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Sisolak Wins—-And With A Veto-Proof Dem Majority!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 12, 2018

I’m nauseated just keying the title of this piece!

The NVGOP has done an exceptionally poor job informing Nevada voters about SJR 14 which is a potential 2020 ballot measure which passed the legislature in 2017’s 79th Session with 100% of Assembly and Senate Democrats all in support of ending Property Tax Caps and it must pass again during this coming February’s 80th Session which is certain, so it can make onto the 2020 ballot to be voted on by all Nevadans…and if voters were to approve, it will end by Nevada Constitutional Amendment, the Property Tax Caps passed in 2005 which have been the only braking mechanism to a glutinous and spendthrift Nevada legislature because Nevada is awash in plenty of revenue today, and they’re spending the state into oblivion already and they’re not even in session yet!

Under those 2005 caps,  residential property taxes could not rise over 3% and for commercial properties, not to exceed 8%.

These caps were deemed very necessary by both parties in the middle of the last decade because real estate and its taxation was so overheated largely because of speculators and Liar Loans which inflated asking and sales prices until the 2008 Lehman Crash caused by Bill Clinton and 90 US Senators abolishing the Depression-era Glass-Steagal Act, which green-lighted all that Wall Street & Big Banking did to cause the global crash.


Money hungry Nevada bureaucrats have been trying to abolish the caps ever since.  Click open the article below:

Tax caps’ benefits not equal


Senate Majority Leader and Dem AG candidate, Aaron Ford and Assembly Speaker Jason Friersonboth lied to voters about currently overflowing Weed Tax revenue going to the schools and those funds now sit in a Rainy Day account instead, so that when the new session comes into order beginning in February of 2019, they can spend it on their outrageous and bloated California-inspired tax and spend proposals. 

Almost everything the Democrats passed in 2017 were Progressive Extremist in origin or was directly copied from California and other High Tax Hell Blue States they admire so much and wish Nevada to emulate like the ‘Ban the Box’ law which bans only public employment applications from even asking about an applicant’s convicted felon status.  Upcoming in the  session they’re going to pass convicts being able to vote from prison and jail too.

<—I’ve always loved Tyrone’s campaign livery because its very handsome, masculine, contemporary, is a great font, and it highlights his surname!   

It almost hits everything Campaign Media is supposed to hit and when its time for a new office run or livery update and refresh, he’s got a lot to work with!

Please note the lack of clutter or endorsement emblems which are always completely useless,… and then the lack of his photograph which is always completely useful and is his only mistake, but its a big one!

I hired my first ex-cons in the very early 1990’s when we made the choice to in effect, Ban the Box all by ourselves without the government’s heavy-handedness.  Our biggest issue was insuring convicted felons and the freight they were hauling in the trailers attached to their trucks, so we narrowed the disqualifies to be one single conviction-type we could not redeem:  Major Theft or Burglary convictions.  Our entire industry moving everything imaginable under Interstate Commerce, did not allow us to even Bond those types of convicted felons at the time and even that has fallen by the wayside these 30+ years since.  The ‘box’ remains on industry employment applications today because we also wanted to gauge a particular applicant’s candor asking about felony convictions.  If they were honest about it, they were considered employable, because we would see everything they had ever gone to court about on their federally required background checks.

America adds over 40,000 new laws and codes to its Federal, State, County, & Municipal laws each and every year and Tyrone’s ‘Ban the Box’ his-own-vanity legislation last session, could not include the private sector where there are legitimate reasons to know a perspective employees’ criminal history. Like the rest of his caucus, the 2017 hyper-partisan Dems were hellbent on destroying everything passed in 2015 and they did no Housekeeping purging of no longer relevant or bad laws either.

It was what I call ‘Lazy Legislating’ for Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson who I like and admire, to cynically back this Cali-duplicate effort he put no effort at all into here and only for public-sector employment, when Rev Jon Ponder’s Hope for Prisoners Re-Entry Program is the Best in America and giant corporations like 7-11 and unions like Laborers 872 here have long hired these transitioning ex-cons.


Criminal Justice Reform is also coming which Governor Sandoval set into motion in August of 2018 and which may end judges setting bail even for violent, gun-related crimes in Nevada as some are proposing today.  Thousands of criminals are to be set free like Gov Jerry Brown did next door if some of the whack-ass ideas going around privately now, are approved next year and signed by a Governor Sisolak or Laxalt—or not!

The ruinous Tax and Spend Democratic legislature is but only one vote shy of veto-proof majorities in both of Nevada’s Legislative Houses today and if they get that next senator in the upcoming election, they’ll be able to over-ride a veto from either a Governor Sisolak or a Governor Laxalt and all of these things will become our reality in Nevada.

<—His nickname when he was an LVMPD officer at Metro was ‘Easy Money’ and it appears that NVGOP Chair Michael McDonald (left) has been content to rake in Sheldon’s big bux and not crack the whip demanding all GOP candidates run against Veto Proof Majority for the Dems and spend the cash to affect that happening.

