Sheriff Lombardo Looks Worried…And He Should Be—Part I

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 22, 2018

I wrote during his first campaign that ‘Joe Lombardo has no Poker face’ and considered that a very good thing as we’d not benefit by having a sheriff who lies well and is comfortable doing so.  He wears everything on his face no matter how hard he tries to conceal it, and he knows it too.

Human Garbage LVMPD FTO from Convention Center Area Command, disgraced, dishonored Ofc Cordell Hendrex (left) was at Mandalay Bay with a two-day on the job new female trainee, allegedly arresting on Trespassing charges rather than Solicitation as MB orders the LVMPD to do—one 0f our city’s infamous Trick Roll Whores plying her trade there.

Piece-of-shit Ofc Hendrex even got his Human Vermin old lady to post the ‘hero message’ in fuschia on the left on her FB and the son-of-a-bitch has allowed himself to be feted as a hero of October One when he was really the Biggest Coward of the LVMPD that night per his own reports and he should have been immediately fired along with the new recruit, as soon as he turned in his documentation of his extreme cowardice that night which allowed Stephen Paddock to continue to randomly fire at our visitors!

Sheriff Lombado has refused to fire either officer and victim attorneys are going to mop the floors up with Lombardo’s lies on behalf of Hendrex and his partner and taxpayers will pay dearly for his dereliction of duty! 

We’ve all known about his extreme cowardice since October, everyone at Metro knows about it, everyone in the Vegas Media does too, and this was one of the major lies Sheriff Lombardo was attempting to bury by not releasing court ordered OctOne info.

FTO stands for Field Training Officer which he still is today despite his being Metro’s Biggest Coward Cop!  

Seriously, I could just puke my fuqn guts out about this bullshit from our Sheriff and our Police Department!

Lombardo’s  up to his neck in the many lies told about Mandalay Bay but he’s not worried about that at all.  The Metro report now promised for late next month will be largely a fiction and department cheerleading effort.  Lombardo’s stubborn and willful defiance ignoring lawful  District Court orders to Metro will not be at all helpful to him going forward.  Why he failed to fire these two cowardly officers still on duty today at Convention Center Area Command, is not expected to be answered.

Had he not finally capitulated to the court’s superior position in ordering the release of this information, we’d have never known the truth about these two officers and scores of Metro errors and mistakes at Mandalay Bay.


His continued blessing of the Department engaging in Officer Death Benefits Fraud for Veronica Hartfield is appalling since it is both a state and federal felony for all involved to do so.  Officer Charleston Hartfield was a mere attendee at Route 91 and being one of the very tallest members of the LVMPD and a very dark-skinned Black man, would have been a sure victim of Stephen Paddock even if he couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a bazookawhich is why taxpayers paid LVPPA’s legal counsel’s—former DA David Rogers firm—to vehemently oppose any release at all of Hartfield’s autopsy even though all personal info was redacted.  To date, despite ten’s of thousands of hours of Resort, event, and cellphone recordings, Ofc Hartfield has not been shown performing as a Police Officer at the massacre site.  Had he been alive, he’d almost certainly be cradling and cocooning his wife and others, shielding them, and tending to victims as a duly sworn officer of the force in good standing.

…or running to the gunfire as all cops are trained to do everywhere in America.  We had quite a number of LVMPD cops who stood down and stood back seeking cover for themselves as the massacre progressed too, and Sheriff Lombardo has no intention of ever addressing any of this Metro officer cowardice.

No such recording of Ofc Hartfield has surfaced in almost 10 months since the massacre and no one has bothered to ask the FBI if any recordings in their possession show Officer Hartfield performing heroically at the massacre site either!  His widow would not be entitled to Fallen Officer benefits if he were killed as a mere attendee and what adds intense insult to severe injury done by Sheriff Lombardo, he’s personally raised millions of dollars for the LVMPD Foundation and could personally direct a very large, tax-free monetary grant to Veronica Hartfield, and not be committing Officer Death Benefit Fraud doing it that way.

The sumbitch won’t do it though and prefers to engage in fraud because he’s in a ridiculous competition with the LAPD Foundation and Sheriff Lombardo doesn’t wish to draw down the LVMPD Foundation’s very hefty coffers for Mrs Hartfield.

