James Dean Leavitt a Catastrophe of a Candidate

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 19, 2018

<—-Republican-turned Fake-Ass Democrat James Dean Leavitt secretly loves President Trump’s gi-normous ego and wishes to become him one assumes after seeing this pic!

He’s got quite a ways to go to get up to the Lon West Enright and Bridgette Bryant level of bad campaigning here.  He is so far below both former Dawg favorites but theirs were disasters of their enormous egos and we could all laugh at their ridiculous bullshit. James Dean Leavitt’s 2018 campaign is a testament to the intense hatred he feels for his opponent and her gender and its a very ugly hatred and a very ugly campaign like we’ve never seen here before.

I was all set to vote for James Dean Leavitt for Justice Court this cycle but he will not be getting my vote this year…or ever again.

We frequented the same Starbucks in The Lakes and engaged in chit-chat while waiting in line years back.  He was new to the horribly corrupted and ineffective Board of Regents back then and today, 100 years later, he’s got nothing to brag about during his tenure there he doing absolutely nothing to end the Civil War Within the State being played out with their ridiculous North v South hatred of one another on the least effective Board in the entire state which should be dissolved and its duties absorbed by the legislature.

The cash burn Nevadans are doing to support our university system is nothing short of fiscally obscene and reckless and there’s James Dean Leavitt applauding himself like a trained seal actually proud of this colossal waste of precious resources done just to ensure that UNLV is never again considered a mere ‘commuter campus’ though it still can’t graduate half its students anywhere near to on-time…or even at all!

We’re still dumping Tobacco Settlement dollars into the wasteful Millennium Scholarship program which was just a giant Wealth Transfer excuse taking money we need today—and did when the program began too—from  the settlement pool which should have shored up Medicaid which Obama obscenely expanded and Sandoval jumped right into that muck—and both assholes doing this without a way to pay for Nevada’s share.

No Brian Sandoval, thanks a lot bucko, but no one wants you anywhere near to our colleges and universities when you’re finally gone from darkening our state’s doorway anymore.  You can go become a president at one of MGM-Resorts properties instead!

James Dean Leavitt never said a word about any of this which is a recurring theme with him and his new 11th hour Progressive Hate-On and indignation this cycle.

He’s so excited about the wrong–site selected UNLV Medical School which begat the boondoggle billion dollar Light Rail almost done deal just to transport those students away from the ghetto which surrounds UNLV so that their parents won’t feel they should have made them become lawyers instead, he’s practically giddy.

Jim Murren’s Mandalay Bay Massacre showed to us that Sunrise and Desert Springs could have used the new medical school to supplement their efforts if the facility was on or near to UNLV’s footprint, but the Regents always have an agenda all their own inconsistent with the community they purport to serve but never do. 

The more perfect site for the Med School is the derelict property on the NW corner of Twain & MD Pkwy. Everyone knows this and students can walk back to UNLV from there, no Light Rail Fail needed!


<—Leavitt looking very ‘menacing’ here is not the look our judges wish to portray when Criminal Justice Reform is on the minds of Progressive Extremists which James Dean Leavitt proudly claims to be since dumping the GOP in 2015 after they had sent him to the Board of Regents until he thankfully termed out…and after doing nothing of value at all as a Regent. 

A classic misogynist, we’ve never seen such in-your-face, blatant woman-hating from an entitled feeling LDS member as we’re seeing this year.  James Dean Leavitt is running the most sexist campaign I’ve ever seen in this state.  He is personally reinforcing every single negative stereotype of Mormon men that there is out there in his truly awful 2018 campaign and he is ‘2018’s Very Worst Candidate’ by a country mile.

I’ve never seen nor read such unadulterated hate and invective from a Nevada candidate before; that he thinks this quality about himself qualifies him to be a judge is also alarming and disturbing.

He’s not the only male of the LDS hierarchy here who’s earned my intense ire this cycle either. Former Henderson mayor and current County Commission appointee Jim Gibson should be disbarred and sent to prison for his unethical, criminal bullshit since leaving the mayor’s chair…and he’s up next here!


