Lombardo’s Lying LVMPD Continues

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 27, 2018



WARNING—-This entertaining piece may contain language including variations of the word ‘fuq’ despite this being Holy Week! 

We fuqn apologize if you’re fuqn upset you big pussy!


Known internationally only by me as ‘The ‘Stache’, this guy’s real name is Doug Poppa and I’ve become a very big fan of his cuz he seems to be asking all the questions you’d want answers to about the James Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre, but were afraid you’d just get more and more LVMPD Bullshit and Dick-Fluffing…and still wondering whose brilliant idea it was that Steve Sisolak and Joe Lombardo head up the GoFuqMe fundraising arm for the victims?

Show of hands please:  Who thinks this Sisolak/Lombardo Fundraising Scam is at all legit?   

Again, no hands raised!  Dammi!

Umm…it was Lombardo who ordered the photos taken with an officer’s I-Phone—and that was a lawful order—we know the officer, we know the phone model number, but the entire department caught a mighty bad case of LVMPD Amnesia and the sheriff himself said we will never know how the pix got out of such a tight circle of senior and executive officers, to be published internationally on the Net!

Someone at Metro actually saw a value in taking and publishing the suicide/Murder-by-Metro photos and Sheriff Lombardo is lying to protect that someone…which is probably him!

Damn, huh?  Some of the very best detectives in the entire Western Hemisphere—and right here in Las Vegastan at the LVMPD too—and we just can’t figure this one out?

Sheriff Lombardo retreated into Nevada Resort Association/MGM-Resorts cover-up mode choosing to drip and dribble select information out and has turned into Sheriff  Gidget Lombardo who is still not accurately accounting for 65 to 70 minutes of who was doing what during Metro’s non-response from just shortly after 10PM when the first shots were fired, and because Gidget Lombardo crashed and burned the Media Mayhem himself, he’s included himself in the various conspiracy theories of the ‘Keyboard Bandits’ out there as he called them/us, by default.

<—Sheriff Gidget Lombardo (right, with groovy new phone!) stars along with Moondoggie Fasulo in ‘Gidget Gets A Beach Abortion!’ for the LVMPD Village Players brand new production about Mandalay Bay!

The very best ‘Keyboard Bandit’ is this Doug Poppa from the Baltimore Post Examiner who has writen 50+ articles to date about the Jim Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre.  He doesn’t like Sheriff Lombardo and Lombardo doesn’t like Mr Poppa either.  Joe’s underlings were actually threatening him to release his sources to them, or else, and got a proverbial middle-finger in response from Mr Poppa because he’s not just some schlub with a keyboard randomly writing bullshit, he’s the former Resort Security Director over at the old Riviera here and he knows what he’s talking and writing about.  Here’s Poppa’s most recent:


Follow Doug Poppa everywhere he is, Google, Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn—here’s his Google Plus which is loaded with a Lotta Lombardo Laughs:


I disagree with Mr Poppa about Paddock being a psycho lone gunman though. The evidence points to Stephen Paddock as being a former Fast & Furious-Era government hitman, gun-runner, and/or hired gun they may have forgotten they stashed here when they flushed him…and also forgot to tell Lombardo he was here because without a competent, non-compromised US Attorney here for 16 years, they all thought Mesquite was in Utah!

This also has all outward appearances of being a Metro Cop Hit seeing everyone thought it was such a great idea to let the fuqn janitor lead the troops that fine night.

More on that later…


The disastrous Fertitta Sheriff-era in Clark County is thankfully dead and finally over coming up on six months since rigor mortis set in on the now late Sheriff Joe Lombardo.  Encompassing very badly failed sheriffs Bill Young and Doug Gillespie too, this Fertitta Family Fuq-Ups Sheriffs experiment to allow non-LDS hyper-corrupted heathens control over Metro since Jerry Keller retired out, has cost the Department and Clark County taxpayers hundreds of millions of wasted dollars directed into various pockets by the late and super-corrupted Kent Oram, whose recently celebrated and loudly cheered death was the very best news out of Metro in 18 very long years of his Department skimming/directing failures.