Mrs Hartfield, I implore you to please seek no other legal advice but that of our US Attorney, Dayle Elieson, herself and seek from her her Advice and Consent before you agree to or sign anything.  I met your husband a number of years ago when Captain Barry was his Commander and my impression is that he’d certainly want you taken care of, but would not want you committing Death Benefit Fraud to do so.

For you to participate in this fraud is outrageous Mrs Hartfield and to do so shames, belittles, and betrays your late husband’s terrific contribution to the LVMPD.


Sheriff Lombardo as all other previous sheriffs here, answers to nobody and is not compelled by statute, County Code, or the NRS, to tell to us anything at all about Metro’s operations and its successes and failures.  He doesn’t have to do the James Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre report of Metro’s performance that night and the following morning but he’ll slap something together fearing the off-chance the Legislature will rein him in and will finally give sharp teeth the the Fiscal Affairs Committee’s tepid, limp-wristed,and ineffective non-oversight of the state’s largest police department at over $600 million per year in costs and growing by leaps and bounds by the second in an election year. Tonight we’ll explore the sheriff’s bizarre behaviors over roughly the past two plus years and well before Mandalay Bay which was a blessing only for him and sealed his re-election with 75% of the vote in the Primary.



He ran a great campaign in 2018, he had no choice but to run a great campaign.  He ignored his opponents, he took no serious or tough questions for the 18 months he was on the campaign trail—a brand new Clark County Sheriff’s race record btw!—he flooded mailboxes and television.  He’s really quite good when he wants to be or when he has to be.

For his 2018 re-election campaign, he had to be on his game and none of the expected top-tiered challengers from within the LVMPD or retired from it, were going to interrupt or otherwise break his stride this year. Over his first term though starting out well, he has managed to make himself a police pariah and into the most reviled and detested sheriff among rank and file officers, line staff, and police supervisors and managers Clark County has ever had.

…and that’s saying something too because the two previous sheriffs also had enormous numbers of well-earned, well-deserved pure haters from within the ranks from brand new rookie patrol persons to Assistant Sheriffs!  This is the Fertitta Era Sheriffs Young, Gillespie, & Lombardo’s everlasting legacy in Clark County which is now coming to a close and June 12, 2018 was their Swan Song finale.

I don’t believe Sheriff Lombardo will complete his second term, and I also believe that Sheriff Lombardo doesn’t believe he will complete his second term either.

In my watching his 2018 campaign unfold, it was no accident or fluke what kind of campaign he was running and it was very far above and way beyond manager Jim Ferrence’s talent and ability level as a campaign swag broker.  I believe in perhaps his last piece of advice to Lombardo and maybe even from his deathbed, guru Kent Oram instructed Joe exactly how to comport himself and run the day-to-day campaign as well as how to deftly ignore the press while charming the blue-haired old ladies on the trail

Sheriff Lombardo can be very charming on the hustings and he was Prince Charming bathing in the public praise of his Department which he had previously publicly agreed was ‘depolicing‘ here—laying down on the job—after Obama’s Black Lives Matter Cop-Killing War on Cops began in in earnest in July of 2013, more than a year before he was even elected sheriff here.

He lost Metro officer support across the board and among all ranks with his public agreement with FBI Director fraud James Comey.


I had seen this kind of campaign false bravado before in Illinois and it is a purposeful, exacting, as well as an exhausting kind of political campaigning—every bit of it deliberate in design and with the goal of presenting a politically sinewy and muscular invincibility and inevitability to his candidacy because today he is the weakest most impotent sheriff Clark County has ever had.

The very first indictments were handed down in California Tuesday in the Vice Scandal involving Metro’s famed and feared Vice Bureau when it was still under the former VNB—Vice Narcotics Bureau—which he headed up as being his favorite LVMPD assignment as its Captain, then as its Deputy Chief.

The fear and the worried look we’re all seeing these past months on Sheriff Lombardo’s telegenic, telegraphic, no Poker face, is because the FBI has gotten deep into his head these past four years of their investigation and Sheriff Lombardo is terrified that he is target number one!  Douglas Gillespie is likely tossing and turning in his sleep too because this type of horrific police corruptionProtection Rackets shielding violent, aggressive, predatory pimps preying on our Tourism and Visitors sectorcan’t survive without those those superior officers above the corrupted detectives all the way up to the Office of Sheriff, knowing about it,…and profiting from a cut of the action too.

