Lt Bedwell Lost Running Against Lombardo And Not For Sheriff

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 10, 2018

It’s the biggest, most consistent reason newbie candidates lose their elections.  I’m serious.  Most approach the endeavour in that they know that they can win because they think the guy they want to bump off and take his seat, is a big, huge asshole and most times they’ve right too!  Politics is loaded with big, huge assholes, in both major parties and all the little ones too, no surprises there, but what is surprising is that newbies don’t give to voters any credit at all for their knowing that the guy is a big, huge asshole too and that that’s the only reason they’re giving your candidacy a little look-see at all.

Think about it and what it was which attracted you enough for you to cast a vote for someone. There’s no right or wrong answers here, but these are the clues as to what separates winners from losers in politics.  Winners tap into rich and productive veins of voter anger, frustration, disappointment and disgust with an incumbent by conveying empathy with these voters and not constantly reinforcing and reminding them that they voted him in cuz when you’re spending all your time telling us what an asshole he is, you’re also telling to your potential voters that yes, they too are a bunch of assholes for voting him in in the first place!

We’re Americans dammit!  No American wants to hear what a bunch of assholes we are and we’re all very offended when some candidate even remotely infers or suggests that we’re all assholes for not seeing things his way.  This was the primary factor in Trump’s victory and the consistent failure of Progressive Extremist to win outside of the urban islands of Democrat Party delivered decay and despair.


Color me as disappointed and unimpressed with the campaign efforts to date of the good Lieutenant from North Las Vegastan, Tim Bedwell, who loaded with a shitload gawd-awful advice from Metro-haters, chose to embark on running against Sheriff Joe Lombardo, rather than running for Sheriff of Clark County.  He was doomed by his own conceit in doing this from the get-go. There was no possible way for him to gain any traction or to appeal to any bloc of voters by doing it this way.

At this point, Sheriff Joe Lombardo can’t possibly be intimidated or fearful of suffering an embarrassing, unexpected defeat when Lt Bedwell should be laser focused exclusively on denying to the sheriff the outright win on June 12th with 50% plus 1 of the vote, but he’s not focused at all on anything other than occasionally pointing out a Lombardo stumble or fumble he seems outraged occurred at all.

Fake politically stage-crafted outrage was all the rage in 2016 and its continuing on into this cycle should give nobody any comfort because political outcomes become all but impossible to predict, but I’ll predict with great certainty here today, that Lt Bedwell’s effort will not prevent the sheriff’s winning re-election outright on June 12, 2018 as the victor in the Primary with over 50%, because Bedwell has given us no reason to hire him and fire Joe.


His inexplicable and fatal hiring of Metro-hater and Campaign Candidate Assassin Lisa De Mayo as one of his three—yes, three managers!–sealed his fate and ended his lackluster campaign before it ever began.  It just never ignited with her always all soaking wet in very piss poor advice, and there’s no chance of even so much as a small brush or trash can fire for voters to notice him starting this late in the game. She did the same piss poor work for Bob Beers’ City Council race never bothering to remind voters what is is that we really like about him and with Bedwell, she’s created a political mannequin who never smiles choosing for him that groovy Grumpy Gestapo Grandpa look which has never been popular with any voters for any office.

Again, and again, and again, I’ve said that we’ve got to like you, or like something about you, in order for us to ever cast a vote for you.  Nothing Lt Bedwell has done to date has afforded us the opportunity to ‘like’ him which is odd in an all Facebook only effort where us ‘liking’ things is how they make their money over in Menlo Park!

Outrage is a perfectly acceptable political tool used throughout our nation’s history on a wide variety of mostly social issues which when ‘triggered’ by events of the day way back in the day, elevated those issues to the very highest levels of political attention drawn to them either by shysters, pimps, posers, and fuq-ups, or by persons legitimately desiring one of the now most toxic, caustic, and effectively dead, meaningless words in America’s collective vocabulary:  ‘Change’, and which was originally part of the ‘Hope and Change’ rhetorical follies parade and which was brutally assassinated by Barack Obama and his Pretender Presidency Players from shear overuse and overkill to 320 million Americans who were to discover that the only ‘Hope’ they had was for some ‘Change’ left in their pockets as he went on to joyfully tax and and borrowing to match Bush 43’s 10 trillion in staggering, reckless overspending leaving no residual effect or outcomes voters could see or feel and also leaving behind an electorate which is as politically retarded and dysfunctional as it is uninformed and unaware about anything and everything, but especially about those issues and matters they claim mean the most to them.

