Sheriff Lombardo Looks Worried…And He Should Be—Part II

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jul 16, 2018

President Trump was treating Sheriff Joe Lombardo as a disloyal, disobedient, petulant child accusing him of overseeing a ‘Sanctuary City’ here and this went back and forth between the two of them for much of the president’s first months in office.

<—An original ‘Breck Girl’, Donald Trump is shown here having a bad hair day!

It pissed Lombardo off BIGLY and threw him off of whatever game he thought he had as the star of the new Cirque du Soleil show–‘Sheriff JoeLo of Las Vegastan!’—over at Sheldon’s spot on the Strip.

Trump:  You are a Sanctuary City!

Lombardo:  Nuh uh!

Trump:  Uh huh!

Lombardo:  Nuh uh!

Trump: Uh huh!

Riveting stuff for future history buffs, that’s for sure, but I’m easily confused and couldn’t figure out what these two guys were up to.


Fast forward.  Senator Dean Heller becomes the only GOP senior senator to not forward his recommendation for the president to nominate a candidate for US Attorney in Heller’s home state.  Legitimate speculation had Senator Heller forgetting that he as the ranking member of the president’s party here, had the very juicy perq of providing the president a US Attorney nominee in an effort to slow the Vice Scandal indictments seeing that both Lombardo and Heller are friendly with Michael Slanker of November Inc.  That, or that Heller really is a Himbo and none of his staff told him he could nominate any lawyer lizard in Nevada to become US Attorney two years ago.

<—US Senator Dean Heller stars as Dennis Mitchell in the 1960s sitcom ‘Dennis the Dumb-Ass!’

The Vice Scandal was already two years old then and had begun under Obama’s hyper-corrupted USDOJ where hardly anything controversial was going on at the FBI or in Loretta Lynch’s sewage-soaked office.  The stupid shit Loretta Lynch said and did made even Janet Reno look like a legal-eagle genius and I ordered President Trump to do a full house-cleaning at USDOJ as his first order or business…and he blew me off to his great peril.

AG Jeff Sessions was getting tired of waiting to get someone confirmed here, then he nominates his own choice to serve as Interim USA on April 18, 2018—she’s Dayle Elieson—and he goes the US District Court route to legitimize her position and she in turn files the first Vice Scandal indictment in California confusing everybody here and there resulting in her being whacked and Heller finally submitting a person to be Nevada US Attorney—Nicholas Trutanich—chief of staff for NVAG Adam Laxalt-Domenici-Von Frankenstein, but the media here doesn’t go the Dean Heller to breathlessly praise his choice, no sir, they go to Dem Bigot & Bias Queen Catherine Cortez Masto instead to signal that Harry Reid signed off on the 2 years late in coming nominee!

Harry Reid’s badly Bundy failed appointee, US District Court Judge Gloria Navarro, handled the Elieson interim appointment which had never happened previously here before. I am one of many in Nevada who believe Gloria Navarro should be impeached by the House and tried and removed by the Senate for her vast corruptions for even allowing the Bundy matter to proceed to trial before tossing it and denying efforts by the US Attorney to revive it.

Astonishingly, no one in the entire state’s legit press, nor among its Net Nutz except me, saw this as being at all unusual when it was unprecedented, defying logical explanation, as well as being disruptive to the day-to-day caseloads at the US Attorney’s office here, and paralyzing to cases bought by the Pubic Integrity Unit which though not required by law or by protocols, USDOJ would be hesitant to move forward without a constitutionally required US Attorney confirmed by the US Senate in the jurisdiction involved when its dealing with issues which could shatter or shake the public’s confidence in its public institutions.

Honest to God, I’ve been at this for 39 years and have never seen such convoluted political bullshit in all that time.  Beginning with former US Attorney Daniel Bogdan surviving his being whacked by Bush 43 for wearing a tie which displeased him, and then going on to serve as USA for both Bush terms and two Obama terms, and finally culminating with Trutanich’s nomination last week, I can affirmatively report that nothing anywhere near to like this has ever happened anywhere else in America


I’m scoring all of this as a ‘win’ for Sheriff Lombardo because four years is a very long time for this type of investigation, it began under Obama and is now under Trump, the FBI doesn’t look good in any of this their previously not being aware of such a horseshit, hotdog Vice Detective and his years long pimping of everyone he came into contact with, nor that someone at LVMPD approved his authoring two books while stuffing his pockets full as a then Metro star bringing home the bacon of substantial pimp assets he brought in through asset seizure.

This is a big win for Lombardo which emboldened him to dare USDOJ to indict him and which is very risky itself since he holds the view that shows like COPS are beneficial to Metro and that they’re good for policing here regardless that he is personal friends with Langley Productions and has long been rumored to own a silent piece of the show.

Its quite legitimate to ask if the old Constable’s office and the current DA’s office hadn’t found that they love being TV celebrities much more than they love being in their elective offices and if Joe Lombardo hadn’t been such a bubble-headed cheerleader to turn our criminal class into TV fodder to be exploited by bottom-feeders like Langley Productions, would Baughman, Beas, & Hughes be so brazen for so long…and without any sanction at all from their superiors?

