Defeat, Disbar, and Indict Appointed Temp Commissioner Jim Gibson

Posted by Michael Zahara on Sep 16, 2018

I called him the best mayor this state ever had, and I meant it back then and I’ll publicly retract it now.

For six years now my knowing he is in fact a prolific and consummate liar, a thief, a con-man, and a fraud, has not sat well with me but I haven’t obsessed about it.   I should have picked up on it back then though.  He is today the temporary-appointed Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson, and he’s proven to all of us that he is a very good criminal, very well studied and practiced in his criminal craft, which is still no excuse for a guy like me.

At the close of the polls this November 6th, I will begin my 40th year of political civic participation and activism and I bought Jim Gibson’s lifelong bullshit cons upon the people of Nevada, hook, line, and sinker.  I didn’t write about it then not because I was embarrassed I was so effusive about him, I like to point out when I rarely get something wrong, and rarely have I been as wrong as I was wrong about Jim Gibson.  

I pulled off the story 2012 and declined to write about it thinking we’d never see him again in public life. He felt so humiliated and so emasculated losing to that woman—that St Dina of Titus person—he made no attempt at all to disguise his loathing and disgust of her in 2006.  It was an absolutely toxic effort by both candidates in Bush 43s 6th year in office which should have had NVDEMS scoring big wins, which we did, though not the Governor’s mansion.


You are dog shit Jim Gibson.  You’re just a piece of shit lying little muthafucka and you should have coming to you very soon the title of this piece today because congratulations, you’ve bumped out fellow dog-shitter John Bonaventura to become the very worst bottom-feeder politician in all of Nevada!

Jim Gibson is a predator upon the elderly, a dusty, ruffian cad and political gigolo, he’s a circus tent con-man, and he’s a liar and a thief plain and simple.  I have also suspended Mormon Mommy Mafia Queen Mary Beth Scow pending an investigation of her abrupt departure from the CCBC so that Jim Gibson could take her seat and she’s looking more and more like an active participant and complicit in Jim and Lori Lee Gibson’s Fraud Life with each passing day, though she had nothing to do with what I’ll talk about today and we’ll pick up on Mary Beth in the next part when we talk about the woman Scow barely beat in 2014 almost losing her seat—She is Cindy Lake who I am endorsing this time for Commission seat G over Jim Gibson and I respectfully ask all of my Dem female readers especially, to not vote for Jim Gibson so that we may get him out of public life once and for all!

Yes, he’s that bad and he’s got to prison would be preferable.

Jim Gibson attempted to abscond with nearly $800,000 from an elderly Henderson woman he begged and begged to give him money beginning in 2004 and continuing through his victim suing him in District Court to get it back and settling in 2012.

Appointed temp Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson and his equally corrupted wife Lora Lee, had no intention of ever paying her back either and set out to defraud Selma Bartlett from the get-go and steal almost all of the money they borrowed from her paying only $8000 in interest once in 2008.

To date, Jim Gibson has suffered no legal jeopardy for his contemptuous violations of the NRS.   The badly failed NVSOS at the time, Ross Miller, did not fine and sanction him in 2012 and neither did District Attorney or Attorney General prosecute him., Gibson telling a whopper of a fable to Ralston at the time about why he wasn’t required to report it.  Neither ever investigated this even as details that it occurred hit the papers with the lawsuit being filed in 2012.  These Electeds actually have no statutory requirement to do so under the NRS, believe it or not.  There is no corresponding effort today from anyone in the Nevada Legislature to include a required audit of all CCE’s and a re-opening of all filing docs and contributions filings when something comes to light even well after the corruption had occurred.

There is no expiration for the Secretary of State to act on any corrupted filing and CCE, there is no statue of limitations she can dismiss this matter under either.    NVSOS Barbara Cegavske must punish Jim Gibson because I’ve come to believe that Selma Bartlett’s lawsuit did not have a contract or legally binding agreement to back it up and that this was done all verbally between them!

An $800,000 verbal personal loan to the then mayor of Henderson Nevada who would attempt to rise to the Governor’s office during the life of this agreement!  Nowhere in the scant reporting and comments of the players involved, does anyone come anywhere near to talking about terms which would be spelled out in a written agreement.

