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Deplorable Delusional Democrats Disintegrating

Posted by Michael Zahara on Dec 6, 2018

For all of his many issues which will prevent President Trump from winning a second term in 2020, he’s bolstered toward a 2nd term goal by the current crop of Degenerate Democrats so far to the insane Extremist Left of mainstream America, they cannot be taken seriously as national candidates and they’re already subdividing themselves into various Progressive Extremist Hate sub-Groups.

<—-Thankfully, we can already say goodbye forever to remnants of the Obama Wreckage Wing of Senators Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, and America’s new hyper-racist Queen of the Bigoted Bitches: Stacey Abrams of Georgia ever achieving 1600 as president or vice-president!

Truly evil Bigot Kamala Harris only this week, finally got around to accepting the resignation of one of her top male Deputies Larry Wallace who she brought over from the city with her when she became AG in 2010.  His MeToo pervy bullshit lead to a $400,000 settlement with his top female aide who he ordered her to change the paper and toner in the copier he kept under his desk so he could see her bend down etc…per her suit filed in 2016 and settled in 2017 Harris’s spokesperson claims Mammy Kammy knew nothing about as twice-elected Attorney General.



Still, Hypocrite Harris went ahead in October 2018 with her horribly racist, bigoted and biased, misandrist anti-Kavanaugh grand-standing for the cameras knowing full well her own subordinate she personally hired and placed in high position subordinate to her while Attorney General, cost California taxpayers 400K in MeToo money payouts...and Kamala Harris would not fire him and only her delusional presidential aspirations prompted her political people to tell her he must resign so she can lecture to America how much ICE reminds illegal immigrants of the KKK while we must always ‘Believe Women’ et al, as our next president!

<—Harris confided that she’ll make her long anticipated White House run decision ‘after the holidays’ when her perverted, misogynist, MeToo favorite fella Larry Wallace, already made that decision for America’s voters WHEN SHE FAILED TO FIRE HIM!

Her political people really expect us to believe that the elected Attorney General of California—the California Dept of Justice’s Chief Executive Officer-had no idea that a subordinate female employee had sued the Department and one of its top deputies she had brought in with her in 2010, when she was the person charged with defending the State and would know about every suit brought against the State by statute?

Did you notice in both stories the Media failed to ask the next logical questions of anyone involved?  How nice and tidy a presidential career-crashing event for Ms Harris and no one cares to ask the very questions we need answered by her! 


This is also the swiftest and most corrupted lawsuit settlement in California state history and done in a record-breaking five months time from filing under AG Harris in 2016, to settlement under AG Becerra 2017, and it was deliberately kept from the public by both to protect Senator and bigot, Kamala Harris! 

—The Sacremento Bee and their all-star reporter Alexei Koseff are to be congratulated and commended for exposing this vile, bigoted, and hyper-corrupted senator and showing to America what she’s really all about!


…and the Progressive Bigots really think that the rest of us are that stupid to buy any excuse Kamala Harris may offer as to why she chose to ‘Always Believe Men’her man, her hire, her Pervy MeToo poster boy jerk!

Hello???  Where is the national Media broiling this bigoted Black female bitch and her racist, sexist, and misandrist true and real self?

Where’s Whoopi and Joy on this?  Where’s Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow too?

The biggest Story of the Year so far and only crickets and Bigot Kamala Harris is still refusing to comment too!


Then the Boston Globe—a paper no one buys cuz no one in Boston can read—orders Black-American men to stop marrying chubby White-American women and not ever again go against Black-American women like Bigot Bitch Stacey Abrams when voting, or there’ll be Hell to pay buster... like another national shortage of chubby White-American women egged on by misandrist Black-American  women to marry all the remaining Black-American fellas left!


The Globe’s Hyper-Hater Renee Graham (left) is an unapologetic unrepentant racially, ethnically, and gender biased and bigoted 3rd rate writer of Hate Speech in Boston.  This is the love the Progressive Hate-On shows to the entire world, then denies that its Hate Speech or at all threatening to fed up non-hater Black-American males being ordered about by their Hate Group’s alone for life Black-American female Dem Hate-On Attack Wing for 2020.

…and Black-American Progressive Extremist women seriously wonder why they can’t seem to attract any mammal into their beds anymore, much less into their lives?

These GA Black-American males cut out the fat and gristle in their lives this past election which was the only thing of value they saw in such a hateful, hate-filled ugly political terrorist like Stacey Abrams who they know her lifelong bullshit very well after her serving 6 pocket-stuffing badly failed years as Georgia’s Minority Leader of their House of Representatives (2011-2017).

<—-Six years as Minority Leader in Atlanta no less and Ms Abrams knew every stinkin’ detail of every policy initiative and she never said a word or even registered any level of concern about phantom Voter Suppression efforts she now blames for her loss!

This all came about in official complaint after the election results were certified and done by a false front dummy group to shade and gauze donations to their Georgia Progressive Hate-On efforts!

