democrats are so far to their very Extremist Left today!  Conservatives shouldn’t be that concerned with Chris in ascent now and hopefully winning the Dem nomination over a shyster with no principles or values to speak of.  With Phony Farley fresh on everyone’s mind and Elizabeth Halseth set to make a comeback in the senate, the GOP’s party efforts should be all about recruiting good solid Republicans who can win in a super-Democratic Clark County now and Chris’s impressive rising this cycle should split the legislature and give the GOP the senate and time to regroup and rethink what it wants to be whenever it grows up in SoNev and gets its shit together.

Easing Chris G into a bargained and brokered accommodation with the Northlands for the long-term political health of the state and both parties must be a priority  The power and the money is in SoNev now but both parties blowing-off and ignoring the Northlands is to their great, great peril going forward.  Chris G understands this, no other 2018 gubernatorial candidate even knows its a major issue which must begin to be dealt with as a process and goal as Chris G is sworn in as our next Governor.

She contains and controls the Democratic Party’s always irresponsible fiscal exuberance necessary to ensure her own re-election, and provides for the GOP the necessary focal point ‘Dem Mean Girl’ poster girl necessary to ensure good recruiting and fundraising for them.

She’s clearly the only choice going forward and trust me on this that Adam Laxalt can’t carry the state and though he can buy the office, the very last guy we’d ever want as Governor of Nevadastan is Steve Sisolak.

Chris Giunchigliani makes all the sense in the world now that partisans on both sides have read this, doesn’t she?—and for taking political risks we needed her to take, she is enthusiastically endorsed in the June Primary!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

‘A National Treasure!’



* Yes, I’ll also soon write about what I didn’t care for about Mr & Mrs Gray where they put me in a tough spot a dozen years ago!