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Dean Heller Wins Re-Election & Governor Is Next

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 20, 2018

Dean Heller, (R-Flatulence Falls, NV) Nevada’s Incidental Senator who’s never lost an election, got the living crap kicked out of him by out-of-state Lesbian Feminist Civic Terrorists at Town Hall meetings and on Facebook in the lead up to June’s Primary which he won flatulently and where he’s solidified and expanded his base of fellas who wear overalls and the women who have mullets who love ’em, every single Mormon residing in Nevadastan and Utahslovokia, 98% of Nevada Catholics who think that Wacky Jacky personally ‘Crucified by Vacuuming’, our good buddy and everyone’s Savior, Jesus, on Good Friday, that Bag Lady at my bus stop who is smitten with Heller, I’ve learned, his wife is on board again too, this despite his new BagLadyPAC groupies he wishes to keep Pervy Steve Sisolak far away from, and he’s won back even those Basque holes up north too, I think!

<—This young ‘Wacky Jacky for US Senate’ is the Deputy Co-Assistant to the Assistant of the Rosen Campaign’s Assistant Manager of the Assistant Campaign Managers Corp for the entire state Rosen GOTV Ops, and she’s in charge of Water and Tic Tacs per the big Las Vegas Sun story, ‘A Day of Strife in the Life of a Synagogue Wife’, which is sure to win at least 3rd Place for something and for someone at next year’s Nevada Press Association awards!

Dean Heller’s opponent, Synagogue Sista Solja Jacky Rosen (D-Kibbutz with Room Service, NV), turns out to be even more neon White than ‘Dean & the Hellers’—his clever name for his family!  Rosen is politically painful to watch and to listen to because she’s still not comfortable with her own self out in public and just weeks ago and after many months of her lying about her EdCred and lying business background. she suddenly stopped releasing verbatim DCCC/DSCC talking points as her own Press Releases….

…and then she went off script and she’s going all cray-cray crazy bitch Real Wacky Jacky’ on us and voted for H.R. 6760one of only three Dem Congress Critters to accidentally touch YES and voting with House Republicans on September 26, 2018!

Oh my stars, talk about an ineffective 11th Hour menopausal outrage outburst because the collective reaction statewide to Jacky going Wacky was a Big Yawn and a channel change directed from the state’s Lazy-Boy’s domiciled remote controls.

<—Jacky Rosen seen here pretending to care and helping this unidentified Old Blind Bitch to walk directly into heavy, speeding, rush hour traffic trying to earn back #WalkAway now former Dems like me!

It’s just embarrassing that this non-special, non-accomplished Henderson housewife who had never done a damn thing for NVDEMS ‘cept being spotted by the Old Blind Bitch vacuuming the alley area behind her New Age synagogue, the ‘Once Upon A Time When We Were Hebrew’ Temple down in Henderson which was SoNev’s original Jewish Quarter before a bunch of ’em wandered the Mojave Desert for 40 minutes and 40 seconds and came upon a place called Summerlin—which translates from the Yiddish to ‘Milk & Honey & Yohan Lowie’development in the West Valley, and like Warsaw Poland before it, there is no longer a Jewish-American Ghetto to be found in Henderson.

<—My favorite Jewish-American-Crazy Israeli is Yohan Lowie!

30 mil and not a penny less Yohan….and from the homeowners and not from the City and its taxpayers!

Make those evil Queensridge bitches pay through the nose and out of their asses for being such colossal assholes and such terrible neighbors! 

Harry’s just getting as much evil done using Wacky Jacky’s naivete, as he can get done before being called back down to Hell upon his widely anticipated impending death.

<—Jacky Rosen’s official pic from her Ladies Bowling League in 1977, I think!

If she had just stuck to this now retro look she perfected back then—her decades long ‘Fussy bitch, Crazy bitch’ look—I’d be first in line voting for her this year!

I can only hope that this clueless Rosen woman has some idea that Harry’s pulled this same kind political flattery bullshit with many other Dem candidates before her too—Tom Gallagher, Tessa Hafen, Erin Bilbray, and Jack Carter come to mind!  There’s not a soul in this state who doesn’t know Heller was supposed to come back home run for Gov and win this cycle but then that wife-beater and MeToo Pervy Sisolak guy got his hands on a bunch of campaign donation cash by directing Graft and Greed in Clark County and the Raiders stadium fiasco will forever be his signature work.

‘Dean & the Hellers’ decided it was OK to wait another four years and then whack Sisolak in 2022 because Trump will be in his 6th year and locals will finally be realizing we didn’t get jack shit outta the stadium deal and they can’t even afford tickets for the always shitty Las Vegas Bowl by then! Dean will probably be the only Republican to win that year with the now senator playing the role of Mighty Mouse coming back to Nevadastan ‘to save the day!’ as Mighty Mouse always does!

<—-Senator Dean Heller (left) near to 2022 when he is now scheduled to leave the US Senate early to come home and untangle the messes Steve Sisolak will leave when he’s indicted for his very offensive and fictional Planned Parenthood ad as the millionaire father going there, and not going to a private physician to have his two daughter’s Fallopian tubes spot-welded shut for good… just in case they come across a wife-beating old fart MeToo perv like him!

Tom Collins and me tried to warn you guys not to elect Sisolak!