How’s that for a ‘run-on’ sentence Miss Louise Malopy my sophomore year HS English teacher?

Lt Bedwell not only embraced ‘change’ as an at all acceptable word to use in his campaign, but also ‘transparency’ which died a much deserved death almost a generation ago but which is still in wide use in losing campaign efforts all over America.  Why?  Because like ‘racist and ‘racism’ before them, Americans have completely tuned these words out, filtered them into the Trash bin, and filed them under Political Neutron Bombs designed to kill the intended candidate while leaving all the surrounding buildings standing.

Almost completely missing from Bedwell are a weekly, maybe daily when needed, and very necessary running commentary on Metro’s Mandalay Bay Massacre Response and the LVMPD’s Executive Officer Corp and lower ranks bowing and scraping to the Nevada Resort Association and MGM Resorts International in Metro’s internally perceived role as the Public Relations agency of the LVCVA. 

The LVCVA was kind enough to build for Metro its Convention Center Area Command which it believes entitles the LVCVA full and complete control over its operations which still today, has no relationship at all to the ghetto which surrounds it.  Those duties are split off to Metro’s SEAC and SCAC instead.  An issue Bedwell doesn’t see as problematic or even an issue to be addressed in his race with Lombardo publicly committing to doing the same thing with Howard Hughes Corp to build his pipe dream Summerlin Area Command!


The other day, Baltimore Post Examiner writer Doug Poppa published a piece which did raise the ire of NLV’s Grumpy Gestapo Grandpa:

Oh heavens no , huh?  I know my panties are in a bunch too because this story was leaked to Poppa by that dreadful, no-talent Campaign Assassin, Lisa De Mayo, and failed to provide to him any LVPPA background info which would have had Poppa beg off this ridiculous story.

LVPPA, which was a smoldering heap of cinders and ashes when its current president, Det Steve Grammas, took over a couple of years back, once again proved he is the smartest and brightest of all Metro personnel attempting to get approval from his membership to allow its EBoard to do a re-vote so Lombardo may get the LVPPA’s endorsement he doesn’t even need to beat Bedwell outright next month!

Lt Bedwell just about shit a brick over the injustice of it all! 

I just about shit too at the free and clear shot Lt Bedwell missed, by not reminding LVPPA members of Lombardo’s publicly agreeing with shitstain former FBI Director James Comey’s public insult delivered to the entire LVMPD, that they were laying down on the job and ‘depolicing‘ as he claimed!  Joe Lombardo did significant damage to himself he did nothing at all to correct out and inviting the Warner Brothers cartoons affiliated ACME Company’s big mallets, their strap-rockets, and anvil stocks to be used against his re-election efforts.   Lt Bedwell never even checked their catalogue of very cool shit to use in his now floundering, flailing campaign!

That’s Ms De Mayo’s never clever but always clueless strategy at work again this cycle for Lt Bedwell!


<—-Sasquatch Grammas doing Deep Undercover work at Metro’s old Vice/Narcotics Bureau before becoming LVPPA President!

Grammas, a seasoned, experienced, well-rounded detective at Metro’s former Vice & Narcotics Bureau (VNB)—Joe’s favorite assignment he once told me–back when Lombardo ran the show as its Captain and later as its Deputy Chief, was throwing his old Chief a rancid bone which had the unintended consequence of making Sheriff Lombardo appear to everyone as being emotionally and politically needy and desperate to be patted on the head, scratched behind the ears, and told he’s a good boy for not shitting on the living room carpet again… and that he is loved by LVPPA membership, which he clearly is not!

He’s aced the sheriff at every turn since winning the PPA’s presidency, turning up the heat to high when a former Seattle Seahawks shithead falsely claimed police brutality here, it was Grammas who shot him down with those North Korean nukes he stole/borrowed, while Lombardo told the story with finger puppets weeks later!

When I met Grammas at his invitationI know, can you even believe that shit?—I delayed via an email back and forth with him over the rooftop snipers needing to be on break if I were going to even attempt such a visit since LVPPA’s former president was no fan of mine, nor was I a fan of him, though I wanted to see the rooftop topless pool deck and Lupe and Jose manning the buffet atop the Kallas Palace as I had named it!

He had given the snipers the afternoon off and I went over and I had a great talk with this unusual Metro man who showed me his work ID when he must have been doing way, way Deep Undercover, because its photo looked like the love child of King Kong and Sasquatch and I don’t scare easily, but Jesus Christ, I just about shit again seeing that not-lovely-at-all ID photo of him!

