Someone’s Zamboni-Jacking Trump’s Presidency!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 22, 2018

<—The Trump Zamboni somewhere in New York City is pretty bad ass if you ask me!

That it only goes 2 mph is also how what remains of Donald Trump’s presidency is going to seem to everyone involved!

He’s can’t win in 2020 because what was needed to overcome how he got elected in 2016 has already occurred in 2018 with Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio already in the 2020 Dem column and if their ticket includes wife-beater Senator Sherrod Brown at the top or as VP, Donald Trump will join Jimmy Carter and George HW Bush 41 as a one-termer, albeit the one-termer who saved a nation from Hillary Clinton.

Jimmy, Georgie, & Donny!  Nice!

…and of course ‘she’s’ running again in 2020 to get the office that little fuqr Trump denied to her and she managed to get 63 million ignorant-ass Democrats to vote for her last time and they’ll all be on-board again this time too because the Dem-Bigots are all about fairness only to Dem Females and identity politics above all else.  Her very biggest of 1,000’s of 2016 mistakes was in her not choosing Senator Brown who was on no one’s short list even to take the garbage out that year, but who has proven to be America’s most durable Dem in Republican Ohio where no Republican can win the presidency without taking its Electoral votes.

Dems choosing the 2020 version of Brown ends Trump’s re-election hopes and would have prevented his election in 2016 too.

Yes, Sherrod Brown is the Dem Progressive Parasite to beware of for 2020.

A Dem ticket with Senator Sherrod Brown is no 100% guarantee of a 2020 White House victory tho because Sherrod Brown always dependably looks like a big ‘ol bag-of-shit in his collection of crumpled, rumpled, never, ever cleaned, ironed, pressed, or Febreeze-d corduroy suits from the 70’s he swaps and shares with his political girlfriend, Governor Jerry Brown (D—This Is Your Brain On Drugs, Calif).  Go ahead a read this article too!  I thought Grandma Poopie Pantsuits was going to choose him in 2016 and had she done that, she’d have won regardless!

I’ve met Sherrod twice and made fun of his name when I first did cuz that’s what you do when happening upon someone named Sherrod!  I also told him that I believed that the guy who invented the FlowBee had him in mind cuz I’ve never once seen him with his hair combed, brushed, or styled by someone other than that four year old kid with safety scissors whose still sharper than President Trump tho!

You readers who may recall 2006 and NVDEMS’ US Senate candidate Jack Carter–son of Jimmy Carter—and his groovy wife Elizabeth who we should have slated against John Ensign that year instead of Jack, had a BIG, HUGE political crush on Sherrod Brown going years back to when he still wasn’t combing his hair!  Sherrod would win his first US Senate election in 2006 and Jack Carter would not making one wonder if Elizabeth Carter wishes today she would have traded hubbies back then!

Brown is as Far Lunatic Leftist a Marxist, Leninist, Progressive Extremist as they come, but he alone is the only one of them who knows how to speak to and with people and not leave them drenched in his spittle, boogers, hockers, and phlegm chunks!   His wife-beating past is MeToo forgivable of course because he’s a progressive extremist and his victim first wife even cut an ad for him this past cycle begging for her life so Hillary doesn’t kill her too, that we forget all about that she swore a blistering affidavit against him decades ago…but she’s past that and that she really, really wants to live now!

No really, she does!


This is going to be a very long and delightful two years witnessing the completion and ending of the Trump presidency as we as a nation wave good-bye to him and that cute Croatian chick who’s always hanging around the White House, while profusely thanking him for preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming president of anything other than the Chappaqua Bowling Bitches Team…that’s if they’ll still have her after their last team president was never seen or heard from again after asking to see her REAL ID in order to join their team after 2016!

Mrs Sherrod Brown #1 knew to beg for her life in 2018 after learning about that!

What were going to be entertained by will be very much like a car-jacking in slow motion—-a Zamboni-jacking—-which will also seem like everything is going in reverse for all candidates and voters nationwide!  Its over for Trump. His presidency is done and is completely irredeemable because he is not a smart or strategic political leader and you’re already beginning to see Republicans peel off and isolate him at 1600—he is of zero value to any Republican anywhere in the nation going forward, his Brand is absolutely toxic and there will be a known GOP challenger in the primaries and caucuses if he doesn’t bail out and maneuver retired Ambassador Nikki Haley into the 2020 GOP nomination for president.