This dear readers, is America’s Progressive Extremist Bigotry and they’re just warming up their Puke Plates in this Lame Duck period.


America will exceed a century worth of time passed before we’ll ever elect another Dem bigoted & biased Black-American fake-ass suburban White Boy to the US Presidency, Barack Obama was that bad a president and we ‘merkins not wishing to be called ‘racist or bigots’ by those who are America’s very worst racists & biased and bigoted people and Political Class: The Progressive Extremists!  Voters of goodwill put up with his insufferable, condescending, patronizing daily lying bullshit as long as there was no chance of him becoming ‘menacing and frighteningly too dark-skinned’ cuz you know how those ‘Uppity Progressive White Bitches be!’, as the BLM/Antifa kids say!


They are now insistent on returning a failed fossil in Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker who will claim the mantle as the only House Speaker ever rewarded for four successive national election failures, then there’s Senator Bernie Sanders as their Jewish Great Grandpa Walton with no signature legislation ever passed over his 42 years of his dating and marrying Jewish gigolo-prone Super White Privileged Progressive Extremist women!

<—Instantly ending his 2004 presidential run by showing America his bony legs and micro-penis while windsurfing like a geriatric retard, just as Michael Dukakis did in 1988 by his wearing a helmet and riding around in a tank to show all of us how butch he wasn’t, John Kerry Heinz is one of more than 32 Progressive Extremists giving Donald Trump hope for a second term today!

America’s first successful Pentagon-paid-for Tranny in the military, is a ketchup-coated woman named Senator John Kerry of 2004’s ‘Switch-boat Trannies for Windsurfing Truth!’ fame after losing the presidency to the man who sub-contracted war in two major theaters to a little mercenary company called Halliburton chaired by his own Vice-President, and 17 years after 9/11 we’re still ‘at war‘ in Afghanistan with no plans to end our stay there protecting the world’s very best Heroin Production Industrial Complex and benignly calling our horrific Heroin Addiction crisis in America, our ‘Opioid Crisis’ instead.

Vice-President Joe Biden of Dela-Where? thought, ‘what the Hell?”  It’s either that or make the ass-dent in his favorite chair at home an even bigger spare change and snack crumbs collection device! He’s the White-Privileged former VP to the very worst president in history and also elite-spoused to a witch doctor who’s born female btw and is not Dr Joyce Brothers either.  He really loves hugging young girls something awful too!

The Obama Fascists see a value in Rep Beto O’Rection as he’s called in West Texas for seemingly walking around campaign stops in way too tight pants while throwing a chub for the teen girls and boys to admire and there’s no problem at all with his culturally misappropriating ‘Beto’ as his nickname and he being an Irish-American. 

Obama’s affection, horniness for, and crush on him, dooms Beto though voters in all demographic groups overwhelmingly prefer Beto’s dick over Elizabeth Warren’s ugly-ass old dude dick!

And speaking of the senate’s reigning biography fraud queen, Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Warren, who lied her way onto Harvard faculty claiming to be Native American, but who also had the ‘nads to claim to be even more blue-blooded than Miles Standish and his Mayflower Mafia, pivoted again after Republican Nikki Haley and Democrat Kamala Harris, both with familial genetic roots on the Indian Subcontinent and politically threatening to Warren—Haley full, Harris partial Indian—claimed that the sexist, misogynist fake news misunderstood her all along and that when she said she was ‘Indian’ that she meant ‘Dot, not Feather’, then releasing a new updated campaign image for her 2020 delusional campaign for the presidency.

<—-Senator Elizabeth Warren Patel Gupta-Gandhi’s new 2020 campaign photo (left) taken while she was visiting her loving family in Hyderabad for India Thanksgiving last month!

What’s truly remarkable is that Progressive Extremists are still shoveling money to this national catastrophe of an elected official and wishing her to become our next president, and not of  Harvard University either!

It’s not a ‘Dot’ you stupid bitch, its called a Bindi and no, you can’t press it and the woman’s mouth opens and dispenses a ‘Pez’ candy either!  Married Hindi women adorn themselves with the Bindi because it tells to the entire world that ‘I am not a stupid, ignorant-ass American female Progressive Extremist bigot like Elizabeth Warren!’


Luv-a-Big-Bubba-Bitch Great Grandma Hillary something-or-other, will be always be there in the wings to waiting for her que to sweep in pretending that she’s graciously agreed to accept the 2020 Dem nomination for President of the No Longer United States of  America!

Hillary Clinton holds all of the cards and owns all of the DNC players including racist & bigoted Chair Tom Perez.  This is how the DNC’s ancient rules favoring blindingly neon White states like Iowa and New Hampshire still today while empowering its Super-Delegates with convention superpowers which far exceed those of the typical hard-ass party partisan.

They’ve attempted reforms for 2020 and those measures to curtail the powers of the Super-Delegates have been met with a firestorm everyone predicted because its their job to ensure that the party never, ever nominates a Jimmy Carter, or a Michael Dukakis, or a John Kerry, or a Bernie Sanders who they know will sink the whole ticket because America hates those guys so much!

