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Trump=One Term and Done Post Midterms?

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 6, 2018

A 30 seat pick up in the US House by the Dems tonight would make it a ‘wave election’ under the traditional meaning of this political term both parties use as one of the ways to gauge the electorate every two years.  While I thought a ‘Status Quo’ election only a month ago, the President’s love of hearing his own voice, will flip the US House to the Dems tonight hitting the necessary 23+ seat pick-up.

He’ll deny that he had anything to do with losing the US House tonight cuz its Congress and they refused to run on the economy which is true…but its also besides the point.  The president hasn’t made any effort at all to establish a working relationship with America and her voters—even his MAGA voters.  There is no one at this White House explaining his impromptu presidency and all of its many quirks and idiosyncrasies on a daily basis, there is no running a brutally scathing White House effort to point out exactly who it is in the Press who is being bigoted, biased, and engaging in fake news when this is such a critical daily necessity to be doing!

<—CNN’s gay bigot Don Lemon is ‘The Black Hitler’ and he’s reveling in his new status as America’s most bigoted and biased person!

America needs to have politically retarded ingrate Don Lemon called out publicly as the highly-bigoted, poorly educated, gay Black man consumed with self-hatred so deep-seeded and toxic, he should have been fired by CNN many months ago and permanently barred from all Media for the rest of his life for being the no-talent, any old dirty dick-sucking, Bougie Black Hitler bottom-boy for white dix only he’s always been—but one without his ever showing any sign of possessing an actual brain.

Here is Las Vegas this past summer, I attended a groovy backyard pool party BBQ with folks many of you in Vegas know and when it came time to ask who in the local Press we wanted Antifa to very gruesomely and publicly murder on live TV for their White Privilege Progressive Elitist bullshit and their insufferable and condescending hyper-bigoted belief that they are somehow immune from the very homegrown Hate-on that they themselves gave birth to and still nurture every single day?—and without missing a beat and said almost in Mormon Tabernacle Choir-like unison, we all said BRIAN GREENSPUN—and we really meant it too!  11 men and one woman, all of us over 30, all of us professional colleagues with differing views and interests in politics and registered in both parties!

<—-We all agreed the world would be a much better place when Antifa—born long before Trump was elected and cheered wildly by Brian and Myra back then—finally kills offs the always hateful and hate-filled Brian Greenspun and his equally annoying old lady Myra too!

And as if God Almighty and His boy Jesus were playing along with us too this past June, in recent weeks this absolute Pig of a Privileged Person in human garbage Brian Greenspun, produces some of his most vile and obscene Las Vegas Sun Editorial writings his warped and bigoted mind have ever created—and he’s got an entire library filled with his intense hatreds of non-progressives and shaded as his always predicable Progressive Extremist polemics.

Hasta la vista Brian and Myra, as you two progressive haters sew, so shall you two bigots reap!  The following is pure Greenspun Family self-loathing Jewish-American hatred at its worst:



Would Trump ever even chance running for re-election in 2020 and risk losing his bid for a second term?  Of course not.

If/when Hillary Clinton enters the 2020 Presidential race, does Trump change his mind and run for re-election just to spite her and just to call her Grandma Crooked Hillary 1,000 times a day while keeping a running national tab on those she kills off next?  No, of course not.

<—-Speaker Paul Ryan (left) when he does his Bolshevik Drag Show for I-94 truckers in Janesville, WI every weekend!

It’s lost on no one especially not President Trump, that not a single one of us Americans could name any of the 44 GOP House members who decided not to run again in 2018—extinguishing the badly failed GOP ‘Tea Party’/’We Love Ayn Rand’ insurgency in just 8 years from its birth to death.  The upcoming 2020 round of involuntarily exiting US Senate members from both parties should hold Term Limits advocates at bay just long enough to Rebuild and Re-brand the now chaotic Trump GOP with his 2020 Ace in the Hole candidate to step up and step in to rescue the Grand Old Party from itself and from him too...and from a third geriatric spastic colon assault campaign from Hillary Clinton!

Now former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has long been President Trump’s top appointee and very best Executive Branch performer both publicly and privately.  Her surprise exit last month has many wondering if the president who turned 101 years old on June 14th, already cut the deal with the ambassador to become the new President in 2020?

I believe that’s exactly what they’ve cooked up together.  He gets to leave office while not dead yet and he also gets to dictate that the two major parties put up two women which may result in the biggest voter turnout in US history…and Nikki Haley wins by destroying every hate-filled, hateful, rancid, ancient stereotype Dem & Progressive women have been poisonously parroting for over 50 years of their Hate-on now!

The 2020 Presidential race begins at 19:01 on the evening of 11/6/2018!


<—–He’s told more lies about more people, more places, and more things before leaving for work in the morning, than any of us has told over our entire lifetimes, so maybe he should be the fifth face on Mount Rushmore?

He’s also losing something like one billion bux per hour by his being our US President according to him.

‘He’s proven to us time and again that he doesn’t know much about anything and that’s served him very well because he doesn’t care to know anything at all about everything under the sun’, I’ve said this about Obama…and also about Trump.

‘He is so perfect a presidential representation of all 330 million of us!’, and I’ve said that only about Donald Trump.