2014 was a President’s 6th year and was a predictable election outcome though not used by the NVGOP to pass much needed reforms of Democratic spending exuberance and Nevada Voter REAL ID mandates to match potential very necessary federal legislation requiring REAL IDs which go into effect 10/1/2020just in time for Trump’s re-election effort btw—and to cast votes for federal offices perhaps as soon as 2022.

DMV, the DWSS, Lutheran Social Services, and Medicaid’s HPN & Anthem providers, are securing birth county Certified Birth Certificates for their Nevada resident clients free of charge to secure them getting this required national REAL ID!

Anthem’s WellCare Clinic on Boulder Hwy & Trop, actually takes their clients to the DMV every Friday morning in their shuttle buses and has their own service line at the DMV and they pay for the ID too! 

WellCare keeps the birth certificate copy on file in their offices if their client’s wish them to do that since they deal with a very large indigent and Mental Health needs population.  Anthem’s WellCare has Nevada’s very best effort to assist their Medicaid clients into federal ID compliance!

<—No more excuses bigoted and biased Senators Pat Spearman or Yvanna Cancella!

The a liberal majority US Supreme Court upheld Voter ID 7-2 and it does not violate VRA either and the chances of a renewed BDR, or even getting out of Committee of Nevada Real ID Voting for 2020 and beyond, are zero because their Progressive Extremist Bigotry and Hatred is so strong today.

Yet all of these Dems are fully supportive of Automatic Voter Registration if passed by voters in 2018 as Question 5, but which DOES NOT contain the logical companion legislation they don’t need to go to voters for, and which would transport the DMV’s REAL ID compliant database of Nevada’s Drivers Licence and Identification Card via a software bridge to the NVSOS and the 17 counties and their Boards of Elections  so that NVSOS & BOE staff and temporary Election Workers may see the State of Nevada REAL ID photo they’re verifying on their Voting Site laptops of these new voters who were Auto-Registered, as well as those already registered voters.

The only reason left not to Photo ID any voter is because we all know that the Democrats routinely and as a matter of party policy, fraudulently register those who are ineligible to vote as I proved in 2008 in my NVSOS complaint after the Dem Caucus that year.

No such reforms are forthcoming from any progressive which tells you a lot about their Ultra-Marxist priorities next session.


How can Veto-Proof Majorities for the Dems not be the #1 coordinated all candidates, all GOP Assembly & Senate effort with EV beginning statewide in less than one week NVGOP Chairman McDonald?

None of the Democratic candidates running in 2018 are campaigning to inform voters what they’re planning to pass next year. No one is asking them about it either, a complicit and compliant Media won’t ask them to declare their intentions, and the Democrats are all betting that Democratic majority voter registrations in Nevada are enough to get them into office without saying a word about their nefarious plans.

In 2015, the legislature passed and Governor Sandoval signed into law, legislation expanding more Home Rule to the rural counties, enough so that we are no longer considered a Dillion’s Rule state where everything must go through the legislature first, and though that is still true that the 63 Carson Critters would not ever give up such a juicy perq, the expansion in 2015 has emboldened Dem Mega-Taxers like Senator Richard ‘Tick’ Segerbloom currently running for Chris G’s termed out Clark County Commission seat, to propose asking to raise Clark County’s already too large, excessive and regressive Sales Tax because of Metro’s MoreCops initiative which added more than 650 officers just this year and with their bloated PERS they can retire and begin collecting their full PERS at 42 years old if they’ve worked for only 20 years and were hired at 21 years old!

Under this newer for Nevada Home Rule protocol, Tick’s outrageous Sales Tax increase would have to ask Clark County voters to approve it as is generally done in Home Rule states for jurisdictions over 5,000 residents.  But what he and the other Democrats aren’t telling anyone is that because of the 2015 expansion of Home Rule to the rural counties, they now see daylight to eventually pass with voter approval, a Clark County Income Tax and maybe one for Washoe County and its voters too!

There is no proposal from anyone in either party to strengthen No Double-Dipping laws by retiring from one public pension job and then being hired in another one, or to require PERS retirees to not be able to draw their benefits until 55 years old—ten full years before traditional retirement age in America—a long overdue and very necessary requirement because taxpayers in the private sector do not get to do this obscenely over-generous early retirement and they’re on the hook for billions of dollars in unfunded PERS liabilities today with no reforms and no two-tiered benefits for new hires can even be discussed just like in public pension bankrupt Illinois & California!

Tick wishes to use his forthcoming next year Clark Sales Tax increase for the ineffective Admin bloated CCSD where more than 5,000 school employees earn more than $100,000 per year and when  it doesn’t need it  because though voters rejected the Margins Tax in the near to 80% in 2014, the legislature and Governor Sandoval extended their middle-fingers to Nevada voters and passed their 1.2 billion Margins Tax 2.0 as the cleverly renamed ‘Commerce Tax’ in 2015 which was to have finally resolved the education funding  with 1.2 billion in new taxes then if you’ll year recall their propaganda from back then only 3 years ago.

