Nevada’s 2018 Dog Shit Candidates! Vol I

Posted by Michael Zahara on Apr 23, 2018

We attract Human Garbage in droves here in Las Vegastan and there’s Dog Shit everywhere here, so naturally, politics here is loaded with pimps, posers, lowlife scum, and Dog Shit candidates and 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year of Dog Shit bullshit from these fake-ass people looking only to cash in on voter stupidity and complete, total lack of awareness.

Here’s just a sample to start off.  These two are human vermin and should NEVER under any circumstance get your votes:

1.)  Elizabeth Halseth Helegelien SD08 (GOP)—You guys remember serial adulteress, and political whore and Dog Shit Princess, Elizabeth Halseth, don’t you?  Well, now six years later, she has a new surname and new husband after lying to her voters, lying to Nevada citizens, lying to her ex-husband, lying to her children, lying to her NV Senate Leader, lying to the LVMPD, and lying to the 8th District Court too!  She and her truly evil mother are prolific and consummate liars completely undeserving of ever being elected to any office anywhere ever again.  Elizabeth conducted a super-sleazy, torrid, sordid, and very public affair with her now husband while in session up in Carson City and she was fuqing him everywhere they could steal a few moments for a quickie!

<—40 lbs heavier (?) and getting very un-Maxim old and wrinkly, this is this same skanky piece of Dog Shit who told us in 2012 she was quitting the NV Senate to ‘protect her kids’—-but those kids are now learning through their school-mates what a degenerate Dog Shit whore Mommy really is!

Then she had the nerve to tell us she was quitting the Nevada senate to ‘protect her children’ which she has never given a damn about and still does not today.  It was all about ‘All Dick, All Day’ back then for this phony three-faced bitch and today her children are beginning to hear what an insatiable Dog Shit whore Mommy really was and what a disgraceful degenerate political Dog Shit whore she still is today!

She blamed me and Chuck Muth for her free fall into adultery and breaking up her family, but me and Chuckles never slept with Tiger…and you have my word on that!

This cycle, she’s actually been caught stalking her opponents all cloak-and dagger like someone’s not going to notice her Cameltoe loitering in their fuqn bushes!   This could only mean that she’s tired of her current husband and is husband-hunting again one presumes.  Sorry Cheetah, or Leopard or whatever your name is, we thought that you as a man, instinctively knew, that a bitch who pulled the kind of bullshit your old lady did to her first husband just to get custody of the kids, will flush you in a heartbeat when some other guy named for a jungle creature comes along!

My guess is that when she dumps you, it will be for a Geezer Guy on his Deathbedbut a cute one so their pix together in Penthouse look good and so she can look like she cares about Grandpa while standing on his oxygen line with both feet—so you go ahead and keep on constantly checking her phone day and night son, and have that secret tracking App she knows nothing about, always set on HIGH bro, and let me know if you need my help on that GPS-pinger thing to track her car installed on her car’s underbody…and which looks like a muffler!

Everyone but you, seems to know how your marriage will end except you, and you were right there watching and panting as she destroyed her first marriage!

Our little Lizzie Whore-den was endorsed by fallen, no-longer-a-star, but rather a cipher in perhaps her final elective office now, Michele Fiore, and a nascent, very messed-up Vets group which endorsed Steve Seroka Dick-Puller and did no due diligence at all again regarding this human Dog Shit woman and thankfully, GOP voters have a rock solid choice in Valerie Weber who is a real dyed-in-the-red REAL conservative Republican and not a phony-ass lying Dog Shit Dem pretending to be a Republican like Elizabeth is doing again!


Sidebar:   Speaking of Michele Fiore, she’s already bored on City Council waiting for Carolyn Goodman to die and Cliven Bundy to propose, she’s taken to lobbying in DC once a month, for whom or what she’s not saying and neither are her CCEs, and then she goes over to Nye County recently and sticks her nose into their business for her Las Vegas Ward voters—-and which could only mean she’s eyeing moving to Over the Hump in Pahrump and Chairing the Nye County Board of Commissioners and running for Congress again, this time in CD04 and then repurposing Yucca Mountain to replace her now defunct Always There with a new concept called Always Dead, where dead guys can be interred there to look at coyote, desert tortoise, and sage grouse piles of shit for all eternity!

Let me refresh your memories dear readers:  All that you love and/or hate about Fiore was all made possible by Elizabeth Halseth Helgelien who right before my very eyes, convinced Michele to switch offices with her when they filed together cuz she wanted to be the pretty one plus, she was really intimidated by Michele’s mega-mammaries.  Both won though, both fuqd it up, and had it been Assemblywoman Halseth and Senator Fiore, our political landscape would be much more Maroon than Purple and now trending toward bright Blue this November and the seeds for that were planted and fertilized by Elizabeth Halseth’s bullshit…and her insatiable craving for attention and pity.


Mrs Helgelien, were you call me to tell me that water is wet, I would call you a goddamn liar because that’s really all you’ve ever shown to any of us, that you can lie with aplomb and determination and like a pro too!  Daniel Halseth, who’s quite brilliant—though not as much as me, nor as handsome either, of course—is a good friend of mine these days and I know a little something about being falsely accused but I just went ahead and got even just like Jesus taught us, and which is why Sanje Sedera will never be in elective office here and Sheriff Gillespie is watching cartoons and yelling at the kids on his block, but your ex-husband is too nice to do that, I on the other hand am not so nice and I know how to deal with evil little bitches like you toots!