But even with her, over her time at the UN, President Trump failed to direct Haley to evict and expel the United Nations from New York and send them off to Geneva or Zurich where they belong and far, far away from our sacred American soil.  That doesn’t mean our quitting the UN, just kicking their sorry asses out of and off of our American soil!

Again, and again, and again, why is any conservative supporting this ‘fake prez’ President Half-Ass/Broken Promises anymore?


Fuq up after fuq up after fuq up is President Trump’s legacy and case-in-point, the asshole negotiates a NAFTA redo and only now, a week before it is to be signed, does he notice that it includes completely unnecessary protections for trans-gendered mentally deficient citizens of the three nations involved?  Nope, the president didn’t even notice that was in there, but 40 GOP members of the US House did notice and not a moment too soon too!

Is this Deep State or Deep Bullshit again with President Trump not at all aware of what his own Branch’s appointees trade negotiators were doing?  Neither he nor his people have commented yet, so any good conservative has to ask if this president wanted Trannies included in a trade agreement for the first time in history since he told us during the 2016 campaign how much he loves and admires Trannies!

<—Republicans must stop defending this president and also publicly call this president out when he says and does his daily stupid-ass shit or 2020 will not only elect Marxist Extremist Dems to the White House, but solidly flip the US House further and the US Senate to them too and that will take a dozen years to mitigate and correct out.

That’s 2032 Republicans! 

Are we willing to give up total power until 2032 for our current President Fumbles and Mumbles you big dumb-asses?  

Our only hope without our cutting the president loose and letting him wander the Rose Garden in his skivvies talking to butterflies, is to collectively pray that Darth Vader Ginsburg gagged on the family’s Thanksgiving pterodactyl’s wishbone and choked to death but for real this time!

<—No, I’m not sorry I’m posting this bcuz this is freakin’ hysterical, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg in rib-protecting bubble-wrap action figure!

Seriously, this kind of gross incompetence from the Executive Branch has never stopped over these 2+ first years and shows no sign whatsoever of abating either.  If you want to know why Republicans did so poorly nationally and especially in the ‘burbs of America, one only need to look directly at the haphazard, ad-hoc. by-the-seat-of-his-pants nature of the day-to-day running of the nation’s regular business from the White House!

Trannies in a fuqn trade agreement?   What the fuq is that?   Honest to God, I have never seen or read anything at all as blissfully incompetent as Trannies in Trade Agreements!



<—-No one cares that all of the California House Republicans lost because not a single one of them stood for a g*ddamned thing as Reps of our nation’s ‘Gateway to Sanctuary’ and now with Trump’s new ‘Trannies in Trade Agreements’, please tell me what would be driving Republicans to even bother to come out to vote anymore?

Those continuing spending resolutions?  Omnibus budget-busting bills? How about Trannies in your horny teen’s locker room?  Praising Nancy Pelosi the other day to become their Speaker again?  How about that politically retarded Chris Wallace interview the other day?  The melt down T-Give call to the troops?

Two years have passed and only now do we have anything beginning the restoration of Due Process and the Bill of Rights to male victims of ‘Believe Women Fascist’ bigots under Title IX?

How is it that I’m a new Republican and I’m more Republican than all the elected Republicans in Nevada combined?  If you’d like to see more Republicans elected ever again, it would be most helpful to run actual Republicans like the kind I liked to vote for back when I was a Dem for 40 years—-you remember the kind I hope, those fiscally conservative fuqrs who would vote the hard check against Dem spending exuberance?

<—Oh, btw, its been 54 days in my new political party home and still no g*ddamned gift basket for me? 

No wonder we lost the US House!

The New York Times has the story of why President Trump didn’t go after Hillary Clinton and James Comey and its a pathetic read because any president would be duty-bound by their Oath of Office to Investigate the Investigation’ done by the FBI of Hillary Clinton’s Obstruction of Justice and Destruction of Evidence under Subpoena!