LVPPA membership believes Grammas walks on water and I do too having been splashed by his sandals as he breezed by me once, but they are unlikely to give him this request and Sheriff Lombardo is probably going to ask that it be withdrawn today not wanting to look or appear any weaker than he does with line staff, the community, PMSA members, or the USDOJ on the eve of the Vice Scandal moving forward as our new US Attorney from Texas was made permanent USA by decree of the US Court recently.  With Lombardo headed toward a comfortable outright win next month, we should be seeing some movement again from the FBI and the rest of USDOJ after he seals his re-election bid.

Doug Poppa, whose work I enjoy and have read to me as bedtime stories each night, bought the Lisa De Mayo bullshit that the Bedwell campaign was peddling, and took a shot at the guy I told if he had any political ambitions, that I wanted in on that action, LVPPA President, Detective Steve Grammas, the brightest boy I’ve ever met from the LVMPD!

<—-Here’s Grammas walking on water the other day with those big stinky feet of his!

Joe Lombardo has done nothing but load the cannons of potential opponents with dozens of instances, especially these past 2 years, they’d have clobbered him over the head with this cycle.  Those opponents necessarily had to have come out of the LVMPD’s cradle to make him the first incumbent sheriff in modern times to be defeated in Clark County, a fate he has earned many times over, but which did not materialize.  Some of those top-tiered challengers are looking forward to seeing him squirm under USDOJ scrutiny, others not wishing to have to mop up his messes, still others knowing he still must account for Metro’s response to the Jim Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre and why it was that it took 70 minutes to reach and breach Stephen Paddock’s door that night!

The tide will turn hard against Sheriff Lombardo in term two which is why he’s acting like a batshit crazy fuqr lately, the mistakes and missteps at Mandalay Bay defy logical explanation, the lies and cover-ups will sour voters and place pressures on the Legislature to rein in his powers and make him accountable for the agency’s failures for the first time in 45 years.

Lt Tim Bedwell was first in line and deserves our thanks for stepping up, but has run an amateurish outsider effort as his campaign’s shooting at Steve Grammas and the LVPPA, instead of at Sheriff Lombardo, showed to everyone in the County!


*** 5/12/2018  Allies of Lt Bedwell have brought Mrs Lombardo #1—Dr Donielle Freedman—into the Bedwell race with one month to go and without her permission to linger on her Starter Husband mistakes and not asking her permission to use one of her FB pics either.  Rob Lauer’s little Net screed has weekly problems with proper word usage saying that Captain Larry Burns was ‘bribed’ and of course, no quote from Larry is out there about anything in the Bedwell/Lombardo race but he was allegedly bribed to endorse Lombardo this cycle…and this allegedly happened after Joe refused the clear and gracious opportunity for the sheriff to offer to both Burns and retired Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody, to co-chair the Foundation on Lombardo’s behalf.

That was just dumb and thoughtless of Sheriff Lombardo, and I truely hope that in term two, Sheriff Lombardo corrects this oversight and entrusts the heavy-lifting work of representing the Foundation and the Department to the entire world via the Foundation to Moody and Burns, who both bring entirely different core competencies to the mission at hand, but no one would ever question either officer’s love of the LVMPD.

This work necessarily has to be done by esteeemed retirees of the Department holding term-limited positions so that the Foundation is as healthy as it can be going forward.

Mr Sheriff, pick up the phone and correct your oversight sir!

I was unable to ever get an officer contact confirmation about Mr Police Policy Wonk & Dr Donielle Freedman-Lombardo’s Domestic Violence rumors but told you about them and that they were rumors, unlike now AS Charles Hank III, whose officers are well-known, as are his FBI agents, as are the cover-ups and his never copping to what he did to Wife #2 Maria Hank, so far his longest marriage, Mrs Hank and her allies simply asked that I protect her children, and I did my level best to do that for her.   Doug & Louise Gillespie’s issues were never part of a separation or divorce action brought by or against either one of them that I was ever able to find, but the Deputy Chief I had no idea even knew me and his Department stature alone and my looking at his office number on my Caller ID, is why I wrote what I did about them.  The incident at their Henderson home did happen and Douglas’s response to responding officers about their not having the authority to arrest him, was correct too! 

Under the NRS only the Governor of Nevada, the Clark County District Attorney, or the Clark County Coroner may arrest on state charges, any sitting sheriff here***

The legislature has never bothered to correct-out this appalling perq all Clark County sheriffs have in their arsenals.


Congratulations on your re-election Mr Sheriff, your be careful what you wished for moment has arrived for you sir!


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