<—Little weasel bastard Adam Laxalt (left, with 237 yr old ex-prostitute)) decided to move in on Sheriff Lombardo’s plural wife, his very inspiration, and his great-great-great Granny Girlfriend Freak, former prolific prostitute, Amy Ayoub (left, 237 yr old ex-prostitute with teen-aged boy!) while Joe was aggressively dating Steve Sisolak trying to get as many cops as we can’t afford with MoreCops Sales Tax revenue before its all exhausted!

LDS gave up the office in 2002 in order that MoreCops would pass by the Gorman Mafia, rather than the Mormon Mafia being blamed for it, and done completely under Oram’s evil direction, Lombardo has all but maxed out MoreCops with his super-corrupted good friend, CCBC Chair Steve Sisolak, and then he lost interest in the job of sheriff about 3 weeks into being sworn-in back in 2015.

Speaking of Mafias and in his unreported post-coital Mandalay Bay afterglow, Sheriff Lombardo announced via Carla Alston keying it in one day in February 2018, that under his leadership and his direction, he was finally able to to put an end to Organized Crime here in Las Vegastan.  I kid you not folks!


Look at the Org Chart, in the middle-center area under good guys AS Brett Zimmerman and DC Shawn Anderson, for the very first time in Metro’s 45 year history, there is no Captain over Organized Crime in the Department!  I know, can you even fuqn believe that?  I’m near tears myself on this news!

It’s a goddamn miracle I tell ‘ya!  We can’t find out who leaked those godamned Paddock photos, but we’ll never have to worry about the Corleone’s in Las Vegastan ever again!

Oh wait a minute, did JoeLo just tell us that he sat on MS-13 murders here for the better part of a year just to get Election Mileage out of it, had the LVMPD working 3 mos putting it together, only to hand it all off to the US Attorney, and not be able to provide us any details at all?

Oops! They must not think anyone is actually listening or paying attention to what’s being puked out at MLK since 10/1/2017.



Here’s JoeLo’s accomplishments since being elected and Metro now at 45 years old:

1.)  Most Retirements, Most Up-and-Just Quits, Most Saying First, ‘Fuq it, then Up and Just Quiting—-Grand Champion!

2.)  Most Lies, Half-truths, Total Fabrications, and Officer Dick-Fluffing—-Grand Champion!

3.)  Best Blow Jobs Given to Pantywaist Jim Murren and Maxi-Pad Steve Sisolak—-Grand Champion!


  • In 2006 former Deputy Chief Bill Conger was LDS’s best hope to regain the office but Kent Oram loaded the race with 15 candidates to block him; in 2014, Captain Larry Burns came close to winning but disappointed thousands of voters in 2018 losing his nerve and desire to run for the office he was sure to win on his second time out—that’s how bad Lombardo has been in an office he never wanted in the first place—Burns flushed all of us this year and his ever being elected to any office by taking a pass on running this year when citizens needed him to step up to the plate, he couldn’t be bothered.
  • Lombardo let former super-corrupted FBI Director Puke James Comey publicly bitch-slap his subordinate men and women agreeing that officers in Las Vegastan were ‘depolicing’an invented at Quantico term—to ‘mansplain’ how the super-failed Obama Administration’s War on Cops had unintended  consequences like defeating Hillary Clinton…and giving to Dems their 4th national loss in a row.
  • It doesn’t matter if your department is 100% complete total fuqs and fuq-ups like Baltimore, when the FBI Jagoff publicly takes a swipe at your officers—-every goddamn one of them here by the way—-then you pluck a goddamn nose hair out if necessary to get the tears going and you respond vigorously and tearfully about how:

…’No muthafucka is gonna ‘dis my men and women without expecting to get punched in the fuqn mouth by me for being such a fuqn asshole saying that kind of bullshit ’bout my fuqn officers you little fuqn prick!’…

                                                                                                                —-Press Pointers from the NYT #1 Bestseller ‘Damn Good Sheriffin’ for Dummies!’


Giving SoNev DV Victims the Finger, Sheriff Joe Lombardo Fully Supports Wife-Beating, Human Garbage Officer Charles Hank III!


<—-Named ‘Whore of Whores’ by Jesus H Christ Himself after what this evil woman did to her first husband and the hundreds of men and women she’s fuqd like a pro all over America, I’d trade anything and let everyone walk on the Vice Scandal if she were to spend the rest of her life behind bars, she’s that dirty a cop…and she’s irredeemable human vermin to boot!

