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Lombardo & Wolfson’s Political Gang Rape and Assassination Attempt of Judge Melanie Andress Tobiasson

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 2, 2019

It’s the 2018 Nevada Story of the Year No other matter or incident’s chain-of-events  and circumstances even comes close to equaling the sheer audacity and arrogance of the two main antagonists and the tactics deployed by them against a duly elected Las Vegas Justice Court judge who had fallen out of their favor and therefore turned into both Sheriff Lombardo and District Attorney Wolfson’s sworn enemy.

Hyperbolic headline?  No, I don’t believe that it is hyperbolic or at all exaggerated either, and if you don’t know of this story or missed parts of it, I think that you’ll concur with my frank assessment after reading all that I’ve attached here because good information is very hard to come by on this matter.  It’s very important for me to point out that I have never met the judge—‘Mel’ as she’s known to friends, peers, & colleagues—has never been on my radar though I’ve always known of her and cast my votes for her too! 

She is being assisted by Metro officers both current and retired, some who are friends of mine and I was very pleased to have learned about that.  I have reached out to her and she did respond after a while and I’m also very pleased that she did because my crazy head had gone off in another direction when I first learned of this last spring and I am very pleased to report that I was very wrong in my initial reaction and I’ll explain that in a moment!

<— Judge Joe Sciscento with what appears to be a face full of pie, or maybe he just finished a ‘How To’ put on his make-up like Michele Leavitt does’ class!  He’s one of the superstar judges of the LVJC corps of judges where it seems to me we’ve assembled a ragtag, ragamuffin crew of Above Average judges on those benches and who are serving us well.  There are a few newer judges I don’t yet know much about, but I will check ’em all out again to make sure we’re all current and up to date on this very busy court’s goings on!

I’ve previously come to Judge Karen Bennett’s defense here when she was being treated like dog shit by the ladies on the Clark County Board of Commissioners, I’ve made fun of Judges Harmony Letizia and Ann Zimmerman too, and regular readers and fans and detractors of mine know I have previously declared Judge Suzan Baucum to be the Best Campaigner of the state’s entire judicial corp as well as its Best Judge for running a a remarkably, clean, efficient, tidy and brisk calendar!  She really digs being a judge up there and with the new year, she’s become the new Chief Judge at LVJC!

Despite the brutal, unwarranted political assault on her by Lombardo & Wolfson this past spring, Melanie Tobiasson was easily re-elected this past June with 99,940 votes and running unopposed, the third highest judicial vote-getter on the Primary ballot in Clark County too and even besting longtime Dawg favorite and the very first judge here that I ever offered free, unsolicited advice, annoying counsel, and political pointers within dirty limericks on getting elected, Melanie Tobiasson’s fellow Las Vegas Justice Court colleague, Judge Joe Sciscento.

We voters in Clark County love Judge Andress Tobiasson is what those numbers and no opponent means politically.  In a MeToo year of insanity politically, if Clark County’s very large contingent of female voters in both parties would have known that this was happening to her, I truly believe it would have defeated District Attorney Wolfson, and depressed Sheriff Lombardo’s 73% of the vote but not cost him the election though he should have also lost based on the ‘why’ he even attempted this foolishness to secretly vaporize a sitting judge here in the first place!   In yet another example of there being No Degrees of Separation regarding anything here, had DA Wolfson deservedly lost re-election this year, we’d have elected LVJC’s senior veteran Mr Judge Ann Zimmerman’s husband to become our District Attorney!  I know, right? And he’s even the guy who took her to Italy with him and then he brought her back here….and on the same plane with him too, can you even believe that shit? —was my original comment!

Thank you two—Judge Ann Zimmerman & Attorney Robert Langford— for giving my readers and fans and your own fans and some chuckles here as you both embark on new challenges this new year which could be career defining for you both!

I think that you’re both going to be surprised at what the average Consumer of Justice Services down at the RJC sees as needing reform and what you two may believe does.

In SoNev, we strongly perceive that women are more trustworthy, honest, and as harder working in elective office and on our SoNev benches, voters love touching the screen for women and thankfully, we all flushed an entitled feeling, super-corrupted, colossal asshole in James Dean Leavitt who even the Mormons don’t want, and hopefully ending his political life.

