Dog Shit-iness Prevails in 2018

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 5, 2018

I had Early Voted on the morning of the 2nd very happy to see our old friend Carol Burgeson—she’s retired since January from a long career at the Assessor’s office—and for all of the time we’ve known one another, she also commands the mobile voting sites during EV.

Still suffering the effects of 2016 on the nation’s politics, this is the first cycle I really have no interest in seeing through to its conclusion. I usually cast my vote on the first day of EV having chosen someone I was voting for or against to be cast first, this ritual being my little election Mile Marker.  This year for the very first time though with so many to chose from in my ‘against’ column, I thought for a couple of seconds to bid Chris G adieu and maybe choose Bonaventura or some other asshole just to cast a for ‘an asshole’ vote.

Nope, I made a promise to support and vote for Chris G because she is without question, the most qualified person in either party seeking the Gov nomination in 2018.  In order for her to become a good Governor though, she would need a strong GOP Nevada Senate to counter the Progressive Tsunami we’ll suffer next session.  That’s not going to happen either in the senate or for Chris G.

I was and still am feeling political anger and frustration with and for Chris G for betraying her own 2018  campaign and announcing to the entire world that yes, Mike Zahara was spot on, her late husband was nuthin’ special at all and taught her nothing over thirty years here and she picked up nothing from him either.  Gary Gray was one of the most corrupted individuals in Nevada and I’ll tell you why in this piece, but Chris G, instead of letting Sisolak’s barbs about Gary slide off her back, invited me to tell you what I’ve been holding back since I endorsed her this year while telling you guys they both made things very sticky for me more than a decade ago.  Gimme a minute to get there though…


So bad was Chris G this past month while no one on her team noticed the campaign-ending mistakes they were making, all believe she has the nomination and she will lose the primary she was sure to win failing to heed my advice here and correctly calling Sisolak’s panic that she was solid and improving each day and was in assent where if you’ll recall me saying here often over the years, your ideal position as you’re closing out an election campaign, is to have as many as possible Indicators all pointing upward in your favor.  She had those in her favor and still largely does, but its crumbling fast and she chose to be offended by his calling himself a Progressive which really is hysterical to everyone except Chris G who should have laughed hysterically at him in a new ad with 1000s of Progressives having the same reaction to this new Progressive Sisolak creature.

Dina Titus fuqing over Chris G—and after all that neither had ever done for one another or any other Dem Fem in Nevada—by endorsing Sisolak over her, sent her into Dago-matic Rage Hysterics culminating in Chris G outright lying to voters about her being kidnapped and abused as her sister was also raped back when Chris was 8 years old!

This tall tale cannot be verified that her parents were so poor protectors of their children that this could possibly occur at a time when even though they were minors, would have sent the Media in metropolitan Chicago into a tizzy because of the places where they lived in northeastern Illinois.  Chris G lived in suburban ‘horse country’ in far northwest suburban Cook County northwest of O’Hare airport in one of the wealthiest townships in the entire state of Illinois.  Barrington Illinois police would not have been able to contain this information and would have engaged the Cook County sheriff, Chicago PD, surrounding  suburban police departments, and the Illinois State Police in a massive manhunt attempt to locate the girls and their fictional attacker.  More than 30 years of public life here and sexual predation of minor children a continuing social/criminal issue in America, would have logically had a Chris G becoming a champion for the victims of such predators but nothing from her entire public life would have anyone calling her a champion of child victims of sexual violence!

not so much as a peep about this alleged attack upon she and her sister was ever utter by her until Chris G was desperate to save her now sinking quickly campaign.  Notably, her sister is not in the ad either!  What a convenient story and political Tall Tale told at the 11th hour of a campaign because she had forgotten what she had killed in the closing hours of the 2005 session that her enemies did not forget!

No evidence was presented by Chris that even a police report was ever filed in Barrington, IL either with one week left to go until the Primary, she shot this ad of lies in desperation for her personally shielding adult sexual predators in our schools leaving them out of 2005 legislation at the very last minutes of that session.  Speaking with friends on the Chicago police department on the off-chance this happened while they resided in the city, they have no records either.

She made the mistake of claiming this had happened in Illinois where she came up when our home state got shocked into changing Law Enforcement’s handing of child sexual abuse issues when in 1966, GOP US Senate candidate Charles Percy’s daughter was abducted and murdered at the tail end of his campaign that year and he coldly continued campaigning and won, beating iconic GOP Senator Everett Dirkson who delivered the votes LBJ needed to pass CRA-1964, and Dirkson going down two years later with all the other GOPers who passed the Act.  The Percy girl’s murder was never solved.

