GOP Women & Trumpian Triumph Midterms

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 7, 2018

Much Ado About Blue

Of the original 44 open seats on the GOP side of the US House this cycle, two were defeated in their Primaries and 42 seats remain to be filled with new members on November 6, 2018.

On the Dem side of the aisle, there are 16 leaving and that’s quite a difference and what gives them hope that they will fill from those 44 open GOP House seats, the 23 seats they need to win to regain the majority and presumably choose Dem Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and who you may have noticed with a month to go and Early Voting already begun in some states, they have her on lock down keeping her from ever being in the Media she’s that much of a national negative for Dems.

The much easier path to victory in November being for the Dems now in the minority and with so many Republicans up and leaving this year, you begin this by giving Dems the edge and the win in President Trump’s first Midterm elections where the party in power at 1600 has traditionally taken a belt in the mouth and lost seats in Congress.

Those solid assumptions are your jumping off point over the course of the election cycle and as things change, issues change, candidates ignite or not, you keep on adjusting your variables and probabilities usually based on expensive polling which can paint false backgrounds and scenery and obscure what’s really on voter minds or is bothering them and that can be national or very local to voters.


<—I found her juvenile baby-talk voice to be a disturbingly infantile affection in her Political Performance piece in front of the Judiciary Committee.  A PhD in Psychology, she knew exactly what she was doing trying to manipulate the Committee with her completely unfounded account of sexual assault.

No witnesses, no corroboration, even her best friend who she was sure would confirm her account, didn’t even remember the party and did not corroborate anything she said.  No one she listed did either!

Suburban GOP women were expected to drop-off on turning out for Trump’s first Midterms and there is credible polling data which was backing that view up, but over just two weeks or so, Republican women seeing what was supposed to be a routine Senate confirmation for Supreme Court Justice turn into a brutal character assassination based on the outrageous lies told publicly by three women to Media and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Dr Ford, a PhD in Psychology no less, would know how False Accusers act to manipulate and which emotional buttons to push and how to physically act and react in her play-acted performance which to me was contrived, rehearsed, and indicative of Personality Disorder formerly known as sociopath behavior.  She appeared to me schizophrenic and bi-polar in her mannerisms and admitted to having anxiety issues, though she was drinking coffee.

Nothing at all this woman said throughout was at all credible, yet rabid Dem Fems are still calling her a ‘credible’ witness!

Her Mental Health records and current and former prescription and recreational drug & alcohol use would be demanded by me because she, now fearing a lawsuit suggested by the Federalist Society, me, and by thousands of others by the Kavanaugh family seeking substantial damages; she told the Media that now she does not want to pursue any perjury efforts against the new Associate Justice by the House should it flip to GOP, fearing her own great exposures from multiple angles one assumes.  The GoFundMe accounts into the millions now are as obscene as her completely fictional story she created to destroy a Supreme Court nominee.

It is that outrageous fund which angers GOP women across the spectrum most I’m hearing from many, because not only does it infuriate them, but the false accusations against Kavanaugh by these three women make it all that much harder for real and true victims to report sexual violence committed against them!

36 years later and the whole world knowing her BS story now and Dr Ford still refuses to file a police report which any law enforcement agency would take from her regardless of time elapsed because this kind of behavior tends to repeat and could be helpful especially in this day and age when DNA is a part of every sexual violence investigation.

<—This is Julie Swetnick—False Accuser #3—she’s said to be ‘disgusted and appalled’ that her phony account of Kavanaugh being part of a gang rape wasn’t deemed credible by anyone either Democrat or Republican and her attorney being the legal showboat and presidential aspirant representing Stormy Daniels!

She was an exceptionally poor witness with a political agenda–her first lie told to us by her attorney that ‘she didn’t have a political bone in her body’ was destroyed moments after telling that lie.  Deborah Ramirez in the false New Yorker story, retracted her false memory episode she fearing being sued too, then she didn’t retract, and after it was all done, said there were other witnesses the FBI didn’t interview though she said nothing about them in the New Yorker article.  She should be able to tell to all of us exactly what Justice Kavanaugh’s genitals look like in graphic details, yet she didn’t volunteer to do so, and the complicit Media did not ask this most logical question of her.