Leavitt became a Democrat in 2015 only after using and abusing GOP voters in SoNev to sit as a Do-Nothing Regent seeing the writing on the wall and the county becoming super-majority Democrat, he decided his phony-ass needed to become one too for his next political office after he termed-out which he’s running for this year for Justice Court Dept 1…and he deserves to lose very badly.


What he’s saying here to all Clark County voters is, ‘Fuq you Republican voters who sent me to the Board of Regents, I don’t need you anymore now because I’m a Which ever Way the Wind Blows Democrat and they’re stupid enough to have me!’

Fuq you right back James Dean Leavitt, you’re a piece of shit person, a piece of shit lawyer, and you’ll never be a judge in Nevadastan because you don’t respect the laws you’d be expected to enforce as a judge!

I can’t imagine any self-respecting Democratic woman that I know ever casting a vote for your hyper-bigoted and biased ass James.

He insisted on adult students and faculty becoming victims rather than empowering them and their self-defense with Campus Carry which he provided the tie-breaking vote against it and which flies in the face of recent Supreme Court rulings reaffirming citizens 2nd Amendment rights which cannot be bartered or bargained away.

****All of you 2nd Amendment voters need to mobilize en masse to defeat Bill of Rights hater James Dean Leavitt****

He actually claims Democrats and their racist, ethnically bigoted and biased Plantation Politics are superior for local K-12 and Higher Ed despite employees dating/raping students in the CCSD, its elitist separate and unequal Charter & Magnet Schools concept, its horrifically corrupted and ineffective Special Ed teacher employment guarantee program, I could go on and on and on here why he’s so very wrong and is an ex-Republican pandering to Dem voters!

That he actually said this stuff is astounding really; how out of touch can he be and expect to be elected a judge here?


James is apparently unaware that I legally changed my named to ‘Leavitt Zahara’ some years back terrified of Senator Michael Roberson’s wife Liberty Leavitt and in shock and awe that bubble-headed dipshit Michelle Leavitt is an 8th District Court judge here!

<—I’m not the only Michael she terrifies, but I changed my name to Leavitt Zahara to conquer my fears of the one and only Liberty Leavitt (left) who keeps some guy named Michael Roberson on a very short leash with their pooches!

She became familiar with a comb and brush set and mastered their intended use before she turned 4 years old too according to Leavitt Family historians!

I ordered Michelle to be expelled from the Leavitt Family at least until she can find a third-grader to help her get her lipstick onto her actual lips and also learn how to run a brush through that rat’s nest on her head.  And yes, I jest about Mrs Roberson who may not have the best taste in marital partners that much is clear, but who is actually a goddamned delight and the brightest star in the Leavitt Family galaxy of dull, dim, and dim-witted stars like James and Michelle!

Sometimes I really think my head’s going to explode over some people’s shit here and no one’s shit is stinkier this cycle than James Dean Leavitt’s shit!

<—-Think I’m kidding? 

This is Judge Michelle Leavitt who shows up for her court calls like she’s just awakened from a cat nap down in the dumpsters behind the Courthouse Grille again, so I had to order her expelled from the Leavitt Family for being a bubble-headed dipshit with messy hair!

Umm, somebody had to do it!


Then James’ father up and dies on us this past spring and we on Facebook get a barrage from James that ‘My Daddy’s Dead, So Vote for Me!’ and this goes on for weeks.  He’s actually expecting us to cast a vote for him because his father passed away when anyone who’s been watching this race is convinced that his Pops freely chose to cash in his chips and go off and up and die on us because he was so embarrassed and ashamed of his son’s super-sexist campaign for judge here!

It really is that bad and consultant check-casher Tom Letizia has done substantial damage to his own brand even associating with this bigot James Dean Leavitt.

The other candidate has boobies and a vag she was born with and is represented by human vermin ‘judge-faker fuqr’ Dave Thomas so she’s not getting my vote either and I’m not going to name her because James Dean Leavitt has spent his entire 3 year quest to become a Justice of the Peace, shouting her out by name something you should never do as a candidate if you’re all that and worth a damn or a shit and are worthy of my vote yourself!