This is human garbage, now retired and dreaming of federal prison, former LVMPD Vice Lt Karen ‘Beast’ Hughes!

Since then, Lombardo has enjoyed zero support from anyone Commissioned or Civilian at the LVMPD.  They’re working around him, not with him, keeping their distance, most suspecting now that the Vice Scandal will also ensnare Lombardo too and other officers not yet named by the FBI.

Why else would Lombardo name piece of shit officer Charles Hank III an Assistant Sheriff  recently when Hank should be enjoying a cell over at SuperMaxx federal penitentiary?  Nothing to lose since JoeLo is being indicted too and facing a long prison term along with Lt Karen Hughes, Det Al Beas, and Det Chris Baughman and others since he OK’d all that they were involved in as the Captain then as Deputy Chief of VNB back then?

Doug Gillespie was sheriff at the time but was always too busy watching cartoons, masturbating, and acting like a sociopath while being a psychopath—-most days doing all four at the same time very well!—-to care about a skanky Lieutenant fuqin her subordinate detectives, one who got permission to author two Home Gardening for Pimps & Prostitutes Coloring Books!

Sort of makes this kind of new effort 100% meaningless when the sheriff promotes the department’s most notorious wife-beater who never copped to what he did to his first wife in 2010.   Joe Lombardo is giving to all victims of Domestic violence his extended middle finger with the undeserved, unwarranted Hank promotion.


<—This bald-headed, soaking wet diarrhea fart, is notorious, pussy-farts wife-beater Charles Hank III (left) who I’ve granted to all LVMPD personnel of all ranks the right to address him as Mildred or Gwendolyn Hank,  Ma’am Hank, and Mammy Hank III since he’s such a goddamn pussy and until he retires his stench from MLK.

If she had a brain in her head, soon-to-be ex-wife #3 Lisa Hank, (at right, wondering now what she ever saw in him cuz she don’t drink!) calls him ‘Spankin’ Hank’ and has granted to all LVMPD personnel the right to address him the same way! 

Sheriff Lombardo stuck his neck out for Metro’s dirtiest and most reviled cop…and he did that very publicly after he completed his Murder-by-Metro at Mandalay Bay for the FBI who ‘forgot’ Paddock was here!

Lombardo still hasn’t bothered to tell anyone what he was doing at the Venetian at 2200 on a Sunday night which turns out to be the perfect time to fuq with things on the Las Vegas Strip.  Was he down there to ensure that Murder-by-Metro at Mandalay Bay was done properly?

Good question he himself invited.

Boycott it allWithhold your donations to SafeNest and the Rape Crisis Center until this travesty is corrected out and human garbage cop Charles Hank III—Metro’s Premier Wife-Beating Stud–is rightly and properly demoted from this prestigious position Steve Sisolak found the money for just moments after retired Deputy Chief Al Salinas left the department after his not being named Metro’s first Latino-American Assistant Sheriff!


<—-That’s retired Deputy Chief Al Salinas who had he run this for sheriff this cycle, would have broken the Fertitta Family Curse and won the Office of Sheriff in 2018 in a landslide!

Joe Lombardo picked up the phone and arranged for his good pal, Blake Sartini—owner of the PT’s Pubs, Sierra Gold, and other bar chains here and brand new owners of AZ Chaz and the Stratosphere since June of 2017, to offer to Salinas a prized plumb assignment with Golden Entertainment—-which would keep Salinas out of the 2018 Sheriff’s race hundreds of cops and citizens were begging him to enter including ME!

That’s Al on the left doing funereal duty for Golden in his first official duty for them I think, him helping to bury their two Security Guards who were recently gunned down at the only Resort in all of Las Vegastan which posted guards at their elevator banks to prevent access of undesirables to guest floor areas.

MGM-Resorts implemented it too only after Paddock & Murren’s Massacre, Guards at Elevators many weeks after the fact, but only at Mandalay Bay, so at their dozen other properties, you can go ahead and do whatever the fuq you want just like Stephen Paddock did!


