2018’s Worst Candidates Part 1: Trish Marsh & Tick Segerbloom

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 11, 2018

Believe it or not, as bad as everything in the following races truly are, everyone mentioned who have been honking me off this cycle can turn it around on a dime, because no one is paying any attention to anything at all.

Oh Jaysus, that James Dean Leavitt race is really, really badeven my pal Jesus agreesbut up first are Tick & Trish our very own Donny & Marie!

<—That’s supposed to be a charming bed bug, tarantula, or dinosaur in the middle of this very ill-advised Trish Marsh 2018 complete waste of campaign resources.

Who wants to see vermin on any campaign outdoor media?

She’s got one with Tick in a diaper that’s much more effective and visually appealing but which hasn’t made the campaign cut yet!

Clark County Firefighters running the most annoying compound expenditure of their members’ dues money against Question 3 was also a very strong finalist. Clark County Commission candidate Trish Marsh—a years long friend and ally—is apparently unaware of all of the stupid-ass shit Tick Segerbloom has Tweeted just in the past year where even during Bolshevik Gay Pride Week way way back in Stalin’s day, folks would be flushing Tick and voting Trish!

The District is 70% Democrat registration and 30% GOP and a couple of friends laughed at my view that Tick Segerbloom is not only very beatable, but he deserves to be beaten and beaten very badly too!

I attempted a Political Intervention in June with Trish Marsh knowing her Boxer Boy Wonder Johnny Jackson is a bit under-the-weather and also plotting a coup de’ tat in some place in Japan called Hawaii.  My exact words to her upon hers and Tick’s Primary victories June 12th was that I saw for her 2018 General Election candidacy ‘a clear lane’ through 7pm Election Night.

‘A Clear Lane’ meaning you need to be on your top game every single day, you need to pray for a higher degree of good luck sprinkled wherever Lady Luck chooses to sprinkle upon you and your campaign, you need to spend very wisely and you need to anticipate what Tickles is going to do after he finishes those bong rips every morning, polishes off another bag of Forever Flatulence Enhanced Doritos for Middle-Aged Burn-Outs, he takes his 2nd massive morning shit, but he forgets to wipe his ass again cuz he’s spilled still too hot coffee on his inner-left thigh and lower portion of his nasty little Albino geezer ball-sack while naked on the shitter at work again… though he’s delighted with himself that he had the perfect lofty lawyerly response to that nasty Tommy White over at Laborers 872!

I didn’t tell her she was a shoe-in, I didn’t tell her it was a slam-dunk. I told her that she had A Clear Lane and I explained myself but she was having none of it.

<—Looking quite liquored up as well as his normal very bloated & very gassy, Tickles Segerbloom is seen here being lectured to not bogart that joint by his fellow burn-outs!

I had never gotten the memo that Tommy White is so good at being a so funny guy with a local fuq-up whose milky white ass is no less than a distraction all over SoNev when he forgets to wear his pants, and more importantly to this story, forgets to wear his drawers. Tick and Tommy are going back and forth with one another on Twitter for like 40 years because Tick has a Severe Twitter Dependency Issue that President Trump decided to emulate.  No braking mechanism at all in Tick on Twitterever, he is posting and posting stupid-ass shit like a damned fool, and there’s Tommy leading Tick to the very edge of the political cliff and just kicking his sorry ass right off of it each and every time.

I’m watching a rarity this past spring—a political campaign writing itself to victory all by itself because one of the candidates is such a goddamned moronbut Trish has not yet capitalized on it because I don’t think she knows about Twitter and how to screenshot all of his stupid-ass shit and use his own words against him.

Tick being Tick is oblivious of course and he thinks he’s beating back that bully Tommy White!  Pfffft!  At least those Dem Medicare ads had Grandma being pushed off the cliff in a fuqn wheelchair, no, not Tommy White though, oh fuq no, he stole Tick’s wheelchair and he pawned it over at Super Pawn first, then with the proceeds he gave everyone at Laborer’s one month of as many as they wanted,  free triples at any bar in town!…cuz he had waiting in the wings, one Marco Hernandez who ran a beautifully designed and executed freshman effort!

It was the very best effort in the entire state for the 2018 primary.

Marco Hernandez lost a heart-breaker he should have won against Tickles Segerbloom (D-Short Bus Falls, NV) on June 12th!

The photo is of Marco’s campaign’s Walking Swag & Handouts I happened upon in early June at my Smith’s store.  This is nothing new or at all unusual in Las Vegastan politics given the mythology surrounding our unions and groups doing Neighborhood Walks for favored candidates in both major parties! 

My Smith’s store is 796 miles west of Marco’s District at Flamingo & Buffalo where a LocaL 872 member cleaned out their truck and dumped Marco’s swag for me to find in the parking lot.  I told Trish that both piles were about 70 pieces and it turns out he lost by 180+ votes and what you conclude from this is that Tommy White and Marco’s fellow members failed him and his 2018 effort.