Not even one month ago after the Kavanaugh Fiasco, I saw a glimmer of hope that he and the GOP could beat back the Democratic onslaught to be completed this coming Tuesday evening.  He and they can’t hold onto the US House–nor do they deserve to hold on to it—and I think he’s annihilated the Nevada State Constitutional offices for the GOP contenders too, but I still see Heller winning but my fear of veto-proof majorities in our legislature have faded considerably.


No it wasn’t the Pittsburgh synagogue killings or even the Insane Asylum Caravan headed to our borders instead of their following international protocols for asylum-seekers all UN signatory nations adhere to including Mexico and the United States.

No siree Bob, neither of these matters stopped ‘the Big GOP Rebound Mo’ born of now Associate Justice Kavanaugh’s mistreatment for weeks on national television.

It was President Trump himself and yet again taking a bazooka to his own two Left Feet. Like his hands, I’m sure James Comey found his two Left Feet rather small too!   Remember this quote about Trump from Comey just this past April?  ”But as I shook his hand I made a note to check the size, and it seemed like he had average-sized hands,” Comey said.

<—On Sunday October 14, 2018, President Trump sat down to an interview with America’s very best actual journalist in 60 Minutes Leslie Stahl!

The interview went very well though I actually threw the remainder of my pricey Caprotti’s sandwich at the TV set trying to get President Dumb-Ass to pull his thoughts together first rather than his pulling them directly right out of his ass and delivering them in that strange verbal function he employs all the time!  Maybe I’ve been around politics for too long because Ms Stahl pivots the interview to ‘Climate Change’ and I could literally feel ‘the Big Kavanaugh Mo’ the GOP was enjoying nationally for a few days, expire and die right then and there.

The cat darted out and grabbed the remainder of my Capriotti’s from the carpet as President Trump, in back and forth with Ms Stahl, politically assassinated every single Republican who will lose their seats and offices tonight.  Read it for yourselves:


He did this by doing what he’s become rather expert at doing these past three plus years or so since we first met him!  Ha!  He very publicly flip-flopped on yet another major pillar of his 2016 campaign by now agreeing that there is ‘climate change’!  

President Donald Trump: I’m not denying climate change. But it could very well go back. You know, we’re talkin’ about over a millions–

I couldn’t work for or with this president because ‘Me no speakee ‘da cray cray!’  

This would ordinarily be the point in this piece where I would interject something clever and derisive beginning, ‘If I were a Republican, I’d be livid at DJT…’

…’cept I can’t do that anymore and I have been a Republican now for 37 days and still haven’t received my comps and Deluxe Gift Basket with the European cheeses & sausages, fluffy terry cloth robe, assorted soaps, fine liqueurs, Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa, a new Lexus etc…

He’s pulled this same kind of bullshit about his post-2016 election forgiving of Hillary Clinton and then changing his mind about the DACA CACA Degenerate Kids shortly after he was elected too and I’m still angry about both major changes from him.

2 years now and nothing from him or AG Sessions on either matter.  Then the other day he speaks publicly for the very first time about the community cancer of Birthright Citizenship just hours before midterms and he’s correct about this bastardization of the 14th Amendment, however,  because it is within the language of the Amendment, it cannot be resolved permanently by the Executive Order we all hated Dictator Obama for using so much for everything in violation of the oath he swore to us twice and the constitution he swore to uphold.

If/when he loses the US House a little more than 3 hours from now, he’ll never get a ‘patch Act of Congress’ passed to correct and update within the 14th what was necessary to remedy former slaves and their offspring which is no longer needed for any reason except to steal American generosity and to bestow benefits of citizenship onto the revolting Birth Tourism concept!


Mr President, you truly believe that you are smarter than you’ve actually shown to us you really are these past three years and tonight you’ll learn that our affections for presidents are always temporary and fleeting.  The entire world’s markets will react violently and become quite unstable in response to this Progressive Hate-On Cancer’s US House win tonight which will again stifle all of the world’s economies only two short years after your victory ridding the globe of the deadly Obama Economic Strangulation Toxic Shock which killed everything it came into contact with and your reversal of this Obama Hate-On was pronounced an instant success and Obama’s policies are now known as the nation-killing failures of epic proportions they proved to be over his failed 8 years!

If Nikki Haley is to continue what you began, then so be it and let her take her place to become America’s first woman president in 2020 rather than that dreadful woman from Park Ridge, IL.  Voters showed to you tonight that you are beatable and don’t have enuf affection from enuf of the electorate to even chance a re-election attempt now, plus you’re too damned old and prone to shooting off your reckless big mouth and both feet off too!

I love divided government and found that watching the GOP do nothing in national majority for 8 years was tiresome.  Mr Trump, you gave no thought to anyone else in your party and we’re very grateful for that because no member of Congress should ever be so weak and so politically useless so as to have to depend on her party’s president to be re-elected.

This is yet another blessing your presidency has taught to everyone.  End Birthright by law and not by Executive Order and give us Term Limits NOW and you’ll hand things over to Nikki as the Best President in 150 years and Brian & Myra Greenspun will be deservedly long dead, gone, and forgotten about by what their own progressive extremist hatreds delivered onto to their pretentious, bigoted, pampered fat asses before you left office!

That would be a truly great blessing to have rid the world of those two Greenspun haters who along with those of their repulsive ilk, became much easier for progressive extremists like BLM and Antifa to see even in the dark of night now.  Let’s hope that the Leftist Extremist Haters they applauded and cheered on, sponsored and financed, find them and end them permanently for all of us!

The sooner the better!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

‘A National Treasure!’



…Adorable Deplorable!