I can’t tell you what a great job you all did as voters!  He would have been a catastrophe on our bench and I didn’t even tell you the whole story of what I know to be true of his bullshit!

Judge Andress Tobiasson won initial appointment to her seat in 2009 being a local girl ‘done good‘ and product of Bishop Gorman High School and then upon winning her first election, she became a member of the ‘Gorman Mafia’ Political Class which is huge and very powerful and effective here though she did not reach out to them for an assist that I know of because she’s done nothing wrong or unethical, yet the harassment of her continues in a convoluted process with no due process rights afforded to her and she not even being able to confront her accusers much less know who they are and which can be no persons other than those who Gang Raped her career in Judge Bonaventure’s chambers trying to politically assassinate her this past April!  More on them and their names in a moment….


The following first link is the April 12, 2018 LasVegasNow-ITeam story by their Vanessa Murphy not George Knapp which began the public telling of Las Vegas Justice Court’s Judge Melanie Andres-Tobiasson who again, was also easily re-elected this year!  She’s a damned good judge currently handling our county’s Domestic Violence case load and she’s earned fans and accolades so far on that bench.  I tried and failed to get any attorney with clients in front of her to give me a critical assessment of her abilities and performance.  No one was willing to take a free and clear shot at Judge Tobiasson which is unusual here because folks down at the RJC rather like to point out who’s a fuq up down there and who isn’t and we usually have a good laugh together in the halls down there.  I never quote or otherwise source anyone so I thought I’d try a couple of judges to see what they had to say.  All couldn’t be more positive-to-effusive citing her grasp of the law and understanding of her caseloads here.

I needed to do this because I did not ‘Secret Shop’ her courtroom when I did that several years back for almost everyone else down there, because of my knowing that she is the spouse of a highly revered and now retired Metro officer and that she also had 20 years in the District Attorney’s office under her garter belt, plus I had never heard anything at all of her judicial temperament etc…during a time when folks were making sure I knew about so and so, and their this and that.

Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson’s story and the outrageous continued injustice being done to her is without question, the Story of the Year almost nobody knows about in Las Vegastan.


Let’s bring you all up to speed on what occurred earlier this year and still continues to this day:


“The problem is I don’t think we’re in danger from the pimps anymore. I’m more afraid of the vice detectives and those who are trying to cover this up. That’s what I’m afraid of now,” Tobiasson said.

A truly stunning quote above from Ms Murphy’s interview with Judge Tobiasson. Then our very best local journalist, Dana Gentry Resick, follows on April 23, 2018 with the Scoop of the Year with the following from Hugh Jackson’s ‘Nevada Current’ On-Line platform:


It is no exaggeration at all to inform you guys that if we were all living in a normal place, this super-secret meeting would have made the front page of every newspaper and lead off all TV News programs—and likely done so for days afterward anywhere else in America!  Judges all over the state would have piped in publicly about this brute force political assassination attempt on one of their colleagues because of the sneaky, sleazy, off-the-books, way they went about doing this.

‘…A source confirms Lombardo, Wolfson, Assistant DAs Robert Daskas, Chris Lalli and Chris LaRochelle met secretly with Bonaventure last week…’ this is the roster of attendees from Dana’s story!  I know every one of these men very well, I have been very publicly supportive, if not effusive at times, of Lombardo, Wolfson, Bonaventure, and Daskas and today more than eight months after this story broke, I still can’t believe these stupid-ass men actually did this to Judge Tobiasson—-and as of this week, they’re still at it too!   I was there too as we removed Elizabeth Halverson from the bench and done by the very same imperious Commission which acted in great haste back then and utilizing little wisdom, but itself pouring fuel on her alleged misconduct fires and allowing the Judge’s morbid obesity to become the underlying issue which green-lighted their removing her from the bench with a fork-lift.  They set out to commit a political assassination back in 2008 with Big Betty H as I called her and she had given them a lot to work with, conversely, Melanie Tobiasson’s case gave them nothing to work with.  The Commission’s own investigator cleared her of any Ethics violations but that didn’t matter at all to any of the men listed above!  They are still adamant about assassinating her politically and none of these pussies would ever dare to pull this kind of sleazy shit on a male judge here.

