In Order To Win, You’ve Gotta Make Noise!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Apr 9, 2018

If I were a betting man, I’d say today that President Trump has pissed away Congress for the GOP seeing nothing he’s doing is even remotely Republican.  Who knows what planet Speaker Paul Ryan is on these days and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is America’s favorite cadaver.

Other than the prospect of Nancy Pelosi on TV 24/7, I have no idea what would drive GOP voters to the polls this fall with Trade Wars and that obnoxious Omnibus budget bill passed by Congress and signed by Trump, but him vowing never again which was pretty stupid of him after threatening to veto it which he should have done to fire up his base heading into mid-terms, the dumb-ass!

I want Term Limits so badly and the president has even dropped the ball on that now!

When I get a hankerin’ to vote for Republicans, I want some fiscal restraint and responsibility to counter Democratic exuberance and recklessness.  Ha!  Good luck finding that anywhere in America today!  The GOP should keep and expand by maybe five seats the US Senate but that Dem critter down in Texas is giving the obnoxious Senator Ted Cruz fits and everybody in both parties hates him, so who knows?  My guess is that Texas won’t allow itself to go Blue though and the US House is ‘done gone’ changed to Blue already I fear.


The problem for down ballot races here and all over the country is that President Trump, Mitch McConnell and the RNC  are sucking all of the life and the money out of those races and no one is raising any money unless Sheldon Adelson adopted them as his step-great grandsons like he did with Adam Laxalt and Wes Duncan, two of the very worst GOP candidates in the entire country only a half a step better than Sticky Steve Sisolak and Aaron Fraud Ford, two of the very worst Dem candidates in the entire country too!

No one is running to Nevadastan to interview our top-tiered candidates and that in and of itself tells the whole story. An Ohio friend actually expressed sympathy for me having such a shitty choice here this November and my only response was ‘Oh yeah, well, well, umm…!’

I had no smart-assed comment to reply, dammit!


Dems know they have a sure loser in icky and Sticky Steve Sisolak who has flip-flopped more times than Jimmy Buffet stepping on a pop top and blowing out his flip-flip.  He’s just truly awful as a candidate who can’t seen to get comfortable with the latest lies he’s peddling; there’s nothing likeable or believable about him and voters know this. 

Both Sticky Steve and bigoted racist Aaron (A-Ron Pfffft!) Fraud Ford literally make me nauseous they are so bad for public office and civic life, especially here, both corrupted politicos delivering to Clark County taxpayers the very worst stadium deal in human history!

Chris G’s got the Big ‘Mo–momentum—and she should win comfortably in June with a big vote out of Clark County, 26 votes in Washoe, and no votes anywhere else.  She’s taken to scolding Sticky Steve about her late husband who drove off a cliff at Mt Charleston rather than coming home to hear her bitch some more about chickens—which she hates—up at their real home up there on the mountain with no t-shirt shops or fudge stores or kitchy Tijuana-type attractions providing a reason to go up there in the first place!  Where is the crappy touristy stuff up there?

Mr Chris G as Gary Gray was known, was a weasel and a piece of shit, he and his wife cleaned up and cleaned out NVDEMS when they ran the joint leaving nothing but Harriet and and Naomi and some dirty socks for those of us who came after—-they used it to build Gary’s extortionate consulting business with the promise of No Gary hired, No NVDEMS support for his candidates and also their real residence, their lovely home up on Mt Charleston known as ‘The Home NVDEMS Built–literally!’

Then in 2006, diving right into the gutter and swimming in the sewage in the most despicable political conduct I have ever seen, destroying former Clark County Commissioner Myrna Williams by lying that she was under FBI investigation—she was not–and beating up an old lady who is still alive by the way and no fan of Chris and Gary along with thousands of others in Clark County.  The FBI would turn the tables on Gary Gray for his using them for political gain and placed him under investigation not long afterward on another matter.  Earlier this year, Sisolak dared to bring up the Campaign Fund Money Laundering Chris was doing with her late husband cashing in totaling obscene amounts and foolish Chris, instead of ignoring it, she took the bait.

…and the bubble-heads over at the Women’s Democratic Club decided to create an award last year named for Shyster Gary Gray without a single person involved in that outrageous decision knowing a damned thing about what those two did to empty NVDEMS’ coffers and to Myrna Williams—an ancient if not Founding Member of Women’s Demowho is also Myrna Torme Williams, sister and heir to her late brother, jazz artist singer and Vegas icon Mel Torme’s enormous songbook—and fierce advocate for the underprivileged in her District and the entire county for her entire time in public life!  She also served in the Assembly and has been around these parts for 57 years!

Myrna lost by 1,338 votes and a third candidate took 1,330 votes in the 2006 primary, so yes, Chris G & Gary Gray’s FBI Lie decided the race.

I was one of the many, many who shed no tears when Gary died three years ago today; the world is a much better place without his human vermin polluting political life here!