The USDOJ has both Lombardo and Gillespie clearly in their sites and what Sheriff Joseph Lombardo was doing during the entire 2018 campaign was extending his middle finger to the USDOJ and daring them to indict him…and this was actually the best choice of his having no choices at all.  More on that in a sec.

The City of Dallas Texas’s Police Department, faced with a similar complete disintegration of its Vice Unit’s integrity, recently disbanded the entire operation and will begin building it back up later this year.

To date, the highest ranking officer mentioned in FBI leaks to Channel 8’s Police Blotter Pro George Knapp, is now retired super dirty cop, Lt Karen Hughes, the more than 8 years Commander of the LVMPD Vice Unit and nothing occurred there without her express knowledge and approval.  One of Metro’s very worst officers and a  super-whore of a ranking superior officer too, she found it not at all inappropriate to be fuqing her subordinate detectives as the FBI leaked she’d done with Detective Baughman while they were in New York pitching theirLas Vegas Dirty Cop Diaries’ to producers there.

We don’t yet know if taxpayers picked up the tab for their NYC trip, but everyone just assumes that we did.

<—-‘I aint git shit from those muthafuckas!’ said my old friend, Metro Cleaning Lady, and top-notched LVMPD source of mine, Butterfly Lombardo, (left) when I asked her if she got a piece of the action in the lucrative Vice Scandal!

That out-of-sequence leak to Knapp is very telling in how the FBI and USDOJ goes about things when their Public Integrity Unit is dispatched to duty.  This unit is especially adept at Forensic Accounting and following the money trails upward!  Suffice it to say that no cleaning lady at Metro got a cut of the action, this money always moves vertically and upward in the chain-of-command and for more than two years now, Sheriff Lombardo has been acting like he forgot to do something or to seal some leak, or take care of some paisan when he was in full command of Vice as the Captain and Deputy Chief over it—the same timeframe the FBI is allegedly looking at.

It’s inconceivable as well as unfathomable that police managers and supervisors, Sargeants and Lieutenants, Deputy Chiefs, and Assistant Sheriffs, did not know their Vice Unit beneath them in the chain-of-command, was churning out so much tax-free money for so many years, and their not demanding a cut of the action.


After the news broke that the FBI was investigating Metro as well as completely cutting Metro off of and from its investigation for the very first time in history here, Lombardo was reported to be acting very sketchy and volcanic—b0th normal for him prior to becoming Sheriff—and there is every possibility based on his more recent bizarre behaviors, that he may have threatened Ms Hughes and her now grown child to keep her mouth shut.  Her break-up with Metro was unceremonious and bad as Joe booted her long stint as Vice Commander and sent her to IAB from where she retired.  Metro, like all other big departments, peppers its IAB with choirboys and girls and low-lifes, this ostensibly to get ‘a good balance’ of officers.

As ridiculously stupid as threatening Ms Hughes would be for Sheriff Lombardo or his allies, they’ve proven they are all standing today with their extended middle-fingers giving USDOJ the bird and daring them to indict him in that he lead his troops into a very ill-advised meeting almost none of you know about because the story was broken by Dana Gentry on Hugh Jackson’s new platform ‘The Nevada Current’ and its the Story of the Year to date!

When I wrote about it, I placed some misinformation in a sentence within it saying that Joe Lombardo ‘had come alone’ to meet up with DA Steve Wolfson to go into a super-secret meeting with Chief Judge Joe Bonaventure where Joe Lombardo demanded of the Chief Judge that cop wife and DV Court Judge, Melanie Andress-Tobiasson, be not only removed from DV Court, but from all criminal proceedings because according to Lombardo, this cop’s wife Judge is ‘biased’ against Metro!

Lombardo, nor Wolfson or Bonaventure, didn’t know at the time that cop wife Judge Tobiasson… is an FBI witnesses! 

Joe did not come alone, and the officer who accompanied him was the same officer Metro sent out its very first in its history APB on when he went missing last year.  I am still very concerned for and about this officer I identified as being with Wolson and Daskas, instead of with Lombardo, in Bonaventure’s chambers!