And that is exactly what this meeting about Melanie Tobiasson was all about:  These men were all conspiring to politically assassinate Judge Tobiasson, there is no question about itnone!    However, none of these men knew at the time that Judge Tobiasson had already brought this matter to our local FBI and by doing so became their witness, this meeting did not violate Nevada Open Meetings laws falling under personnel matters, nor did it necessarily result in federal witness tampering or intimidation of a federal whistle-blower—yet!

I’ll get to explaining the ‘yet’ in a moment!

So far removed from our established policy, procedures, and protocols was their horseshit, amateurish effort to remove the judge not just from her DV bench, but from our county’s enormous entire criminal docket—and all being done without ever bothering to inform her which is hers or any judges right to know and respond—one is forced right out of the gate to go to the motive of these very powerful gentlemen who are still trying to end her career today!

<—That’s now LVMPD Captain Todd Raybuck who was a mere Lt here at Take Back the City in 2015 and who was Joe’s Driver and he was then and is still now held in very high esteem by the sheriff bcuz Raybuck was his trusted underling during Joe’s various stints within Metro’s notorious old  VNB—Vice Narcotics Bureau—which Lombardo was ‘fired’ as its Deputy Chief by Doug Gillespie for the COPS taping tainted 2010 Metro OIS killing of Trevon Cole.

Sheriff Lombardo dispatched Raybuck as his emissary to ‘interview’ Judge Tobiasson regarding her reports to various Vice detectives and officers and done as an Officer of the Court herself, of misconducts by Metro officers she observed and had relayed information to them which she had gleaned from her daughter and her own ‘Curious, but Psycho Mom” observations of the Chinatown location serving as a false front cover for a Prostitution Ring her daughter became ensnared within.

Of all of the various Street Cred, Ed Cred, Judge Cred, and Community Cred Melanie Tobiasson will always possess, none is stronger or more powerful in our reality here in Las Vegastan than her being a member of the Metro First Wives Club, where even in their husband’s retirement, these women run the gamut of personalities and power…and they all know how to use it!

<—-You are a g*ddamned idiot to even dare to tussle with a Metro Wife, all of the men who are doing this gross injustice to Judge Tobiasson know this, especially the sheriff!

No truer words were ever written than the caption of this 9/11/2001 Editorial cartoon I’ve had in my files for 18 years now!  Judge Tobiasson, you ma’am are bad-ass and one tough broad in my book and you may have this for your files because you’ve earned a very fierce ally in me for life!  

I’m not letting this matter go, I will work to hold everyone accountable and correct out this injustice you’re suffering, no matter how long that may take so that you may know some peace again!

Not surprisingly to guys like me, this kind of ‘Cop Kid’ entanglement in the very dangerous world of Dark Vegas, is really quite common and can involve offspring and other relatives of cops and every conceivable political franchise we vote for here, and is not at all limited to our cops or to our judges!   Unlike Judge Tobiasson’s daughter’s orbiting into this world, my own experiences and observations has been seeing young people still ‘rebelling’ and well into even their late 20s, and with others, their wanting to cause embarrassment to their parental units, but by far, the biggest reason I’ve seen that this occurs here is ‘Dope & Dick’, two commodities we have in abundance here and young people are especially vulnerable to succumbing to its lure because they’re at the hyper-horny stage of their lives and this place that we call home sells Indulgence and Hedonism better than any other place in the world ever has!  

Add to this the very bowels of Hell being just 6 inches below the surface here and God really does owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology!

Dana Gentry again provides a window into the experiences of others:



To have the Clark County Sheriff as well as the Clark County District Attorney leading this circus stunt hit job attempt on a duly elected judge in good standing with her peers, her colleagues and the community, was a breathtaking dereliction of their respective duties and sworn oaths of office and neither man received my 2018 vote and neither man will ever face any sanction at all for violating Judge Tobiasson’s basic due process rights, not to mention the professional courtesy nods Electeds at this level grant to one another to not pull sneaky, sleazy, political bullshit on one another or without fair notice given well in advance first!

Let me repeat that for you:  Neither the Clark County Sheriff, nor the Clark County District Attorney will ever face any sanction at all for this outrage being done to Judge Andress Tobiasson and new corrective legislation designed to address the current NCJD’s own appalling arrogance of their own policies and procedures the legislature which created them allowed them carte blanche to do as they pleased with no required check on this  enormous power!    Lawyer Lizard Legislators from another era allowed  this Commission to wield such unseemly completely unchecked powers unknown in the Constitution or for any other persons except for use against Nevada judges!   