Honey, you have two X chromosomes and any imbecile could elect you to our bench including yourself. Dave’s a liar and a thief and anyone who hires his zero-talent ass after what he did Heidi Almase through Jane Ann Morrison, only enables his continued performance as the Judge Faker Fuqr.

<—-Judge Ellsworth fired his sorry ass skyrocketing her to rock star status and stature with me for doing so!

Smooches baby!  I got you Carolyn Ellsworth!


I’m thinking all spring that Tom Letizia must have some sort of blood clot or tumor blocking the blood flow to his brain for letting his candidate act like such an asshole and allowing him to post such condescending anti-woman tripe on the Net.  There is no way Tom is writing James’ FB Hate-On vile bile and he should just walk away NOW!

We perceive women to be more trustworthy in this state which isn’t necessarily true but is much easier for disengaged voters to rationalize voting for them because they’re female rather than their doing even 5 minutes of research.   Boy, this really pisses James Dean Leavitt off something terrible knowing he’s going to lose in a MeToo year….and after all he had done three years ago to dump his being a life long Republican and now pretending he’s a Democrat!

<—Oh, its so damned unfair to him isn’t it? 

I detest party-switchers like Leavitt and Fake Fuqr Farley who do so thinking they’re getting away with bullshitting voters!

Leavitt is actually demanding that his opponent have 20 years experience as a lawyer to even dare to run against him for the Justice Court bench when the NRSactually written by and passed by Lawyer Lizard Legislators—requires only five years of legal practice to run for Justice Court.

Oh the humanity, huh?

James Dean Leavitt holds the very NRS he is expected to uphold and enforce with such disdain and contempt, one wonders WTF he would if he were to ever to be elected to the bench!

Thankfully, he will never be elected so we’ll never know!  Thanks for that Jesus old buddy!

Then he goes off on another Facebook tangent this time about the ethics of a candidate raising money from lawyers who may or may not have cases before his/her bench!   And just to show us he really means business, dammit, he links a NYTimes piece to show that he really is a Democrat you goddamned many awful, terrible skeptics out there…and in a state where the NYTimes isn’t even thought good enough to train a puppy on!

Again, oh the humanity!

<—Making Jesus cry James is a rotten thing to do to our Savior you asshole!

Expect His Pops to send you south for eternity James so there’ll be no visiting your Pops, so sorry to inform you!

Let’s remind everyone right now that human garbage piece of shit James Dean Leavitt has been a bottom-feeder lawyer lizard for his entire lackluster career right here in Las Vegastan and never once did he lobby or lean on the Legislature, nor did he ever seek anyone to introduce a corrective BDR, to raise the number of years one must have practiced law here to run for judge—not once—ever!

This became a horrible burden for him to bear only when someone dared to run against him who has a vagina she was born with and though Trannies are the hottest thing this season, James hasn’t even hinted that he’s ‘transitioning’ yet to become the woman he wishes he were today he’s so full of jealousy, rage, and anger management issues about his opponent!

His 2018 opponent meets or exceeds all that the Nevada Bar and the NRS requires of her to run.  His childish 2018 complaints amount to Candidate Bullying and Judicial Sexism and Woman Hating.

James Dean Leavitt has practiced being a so-so, nuthin’-special-at-all-lawyer for nearly three decades and Net site Owler.com say he has 63 employees and 19 million in revenue to which I’ll rebut:  Pffffft, oh bullshit!

During all these many years of lackluster lawyering, he’s never engaged the Nevada Bar Association about his concerns regarding females, female lawyers, female lawyers running for judge, female lawyers running for judge against him….or how much he’s always dreamed about having his very own groovy vagina just like his 2018 opponent has and he does not!

Not one word about it in nearly 30 years!  We may have reached a new low in Nevada politics by James Dean Leavitt introducing his ‘Vaginal Envy’ as the main, constantly reinforced theme of his truly horrible 2018 judicial effort and he deserves to lose November 6th, and lose very badly too!

He may not have the vagina he’s always dreamed of but he’s certainly 2018’s Dick-of-the-Year candidate!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

‘A National Treasure!’



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