I ‘Just Walked Away’ from the Democratic Party

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 1, 2018

<—I really like this guy!  He’s Brandon Straka from New York!

Listen to your gay hair stylist seems to be the 2018 Midterms best bet as if there’s any other kind of hair stylist worth listening to!

‘Just Walk Away’ will carry over to 2020 too!

I found him a couple of months ago and he was speaking directly to me!  Someone placed some mini A-Frames near me with ‘Just Walk Away’ on them, so I’ve seen that message every day too. He’s by far the most articulate on this issue of the disengagement of lifelong workhorses Dems like he and I, who just can’t be a part of this gigantic DNC Hate-On Machine anymore.


I’m am too good at what I do and too valuable for what I know at this stage of my life to associate myself and my good name and reputation politically, with such vile bile guile posing as a major political party in America.  I can and do help people to better focus or to change course, make what they want to say their voters sound better and make them look better and feel better about themselves on the campaign trail too, but I can’t and won’t work to correct out or adjust, or shade nor scrim, someone’s Hatred. 

The Democratic Party in the United States today is in fact, the nation’s largest, most well-funded Hate Group America has ever known.

By every standard of measure and assessment, they’ve become the Democratic Nazi Party of America.

For anyone to say otherwise is to deny reality and the stunning nonstop, never-ending visual and audio assault all 330 million of us have suffered through since Donald Trump was declared and certified the winner of the 2016 election, has certainly somewhat united national Democrats, but has also had  a corresponding effect on Republicans and Indies in that if this is supposed to be a ‘Wave’ election, a lot of things which should be helping a Wave build, have not materialize.

Despite the blaring headlines and newscast lead-offs, Progressive’s got hammered all over America with only a handful of minor wins not the least of which is Florida’s gubernatorial nominee who cannot carry this ever growing state whose Democratic US Senator Bill Nelson is doing worse than our own Dean Heller was supposed to be doing here now!   Heller will win cuz Wacky Jacky Rosen is a terrible candidate without her synagogue vacuum cleaner at her side and she’s never gotten comfortable with herself in public. Our own Amy Vilela in the NVCD04 Primary, who despite grabbing my attention and starting out bang-busters, flat-lined and closed very poorly consumed by her own lies about her daughter’s death and her wishing America to become Venezuela Grande!

<—Nevada ‘Justice Democrat’ Amy Vilela ‘vision thing’ was to turn America into Venezuela Grande and voters in her District NVCD04 soundly rejected that and suggested she get some new political glasses to better see and understand the people she was wishing to represent in Congress…and who are nowhere near to the Marxist Extremist Left ideology Amy bathes in regularly!


I really thought we Dems would never top what we did over 2000-2002 to George W Bush, the screaming outrage from our many seething rabid Militant Wings was exactly like you saw for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.  We would not legitimize him or his presidency and in 2002, America let us know exactly how they felt about that and delivered to Bush 43, the very rare Midterms seat pick-ups in both the US House and US Senate.

He was only the third president to accomplish this because we Americans don’t really suffer from a ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ those two years later, but rather a sense that giving to this new president so me more braking mechanisms in Congress, would be good for the good of the country in the long run.  To the extent that any of us understand what our system of Checks and Balances is, we demonstrate that by not being comfortable with one party in control of everything for generations like our non-friends to the south in Mexicostan, for instance.

9/11/2001 assisted Bush 43 of course, but it would take Democrats until 2006—six more whole years and three national cycles—to win back the trust of the national electorate.

I wonder today if the time we’ve wasted on Trump Hating is deja vu all over again for Democrats in 2018!

It took so long to recover back then because we as a party would not apologize to President Bush or to Vice-President Gore and get past the Dangling Chads in Dade County Florida.  Hand to God, I know quite a numbers of Dems here in Nevada who have never gotten over 2000 and still complain bitterly that the US Supreme Court stole the election from them when the high court had no other choice but to respond to petitioners that indeed, Dem recounting, recounting, and recounting of only four heavily Democratic counties in Florida denied the Bush campaign their due-process rights in the processes, and they still feel this way today despite major media from the New York Times and Miami Herald to scores of video media, confirming Bush 43 had legitimately won election and the presidency in 2000.