Despite it being 287 degrees outside with 1000% Monsoon season humidity, NVDEMS was falling all over themselves about how damned good they are at doing this type of campaigning over the past two weekends all over the state!

They actually sucked very badly and moved no voter from Red to Blue and never have.  What they were doing is ensuring their dependable inveterate voters come out and that’s really pathetic because you shouldn’t have to expend that money and that effort on your dependable inveterate voters.  For 39 years I’ve watched this same Political Performance Art done by Democrats and its always the same old shit, the same old disappointing result every two years.

Here’s a Clue Kids:  I don’t especially like doing Walks but its probably the thing I do best for GOTV.  The last time we did this my sister I did it together for Richard Cherchio cuz she and I had never campaigned for anyone together.  If a woman answered I stepped forward and began my spiel, if a man did, Susan stepped forward and undid a button even on her t-shirt and arched her back and stuck her boobies out! We apologized for the intrusion because neighborhood canvassing is above all else, a horrific intrusion upon your voters especially here when its 287 degrees out an all the air-conditioned air inside is escaping!

You’ve gotta be quick and clear about it and get it done ASAP so as not to piss your voter off which NVDEMS does as a matter of course by never training and role playing this before sending people out to piss voters off all over the state!  Tommy White didn’t do this with his Walkers cuz they were tossing his expensive hand-outs cuz no one trained them how to do this correctly nor told them that they wouldn’t know until after the election if they were at all effective by looking back on their precincts and their vote totals.

I multiplied those 70 pieces by a factor of 10 assuming/knowing others tossed their materials too, then you take those 700 pieces and educated guess-timate what was a reasonable number to get vote wise and for Marco, I said no less than half or 350 votes…and he’d have won.

Susan and I scored 89% for Richard’s effort, that’s how good we were, so yes, this can be trained and practiced to achieve maximum votes.


Think about the 2018 Dem KKK Candidate Corp and their always hateful, hate-filled political rhetoric.  Here’s their White Power, White Supremacy, White Privilege, Do As We Say, Never As We Do, Blindingly Neon White 2018 ticket:

Steve Sisolak

Dina Titus

Tick Segerbloom

Jim Gibson

Kate Marshall

Susie Lee

Oh sure, I’m running right out and voting for any of these assholes if I’m a Progressive agitating for change at NVDEMS!


I was really impressed with Marco and those of you who know me well, know that that is no easy task to accomplish with me. and though allies say that we know each other, I don’t recall our meeting Marco, but I will drop everything to affect our meeting up very soon!  That politically retarded interview Tick gave after cleaning up the power shit he took in his own pants on Election Night, was just the elixir I needed to prove that he is still so beatable because of a number of things that coalesced during your race Marco, and which I have known were coming together for years.

He didn’t even see you coming!  He was completely dismissive of you!  He is still in shock that you almost beat him and I really believe that you actually did beat him because of something I briefed Trish Marsh about and gave her specific instructions on how to proceed to affect your endorsement her.  You don’t know how many times I thought about calling Mark Manendo who pissed me off bigly with Chief & Mrs Conger down in Boulder City. to ask when he was going to jump into your race.

<—Senator Michael Roberson (left) trying to explain to former Senator Skippy Manendo to not be such a dufus and a perv in public!

The big dumb-ass Manendo doesn’t know that being a horny perv is a forgivable sin in Las Vegastan…and everywhere else too with Dem Fems.  He remains your most formidable challenger for 2022 Marco because Dem women don’t give a flying fuq about pervs unless they’re Republican pervs.

I instructed Trish to send to you and the Mrs the morning after the Primary a nice $100+ floral congrats from DeBella’s and if she didn’t do that, that’s a big problem for her and she deserves lose because you will do significant damage to your nascent political brand by not endorsing Trish Marsh and your going with Tickles just because he wears the ‘D’ which in his case, stands for Big Dumb-Ass,  would be a terrible mistake Mr Hernandez!

He’s deserved to be put out to pasture ages ago and if coyotes eat him for breakfast, oh well, who the fuq really cares? He like Chris G, Barbara Buckley, Dina Titus and a host of other local Dems have never done a goddamned thing for any other Dem coming up behind them.


Ms Marsh is a neighborhood institution who should be institutionalized and who is raising a precocious/deviant 16 year old girl we’ll call ‘Drucilla the Demon Teen Girl’, she tools around town in her bad-ass ‘Vette which is very cool, she’s never looked better, her hair blowing in the wind, but she’s not swearing nearly enough at her fellow drivers and flipping them off.  She is personal friends with former Lt Gov Lonnie Harmmargren and owns a substantial collection of his fiberglass friends!

On her very worst day, Trish Marsh is still better than Tick Segerbloom on his best day!


Up next:  James Dean Leavitt stinks up the Leavitt family brand!


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