Since Brian Sandoval went all nuts on us and left his lifetime federal bench appointment doing exciting Bankruptcy cases and what not, to become our Latino Governor who doesn’t speak Latin, Latino, or Spanish… or even Basic English for that matter, and he was fine for 5 years, then he pulled his Margins/Commerce tax double-cross of GOP partisans after becoming first the GOP Gov to take the ObamaCare Medicaid Bribe and is leaving with still no way to pay for Nevada’s portion, he divorced his old lady, pushes through the very worst stadium deal in human history, then he runs off one day and as luck would have it, he finds a woman who’s also called Mrs Sandoval, and he marries her, but then he has a bitter but always smiling break-up with Adam Domenici Laxalt who Sheldon wants as his Governor and great-grandson, but Gaming has other ideas like sending the boy back to yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

The lack of any chemistry at all between any of the State Constitutional Office contestants lead by our very worst choices for Governor and Attorney General from both parties in state history, and that leaves Senator Dean Heller looking and sounding since June, all senatorial, all ‘Mr Gentleman Farmer from Flatulence Falls goes to Washington’, and him winning re-election pretty comfortably it very much looks like to me today!

<—If she’d listened to me instead of some guy calling himself her husband, she’d be winning the Governor’s mansion this year and not losing the Lt Governor’s race to Michael Roberson!

No one in their right minds, no one thought to be politically savvy, smart, creative, or strategic, no one with even a passing interest in politics, would have ever constructed tickets of the top Nevada federal and statewide candidates built from these particular people on our 2018 ballots though I like a few of them.

Remember that I thought Stavros Anthony vs Kate Marshall for Gov was the way to go this year!

Since at least the 2016 election, it’s appeared to me that the fix was in long ago, that they had to rearrange a number of things after 2016’s surprise results came through and they did, they’ve never liked nor approved of Adam and they could repress their reflexive urges to vomit for a while with Steve Sisolak…if the price was right! The result is that Dean Heller was re-positioned well to become the Republican reverse-office Dick Bryan after being re-elected on November 6th, and then becoming our next Governor as soon as they can use, dump, and flush Sisolak to Nevada’s political garbage heap forever.

<—Richard Bryan is the very best politician Nevada has ever produced serving first as our Governor then as our US Senator and I think that they’ve put together a plan for Dean Heller to follow Byran’s footsteps in reverse as our current Senator, then as our next Governor!

Tick Segerblom, this is the guy you rename McCarran for you big dumb-ass!

Jacky Rosen fits so well being the patsy under this scenario, so do the some other candidates misfitted for wrong offices sought this cycle.

Again, there are no degrees of separation about or regarding anything here…none!  


It doesn’t help Dean Heller that the National GOP bitched about ObamaCare for 7 years under the Obama Dictatorship/Progressive Junta and had no replacement at the ready when some guy named Trump beat some old lady who shit in her pants suits a lot in 2016!

His campaign adjusted and he got aggressive and muscular after the primary and fought back hard against the Barrage of Bigotry from NVDEMS.  The Mormons haven’t had a big win in a long time and all are resolutely on board for Dean Heller’s re-election bcuz the Mormon still beat the Jewish in Nevada’s Elective Super Bowl this year!

The Laxalt & Heller campaigns have pretended that they don’t even know one another and that’s cut away any drag Dean created for himself and left Adam Laxalt, Danny Tarkanian, and maybe Barbara Cegavske to wander in the wilderness for the next 40 years as 2018 losers and many GOP lower office aspirants may be scheduled to lose on November 6, 2018 too but the late Dennis Hof is not one of them.

Heller at the very top of the ballot would in other circumstances, lift those other Republicans below him to victory, but there aren’t that many out there trying to saddle their campaign’s wagon to Dean’s horse team this time, and too many GOP candidates who haven’t done that, chose instead to hook their efforts Adam and/or Danny and I think that will prove a major mistake when this one is done.   Somehow, even unaware and apolitical voters know that when the pickins’ may not be all that they wish them to be, when in doubt, you stay with the devil that you know rather than chance the devil that you do not know.

<—Senator Heller is no political devil though—not by a long shot!

I put considerable effort in this year trying to talk local partisan GOP stalwarts off of the political ledge and edge about their thinking him some kind of turncoat or RINO. He was rightly offended by the now president’s conduct during the 2016 campaign, and as an LDS family man especially, one in public life would necessarily publicly recoil at ‘pussy grabbing’ leaked late to hurt Trump and every other Republican out there… and a hateful, vengeful Press flew with it at full-throttle.

That was smart of Heller to separate away a bit from the rest of the GOP ticket even if it wasn’t intended by him, or even if they ran away from him, because very late in the game, Progressive Democratic Civic Terrorists showed to America during the Kavanaugh hearings why it is that the country doesn’t want these Nazi Democrat people anywhere near to being back in power again!

The DJIA rising 500 points on earning news the other day and the lowest unemployment rate in 49 years combined to re-elect Dean Heller and send Jacky Rosen to join the other Discarded when Done Dems Harry Reid whispered sweet nothings to…and which as is always the case with Harry’s empty promises, turned out to really be nuthin’ for Wacky Jacky the Harry Reid Lackey!


<—Little Lyin’ Bryan Sandoval at his 2018 second ’til death do us part’ marriage to a woman called Mrs Sandoval!

So it is today that Senator Dean Heller is the name, the face and the head of the Nevada Republican Party and Lyin’ Brian’ Sandoval is rightly reviled and detested statewide by Republicans despite the great polling numbers among Democrats impressed with the many faces he’s been able to show while lying to Nevadans so effortlessly.

Even though they’re said to be good friends, Dean Heller’s re-election will also be scored as a voter indictment of Democrat in GOP clothing, Brian Sandoval.


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