Remember that these corrupted cops were trying to sell their stories to Hollywood to cash in just like the sheriff believes is just fine for the Department through his pals at Langley Productions.


All of this signals that USDOJ is not serious about the Vice Scandal here since this is Las Vegastan and who doesn’t know that prostitution is legal here (its not!) and that Metro has always had complex Protection Rackets covering both Pimps and Prostitutie Cuties like the one Judge Kephardt’s JEA Minddie Lloyd ran as a ‘false front’ organization called ‘Bamboo Bridges’ which stole proprietary, protected defendant information from her husband—former VNB Sgt now Lt Erik Lloyd—and from RJC servers about local prostitutes in an effort to get these females under the protective umbrella of LVMPD’s Vice, during the hyper-corrupted Reign of Terror of retired former Vice Commander, Lt Karen Hughes and her equally corrupted retired Sgt John Hayes—two of the very worst cops the LVMPD had ever produced.

Nothing at all is legitimate about ‘Bamboo Bridges’ and when I wrote about Mrs Lloyd’s seeming criminal prevarications previously, she shut it down to dormant while Vice here has literally exploded in tremendous growth in one of our most robust local industries, the Trick Roll Whore Industrial Complex!  Her husband was moved out of the old VNB and upon being promoted to Lieutenant, and was moved over to IAB for his protective cover or final stop before retiring or being forced out in the Vice Scandal?

To date, no one knows if the FBI has Minddie Lloyd in their sites, but most everyone believes that they should.

<—Super-corrupted and a younger Minddie Lloyd during much better days as Imelda Marcos!

Minddie Lloyd is still Judge Kephardt’s gossipy, super-corrupted JEA but today she’s running to become Clark County Clerk under the banner ‘Corruption Through Experience’ and where she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of winning, but were she to win, would have her lawfully in charge of all criminal records in Clark County with full and unimpeded access to everything.  She made sure she was in the front row in all pics for Lombardo’s recent re-election and so determined was she to land a VNB officer, she seduced Erik Lloyd with a whirlwind trip to Chicago to see the Bears play the Seahawks and he was smitten and hooked.

Were she to win the Clerk’s office this year—the very Holy Grail to her for the information she could abscond with—Minddie Lloyd would be like a pig in shit deliriously happy!

Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya, it is my respectful suggestion old friend that you contact the FBI because if something should happen to you, you’d want them to know who suspect number one is and should Grandma Geezer con-woman Helen Natko win a new trial Judge Kephardt, you should get yourself a new non-corrupted JEA as I advised you long ago.  Every single case you’ve had overturned or had trouble bringing to conclusion judge, has your very own corrupted JEA’s fingerprints all over them because of her motor mouth and disdain, disrespect, and disregard for you sir!


Former LVMPD Vice Detective Chris Baughman is said to be under DOJ’s protective custody today and that could be for any number of reasons from him singing like a canary, to credible threats against his life, to prosecutors fearing he may take his own life though that possibility is near to nonexistent for such a Flaming Narcissist as such persons are never suicidal bcuz they admire themselves so much!

<—Former Det Chris Baughman singing an aria at the Aria for AG Jeff Sessions recently!

Look at those Monster Mammaries he bought for his cellie husband in anxious anticipation of his prison sentence!

This isn’t widely known and isn’t being chattered about in LE circles either but suffice to say, he’s singing an aria like he’s never sung one before!  It often takes the very dense and very impressed with themselves like Baughman, a very long time to suddenly come to Jesus when the folks at the PIU had completed their work weeks & weeks ago and forwarded at least the Vice Scandal portion of their investigations to the USA’s office…and note that I used the plural there too!

Notably, still not fired by DA Wolfson, Baughman’s wife, DDA Liz Mercer, is not reported to be in protective custody and her loving marriage to Det Wonderful is considered by all to be a sham marriage so one cannot be compelled to testify against the other.  Wait’ll you see what Main Justice does to her she being the last one standing and a prosecutor with the final opportunity to stop the insanity, but she choosing some Pimp Cop Dick rather than doing the right thing.  There’ll be no throwing herself on the mercy of the court as a woman blinded by her love of a Pimp Cop Dick.  They’ll likely assign her prosecution to a hard-ass pit viper female AUSA to eviscerate her and know today, she’s looking at the harshest and longest sentence—this is what Baughman got smart about and why he’s singing sad songs to prosecutors today!


So what began this past April was Attorney General Jeff Sessions inviting Senator Dean Heller to shit or get off the pot and get someone to the president to nominate for US Attorney here and he pulled rank and got USA Dayle Elieson nominated and sat by Gloria Navarro to light a big bonfire under Senator Dean Heller’s boney little ass to get crackin’!

So despite Sheriff Lombardo looking all barrel-chested on any number of fronts, in less 90 days, the the US Attorney General forced his will upon all of the various players involved in the Vice Scandal here which is his right and his duty.  He’s a bible-thumper from Alabama and only he or President Trump can decide what USDOJ will or will not go after in Las Vegastan.

Very nicely done Mr AG.

Game, set, and match to AG Sessions and USDOJ Mr Sheriff.

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

‘A God-damned Delight!’