President Trump apparently listened only to one asshole’s opinion and according to the NYT, he is still unaware that he as president, has every right to still order his USDOJ to ‘Investigate the Investigation’ and/or to instruct it to hire a Special Counsel.

…and Republicans nationally are OK with this bullshit and they wonder why no one voted for them this month? 

Let me just remind everyone that no FBI Director had ever decided to recommend or not to indict of anyone under any case ever before.  The FBI merely investigates and the US Attorney is charged with the legal decisions.  There are USDOJ protocols within its Chain-of-Command which if then AG Loretta Lynch felt icky about making the Hillary indictment call as AG since she was blowing Bill on the tarmac talking about grandchildren and all, then the duty then falls to Deputy Assistant AG’s first the appointed ones and then careerist all the way down their Chain which the FBI has never been a part of!

Reading this was infuriating for me because I could trot out real Constitutional Scholars who would say the current president could also be impeached, convicted, and removed from office for his not Investigating the Investigation he knows to have been conducted fraudulently, unlawfully, and extra-constitutionally.

<—-What no president may do is order the prosecution of anyone, but any president may order anything he likes investigated by the FBI, like how it is that Arby’s is still in business and calling those things they sell roast beef sandwiches, for instance?

This story is actually ‘Fake News’ because it contains no person quoted so as to verify through their quotes within the story, that the president wanted to ‘prosecute’ Clinton and Comey.  The Fake Story begins with the following fake paragraph deliberately unleashed by the NYT as America is traveling for the holidays ensuring many millions more than usual would read its urine-stained piss-poor Yellow Journalism and take it to be a factual account of something which really occurred.  This hit squad piece is nothing more than speculation and conjecture which can be used in journalism an often is,  but professional journalists are required to identify that which is ‘water cooler, coffee-break speculation’ and call it out as such and neither reporter ever does that:

‘….President Trump told the White House counsel in the spring that he wanted to order the Justice Department to prosecute two of his political adversaries: his 2016 challenger, Hillary Clinton, and the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, according to two people familiar with the conversation…’

Aside from the the scurrilous, inflammatory headline which the story never verifies,  the very first paragraph attributing the sourcing to ‘two people familiar with the conversation’ and that’s outrageous!   Not until 300 words into the story is an actual, verifiable person quoted by this NYT journalism hit squad:

“Mr. McGahn will not comment on his legal advice to the president,” said Mr. McGahn’s lawyer, William A. Burck. “Like any client, the president is entitled to confidentiality. Mr. McGahn would point out, though, that the president never, to his knowledge, ordered that anyone prosecute Hillary Clinton or James Comey.”

Mr McGahn, for those of you playing along at home, was at the alleged time this bullshit occurred, the president’s attorney so ‘privilege’ kicks in and he cannot comment about anything and is also a cooperating witness of the Special Counsel to frost that little cupcake.  Nice little double-play by these NYT hit squad ‘reporters’.  They’re implying that their unnamed sources are close to McGahn by their even going to McGahn’s attorney who flattened them out with a big belt to their chops and who answered their queries quite correctly which should have ended this Fake News story but no, they continued on and on and on cobbling together all sorts of seemingly relate-able and similar behaviors by the president to give their non-story some bulk and to appear that this was some sort of Pulitzer Prize-caliber scoop they were writing about.

It was not.  I’ve got several dozen Pulitzer’s for my own zippy work here and serving me well today as paperweights and open-door holders, so I know!

But the story did include Trump’s now stupidest statement to date which rather boxed himself in:

‘…Two weeks after his surprise victory, Mr. Trump backed off. “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” Mr. Trump said in an interview with The Times. “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways, and I am not looking to hurt them at all. The campaign was vicious…’

I’m still not over this stupid statement and am still smokin’ mad at the big Dumb-Ass-in Chief!

Everyone in Media, politics in both parties, and the Special Counsel is engaged in trying to bait the president into a ‘perjury trap’ which could only happened about something he says under oath.  He may lie all he wants to his little heart’s content about anything but not when he’s under oath.  House Republicans, ever Johnny-on-the-spot those day late and a dollar short little fuqrs, have Comey and Lynch under subpoena now as the clock ticks away for this current Congress, but not for former AG Eric Holder who no one ever bothered to get him under oath to tell us when it was that he told Obama about Hillary’s unlawful email server, and there he is today—free from federal prison—railing against Gerrymandering which the Dems will also do when they win the rest of the state legislature powers they need in the 2020 cycle.