<—-This is the obnoxious misandrist man-hater and Dem Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, who is thankfully dying of Stage 4 cancer and is apparently completely unfamiliar that women do in fact engage in False Accusations which completely destroy men’s lives!

The Duke University La Cross players Crystal Magnum falsely accused of raping her in 2006 come to mind Senator Hirano, and she has now been convicted of committing 2nd degree murder of her boyfriend and is sentenced to 14-18 years in prison! 

<—-Gregory Counts and VanDyke Perry (left) freed after serving 26 years on their False Accusation gang rape conviction just this past May, and you, a US Senator, bitch and moan in the WAPO today about Sen Collins not being convinced of Ford’s false memory recollections?   

ThemToo Alyssa Milano!

Yes, please do ‘Believe Women’ are just as capable of outright lying and perjury under oath in order to affect a civil or criminal outcome, or political goal which they covet.  In this case, it’s ‘Abortion Rights’ based on a phantom ‘right’ of privacy in the flawed Roe vs Wade decision in 1973.

The killing of 63 million fetuses by their mothers since then is toasted by extremists as a great societal achievement and blessing to be celebrated rather than the revolting outcome of cutting up a fetus in-utero and done without anesthetic or even killing it first, then applying suction to remove the surgically dissected pre-baby parts.

This has always been what this entire charade has been all about.  Abortion.

No Dem Wave Forthcoming

In a Supreme Court nominee now Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the national GOP and President Trump caught yet another unexpected Trumpian Triumph which may even result in President Trump becoming the second Republican president in a row to pick up seats in both the US Senate which is expected, but also hold on to the US House, which was not.

The especially poisonous coordinated Democratic Party effort to destroy Kavanaugh’s nomination with three women completely willing to lie under oath about his alleged misconduct as a teen boy and without their being able to corroborate anything, producing not one shred of evidence, and lead by Dr Ford with her creepy and disturbing affected child-like voice for an added Hollywood touch.  Ford could not remember or recall anything about her false accusation party events 36 years ago but she was 100% certain that it was Brett Kavanaugh.

SML McConnell promises an investigation to discover who leaked the Ford letter to the Media forwarded to Sen Dianne Feinstein in July and it was almost certainly leaked by her own aide.   GOP partisans are insistent on this investigation because one trait you could say all Republicans share universally is their caring for and about our federal judiciary.

This whole Kavanaugh False Accusation debacle has produced intense anger from Republican women who may have thought to sit this cycle out knowing the Prez party loses seats anyway if they do or do not come out.  This is tougher to gauge because Republican women are more intelligent and intellectually gifted than their Democratic counterparts  across all economic groups and organize their outrage and displeasure quite differently than Democratic women too.

<—Linda Bateman-Gomez lives in Trump Tower here in Las Vegas and is a friend of the president’s too!

I love this lady like you wouldn’t believe! 

She truly is a National Treasure!

My two best local GOP women to gauge GOP intensity are Linda Bateman-Gomez and Michele Fiore, and neither of them have wobbled even a little bit in their support of DJT and are looking forward to November!

They will be there to vote, that much is now certain and motivated by what was done to Judge Kavanaugh and his family so publicly. Even those GOP women sympathetic to MeToo efforts, understand the great damage these three pathological women have deliberately done to real and true victims of sexual violence!


Democrats are convinced a big HUGE wave is coming to sweep them back into power next month from those 44 seat openings.  What I’ve been seeing is more of a wobble with is GOP exurban and rural woman who may be very turned off by the president’s propensity to lie so much about everything and most of this group of women are the Buckle of the Bible Belt–type church-going women who may also have college degrees in much larger numbers than even a single generation ago.

These GOP woman of all age groups may find the president to be too often vulgar and inattentive to his wife and especially to his youngest kid.  If this is where the enthusiasm gap is being incorrectly scored as suburban rather than exurban and rural, and if the president can’t fix that, then the Dems may pick up those 44 empty seats or more!   He’s not been a graceful or gracious president to other Republicans by his sucking every dime he can out of every sofa cushion in America in his constant campaign-mode just like his predecessor.  This has starved a lot of down ballot races all over America and that’s had a bigger impact than expected here too.