I don’t believe that either party would be able to produce such a document and that given her gravitas, status, and stature in the community, Selma Bartlett’s counsel chose to believe her and agreed to represent her interests and that that’s the reason she went outside of the local LDS pool of lawyers when it all fell apart threatening her reimbursement, and is also why Jim Gibson settled this matter in near to world record time too!

Truly astounding if this proves to be true, isn’t it?


A written complaint from any voter in the state would be required for the NVSOS to even take a passing glance at his fraudulent 2006 campaign filings and which should now be in SOS Cegavske’s personal possession as you read this story.  Jim Gibson could have amended his unlawful filings at anytime and suffered no legal jeopardy for doing so, but he deliberately did not amend to save his own sorry ass.  He specifically did not want the NVSOS’s Aurora automatic filing system to record this private loan matter though he was required to disclose it when he filed in 2006.  Amending that filing would also mean that he agreed with Selma Bartlett’s version of events and the lies he told to her to secure getting his hands on her money.  He is in fact calling Selma a liar publicly without his saying a word by his not amending his 2006 filing. 

Smack-dab right in the middle of Mr & Mrs Gibson’s fraud attempt, Jim Gibson sought the Democratic nomination for Nevada Governor in 2006 against Dina ‘Divide Us’ Titus and lost to her without his ever disclosing to voters he was simultaneously attempting to steal a substantial amount of money from a constituent who happened to be in her 80’s at the time.

This is a very damning statement from Ms Bartlett’s lawsuit:  “Despite repeated attempts by Ms. Bartlett to appeal to defendants’ sense of morality and financial responsibility, defendants have refused to make any reasonable effort to repay the loans she generously made to them,”

Ms Bartlett is alive today at a spunky 91 years old much to the chagrin of Mr & Mrs Gibson who willfully and with malice, engaged together in a conspiracy to bilk and defraud Ms Bartlett of nearly $800,000, betting that their scheme and scam would go off without a hitch seeing she was in her 80’s and sure to drop dead at any moment.  She has been described to me as ‘difficult, demanding, and greedy’ and having had trouble keeping home healthcare workers wishing to continue to help her and remain in her employ.  I know where she is but have not attempted to contact her.

I’ve not asked Tibi Ellis or Michele Fiore if Ms Bartlett was ever a client of their former businesses because it is of no bearing at all even if she is the biggest bitch in the world, she had an enforceable agreement with the Gibsons, she had all her marbles working just fine, and she went outside of the LDS contingent of Nevada lawyer lizards—truly an astounding fact here and that the biggest clue she knew exactly what she was doing filing her suit—and she retained Padda & Cohen two former star Assistant US Attorneys who represented her exceptionally well and catching Jim Gibson completely off-guard because he thought he had also purchased her silence  she being a prominent LDS woman assisting an equally prominent LDS man and she an expert banking industry executive at a time way back when women weren’t in that profession in as large numbers as they are today.

That this appears to all be a verbal personal loan agreement exceeding three quarters of one million dollars and former NVAG and current Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval still appointing the corrupt and crooked Jim Gibson to the Clark County Board of Commissioners with no questions asked of him about this matter, reeks a rancid reek of political corruption running from top to bottom in Nevada.


Appointed Commissioner Jim Gibson is guilty by his own signature and Selma’s filing of her lawsuit against him, of no less than perjury for failing to disclose this nefarious, super-secret unlawful arrangement he willfully concealed in order to affect his attempt to defraud this woman. SOS Cegavske must fine and sanction Gibson for perjury and his unlawful misconduct he willingly admitted to the LVRJ he committed regarding his failed 2006 gubernatorial run.

The fines should be very steep beginning at $10,000 and escalate for each year he failed to amend his filings.

The LVRJ former reporter Carri Geer Thevenot, did not ask the logical follow-up questions of Gibson in 2012 about his 2006 CCE’s and his weak response when asked, references a reason not found in the NRS for elections.  For his 12 years of criminal misconduct alone, a $120,000 fine sounds about right if the NVSOS, NVAG, and CCDA are at all serious about Nevada election law.

Jim Gibson is swimming in big money today at CEO of the Seastrand Wing politically corrupted and connected Western Elite, he’s boasting to voters he has 200 employees in his current attempt to hold onto his rapidly disintegrating Commission seat, he can more than afford it!