18 years later, Media in America is now controlled by four major corporations with scant independence anymore by anyone but whiners in journalism outraged that the Sinclair Group is somehow poisoning their most Holy of Grails when Media has always been a profit-driven usually hyper-partisan play toy of wealthy families and industrial titans with very strong political points of view on their advertising enriched platforms.

These past 3+ years of Donald Trump has been politically embarrassing for me to witness, not for his particular political psychosis which is nothing at all related to Republican or Democratic ideology and dogma, but embarrassed for and by scores of Dem friends and acquaintances I’ve built over nearly 40 years of my just being a cog in the machinery of it all.

One local example of Marxist Extremist hatred here in Las Vegastan was my old friend and ally Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel who I have encouraged and championed since we first met and was crushed to read her post on FB brutally excoriating Trump about ‘False Equivalency’ she lifted right off of the DNC national talking points about Charlottesville and was part of a 22 day firestorm the president created himself by not further explaining that yes, there was also a small anti-Nazi group (his good people comment) there protesting the White Supremacists and who had been trailing their rallies for months that the Media would not inform about.

Yes, it is correct to say that the Press and the Media pile-on, hate-on, have become the enemy of truth and the enemy of democracy today as we knew it in America.

So yes too, that the president can be a moron, but he was correct in his Charlottesville statement but was also incorrect by his not incinerating then human garbage VA Gov Terry McAuliffe, the mayor Mike Signor, and former disgraced Chief of Police, Al Thomas, for deliberately setting up the conflagration and person being killed done solely for political benefit to McAuliffe and to fuel the Never Trump fantasies that Trump is a Nazi sympathizer when like Judge Kavanaugh, there is no evidence at all to support that outrageous assertion.


It took me some time to cobble the real story of Charlottesville together from stringer reporters and writers both in print and on the Net because this was an attack coordinated directly with the Media which took the Virginia Bar Association time to put together too it was so poorly reported.  These three men should still be brought up on federal charges because they conspired to leave the main protest area open which invited the Media maelstrom which followed and resulting in a participant’s death. The FBI’s Field Office in Richmond begged off investigating bcuz too many of their agents were involved or conflicted, so this investigation of denying the Nazis their First Amendment rights resulting in avoidable death, would have to come from Main Justice Mr Attorney General.

You read about this only here, nothing in any national media print or video.  They had their contrived and constructed Nazi narrative and that was that, no more reporting thank you very much!

Just a short time later in Boston and ever since, police were allowed to do their jobs unlike in Charlottesville where they were ordered to stand down Mr Obama, how come you didn’t mention that in your obnoxious Urbana IL speech when there’s a new police chief in VA and everything?  Isn’t it funny that there’s no more Nazi march coverage anywhere though they’re still out there marching Barack?

<—To add insult to intense political injury, Ellen Spiegel said nothing at all about President Trump correctly following the US Code and moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital from day one, and Ellen and her delightful husband Bill, are both Jewish-Americans no less!

Are we to assume they are both part of the intense religiously bigoted and hyper-biased Marxist Leftist Progressive Extremist reaction which literally flooded the entire national Media with intense hatreds not seen or read since the Third Reich, over the Trump embassy move?

Love ‘ya El, let me know when the Kool-Aid runs out and we get you back to your normal cuz you do not wear Dem Hate well at all hon!

For these almost two years now since President Trump won, I’ve been hoping against all hope for any signs of independent-minded intelligent life in the Democratic Party and Barack Obama, like his political evil twin Woodrow Wilson, extinguished and exterminated all of it in the name of the truly evil Progressivism which they both encouraged to seep into every crack and opening of our entire political system during their respective monstrously destructive presidencies.

This latest Progressvism blunt force attack on the Republic began when Obama and his political minions hijacked the equally truly evil Black Lives Matter after Trayvon in Orlando in 2015 and has been in warped speed hyper-drive even since and for me, culminating in George Soros paid operatives last week bullying the easily bullied and spineless Sen Jeff Flake over Judge Kavanaugh.  Flake was too much of a Vagina Hat wearing circus freak to even chance running for re-election this year he is so reviled in his own state after only one term!