Remember this Sisolak & Lombardo Anti-Latino Bigotry when you Vote for Governor and Sheriff!


That’s how bigoted and how ethnically biased and prejudiced against Latinos Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Commissioner Steve Sisolak really are folks.  It’s all there in black and white on a timeline that would cost Metro tens of millions in deliberate bias proven settlement dollars.  It 2018 today and we’ve not yet had a female Assistant Sheriff either when two females are ready to become Deputy Chiefs today, Joe Lombardo ignores them today and is facing 20 years of EEOC oversight of the LVMPD.

Why would any officer want to run today to wipe up these Fertita Fuq-up’s messes was a legitimate question for 2018?  Much to everyone’s shock and amazement, a former LVMPD Detective named Gordon Martines is making his 75th run for sheriff this year and there’s some El-tee from North Town who’s pretending he’s not from North Town, running too!

Yawn, stretch, scratch, adjust….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

<—-I’ve seen Sheriff Lombardo sober thousands of times but the guy on his right—a fella named Foster Brooks Young and not related to Brigham’s clan—never once in 20 years of knowing of him and his bullshit and neither has anybody in the Gael Family according to the Night of the Gael Family!

If we could put a wick in his fuqn head, he’d burn for a solid year—-look at him all ready for church with JoeLo and is that Sandy Young over at the Half-Priced Lawyers table asking for good divorce attorneys?

This is the Fertitta Sheriff’s—Young, Gillespie, & Lombardolasting legacy of bias, prejudice, hatred, discrimination, sexism, and racism.  This is your LVMPD under your Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s super-corrupted, highly compromised regime now under US Department of Justice investigation expected to result in a long list of officers of rank and stature, past and present, to be indicted by federal grand juries under the leadership and direction of Nevada’s brand new Interim US Attorney from Texas of all places!

Perhaps its no coincidence then that Attorney General Jeff Sessions pulled the surprise shot of 2018 to date, by appointing for Nevada as Interim US Attorney, a qualified woman from Texas, named Dayle Elieson , and she’s NOT from Nevadastan which was the usual protocol for most jurisdictions unless Main Justice had other reasons to go to an outsider to better affect other USDOJ goals Patrick Fitzgerald in Northern Illinois is still fresh in my mind as more than 60 politicos went to prison including a GOP governor, when he showed up in Chicago one day.

Welcome to Nevadastan US Attorney Elieson!  Should you ever find yourself bored and staring out a window wondering what to do, I can give to you two solid hours, spoken with no notes and few breaths taken by me, on what you may find interesting in our peculiar state and our peculiar ways here!  I can also do four solid hours nonstop, no notes needed by me, if you’d like to go get shit-faced together and shoot the shit about anything and everything!

Look at your new assignment here as being everything and everyone here is divisible by half, meaning that fully no less than half the people you come to know of and half the corrupted situations, circumstances, and enterprises your own eyes are seeing clearly, belong in prison for a very long time!


<—-This little fuqr is brand new LVMPD superstar Sargeant Branden Clarkson, the new Star of the LVMPD and he’s a funny little fuqr too! 

His twin brother cop gets ‘shot up’ meaning ‘barely grazed’ by a bullet fired by off-duty Officer Hartfield for getting on his nerves before he got popped, Hatfield voluntarily choosing his own death rather than continue listening to ‘The Twin’s Story’!

Touring Europe and Asia this summer repeating the same ever-growing bullshit story, the LVMPD booked him into the Mob Museum last Sunday to tell the world who was willing to pay to hear him praddle on and on for 45 minutes about what it is we should do if we’re everfaced with an active shooter!

Said Sgt Clarkson last Sunday, ‘Just punch him in the fuqn mouth,dumb-ass! and if that didn’t work, ‘then beat him with a fuqn fire extinguisher!’ and that should do the trick!

Think I’m kidding?  Read the attached, then read it again and again!  Too funny!:

Las Vegas police stress having a plan during mass shootings

Long suspecting Celine Dion is a Canadian ISIS Terrorist who once liked being married to her Geezer Grandpa like Jessica Sferrazza still doesn’t I think, I arranged for a group of friends to join me at Caesar’s where we put Sgt Clarkson’s theories to the test armed with fire extinguishers which are surprising hard to find for a group of 14 fellas on a Secret Mission at the Colosseum…and which may explain why we have so many goddamn fires here too! 