A once respected local attorney, former Henderson mayor, and gubernatorial candidate, Jim Gibson absolutely knew what the NRS required of him.  His failing to disclose as is required by the NRS is not an ‘ooops, my bad’ type of error, but a deliberately done as part of Jim and Lori Lee’s carefully planned and executed conspiracy to bilk and defraud Ms Bartlett.

He also could more than afford it way back in 2004 when Jim and Lori Lee Gibson began their conspiracy to bilk and defraud this woman of $800.000 by telling to her lies about their financial distress.  They had no stress, no distress, or any duress over the entire time this fraud they were engaged in committing was occurring.  He was Harry Reid’s personally blessed candidate, there was no money issue for him at all or regarding his 2006 campaign.

I was also a member of Team Titus in 2006 in addition to running Lt Williams’ Sheriff’s race that year I can attest that her campaign didn’t know a damn thing about any of this, my joking publicly recently that Dina Titus would have been rushed to the ICU for having the biggest shit attack in human history had she known about this!  In fact, we all would have overwhelmed the ICU for the same symptoms!

Padda & Cohen filed suit on Bartlett’s behalf based on the statements she gave to them which are still evidence against Jim Gibson regardless that the case was settled privately.  They took some level of risk too because she stated that Jim Gibson told to her as he kept coming back to her for more and more money and doubling the initial loan in 2004 of $327,000 allegedly to buy a lot at the then very troubled Lake Las Vegas development,  that he needed these new loans to retire campaign debts and I have no doubt at all he said whatever he thought would work to ensure his con was a continued success and that Selma’s recollections are clear and concise as stated in her suit.

The reporting requirement is Gibson’s and his alone, Selma has no such requirement but if she knew he had this requirement and that he did not report it, then she’s got some jeopardy issues both with the NRS and now also the US Code levels because this type of super-secretive campaign loan leading is very illegal everywhere in America for obvious reasons.  That Jim Gibson would even say anything at all related to his alleged campaign debt was extraordinarily reckless of him and shows in him a desperation that his fraud not be discovered…and would without question also invite the USDOJ’s Public Integrity Unit’s full attention too.

Either Selma Bartlett is lying about what Jim Gibson told to her to get her money, or Jim Gibson is lying pretending to all the world that he said no such thing about his campaign debt.


So what could Jim Gibson have possibly needed almost $800,000 for then?

He went through extraordinary lengths over the eight year life of this elaborate fraud attempt to keep this entire matter secret and undisclosed.  His lies told to Selma Bartlett are laughably ridiculous because of all that was going on in the background in both their lives at the time.  That he recruited and made Mrs Gibson an accomplice to his crimes was reprehensible of him and made this matter a conspiracy, but as with everything else he’s done, just begs more and more questions like why was he doing this and what was his conducting this elaborate fraud all about, and then what was he attempting so hard to keep secret and what was it that was worth it to him to risk everything, his professional reputation, his political reputation, his stature and standing in the Mormon church, that if the truth were to be known could even send him to prison?

Jim Gibson spent his entire adult life carefully cultivating his self-created image as a scion of the community, of the church, and of the legal profession in Nevada.  No detail is too small for him, he is always perfectly tanned—the George Hamilton of Nevada politics I called him to laughs at a 2006 Titus event—, he is always dressed appropriately and perfectly no matter the legal, personal, or political occasion.  His deep baritone voice is like that of God Himself you’d think listening to him speak and this lifelong image-building was tireless work done by him on his own behalf.

Which makes all of this even more disturbing because though Selma Bartlett certainly shocked him, she no longer willing to continue to be his victim and retaining outside of LDS attorneys to represent she and her interests, threw him into great cool as a cucumber panic in 2012.  His house of cards at risk of collapsing, I am also very certain he not only settled with Bartlett, but settled in full hopeful that the FBI wouldn’t have an interest in him seeing that she was made whole in settlement.  A new arrangement with still outstanding debt owed to her would not have provided to him this cover he still believes he has today and does not.

This was so secretive a loan agreement, former US Attorney Daniel Bogden and the local FBI did not know that the duly elected mayor of Henderson at the time, and who would also become a candidate for Nevada Governor 2 years later, had even entered into such an arrangement.  The Patriot Act which gave the feds carte blanche to search without warrant, was not passed until 2006 and they’d have had to have had him already under investigation for other matters to spot this hidden deep in Jim and Lori Lee’s corrupted life.