But he’s managed through the Kavanaugh hearing farce to for the first time, become a sympathetic figure to a big swath within the party who are unimpressed and displeased with his bizarre behaviors to date and the majority of those would be women in the professions.

Voting Purse and Wallet First

But what a break for the GOP though to have caught all of this Judiciary Democratic Deceit live and them unable to be selectively edited and then this past Friday, another platinum horse shoe shat right out just for the president, the USDOL announced that the US Unemployment Rate is now the lowest its been in 49 years!

A conservative majority on the Supreme Court for the first time in decades and all around healthy and robust economic news and full employment, should actually have Republicans and Indies prone to leaning their way, stampeding to the polls to show their approval for turning around Obama’s economic gloom and doom hyper-regulatory super state in such a short time!

Republicans have not had much to grab onto with this president who is no Republican or Democrat, yet he’s the GOP’s POTUS and after the latest obnoxious Continuing Resolution from Congress on September 27, 2018 for $864 billion dollars angering regular GOPer voters, and which no Fiscally Conservative Republican can be happy about either, but those kinds of Republicans are close to becoming like Pro-Life Democrats, extinct and gone for good is seems.

The lowest unemployment rate in 49 years is a headline which has the power to boost a president and his party into outer-space from grateful and content voters. Should that become a reality next month, Barack Obama and millions of Democratic Party Fascists and their Progressive Extremist Haters are going to be suicidal and immediately declare the elections to have been hacked and therefore invalidated by the Russians.

2016 was a referendum about how tired America was with Hillary and her 25 years spent running for president.  2018 is all about repudiating Barack Obama’s 8 years long drag on the American and global economies and his disdain and contempt for the Constitution and American values which made Donald Trump even possible….and elected him!

So now can you see the Dem Hate-On dynamic and why the Progressive Extremists are so insanely unglued and violent?


Midterm elections are first and foremost, national referendums on the presidency in power is how we’re taught, but I’ve never bought that.  Unless we’re the opposition and still that angry we lost, we’d never admit we’ve elected the wrong guy in just two short years of measuring public opinion and performance, which is the only reason you hear about presidential approval ratings 24/7, especially about Donald Trump.  He’s perverted political theory assumptions and has created new ones all his own.  Democrats and their Media partners declared his presidency an abomination and failed by heinous corruptions still not identified but Russian directed of course. before it even began just like they declared Sen Dean Heller ‘most vulnerable’ based on a declaration of one of Harry Reid’s office aides in Washington in mid 2016…that was before HRC won Nevada or a single vote was cast.

Just a few years ago, Harry Reid’s top people were leaking that fellow Mormon Senator Dean Heller would be coming back home for 2018 to be the Governor of Nevada!  Poor, naive, Congresswoman Jacky Rosen fell for the Flattery from the Fools at NVDEMS.  If past is prologue and Nevada counties bought the nation’s easiest to hack touchscreen voting machines on Harry’s orders as most of us suspect, Dean  Heller will come home from the senate in 2022 and run against an in trouble and under siege by then Steve Sisolak, for governor.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller was expected to have produced many smoking guns by now.

This is Washington DC where nothing is ever secret or sacred and had Robert Mueller had anything at all directly implicating Donald Trump in criminal conduct or associations, it would have been gotten out many months ago.  Two of his attorneys have left and aren’t being replaced indicating that the Special Counsel can’t think of any reason to keep this ‘witch hunt’ going after midterms which is what this is all about anyway.

This is enormously upsetting to the Political Class of both parties and to the entire print and video Media Class all over the country.  They’re both still in constant coordinated panicked effort to transpose onto President Trump, the very issues Hillary Clinton should be on her way to Leavenworth or Marion over today, but Trump in post-election euphoria forgiveness mode, publicly kind of gave her a forgive and forget pass and the DACA Deplorables a pass too, which hard-ass Republican partisans still haven’t forgotten about and view as very big broken promises to them.  He’ll bring both subjects up occasionally, rail and shout about them, and then he forgets all about them as he flies off the handle about something new he’s angry about that week.