Judge Ann Zimmerman a long-timer at Las Vegas Justice Court and she like Tobiasson was also a Metro wife but from long ago, has taken a strong interest in this matter and the new legislation which I am pleased about because I didn’t think Assembly Judiciary Chair Steve Yeager who I personally like, but who I did not think had the chops to champion and shepherd good, strong legislation during the 79th Session, nor will he for the upcoming 80th because he doesn’t yet have the political depth necessary to build good legislation.  Case in point:  He’s knows about Lombardo’s and Wolfson’s gross misconducts against the judge which fueled the Tobiasson Ethics investigation and their using ‘Malicious Judicial Removal’ tactics, then they pivoted to currently attempting ‘Malicious Ethics Violations Judicial Removal’ tactics to see if anything would stick…and with their going in that direction when their Plan A failed only because it was discovered and leaked to Ms Gentry.  Chair Yeager hasn’t said a word about this incident!

<—That’s Judge Bita Yeager (right) at Avery’s Cafe at Sahara & Ft Apache in 2016 brokering City/County Peace Talks between former Councilman Bob Beers and Commissioner Larry Brown!

Assemblyman Yeager, you are the spouse of Judge Bita Yeager and your silence as Judiciary Chair is deafening about what Lombardo and Wolfson have done to Judge Andress-Tobiasson!  You sir are a normally chatterbox politician with blinding raw political ambitions which are clear as day to anyone who knows you!  Unlike Judge Tobiasson, I know your wife and have met and spoken with her and I would feel and act identically if this were she under attack by the elected sheriff and District Attorney.  You can’t champion this reform by being afraid of the DA and Sheriff Steve, so speak up cowboy cuz the whole state is watching YOU!

Thankfully, the Nevada Supreme Court correctly agreed to grant a stay in her honor’s case so that our judiciary members all over the state may offer their input perhaps even before the 8oth Session gavels to order in February 2019.  It is my respectful suggestion to all judges at every level in Nevada to let your opinion of this reform legislation be known with your signature and title attached in Snail Mail correspondence form.  It would also be highly desirable to have the LCB add some kind of penalty or sanction language with very sharp teeth for those would abuse their elective offices’ authority and discretions as Sheriff Lombardo and District Attorney Steve Wolfson have done with malice against Judge Andress-Tobiasson! 

This was an unconscionable blunt force, brute force, full frontal attack on all of you in black robes all over the state of Nevada.  You all must come to terms with that and comprehend just how outrageous their misconducts really are.  We do not assassinate judges in this state, politically or otherwise...period!  Though the judge has an army of peer supporters, your silence is no longer acceptable because that only serves to embolden them to do this again to anyone of you!


I decided early on to give a sort of pass to Judge Bonaventure who I like very much and respect as a jurist here.  He and his brother Sonny take very good care to protect their family’s good name and brand so I decided for my own sanity and my needing a good guy in this story, to have Judge Joe as the now former Chief Judge at Las Vegas Justice Court, offering all the guys a fresh donut of their choosing as they assembled before him, to have him be personally and professionally ‘alarmed’ that the sheriff and DA, Lalli and Daskas ‘had forgotten to bring along the paperwork needed to file a motion with him’ as Chief Judge to have Judge Tobiasson reassigned, (rather than removed from everything as they intended) with a weak-ass accusation of her ‘bias’ which was never established, explained, or rationalized and still has not been today!  This is how such a judicial removal would normally begin but this was no ordinary assassination attempted removal of just any old judge, they wanted her off of all criminal cases forever which is just absurd because she came to the bench via appointment in 2009 after having served for ten years as a pro tempore judge at the RJC during her 20 years as a Deputy District Attorney in Clark County!