Thanks a bunch for leaving for me to inform Daniel that you were back in politics and you’re a little bitch for doing that to me Honeybunches!  Still trying to be reasonable with you, which is like Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt with the football impossible, all Daniel asked of you is that you wait a few more years until the kids are older and he’d be on board and I fully agree with him and I have told many here and elsewhere to hold off on politics until the kids are old enough to run away from home and not die when you do enter public life!  

Politics is hard enough on most marriages, but to subject even the best, most well-adjusted kids to the rigors of seeing their parents in the 24/7 Media public eye is horrifically selfish and self-centered and I think damaging too.  They will be choosing your Nursing Home Mrs Homewrecker for SD08 2018, did you ever at least consider that!  Politics will always be there, I promise, but your children exiting their Wonder Years for their Wonder Bra years and your being so emotionally needy and desperate to get back into politics you know nothing about, is rather sociopath of you and I plan on campaigning as hard as I can against you because you don’t deserve another chance to burn us like you did before, and were just getting over the most phony bitch we’d ever elected in Patricia Fake Farley!

Bad and the very worst of luck to you Elizabeth, no one wants you back in public life but please let us know when you dump your current husband so we can share with the world!

Former Dem and suffering from Post-Bernie, NVDEMS Psychosis, Garrett LeDuff (left) was going to jump into the SD08 GOP Primary, but will be on the November ballot as an Independent which may be the smartest move in the SD since he’s got a huge following and fan base and is a Dem at heart.  And another Republican guy is in there who is a friend-of-a-new-friend and a wrestler or something with huge arms, so I’d keep an eye on him to Mr Elizabeth #2!

Marilyn Dondero Loop for the Dems doesn’t inspire anyone out this way, she having lost three elections and any genetic material her mother may have passed onto her.  This should be a GOP seat but the Cali transplants are too big a bloc to ignore their whining and tantrums, so who knows?

Elizabeth is Nevada’s Dog Shit Princess and is such a bubble-headed dipshit, she still has her six plus years old SD-09 website up today along with her new SD-08 scam voters site too!  How unaware of the world can you be to not know you never bothered to take your own aging website down?

Pretty damned scary stuff, huh?


2.) Danny Tarkanian NVCD03 (GOP)—-Danny is really some Special Kind of Dog Shit Asshole and its time to send him packing after 8 years of Political Terrorism in SoNev!

His refusal to start at the bottom and work himself up like his mother did, gave us six more years of Harry Reid in 2010 and he should never be forgiven for that fuq up!  Voters don’t like him and voters don’t trust Danny and this year he’s shown everyone that he’s really a fuqn stupid moron too! 

Thanks for that Danny!

He won his first race in 2016 but losing the General to Wacky Jacky Rosen in NVCD03.  Then like the politically retarded idiot he truly is, since Harry Reid moved Rosen to the US Senate race to spite Dina Titus who he loathes, Dog Shit Dumb-ass Danny up and quits his race in CD03 and follows her to the US Senate race confident he could beat Dean Heller but President Trump flip-flopping and dumping Dog Shit Dumb-ass Danny for Dean Heller!

He saw himself not running for the House or Senate seat—oh no, that’s too 6th Grade Civics class for him—but rather retardedly, running against Wacky Jacky Rosen!

Isn’t that the stupidest shit you’ve ever heard?  No ma’am, Lois did not drink heavily or at all while she was carrying him—Root Beer does not cause Dog Shit Dumb-ass sons per the CDC—nor did she drop him on his head as an infant—a lot–either, he really is that ignorant, arrogant, and a stupid moron!

Of course, a bunch of GOPers jumped into the CD03 race with his exiting for the US Senate and he never once gave a moment’s thought about those fellow Republicans when he threw a snit and stormed right back into the CD03 House race after Trump dumped his super sorry-ass for US Senate!  What a colossal piece of Dog Shit this guy really is, I mean really, what a fuqn jag-off to pull that kind of Dog Shit bullshit move on his fellow GOPers!

Again the Senate Finance Committee is where Dean Heller sits, is very important to every single business in Nevada and to all of us earning a paycheck from those businesses.  As voters, you don’t fire that seat, you hold your nose if you’ve got issues and push him back to the Right in term two and Heller knows he’s got to do that. His stature in the Senate will increase after surviving the Harry Reid Inc onslaught which has been relentless and those phony-ass ObamaCare Town Halls were jammed packed with nothing but Democrat shills.

If you really hate Harry Reid and all his years long bullshit, then you vote to re-elect Heller in June and November!  Danny is working tirelessly to elect White Privilege, un-woke, socialite, 17 homes owner and limousine liberal ‘Do As I Say Dem’ progressive, Susie Lee and she’ll win the seat if GOP voters return Danny Tarkanian to the GOP nomination and she’s just as out-of-place on a ‘Dem Diversity’ ticket nowadays as Dina Titus is, but Harry wants you to have her and you know ‘how he be’ as the kids say!

Danny Tarkanian is Nevada’s premier Dog Shit King candidate unworthy of ever holding any public office. More controversy came out this cycle regarding how bad he is with money even involving his charity and this self-absorbed super-asshole really thinks he’s going to win this year in a Blue year yet too.

I’m open-minded for this seat for the GOP.  Make noise, commit to ending Danny’s bullshit and get my attention!


Oh, there’s many other Dog Shit candidates in what appears to be a banner year for Dog Shit Candidate lovers this year in Nevada and they’ll be coming up before the Primaries, but Elizabeth Helgelien and Danny Tarkanian take 1st Prize in being just truly awful candidates and equally awful people and let’s hope GOP voters drive a wooden stake through their candidacies for good!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael  Zahara

A National Treasure!