Yes, Myrna would be sound asleep at CCBC meetings often, but who isn’t?  I have caught up on more lost sleep there than anywhere else in America. Again, it was despicable of Chris & Gary to beat up an old broad and Sticky Steve’s only hope of winning his primary is getting Myrna to speak up which is unlikely ’cause I can’t imagine she likes him at all either!

But that’s all tawdry and gossipy and doesn’t bring votes out but it gives partisans something to chew on with the June Primary coming up.


Two candidates this cycle have really impressed me enough to win my support almost since they both announced their candidacies because they both got and kept my attention ever since.  One is a Democrat and the other a Republican and both of them have one thing in common, they are both making a lot of noise and upsetting the status quo and demanding to be heard!

<—That is some serious boobage there son!  

That’s no deal-breaker for Amy in the town that boobs built and in the state that political boobs run today!

Amy Vilela is running the most interesting and exciting campaign I’ve seen from a newbie in Nevada!  She’s got energy, passion, excitement and a big mouth!  She will simply not be silenced!  This is a sophisticated urban ‘Latina Urbane’ campaign which is more common in big city America but not here in Nevadastan and she is upsetting the living shit out of a lot of Harry Reid Inc types all over the state!  She’s such a threat to the status quo, NVDEMS flushed Pat Spearman’s phony, fake-ass bullshit and begged Steven Horsford to run again though the last time he fuqd this seat up I wrote that his wife Sonia had his penis in her purse and it appears its still in there today!

<—Gorgeous don’t hurt her at all!  She’s everything I once hoped Lucy Flores could and would become in a candidate and she’s scored Lucy’s 2018 endorsement too!

Pat Spearman and Steven Horsford are exactly the wrong and hyper-corrupted direction for NVCD04—the most poorly drawn CD in America— which Ruben Kihuen fuqd up having happy pants and with Harry Reid Inc not wanting NVDEMS’ State Central Committee to have any say if Ruben left as ordered by Pelosi.  Uncle Harry doesn’t want Horsford back especially without a penis and the last thing we need a another Black-American, emasculated, hen-pecked, dickless wonder when we have Aaron, Jason, & William and their superb Uncle Tomming and Step-n-FetchIt-ing and their doing that so well for Massa Harry!

Amy just loves ‘Justice’—Racial, Social, & Economic—and even something she calls ‘Climate Justice’ whatever the fuq that is, but I don’t care and neither do her supporters which are growing and she has begun gathering endorsements from dependable Far Lefty/Progressive Extremists and is a Bernie Sanders acolyte and an Our Revolution proponent.    She is so far to my Left she’s just about standing behind me and there’s not a single issue she has up on her website that I concur with, my being too socially moderate and too fiscally conservative a Blue Dog, I’m confident her supporters are burning their autographed card-board cut-outs of me right now, but I kid you not, I would cast a vote for Amy Vilela if I lived in CD04 for a couple of reasons.

<—Minus the Buffalo Bullshitter, Dana Gentry is a very strong Vegas Brand all by herself in that she knows everyone ever born now living in SoNev and about 90% of ’em up in the Northlands too, plus she ‘gets’ Old Vegas and New Vegas and is a product of both worlds here!

The Monster Midget she used to work with is 100% dependent today on charity case donations from the likes of Heather Murren and others!

Dana was an exceptionally good ‘get’ for Ms Vilela this cycle!

**4/9/2018—Ms Gentry informs me that she is returning to the Media/Reporting she loves so much and that we are to await her soon-to-come annoucement!

I think the old man really wants Allison Stephens in the seat—-she’s the perfect ‘Good Democrat’ and won’t ever embarass the organization and is a beautiful, talented woman to boot and she would be who I would enthusiastically cast a vote for in normal circumstances too, but there is nothing normal about this race or its candidates or this seat because Ms Vilela has upset some mighty big apple carts here in Nevadastan and capturing my full attention was no small feat either!  Her campaign is unusually well organized and put together, she landed Gangsta Gorman Girl Dana Resnick Gentry as an early supporter and Ms Gentry has lent her considerable talents polishing Amy’s message and Dana’s touch is apparent everywhere in that everything about the campaign is tidy and ready for prime time.  This is no amatuerish effort.

Dana was as good a ‘get’ as I’ve ever seen anywhere in any campaign. Why haven’t we ever recruited Ms Gentry for public office?

Amy grabbed my attention being the only Progressive candidate in America who is consistently calling ‘single payer’, ‘Medicare for Everyone’ and that’s the term you use if you really want that to replace the badly failed ObamaCare because nobody has any idea wtf ‘single-payer’ means.  I’m serious, people are that stupid and brain-dead most think that only single people would be paying, or just one guy paying for all of us.

Ms Vilela’s greatest strength is also her greatest weakness in that she is so very far to the Left, she will scare off a lot of voters, but Crescent Hardy is no shoe-in for the GOP, one of his guys perfecting the 5-page Slave Contract has shut him down and out by default, but it has given Sticky Steve Sisolak something to consider when he loses since he’s pretending his whole adult life hasn’t been one whack-ass crazy bitch after another and him being in his early 90’s and 400 lbs making people gag and dry heave when they remember what a Vaginal Terrorist to the unbalanced with two X chromosomes Sticky Steve really is!  