Because the great fear among the Elites is that Trump does keep the US House which is now possible.  This is what other Electeds in the US House and Senate in both parties fear about Trump the most of all and why 60 in both parties in the House are leaving.  He did win and America is now in its greatest economic period of our entire history and he’s tossed conventional approaches and has won every single time he has done this.  Like NAFTA and tariffs when while being lectured to by the Europeans, the EU and Japan announce that they’re removing all tariffs between them and Trump returns home validated and vindicated too!  Amazing!

As Kavanaugh was ending, the new Unemployment Rate hits the Media…. and the president scores two very major political wins with less than a month to go until Midterms.

Again, that’s amazing and the timing is impeccable too!


Still, nothing at all impeachable from the Special Counsel though, much less able to get a US Senate conviction on for President Trump  Our presidents may be as eccentric and oddball as they choose to be but this has resulted in his poor approval numbers which are in ascent again today by his having scored a major political victory for GOP partisans in getting Justice Kavanaugh approved by the Senate and then concurrently the Labor Department confirming that the US Unemployment Rate is the lowest its been in 49 years and those are numbers they can’t manipulated like Obama did removing whole sectors people off the roles to make things look better than they actually were.

He’s got a magic platinum horse shoe up his ass I’ve said repeatedly and publicly.

Sorry Colin Powell in today’s news, the president is correct in calling out the current Media being as the enemy of the people.  Nothing at all in the First Amendment compels or requires the Media to report the truth about anything.  You know this and are protecting your Pentagon pals.

Trump invited that and gets no sympathy or empathy for the Media Hate-On of him except for a very small group of MAGA people, he thinks this is all manageable like his TV shows, and he may be correct two years into this Anti-Presidency of his.  I was truly amazed at the lowest in 49 years unemployment rate—that is such a hard bitch slap-down of Barack Obama’s disasterous failed presidency, history has no choice now but to note it!

DJT reminds me of the puny kid at Boarding School the other boys beat up a lot and by time he got to Prep School, he figured out how to pay them off to not beat him up…at least not as much or as badly.  His emotional neediness is gargantuan and legend, as is his need for approval and our recognition of his superiority is the most important issue for him.  All are pathological and none of this impeachable nor serves to qualify his being removed under the 25th Amendment either.

Obama is a nervous wreckdestroyed that his successor’s economy is thriving by dismantling all he created and done by people with no real world experience doing anything outside of Academia and Government!  Barack’s enormous ego prevents him from doing anything other than taking credit for Trump’s economic triumphs and that is a first in US history for an ex-president to be so boorish and obsessed with his own failed legacy he’s trying to take credit for that which is not his to take credit for and is currently on national tour not allowing us to even miss him, but reminding all of us that his stubborn certitude extended no real economic recovery felt by voters by years. 

I’d have kept Obama locked in the cellar with Nancy Pelosi if I were the DNC.

That 44 & 45 are so similar ultra egotist head cases, upsets partisans on both sides when I say that, but if you let your biases fall, you’ll see it too!

Tonight, with last week’s great news on two major fronts, I’m predicting that the Democrats pick up 13-17 US House seats and the GOP maintains control of the House and that they fall just shy of running the table in the US Senate.  The Dems will also score HUGE victories in State and Local races and that will present an enormous challenge to Republicans to vastly increase their registrations in states like Nevada because besides a presidential re-election contest in 2020, that is the election cycle which determines which party is dominant redrawing the Reapportionment maps after the US Census in 2020.

The GOP redrawing the majority of the maps in 2011 is why they’ll keep both Houses of Congress in 2018!  President Trump’s  outstanding economic performance to date and Democrats 2 years of Hate-On culminating with their Kavanaugh Katasrophe, are the fuel which will make it a reality on November 6, 2018.


Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!

10/7/2018 Adorable Deplorable!