Five days after Judge Tobiasson was placed on the witness list for the hearing regarding life-sentenced pimp Ocean Flemming, the DA’s office broke down and made Flemming an offer he accepted which I don’t think Judge Michael Villani will accept because though it erases almost all of the charges and will likely free Flemming, Judge Villani is now in the very sticky spot because of Metro’s corrupted Vice detail, of having to agree with DA Wolfson’s new plea deal, or toss the whole damn thing out and free Flemming that very day because once any case is so constitutionally corrupted as Flemming’s truly is, the entire matter must be tossed out.  None of the former witnesses against Flemming could be used in a retrial; its really that bad.

…and all of this bullshit was done for the love and worship of money by our corrupted cops and corrupted deputy district attorneys.

Former Judge Janiece Marshall is Flemming’s top-notched counsel and she’s being very professionally demure and reverential to Judge Villani knowing he’s one of the toughest judges we have in the County and since Becker retired, he’s also Metro’s #1 go-to judge when they’ve got a muthafucker they want to make sure is put away for good.  In order to remain Metro’s favorite hang ’em high judge and also be re-elected as he must be, I think Michael will toss the whole case against Flemming and just rip into the DA and Metro and tear ’em brand new assholes and do it very publicly too from the bench!

He’s a well-known hard-ass on the US Constitution too and he must be livid having to be the guy who frees Ocean Flemming the very next time he appears in his court next month!  My guess is that Ms Gentry and Judge Tobiasson will be in court that day too.

I strongly suspect Judge Villani is writing the drafts of his decision now and has been for quite some time too!

Judge Bonaventure dropped the Tobiasson matter like it was nuclear waste headed to Yucca Mountain because DA Wolfson and Sheriff Lombardo could now be faced with federal Obstruction of Justice and Witness Tampering charges for their arrogance.


Up next in Part II:  Why publicly daring the USDOJ to indict him during his re-election campaign was a Kent Oram masterstroke for Sheriff Lombardo coming off the Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre because finding a jury in Nevada that would convict him without solid proof he directly benefited from the Vice Scandal of his subordinate officers, is a major obstacle for Main Justice to overcome, as is finding an impartial jury in any of our 17 counties in Nevada.

However, tempering that fact is that if USDOJ career prosecutors see daylight and the delicious opportunity to bring down the current and the former Clark County sheriffs, that’s what’s known as a case which makes an entire career at the USDOJ and would be quite the feather in a pimp’s fedora to try or Alford Plea out such an enormous case.

I saw this kind of USDOJ muscle-flexing when US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald swept into town in Chicago; the similarities are remarkable to what’s happening today at Metro in this case.  Ironically, if the whole Vice Bureau goes down because of this Vice Scandal, it was Sheriff Gillespie who demonstrated to USDOJ that all of them can be flushed and not cause a ripple in Metro’s Ops because when he flushed everyone after Trevon Cole in 2010 on the Narcotics side of VNB including now Sheriff Joe Lombardo, he tossed everyone except now Captian Laz Chavez whom he left to turn the lights on and off and make fresh coffee for himself every morning!

The replacement officers were named immediately and they began to pick up the pieces and regroup right away.

It may be entirely dependent on subordinate officers like Hughes, Beas, and Baughman turning State’s Witness to save their own asses.  Hughes, appointed by Gillespie as Vice Commander and reassigned by Lombardo to IAB, is sure to say and do anything to save her ass as she’s now nearing her 100th birthday, but there’s also many other officers involved we don’t yet know about, civilians we do know about, prosecutors who are going down too, club owners and Resort brass with tales to tell, other pimps and prostitutes who were squeezed by Vice and shaken down for cash or other considerations.

Remember that its the ‘consideration’ which can be virtually anything two parties associate a value to, which we’re dealing with in this case.

Or, the USDOJ can also do next to nothing and just pick off the low-hanging fruit but their first indictment filed out of state throws water on that theory.  No one has any idea why they went to Cali for their first indictment in this case.  It’s not only very unusual, but very peculiar that they did this with the first indictment and I think that they’re making mischief in the heads of those they’ve gotten deep into…and I think it’s far more than Sheriff Lombardo’s head that they’re playing within tonight!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

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