When we thought Celine was going to get all Paddock on us, I smacked her upside the head with my fire extinguisher stolen/borrowed from Mandalay Bay and Sgt Clarkson was right, it really felt good smackin’ her upside the fuqn head with a fire extinguisher and she’ll not be performing again for some time it was announced afterward!


He’ll be re-elected later this year, but his failed sheriffdom is already long over by a death of one thousand self-inflicted cuts by his lying so much.

He’s been singularly focused on the LVMPD Foundation to the exclusion of all else.  Hardly a day goes by now when we’re not accosted by yet another plea for more and more of our hard-earned money to be directed into this hyper-corrupted, super-blackened Slush Fund accountable to no one and whose companion Injured Officers Reserve Fund may be included in any forthcoming indictment of Sheriff Lombardo and senior executive officers.

What they’ve done to date with Officer Hartfield is nothing less than Conspiracy to commit Fraud and using taxpayer-funded outside counsel to create a false narrative for he and his widow that has no basis in truth at all, which soured and soiled two 8th District Court judges in the eyes of voters, and illustrated that the Clark County Coroner is a fuqn  dufus, but one of the only three people in the state who can arrest our beloved Sheriff Joe Lombardo when the time comes!

They’ve chosen to Dick-Fluff the late Officer Hartfield into some kind of super-hero at the venue saving all sorts of lives when he was just an attendee and no one at the LVMPD is willing to commit the enormous resources necessary to find out why Hatfield was the only Black-American man in America who enjoyed Country Music—-and from any country too!

Yep, even that bullshit ‘music’ from India and Pakistan!  I know, can you even believe that shit?


What Clark County Sheriff-Concierge Joe Lombardo doesn’t want to discuss, he simply won’t discuss. There is absolutely nothing within the NRS or county or municipal codes in Nevada which compel any Clark County Sheriff to say or do anything regarding the LVMPD which he or she may not feel comfortable talking about.

<—The truth is that Sheriff Lombardo lost it when he saw this half-assed, complete total bullshit decorating job in Paddock’s MB room, tearfully telling to the RJ,

…’I don’t know who the fuq put a fuqn bathtub in the middle of his suite but I’ll bet it’s that Whack-Ass, Crazy Bitch Heather Murren and her stupid-ass bullshit again!

Look at how nice and neatly he died and left the place for us too!  My officers even moved the body and posed for pix with it, so we’re really excited our fellas are able to brag to those little fuqrs in Henderson and North Town cuz they don’t get good shit like this happenin’ in those departments!’ …

There’s no Metro oversight to speak of, no standards to be met or exceeded either. Unlike our friends in Los Angeles, there’s no Police Commission for anyone to answer to here like they have had since 1929 there.  Closing in on six months since the Jim Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre, we still have no idea why the same four officers who were on-site when the massacre began, were the same officers, along with their new friend, Janitor Genius Jesus Campos, the cops then breached the door, fired a shot, took pix with an Apple I-Phone, somehow published them too, maybe they even watched Paddock kill himself.. or maybe they 0ff-ed him instead which seems more and more likely what occurred.


Oprah called to say she’s bought the universal rights to ‘MandaLIE Bay: A Cop & Janitor Love Story’ but she’s changing things a little bit since everyone else is doing it and Opie said she’s going with the innovative and ground-breaking All Black/Transgendered Cast concept starring Phylicia Rashad (left) as Sheriff Joe Lombardo!

I’ve been asked over these past weeks how I feel about all of this and disappointed isn’t the word–who I am to be disappointed with Sheriff Lombardo’s performance?—I certainly expected much better and much, much more from him and am still puzzled why Sheriff Lombardo crapped out at 13 days into the James Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre. 

We may never know the hows and whys about anything regarding Jim Murren’s Mandalay Bay Massacre or why he still is MGM-Resorts’ CEO while not having any disaster plan or credible Emergency Management protocol at Mandalay Bay….or at any of his other 12 resorts on the Las Vegas Strip on October 1, 2017—-now 17 fuqn years after 9/11/2001!