Illinois LE agencies changed virtually overnight to become more competent in issues involving children that we were more prepared when John Wayne Gacy’s bullshit was discovered and little Janine Nacarico was in the headlines for months and months.  The timeframe Chris G’s alleged incident would have occurred within, would have been impossible to shield because of Percy’s daughter.

Chris G and her sister may have been abducted and violated without the police knowing about it but that would mean their parents were protecting a family member and blood relative and not their own daughters—and that Chris G would leave that out of her selective memory campaign ad trying to save her now dead campaign is just sickening!  It’s also indicative of the psychotic tact Progressive Extremist EduCrats have taken to silence their critics nationwide by using not even veiled innuendo to accuse men of sexual misconducts and barring these men from facing their accusers as we’re all witnessing here with Trustee Kevin Child who is a bit of an odd duck, but I’ve known him for more than 10 years and what they’re doing to him today is nothing short of criminal and he has no recourse against them!   He is no pervert, he’s no sexual predator, he is doing what he as elected to do for citizens and he is now cast as a pariah and Chris G, seeing how successful her allies have been assassinating his character and his reputation, decided to use the same MO to save her campaign in 2018.

Busted for lying in broad daylight to Nevada voters, Chris G was shot down personally by a laser-guided missile fired by former Speaker Richard Perkinsa cop and the former Chief of Police of Henderson, Nevada!  Richard Perkins, a favorite of mine I’ve tried to talk into coming back into political public life, is allied with Sisolak and Jim Ferrence, but his comments in the story were fatal to Chris G’s appalling lies trying to save her campaign, he was the Speaker and had ultimate power to stop and fund the bill at a moment’s notice.  Chris G knew this and she deliberately failed to inform her Speaker in order to personally shield pervs preying on our children in the public schools here from having to register as sex offenders. 

This is fact no matter how she chooses to spin it.

More than 50 incidents involving predatory adults and our children within the CCSD and their not being required to register as sex offenders, was the result of her last minute manipulation of this legislation.  She never so much as picked up the phone or sent an email to her replacement or anyone else up there, to get these pervs included in subsequent sessions.  She forgot all about it because she never gave a damn about kids in the District, only about union flunkies not being required to register as sex offenders.  Had she had any interest at all in protecting communities from these predatory adults, she’d have not left this big pile of shit for Steve Sisolak and Jim Ferrence to joyously exploit this cycle.

Those two must have been high-fiving each other naked, while crying and drinking beer when they dropped that little bomb which got the intended psychotic reaction of the Ultra Left Marxists supporting Chris G nationally.

Chris G has also managed to convince now LVRJ reporter Victor Joecks that her late husband was a genius and politically gifted and on Twitter I told Victor the truth I first verified with Dem icon, the late Charlie Waterman who hated them both but liked me, then as an elected off-the-floor in 2006 NVDEMS Eboard member who won my race by pledging to find out why we were always crying poor when we all knew we were in Bush 43’s 6th year and were flush with cash.  I woke up that morning with no intention of running, but Harry Reid had announced no organization support for Dems Ron Williams and Laurie Bisch for SheriffNVDEMS would be supporting Republican Doug Gillespie for Sheriff and I just about shit!—and I also wanted to ensure no one was blocking Ron or Laurie in any way.

I knew that Chris and Gary had robbed NVDEMS blind but wasn’t aware how Gary had built his business so quickly and lucrative—enough so that they bought their Mt Charleston digs with their ill-gotten gains.  What Gary had perfected and what consultants Jim Ferrence and Dave Thomas also continue to do today, is illegally financing prospective candidates through what’s called ‘aggregate billing’, which is quite illegal here because it perverts the NRS and the CCE reporting requirements.  It’s essentially floating a candidate an unlawful loan covering all of their campaign swag expenses to be paid back after winning and without ever acknowledging that’s what they’re doing.

Gary Gray was treated like Moses and Jesus by local vendors because he would pay-in-full at the time of ordering from vendors, 100% of their billings, no questions asked, which shot campaign expenses into the stratosphere here and which Gary Gray’s clients paid for election after election.  Newbies would get an SEIU check for their signing on with Gray for instance, which went to their first installments on the debt he was carrying for them.  SEIU also one of Gray’s deep pockets he could count on to come through for him and a number of other unions including the Teachers were always waiting in line to throw money at Gray’s clients because they could be counted on to never wander off the Dem Plantation and Safe Zone when voting in Carson City they being beholden…and in debt to Gary Gray!

