‘Lombardo’s Lies Just Took The Wind Right Out Of Me’

Posted by Michael Zahara on Apr 5, 2018

That was my response to a new Metro friend who had asked me about how I was feeling and about the James Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre aftermath—-and please local readers, call it a MASSACRE because that’s what it was and is the most correct word to use in describing the event.  It was not a tragedy, not a travesty, not even a damned shame for to PR Polish any horrific event, especially one which resulted in avoidable visitor deaths on the Las Vegas Strip, doesn’t lessen Resort liability and jury damage awards, it increases them, and it disrespects and disregards actual people, victims, and their loved ones.

…and MGM-Resorts is 100% responsible for the chaos Stephen Paddock wrought on their guests because they have no reasonable guest security measures in place and they long ago barred their Rent-a-Eunich security guards from being armed because that’s both too expensive, and would increase their liability exposure if their rental guy shot up the wrong person for example.


Sheriff Lombardo’s public behavior and reckless and unprofessional internal misconduct and petulant and childish temper tantrums continue to escalate.  He suffered a horrific embarrassment for an incumbent sheriff losing the endorsement vote of the LVPPA’s Line Staff and Rank and File members the other day and Lombardo not even getting 50% of the vote for the second election cycle in a row.  PPA members don’t like him, they certainly don’t trust him at all and he’s earned their disgust and derision in spades by publicly blaming them for all that ails the LVMPD and agreeing with James Comey that they were all laying down and not doing their jobs allowing our crime rates to skyrocket to unprecedented levels…and then lying to the public about the actual numbers and leaving out the Mandalay Bay victims!

Who thought that was a good idea or even necessary to lie to the public about our crime stats?  All of the top-tiered potential challengers took a pass for one reason or another and he annouced his re-election 18 months early fearful Line Staff would work to defeat him.

Today they’re waiting for him to be indicted in the Vice Scandal instead.

My being left windless and breathless was not the massacre—that was long expected to occur here by me and many others as longtime readers here know—but what the LVMPD was doing and saying for those 13 days until Sheriff Lombardo finally melted down on live TV and then shut it all down collapsing under the weight of the Three Ring Circus of Lies he was leading because it became too much bullshit to bear.

This Media PR Polishing is everywhere and for almost every negative event in which human lives are deliberately extinguished by others intent on doing so, few things in our lives are actual definable ‘tragedies’ but the Media adores that word and because we are the Media’s lemmings not paying attention at all to the world around us, we are emotionally addicted to being instructed how to feel, act, react, respond by them…we are all completely helpless today without our televisions on and blaring, some of us have them on all day and all night even while they’re sleeping.

<—This is annoying piece of shit Neo-Facsist Gay Snowflake David Hogg who needs to be assassinated and/or beheaded in his new Prom dress and then I’ll admit I was wrong about him and then I’ll respect him too.

I promise.

He needs to be willing to give his own life and become a Martyr for No Guns so that we really believe he has the courage of his own convictions…and the sooner he dies for gun control, the better because right now it looks like he’s just performing for TV so that a new boy asks him to go to Prom with him!

And we’re all OK with this Media Control of us too.  Neo-Facist Gay Snowflake David Hogg and his bullshit Media Celebrity and blaming ‘assault weapons’ for the failure of his own parents and his own school district to keep those kids safe while they’re at school, this while the Broward County Sheriff’s officers on-site to secure it were ordered by superiors to stand down and not engage, were hiding in other areas of the campus, where access to enter the school buildings was completely clear and unimpeded, where the shooter’s goal to bring harm was long known, and Hogg, whose own parents never even had him psychologically evaluated when he was a minor but had him on ‘scripts for years too and this is all about ‘assault weapons’?

Are you seeing the real problem yet?

Our national Opiad Crisis ain’t got shit on our national We Drug Our Own Kids Crisis.

<—This Toxic Waste Superfund site—the new Loves Canal/Chernobyl of Las Vegastanwill be purchased by Clark County from MGM-Resorts for Metro and its South Strip SWAT needs because Metro cannot own its own land/buildings under the law and MGM-Resorts’ stockholders can’t be expected to absorb the costs of abandoning this toxic white elephant, culturally radioactive site, so Clark County taxpayers have been volunteered by James Murren, Steve Sisolak, and Joe Lombardo to take it off their hands even though just a 40 second—that’s 40 seconds, not minutes—-drive to the south is Metro’s South Central Area Command!