<—Everyone throws up a little in their own mouths when she darkens our doors or enters a room!

Our newest State Fossil since Harry is no longer an elected, but is still a big, huge, unwanted Butt-in-ski fuqing everything up for everyone—-she should really hang up her girdle and retire before someone offs her in a Dem Primary!

The District is 60% Euro-White, has a strong rural component and Amy hasn’t shown she knows anything at all about these people, or about alfalfa or manure, our state’s two biggest exports after whores and venereal diseases, or about farm and ranch folks and why they all hate Democrats and really hate Dina Titus, or about Clark County stealing their water… and that’s going to hurt her totals because the District is nowhere near as far to the Left as Amy is, she should be running in CD01 and retiring racist Dixiecrat Dina the Dinosaur who has no business representing the most diverse District in the state and the entire Southwest region of the country.

So the lesser candidates are spoilers and that leaves four women shooting it out for the Dem nomination—-Horsford, the biggest woman of all, Spearman, Stephens, & Vilela, which should be the General win in what’s shaping up to be a Blue year.  Amy you’re doing a great job but your Bernie Cred has the corrupted and entrenched at NVDEMS—which is basically everybody—with their knives and switchblades out and they’re fixin’ to cut a bitch up….and that bitch is you hon!

Sorry Amy, you should have gotten the memo about Black and Latino folks being only for display every two years and for phony diversity bullshit Dem fake-ass propaganda here in Nevadastan.  I thought you knew, dammit!  Mark my words that they will do anything to prevent your win, know that and come back and run again and again cuz you’ve got the stuff winners are made of and the old man is on borrowed time as it is and he should keel over any minute now…and then we’re all FREE!


The other candidate is one Craig Mueller running for Attorney General on the GOP ticket and offering to save GOP voters from their Dean/Adam/Wes wobbly retards who are a significant drag on GOP prospects here this year.  I think the Mormon Mafia will pull it out for Dean Heller seeing he’s never lost a race and their SoNev standard-bearer took a pass on running for sheriff again in Clark County this year, so they as a group, need to score a BIG win to keep their influence over everything here!

I’ve heard Mueller bellowing in the corridors of the RJC over the years and his cred is very solid with a strong pro-consumer bent too.   He’s a real old school Republican and no one would ever get away with calling him a RINO, his background is too broad and vast, he is the most experienced and well-rounded candidate for AG we’ve had in years!  Nevada citizens will be exceptionally well-served when he is our Attorney General but he’s got to beat back Sheldon and shithead Wes Duncan to get that chance.

His support is growing by leaps and bounds and he is running the most exciting and critical campaign on the GOP side this cycle.  Ususual for an attorney, he a bit brash and loaded with self-confidence—-I know, can you even believe that? but he’s earned that with decades of perfomance and there is nothing false about his campaign bravado, he’s the real deal for GOP voters this cycle.  I couldn’t be more pleased he entered the race and for this office too, and I urge all of my GOP readers to please vote for Craig Mueller though that surname isn’t your favorite, this guy will become your favorite, I promise.

He is the Anti-Wes Duncan in every respect and he can easily beat A-Ron Fraud Ford badly in November too.  I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to slate Duncan who is a just a shitty person and an even shittier attorney who did nothing of value working under Adam except bitch and moan about constituents and constantly whining.

We have the dubious distinction in Nevadastan in having both the GOP and the Dems backing the very worst choices and candidates for Attorney General in the entire country—both Wes and A-Ron are pure political garbage, nothing of value at all to warrant your voting for either poseur!

For Republicans, you folks better get your people out to vote here because if NPs and others start breaking for the Dems here, President Trump is a one-termer and your party will be at war with itself more than it is now.  You MUST VOTE for Dean Heller—you don’t fire a coveted seat on Finance PERIOD, hold your nose if you must or that bubble-headed dipshit Wacky Jacky Rosen, who in three years of public life, has never once utter a statement that wasn’t barfed out for her by the DNC Ops—-not once and she’s rolling in the dough per a breathless and aroused Buffalo Bullshitter today in his Charity Media Enterprise.

Your reality further down ballot on the GOP side is that Bob Beers and Craig Mueller are carrying the entire GOP ticket right now and both need to raise a boatload of money for their own races too.

…and please will you GOPers please put an end to Danny Tarkanian once and for all and send somebody else against 14 homes owner Susie Lee in CD03?  Please?  I’m asking nicely but I will be frying Danny’s sorry spoiler ass very soon here too!

And Craig an Amy thanks for running very good and real campaigns that are putting stuff up and sending things out all the time keeping me and other voters informed on what your’re doing out there and what your plans are when elected.  Very nice work there and you two have no idea how many candidates I’ve told to ‘MAKE SOME NOISE’ this cycle and all I get back is a blank stare, but I never told either of you that because you had already figured out that no one is better at blowing your own horns than you are!

Very good work both of you and best of luck to you both too!


Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!