The Mandalay Bay brand is dead forever dead as superstitious gamblers worldwide now associate Mandalay Bay and MGM-Resorts as forever poisoned, forever unlucky, and forever cursed.  MGM-Resorts has convinced hyper-corrupted CCBC Chairman and 2018 NVGov loser Steve Sisolak to take over for taxpayers to now own the now derelict property ostensibly for a South Strip base for Metro’s SWAT since they couldn’t seem to find the goddamn crime scene on 10/1/2017!

MGM, Metro discuss SWAT building at Las Vegas shooting site

It’s a done deal.  Sisolak gets elected and before leaving the CCBC buys the MGM-Resorts’ blood-soaked site for Metro’s SWAT even though just one block south of Mandalay Bay, is Metro’s South Central Area Command—soon to be known as Raider Fuq-Ups Area Command

During this crisis, to have two of the Department’s very highest ranking officers at Assistant Sheriffs—Todd Fasulo then Tom Roberts—-suddenly up and retiring during the largest most complex crime incident in Department and state history just fuels more errant speculation and conspiracy theories.

<—-You see, Assitant Sheriff Todd Fasulo was scheduled to become our ‘next’ sheriff after Lombardo according to Fasulo’s own Thought-Bubbles…and then Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts was supposed to be the next ‘next’ sheriff after Fasulo—see how that works?

But boy did these two dumb-asses fuq that up badly!  Both are now gone, fired, retired, unwired from the LVMPD with Mrs Roberts allegedly threatening to begin dating Chris Baughman, Karen Hughes, and Liz Mercer, but not Al Beas cuz he’s just too damn freaky-shit for her—if her husband, now retired AS Tom Roberts, didn’t retire out right away and run for Nevada Assembly, his previously unknown lifelong dream to be in the minority in the really shitty body of our Legislature!

Their sudden departure is the whole damn ballgame now as we have no idea who our next and next, next sheriffs are going to be—really, no fuqn idea at all.  This kind of shit simply never happens here or anywhere else and if JoeLo picked up the phone asking Steve Wynn a favor for AS Fasulo, he may have crossed a line in that though are no standards at all to concern himself with in Nevadastan, Police Chiefs everywhere are generally barred from exchanging quid pro quo ‘favors’ with and for anyone under the US Code.  If he was caught on tape using the wrong prepositional phrase with Steve Wynn for instance, this could get very interesting and be worth all six months of lying upon lying when all is said and done!

Why did Metro’s vaunted and nationally recognized SWAT Unit fail so badly at Mandalay Bay and did Metro’s self-proclaimed as being acclaimed Homeland Security Fusion Center provide to us any value at all in the lead up to and while the Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre was occurring?  No answers, sorry cupcake!

Our police department had no idea what was going on for over an hour on-site—the poor bastards—so the legend continues to grow exponentially and why its now all about Dick Fluffing officers who need no Dick Fluffing!


Without question, the most truly frightening video recording of an incident from 10/1/2017 comes from across the street at the Tropicana.  We think it does at least.  The venue is the Trop, the carpeting is their current decor, what no one seems to know is when this was taken and by whom and from where within that Resort. I have never seen anything like this before and none of what these officers are doing is LVMPD protocols under any circumstances.  My initial urge is to fire the obnoxious Bike Patrol cop immediately and then promote the female officer with the cannon-looking weapon mowing patrons down like a bad-ass!

Much more to come about this in the next part!

Las Vegas Police clarify video of strike team inside Tropicana Hotel


<—-Early line at the Westgate has her as our next Sheriff!    I know, can you even believe that shit?

She’s Bolden Area Command’s new and female Captain, Yasenia Yatomi, who is a bad-ass bitch according to other well-known bad-ass bitches we all know and who JoeLo slipped into promotion in the post Assistant Sheriff Janitor Geniou Jesus Campos months following 10/1/2017!

Look at those arches on her lethal, weapons-grade eyebrows JoeLo only wishes he could pluck, or mow down and then pencil back in as well as she does!

She didn’t get my normal welcome and congrats cuz she came outta nowhere…and with a history…and with Judge Ann Zimmerman too!

More later on ‘The Brows’ and her rapid rise!


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