They’ll get their convention powers restored probably at the 2020 convention cuz wtf is the sense in even being a Super-Delegate if you can’t do super things by being one?  This will require Hillary having another of her staged political epiphanies where she’ll again ‘find her voice’, this time in 30 million illegal immigrants she’ll speak broken, drunken Spanglish to and to cheers from the floor of Viva Bigote Femenino Hillary!

This will require her to choose a Progressive Extremist who is not Warren or Sanders cuz the Supers really, really, really hate them both, so that means its time for Senator Sherrod Brown to go out and buy a new machine washable corduroy suit and some clean drawers because he seems to have the inside track to make everyone happy even as they’re slitting their wrists at the 2020 DNC Convention in Tijuana cuz HRC is back for a third try to force us to like her and all of her delightful bullshit!

Last time, her orders to her 2016 campaign’s Flying Monkeys was to only come back with a Dull Democrat with no genitals, no pubies, no personality, no coattails, no following, and no chance of ever assassinating her and assuming the presidency because he’s so scared of even squirt guns, and those Monkeys came back with Tim Kaine!  Progressive Bigots will have none of that for 2020!


WatchdogWag National Challenge!:  Who will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2020 DNC Convention in Tijuana Mexicostan? 

A.  Don Knotts as ‘Luther’ in ‘The Ghost and Mr Chicken’ for which he should have won an Oscar?  B.  The Ghost of Indira Gandhi?  C.  The Ghost of former TX Governor Ann Richards?  D.  The 100% Dem Redeemed, Rehabilitated, and Restored and done just this week, Ghost of George HW Bush?


There is a segment of the Lunatic Left which is trying to derail her, but a more powerful bloc which sees her as the only candidate who can beat Trump betting that the nation will see the error of its ways electing ‘that awful man’ over our St Hillary and their wanting to right in 2020, a terrible wrong done to her in 2016.

Tens of millions of Democratic voters feel exactly this way is our unfortunate collective reality for 2020.  Today, Hillary beats Donald and dumb-ass is thinking about replacing Pence rather than invading Grenada and moving there instead of running again in 2020!   The utter charm and Americana of his delightful deplorable 2016 antics, his Dreamsicle colored skin, his completely retarded way of speaking, have worn off and at this point, we’ll elect any little fuqr in 2020 we find a new national entertainment if Trump’s decided not to have a stroke or the stomach flu and cancel his running again!

<—Nikki Haley, this is your nation calling you to save us, so quit hanging up on me when I call hon!

HRC was looking two or three hours younger than she did back in 2016 at Bush 41’s funeral. She sat there bored and silently after scolding both Bubba and President Carter to stop holding their dicks in church, she then began making out her ‘Who to Kill Next List’ after reminding Carter that he’s next in line in the Presidential Death Office Pool which really pissed Roslyn off big-time and she threw a whole roll of new Cherry Lifesavers at HRC, missing Clinton, but knocking the Croatian right off of that little bitch no one knows anything about sitting next to Trump while everyone sneered at him as he kept lifting his left ass-cheek and passing presidential gas toward the Obamas for the entire service.

Thank you for doing that Mr President, a truly grateful nation will pull your finger anytime you wish sir!

That Clinton woman had newer, lighter, more modern, younger than 85 years old looking hair/wig/implants.  She held her many chins slightly higher to show off her new JuviDerm face-lift for Geriatric Ghetto Gangsta-Grandmas but MSNBC refused to notice it and CNN didn’t either as both also ignored Bill nodding off, mouth opened, him sawing wood like a g*ddamned lumberjack!

<—-Bill & Hillary Clinton’s 2 grandchildren, Charles and Camilla, are adorable but they’re too into tampons to be of any political value to the family’s horrific corruption enterprises!

Even though she’s only seen her two demon grandchildren for 45 minutes once in 2016 Chelsea knowing her mother’s emotional neediness and greediness, as well as her homicidal tendencies, told her the kids were named Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles which is also why the entire Clinton Calamity of a Fuqd Up Family is barred from Great Britain on Her Majesty’s personal orders.

Grand-kids would help Hillary appear to be more normal to the untrained Deplorable-wannabee’s eyes for 2020, but even they’re not necessary cuz if the election were to be held next Tuesday between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Bush 41 would finally win a second-term his being forgiven in death for everything Progressive Haters hated about him in life not the least of which was Clarence Thomas who isn’t even mentioned in the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African-American History and Culture opened in 2016 by Bigot Barack Obama who completely forgot to include Thomas!

So today, my money is on Bush 41 also becoming Bush 46 and that’s the way Barbara Bush plotted it all out for us to give her old man something other than a blow job for his heavenly birthday in 2020!

This is your country, this is your country on drugs; any questions?

Yeah, does that come with toast dude?

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



...Adorable Deplorable!