<—-I know its apostasy for me to say this as a new Republican, but Rep Trey Gowdy—-short for ‘TRAITOR’?—is a traitor  and a pansy-ass little fuqr who chose to Lick Hillary’s Monster Clit rather than pull the trigger when he had her square in his House Oversight Committee’s sites in the summer of 2016!

Trey Gowdy is first among equals to be impeached, convicted, and removed for failing in his duties as Committee Chair.  So please stop lavishing praise onto him already!

What the president is forbidden to do is request investigations of those who are witnesses against him currently.  He has to demand it broadly to include the entire USDOJ and its FBI investigative arm and yes, it can be done concurrently with the present Special Counsel investigation.  However, Hillary cannot be brought back to life after she publicly states she’s running again—it must be done before she publicly declares—because USDOJ will not act in such a way which could adversely affect an election outcome they don’t wish to be responsible for doing.

That’s how she skated in July of 2016 in the first place, why Comey declared himself the Hillary Clinton ‘Decider-to-Indict-Her-in Chief’ despite his conflicts of interest he never disclosed and in violation of all USDOJ protocols, it was absolutely a conspiracy between USDOJ and its FBI, and the GOP Congress, and added to all of this, we have no idea today how many Get Out Of Jail Free cards the Special Counsel has handed out, but we do know that USDOJ was handing them out like Trick or Treats after Rep Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation accidentally stumbled upon her unlawful email server.

Remember her shouting back, ‘‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’?’ during her testimony?  Trey Gowdy chose to retire rather than face the music that he had figured it all out and chose to keep his former military JAG big mouth shut, rather than take on the mighty United States Department of Justice and its investigative Federal Bureau of Investigation arm. 

<—Ivanka ‘Clinton’s’ emails were not classified but we must stage an Outrage show nonetheless!

Trey Gowdy is no hero and in fact is the sole reason Hillary Clinton and James Comey are not in federal prison tonight!  Now he’s trying to redeem himself by going after Ivanka Trump’s emails!

Oh, the humanity!


The reality of losing the US House could have been tempered had the president not championed and signed the bill limiting state and local taxes as IRS deductions to $10,000 total, cuz it turns out that we Republicans really like that deduction in high tax Blue states.  Who knew, huh?

We’ll revisit all of this as his poor decision-making is sure to continue.  The 2018 Dems knocked out more than 8.6 million more voters than we Republicans did and it was far more than suburban woman who went Blue to vent their frustration with this most unlikable president who is shrinking the GOP. That’s an amount too much to overcome—-and equal to the population of North Las Vegastan—-and we don’t know how to register voters cuz ours are smart enough to do that themselves!

His Twitter rants help nothing and elected no one in 2018.  Yes, President Trump can rightfully claim that his efforts over two years registered tens of thousands of new voters who cast in 2018, except that none of those voters are Republicans which is an interesting party-building strategy I’m unfamiliar with over 40 years on the other team!

There’ll be much chest-thumping, false bravado, brush fires and oil field fires as the president Twitters his little balls off over the coming two years.  Beware of Sherrod Brown cuz I know Ohio pretty damned well; they love to smoke and drink BIGLY, they are impossible to bullshit, they love bowling A LOT, they enjoyed the Cuyahoga river being on fire for most of the 20th century, they love OSU, hate the Cavaliers and Browns, and Cincinnati is really just a suburb of Kentucky anyway.

All the Dems need to do is to pick off Ohio in 2020.  That’s it...and they win the presidency!

I am fortunate at my being only 23 years old today, to have been through 2 one-term presidents, Carter and Bush 41.   Ill write about both coming up too. You’re all going to love what will begin in earnest right after the New Year:  One gigantic cluster fuqster and a new president in 2021 who I am praying to Vishnu, is going to be Nikki Haley!

Buckle up, its going to be a bumpy, Trumpy ride kids!


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Michael Zahara

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