Hogg’s public schools fascist indoctrination by the Progressive Extremist EduCrat Hate-On Industrial Complex has him with a grade-point average in excess of 4.0 in our New Age where we’re even Dick-Fluffing GPA’s for degenerate sociopath ‘D-‘ high school kids like him and he bitching to his Media Masters that he didn’t get accepted into the college of his choice when my thoughts were that surely there must be an opening at a Clown or Barber College somewhere in America for him he’s so damned special an America Treasure!

So what does this have to do with the LVMPD and its massive Metro Media failure in the aftermath of the James Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre?  Quite a bit really because our society has become so Media addicted and dependent on them for everything in our lives, our failure to recognize their immense power and control over all of us is the most dangerous threat to our Democratic Republic’s survival.

<—Yes, the sheriff really did say this and no, nothing was taken out of context either!

First, it’s critical that we all know that though our precious First Amendment guarantees a ‘Free Press’, nowhere does that even remotely imply that the Press is required to be honest, accurate, pure as the driven snow, fair, impartial, non-partisan or non-aligned etc…Save for Libel laws, our Press can write, report, and broadcast anything it wants to and has no obligation to us at all.  The massive consolidation of the print, video, and periodical Press through uncontested mergers the USDOJ never used Sherman Anti-Trust powers to forbid for the greater good of more Media providers hopefully resulting in more principled ‘reporting’ and consistent dependable content, has left us with four mega-companies controlling everything now, and soon that too will shrink further if the AT&T/Time Warner merger Obama thought was just dandy and Trump, despite his Fake News Blues, seems unaware that its even on the table. Yet the Lunatic Lefties are responding to the Sinclair Broadcasting non-issues as if a meteor just struck the Earth and we’re all gonna die now!

Jesus Christ, some days it takes everything I’ve got just to prevent my own head from exploding listening to all of this bullshit!

Here in Las Vegastan, our video Media isn’t even Info-tainment anymore with people named ‘Cheese’ urgently telling us which nail salon won ‘Best in Vegas’ bragging rights.  Our print Media in the LVRJ owned by Sheldon Adelson, and its companion supermarket-flyer insert, the Las Vegas Communist Sun owned by Brian Greenspun, and both Civic Terrorist newspaper owners are also casino owners here and there is a very small number of people (5 or 6 people, tops!) who still believe that we will one day get answers as to what really happened at Mandalay Bay on October 1, 2017.

We will never get those answers and the noise you’re hearing in the background isn’t people clamoring for those answers, demanding action, hunger-striking for transparency, no sir, its people humming Show Tunes hoping you’re all onto other things and have lost interest, if you ever had been interested to begin with.

And all indications these past six months is that few of us had any real level of high interest or concern about what occured at Mandalay Bay.  Monitoring Social Media, letters-to-the editor, and Net debris for you guys has further reduced my confidence that any of us are at all aware of anything going on in the world around us.  You wouldn’t believe the stupid-ass shit people post and chat about just regarding the massacre!

Exacerbating that and the most frustrating fact about the LVMPD and its own internal culture no one seems at all interested in reforming and ending, is that Metro itself believes that it is the responsible agency for security on and within our resort properties! 

It really does, and what began almost immediately with Lombardo going live and continuing for days to host these Press Feeding Frenzies was an almost apologetic tone in his and his subordinate’s voices that this massacre occurred at all under his watch when there’s not a damned thing Metro could have done to prevent it if what little we do know proves true, because a police department IS NOT what provides security measures to any private sector concern anywhere in America…except here!

This predates Joe Lombardo, Ralph Lamb, consolidation, and hyper-corupt Franki Sue Del Papa’s disasterous decision to allow each resort to donate rather than one donation for each publicly traded company which made buying a Clark County sheriff way cheaper than providing guest security measures for guests at all of our resorts!

<—-Two of the Big Four are gone, ‘fired’ for Mandalay Bay!

Next up we’ll cover why police officers lie, why sheriffs and police chiefs and police brass lie, why Metro is so good at lying and why former Assistant Sheriffs Fasulo and Roberts were ‘fired’ during all of this though cops at their level aren’t really ever fired as Sheriff Lombardo can attest when he was ‘fired’ as Deputy Chief over the fuq ups in the OIS of Trevon Cole.  We’ll try to figure out the deep split between Metro and the FBI which occured concurently with Lombardo;s public melt down, and we’ll report that not a damned thing will change on the Las Vegas Strip!


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