I wrote of this incident in a piece I took down and have mentioned it in other pieces I’ve parked after learning more facts, just as shocked today as I was earlier this year because over my 40 years of political activism and participation, I have seen quite a lot of power-plays, knees to the groin, elbows to the ribs, standing on grandmothers’ throats, direct threats to one’s person, to their families, even to their very lives even…and done by Campaign Capos not on public payrolls on behalf of often beloved but super-corrupted politicians who felt politically threatened by someone enough to dispatch their Calvary to extinguish the real or perceived threat.  It happens much more than you’d ever think possible all over America.  But what threw me was that Joe and Steve were doing this themselves and did not see that this sort of thing should have been delegated to top trusted emissaries of both men to cover their own political asses with both of them on this past November’s ballot!  Then assuming Judge Bonaventure agreed with these political assassins and their goals—which is an enormous stretch to begin with because Judge Joe, like all who serve as Chief Judge in any of our courts, become rather mother-henish about their subordinate judges even being criticized—even the ones they don’t much care for personally—then they’d all at least be on the same page what came of their sleazy, super-secretive judicial assassination meeting and the details of how it was going to go down would come next and the need to be covert and secretive no longer necessary.

Neither Lombardo or Wolfson would do this by phone or over lunch confident USDOJ has them tapped and both are constantly looking over their shoulders to see who may be watching them.


Bias is arguably the most vicious and poisonous word one could use in professional critique of any jurist and Joe & Steve deliberately used this word for its very powerful and very negative connotations which automatically veer right to ‘racial bias’ in everyone’s’ heads when hearing or reading the word being used against a judge!  It was an exceptionally ugly word to use against Melanie Tobiasson and they all used it for effect and to diminish and degrade her professional bona fides.

The Gang Rape of a duly-elected Las Vegas Justice Court judge in good standing with her peers, her colleagues, and her community absolutely occurred no one involved has denied this, and their collective Political Assassination attempt died as soon the April 2018 meeting became known, the problem being that almost no one knows that this happened because the Nevada Current’s on-line platform does not have the reach necessary to grab attention in an ever micro-fragmented national Media marketplace and the state’s three big papers, the RJ, the Sun, and the RGJ would not bite and send their own people because it was Dana Gentry scooping everyone else and doing it on a Net based platform.  Ms Gentry is a longtime favorite of mine she knowing everybody ever born here and almost all who migrated to here too.  Dana grew up in the ‘Casino’ house where Sam & Ginger—Robert DeNiro & Sharon Stone—lived in the 1995 blockbuster movie for God’s sake!  Her initial tact in writing this story of a remarkably terrible injustice still being done to a sitting judge—both Dana & Mel are Gangsta Gorman Gals— was to continue to protect the young Tobiasson offspring and the judge and that proved to be perhaps a noble gesture, but impossible to continue doing because of what motivated the meeting of men with Judge Bonaventure last spring.

They were all conspiring to ruin the judge’s reputation in the very powerful Court of Public Opinion because what she was trying to relate to Vice of her daughter’s involvement was occurring as the USDOJ’s very much feared Public Integrity Unit—when those boys knock on your door its never a good thing!—was still actively investigating Metro’s retired former Vice Lieutenant Karen Hughes—-Vice’s then highest ranking officer and its Commander—and her Detectives Al Beas and Chris Baughman’s unusual understandings of their jobs, their professions, and what would be considered appropriate professional conduct and what DOJ would not!  Astonishingly, from what we know about this investigation and the allegations therein, Al Beas is still on the force today, though having been demoted and returned to the rank of Patrol, Metro’s lowest level.

Reading of his really creepy Freak Show Shit and forcing the prostitute he was screwing as a beloved and highly revered LVMPD Vice Detective, to shower up good so there would be not traces of make-up or female fragrance or female stank on him for his wife to discover!  That kind of behavior is sociopath in nature and Al Beas should have been fired and he has no business wearing the star for any agency in America.


Their efforts to discredit and destroy Judge Tobiasson continue to this day unabated via the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission’s continued stubborn, arrogant harassment over a matter their own investigator stated did not violate any code of ethics!  This Commission, yet another of Nevada’s largest per capita concentration of useless Boards and Commissions in America and holding sway seemingly over everything here which any Governor appoints people to as political patronage thank yous for that big check to their campaign fund, or for hosting that fundraiser for them.