This is quite illegal itself because aggregate billing completely blinds who the actual vendors are so when a phony consultant does this, no one knows where they purchased anything which is the what the CCE declaration is all about.  In 2014 I secured for now Sheriff Lombardo, PDQ Prints best discounted rate for all his printing and mailing needs and secured for him top priority status and his consultant sent that work out of state to a non-union house, charged Joe PDQ’s retail rates and pocketed the difference of over $100,000 dollars and didn’t tell Joe about it.  When I did, there was no refunding the difference to candidate Lombardo even after being busted and Jim’s his manager again this year…but this year all of Joe’s outdoor printed Media is union-printed at PDQ.

Let the buyer beware is critically important in a political marketplace like Nevada.  Ask questions and plenty of them because of corrupted people like Gary Gray, these elections are inordinately expensive in Nevada because these brokers treat them like a feeding frenzy and no one tells you folks how to spend your donations to get the best bang for the buck here!  No one coaches any of you how to be a good candidate and how to do actual campaigning which one would think would be a consultants primary goal fo their clients.

Nuh uh, not here folks, and that is Chris and Gary’s enduring legacy in SoNev.

Candidates, any snake adding a percentage to purchasing your campaign materials is screwing you.  Real consultants charge flat-fees for their gifts and you’re paying them to bring out the best in you for your voters.  They can certainly place your orders, but you can do that too and you should pay for things in person directly with all of your vendors, there’s no need for a middle man.  Ours here in Nevada are Swag Brokers at best posing as consultants.  Real consultants will pitch to you visions of how your campaign should look and feel based on their getting to know you first and what it is you wish to do for citizens.  I can count on one hand people worthy of your hiring here to assist you in getting elected, yet there are so many here claiming a credential they simply do not have, I’ve literally lost count.  This is Gary Gray’s corrupted legacy here. People who have no idea what it takes to capture voter interest in candidates trying to cash in like Chris and Gary did…and they got rich doing so too!

So horrific were their corruptions while stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down at NVDEMS for themselves, they allowed for party Treasurer still today Jan Churchill, to unlawfully pay herself a salary and reimburse herself for her travel expenses when we met up north too.  None of this ever approved by anyone and when I had to inform my fellow Board members about this after I was done with my audit, is what Chris and Gary had done to make things sticky for me.  If we hadn’t acknowledged that this occurred under previous Boards and Chairs, Ms Churchill could have been charged with embezzlement had our GOP counterparts taken a look at our filings because that’s what it was.  This went on for years!  people were ticked off at Jan and she was livid with me, and some were pissed off at me too for bringing it up!

All I wanted was for our Board to acknowledge that this had occurred my thinking that that would prevent anyone making political hay over it and preventing her ever being charged.  Restitution wasn’t requested just a vote to acknowledge it happened and that the misconduct stop.  I got both and moved on and I told Jan it wasn’t personal but I thought one of our primary jobs was to protect the organization—and I still feel both party’s Eboards have this fiduciary responsibility to attempt to be good stewards of donor cash keeping the enterprise afloat.  They just dont think like that here no thanks at all to the Gary Gray’s of the world who only saw a way to enrich himself and he and Chris took it!

This year Chris G got a big fat karma check mailed to her for what she and her husband did to former Commissioner Myrna Williams in 2006 spreading the rumor that Williams was under FBI investigation and leaking innuendo that she was mob owned and controlled.  All false, all completely unnecessary as voters sensed it was time for her to retire but she would have none of that and was a hard worker on the CCBC who got caught sleeping during their meetings a number of times.

It is unfathomable to me that her incompetent consultants thought it necessary for Chris G to shore up her Left flank by trying to out-Left the phony Sisolak.  She should have closed her campaign on her competence and success on the CCBC, instead she’s firing at Sisolak for daring to bring up a vote she fuqd up forgetting she’d done it in 2005.  His consultant beat hers, she had no idea the bomb was coming toward her at the speed of light… sure Gary was the best, oh sure he was!   Pffft!

Chris, you fuqd this up all by yourself not having faith in your strong points and over-reacting to a charlatan you never pointed out is a perv, is a MeToo poster boy, is a chameleon…and Dina got into your head and she stayed there!

Ouch!  Double ouch!  You two bitches at war is so very cool to observe and you know your only option is to challenge Dina Titus in 2020 and to Return the Burn she special delivered to you this year and which derailed you if you can be that honest with yourself!


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