Much is written and said by the Marxist Left Press about the breakdown and dysfunction in the current Republican Party, all of them parroting outrage from the very same script that they are indistinguishable from each other.  The NYTimes and Washington Post are one in the same now, there is no difference in their Hyper Hate driven script anymore.  MSNBC and CNN are now conjoined Media twins.  This is why we should not allow these media mega-mergers under Sherman Anti-Trust because today’s version of ‘Trusts’ have created a gigantic one-note Media Monster very easy for Progressive Dictators and Despots to control and command.

But nothing at all is ever said about the total disintegration of the DNC and the Democratic Party in every corner of the country and it having become completely overcome by Progressive Political Terrorists I have fought against for over 30 of my nearly 40 years as a party functionary and leader.

There is nothing left to fight over preserving in the Democratic Party.  They are proudly the Democratic Nazi Party of America today and I’m nauseous and sick about that and I’ve had enough and I’ve switched my party registration this morning to Republican though I have always routinely voted for Republicans I thought were doing a good job even when I was in party leadership in three states including Nevada.  I just kept that to myself until I started writing this Project over a decade ago!

I’ve not missed voting  in an election since I turned 18 in 1979.  And I’ve now joined a party whose members somehow know how to register themselves to vote, how to check that they are still registered and where their voting locations are located too, and this is done without an every 2 years effort of party begging and pleading for them to come out to vote!   Imagine that!  Can you even believe that shit?

That’s going to be the biggest adjustment for me, I think—politics without screaming and screeching?  What?  No one outrage and seething that the sun rose this morning?  What kind of political party is this?  It already seems that my hearing capacity is returning this soon too!

But I’m also aware of the party dysfunction on the GOP side of things and saw NVGOP Chair Michael McDonald at Cindy Lake’s event a couple of weeks ago.  I hadn’t seen him since Ron’s race in 2006 and didn’t have time to talk to him as I was exiting, but it appeared to me that his 2018 GOP GOTV strategy is to eat Democratic voters to depress their numbers this year!

I just changed my party this morning, not my unique ways of looking at things, so there’ll be no drastic changes like me not poking fun at the absurdities of it all.  I’m not very concerned about the House flipping which would be normal and manageable too and I’ll talk about that in the post Columbus Day predictions piece coming up, but I don’t see much more than a Status Quo/Establishment cycle today despite all the screaming and screeching to the contrary.

Both sides have done great damage to themselves.  Here in Nevada, the top of the Dem ticket looks likes like a weekend in CrackaLand despite  all of the Diversity Screaming of the Marxists and the Republicans look like Bob & Barbara are chaperoning a Fraternity Kegger for Adam Laxalt again!

Dem ‘Neon White Socialite Susie Lee’ for NVCD03 will beat Danny the Tranny by her owning 19 homes and she not scrubbing a toilet since Truman was president she being 1,000 times more Republican than Tarkanian will ever be!  I told her daughter Nevie last time that ‘Mommy is Nevie gonna be a Congress Critter!’, so Susie double down and bought another house I think just to spite Danny and Mommy will win this time Nevie!

She still won’t touch a damned toilet and Dumb-ass Danny never bothered to ask her about the hired help he being a Wall Lover and all!  That’s too bad too, because Ellen Spiegel should be packing her bags for the US House in January—that’s how fuqd up NVDEMS is today, they nominated a candidate who is far more Republican than the Republican is!

I’m just not able to Hate Like Democrats hate today.  It is so irrational, so destructive, so caustic, so toxic to everything around them that I just up and left knowing I can’t do anything to help them because this is the Hate Party they’ve built for themselves and see value in defending.

I see no value at all in Dem Hate, so as of today, I am now a full-fledged, card-carrying Republican and maybe I can be helpful here maybe I can’t, but I know who and what I am and what matters to me and the Democratic Party today does not represent anything at all I care about or wish to be a part of or that which I have always valued most:  Liberty & Freedom for all of us!

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Michael Zahara

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