What would interest the USA and FBI as well as everyone else, was Ms Bartlett’s age as this began in 2004 and the initial loan more than doubling through his leaving office in 2009, whether or not he acted as counsel for the agreement and fully acted to protect Selma and her interests, whether this was a non-enforceable verbal agreement, standard promissory note or defined scheduled repayment agreement, whether or not he declared this loan as income on his personal or law practice federal tax returns, whether or not as he kept forgetting to make payments as he attempted to defraud Selma Bartlett, he notified her by certified mail to informing her of his expected delinquency and when repayments to her were to resume?

Where was the Nevada Bar Association asking Jim Gibson any or all of these questions too?

Then of course whether or not Jim Gibson was doing any kind of Estate Planning law in his practice for other elderly victims or other legal work requiring he have power of attorney access to the financial assets of others.  Nevada’s national disgrace of our attorney class in Guardianship matters and trustee attorneys stealing the assets of those they are entrusted to protect is still epidemic here, and this is exactly what Mr & Mrs Gibson were attempting to do to Selma Bartlett.

He walked out of the RJC in 2012 confident he would never hear of this again!


In 2004 no place in the entire universe was hotter than Henderson Nevada, and he was its very powerful mayor.  He and Henderson both were burning many times hotter than the Sun’s corona which you may not know, is many times hotter than the sun itself.  It was patently ridiculous for him to claim to Selma Bartlett or to anyone else, that he was unable to secure financing for anything he had asked for, even signature loans in the several millions given his status and stature.  Lenders were throwing gobs of money at anyone just passing by, we lead the entire nation in real estate ‘Liar Loans’ which is why we’re still moping that mess up today.  No one here went to jail for those loans here, no one was ever charged.  No place in the entire world at the time was more desirable to develop real estate than Henderson Nevada!

There simply would have been no lender, no mortgage broker, no third party investment backed lender which would have ever risked mayoral reprisal from their declining to lend virtually any amount of money to Jim and Lori Lee Gibson.  Had this gone to civil trial with Selma, or when it still may go to state or federal prosecution, lawyers would have paraded a litany of lenders unable to say under oath that they would have never even considered lending to the Gibson’s no matter the amount or need for the loans.

Jim Gibson’s corruptions are absolutely breathtaking, his arrogance and hubris the most perverted misuse of his immense political power I’ve ever heard of,  He did this attempted strong-armed robbery of his targeted and advanced age victim in broad daylight, hiding in plain sight behind the cloak of his false religious piety, his created and contrived and stage-acted being a scion of the church and the Father of Henderson as its trusted beyond and above reproach mayor, is sociopath and absolutely astounding and equally audacious.

That’s how powerful Gibson was during the course of his attempt to bilk and defraud Ms Bartlett of her nearly $800,000 dollars. even after he left office in 2009.  His two successor mayors tapped into the very same rich vein of dollars Jim Gibson had built and nurtured to become the campaign finance engine all three have tapped into religiously.  So the most basic reason Jim Gibson gave to Selma Bartlett for successfully extracting from her her life’s savings without ever intending to repay her, would have been blown to smithereens right out of the gate at trial.


Up next:  Cindy Lake is best for this SE valley/Henderson CCBC seat and real estate in COH was hotter than molten lava in 2004—2012, is that where then mayor Gibson plowed Selma’s money into without cutting her in on the action?  And did Mary Beth Scow exit her seat early so that Gov Sandoval could appoint pocket-stuffer Jim Gibson who never disclosed to anyone that he was pursuing stadium construction waste hauling contract he would win, to the Gov or to the CCBC?

And did Sandoval and Sisolak steer that contract to Jim Gibson’s Western Elite in exchange for his YES vote on the stadium Scow was expected to vote NO on?

No one in Nevada who could have taken this matter to investigation after Jim and Selma settled in 2012 did so.  The FBI already has Jim and Lora Lee Gibson on Wire and Mail fraud if Selma Bartlett is telling the truth and she with no reason to lie but the Gibsons’ have every reason to lie and should both be in prison today.

SoNev citizens now also need to insist that the FBI to step up and step in and tell us what this caustic crooked couple did so secretly they refuse to speak about at all today fearing their own indictment!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

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