The tax is basically on businesses grossing over 4 million dollars per year with $200 million coming in for Nevada this past fiscal year which ended September 30, 2018, and somewhere north of $100 million coming in from the Weed Tax in its first year.  Since at least 2007, governments in Nevada have been telling voters that they can’t possibly survive if they’re forced to live with Property Tax Caps of 3% and 8% respectively.  Today, home prices have recovered in Clark and Washoe to pre-global recession prices, rents have climbed again to outrageous levels for both residential and commercial real estate, no one can say where ‘affordable housing’ has ever been built as is required by federal law under BLM auctions, and the pressures on property taxes uncapped as Democrats are promising, will have taxpayers screaming for the caps to return as soon as they’re overturned by voters with no skin in the game—renters and other non-vested hyper-consumers of government—including some 170,000 to 250,000 illegal aliens said to be living and working in SoNev depressing wages and benefits for all workers in the state at all levels.

2015’s Margins Tax 2.0, and today’s property taxes, fees and fines, fuels & weed taxes, and sales taxes have combined to literally be drowning Nevada in tax revenue today as a result so the only reason Democrats are insistent on permanently dumping Property Tax Caps is to grow Nevada government by leaps and bounds to accommodate the mostly Californians who are in the midst of yet another mass migration into the state from their High Tax Hell next door.

Steve Sisolak has also promised to give state employees reckless and expensive Collective Bargaining Rights,—again, and just like Cali and IL, with zero PERS reforms—and as an added bonus pandering to 2018 voters, he and the legislature plan on repealing Nevada’s Right to Work law as another bone thrown to organized labor which already has Prevailing Wage guarantees on public projects.  The impending Sisolak/Dem repeal is intended to greatly bolster Government Service unions as well as the Trades.


Adam Paul-Pete Domenici (Laxalt) is his real name and the former New Mexico senator is his father his insatiably horny mother opted to sleep with—just once according to the late senator btw!— and has his crude and vulgar lobbyist maternal Auntie Neenah-bear Laxalt who is still volcanicly angry that her new nephew she just hates and hates and hates for his beating her dreamy crush, Ross Miller four years ago, have been much fun to watch their retarded family dysfunction and Auntie Neenah starring as the new Patti Davis/Billy Carter of Nevada!.

<—Adam’s favorite Auntie Neenah-bear Laxalt seen here in my active imagination since her nephew ruined her whole life by beating her lifelong crush, Ross Miller in 2014!

She’s is still being a big huge bitch about her always horny sister’s pervy libido this year too and is branching out her intense Hate-On as a washed-up fake Republican lobbyist spinster on behalf of Aaron Fraud Ford’s AG run without doing any due diligence at all on he and his wife’s years long, racist and biased hyper-corruptions, and Auntie Neenah (…and who should be Mrs Ross Miller dammit!) not being one of the intelligent Laxalts, she’s shown to all of us how completely worthless and of no value she is politically to anyone!

<—Adam’s got the hottie wife and the cute kids, but he has bad Nevada Political Hair which looks like a tired, old, rusty, Brillo Pad even when he thinks he’s having a good hair day!

Steve Sisolak has Good Political Hair which is our only criteria for voting for anyone in Nevadastan!

Adam Laxalt however, is endorsed by me, I will cast my vote for him, and encourage all of my readers and Nevada friends to cast their votes for him too because though he lacks the seasoning to be a great governor, he has more than enough seasoning now to become a good governor and has won the endorsements of the state’s two largest newspapers too!

His being recruited to run for governor after only one average term as Attorney General has upset the living shit outta NVDEMS’ Progressive Extremist bigots so much, this too has been very much fun to observe their collective Hate-On, but at the very least, he’s getting mine and many other Dem votes because he is not anywhere in Steve Sisolak’s league insofar as political corruption yet, he being like 19 years old and fresh outta high school I wrote of him as a Dem four years ago.

This year, I’m a brand new registered Republican voter as of 10/1/2018 having joined up with the #WalkAway #RealWalkAway efforts of thousands of now former Democrats sickened and revolted at them becoming the Democratic Nazi Party of America since President Trump won the presidency 2 years ago, my breaking point was the disgraceful and hateful treatment of now Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and their Hate-On is so intense, their super-Nazi efforts are no longer representing anything at all that I’m about!

<—Both former Commissioner and my friend Tom Collins and me, are enthusiastically supporting Adam Laxalt’s bid for governor over the corrupted Steve Sisolak!  

I fear the FBI and US Attorney, who appear to have some sort of a Non-Aggression Pact with Nevada politicos and their consultants, will be regular visitors all over Carson City if Sisolak should win and ruin our state!

Tom and me even offered to do a YouTube together for Laxalt, that’s how much we both despise him and the kind of politician he is. We know him well, and know his sleazy, corrupt bullshit very well too.

Tonight, I think that Commissioner Steve Sisolak has successfully purchased the Governorship of Nevada which no Democrat has done in 20  years and I’m sickened about it and I hope to Hell that I’m wrong!

Indies and voters in my new GOP home have the muscle and numbers to beat him back with turnout and save us from officially becoming East Californianstan when the 80th Session gavels to a close next June.

Senator Dean Heller is up next!

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Michael Zahara

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