When this story broke, my first thoughts were that we were having yet another ‘Reality TV’ effort being born, or that we had ourselves a vigilante judge over at LVJC and I’m thinking to myself that not only does Gotham City’s Commissioner Gordon have a daughter named Bat Girl who’s cute and rides her own Harley, but another cute daughter named Bat Shit Crazy Judge Girl who also rides a Harley in black robes…and who’s secretly dating Chief O’Hara on the side!

…and wouldn’t you know it?  The thought had never even entered my mind when it should have as the very first order of business for a guy like me in a place like this: Judge Tobiasson has a personal history with Sheriff Lombardo who it turns out that she ruined him for all other women after a torrid, sordid two date relationship in 1994 during that Severe Man Shortage in SoNev we heard so much about back East where local women here couldn’t find a man worth a damn, a shit, or a flying fuq, anywhere around these parts.  Even though he smelled of Chicken Cacciatore , Hi Karate drug store cologne, & Jovan Musk Oil for Men, she was so desperate for a fella to date—even a Guido guy Japanese-Italian guy who was just a Metro Patrolman, and she gave him a chance to impress her and win over her Daddy and since he didn’t impress her, he never even got the chance to meet her Daddy!

Could this whole ordeal be a case or unrequited love and Joe Lombardo never having gotten over being dumped by Melanie Andress as she was known then?  Is Donna Lombardo really Mrs Lombado #2 after Dr Doniele Freedman Lombardo, or is a guy named Nephi Oliva who has a Hate-On Hard-On for Sheriff Lombardo something fierce it could only be born of once having loved him, in the mix too?

Here you have to consider everything and I’ll admit to sitting at Metro’s Bagel Cafe Area Command reading of this on Dana’s threads and shaking my damned head about it and giggling like all Hell about their two dates with a fellow Metro fan while sloshing coffee there with him!


The comic relief of their personal lives was a welcome respite having just become known in Dana’s serialized groupings of her writings on these matters. The reason Melanie Tobiasson was and still is targeted for a Metro hit job is because she dared to tell the truth about the worst kept secret in Las Vegastan:  That Metro and particularly its fabled Vice Unit, have been protecting pimps and prostitutes for years in an enormous enterprises which is filling everyone’s pockets because this type of police corruption is always vertical and goes all the way to the top.  The Resorts demand this of Metro so as not to upset their stockholders but still provide for those who frequent their clubs and bars with what many men expect is a legal enterprise in SoNev.  Pimps have free reign here and operate completely unmolested within all of our Resorts and have risen to a level of respectability in the eyes of the various properties’ Presidents and Operating Staff for the money they are driving into so many pockets here, its not one bit funny considering what the collateral damage and the human carnage debris left for us to clean up has done to our community and the women who are modern day Sex Trafficking Slaves in reality.

So you’ll have to pardon me for not getting all excited about the Women’s Marches here because all of the feminist and women’s groups know this is our current reality here and haven’t done a g*ddamned thing about it either.

The local FBI is so corrupted that they know about all of this and have known for years that it really took off under Sheriff Young and continued unabated ever since, and they have done absolutely nothing about it trotting out an occasional pimp who crossed state lines with a minor and who was not playing by Metro’s Rules for Pimpin’ & Whorin’ in Las Vegas!  I once thought that Sheriff Joe Lombardo was going to become a trailblazer on this front when he appointed now retired Captain Brian Greenway as its first Captain over Vice in our Department’s entire history.

Captian Greenway was a damned good cop and he didn’t last long there and I have always suspected that he was blocked from doing his job.  He left rather abruptly shortly after Lombardo married Vice to their Gangs Unit.


Even more distressing for those of us who care about this community is that the original Hughes/Baughman/Beas USDOJ investigation appears to be all but dead in the water and not a word from the Feds in months on that. Nothing at all about whether or not they’ve opened up an investigation of Judge Tobiasson allegations as an Officer of the Court and Mom, nothing at all about the three murders which happened to three gang-bangers because Metro did absolutely nothing with the information Judge Tobiasson gave to them.

Regrettably, from all outward appearance to date, it seems highly likely that Sheriff Lombardo and District Attorney Steve Wolfson asked either former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions or President Trump himself, to pull off of their Vice investigation of Metro—and that one or the other agreed under Prosecutorial Discretion which only those two men could grant.   There is nothing at all unlawful about making or granting such a request which likely occurred in the aftermath of Mandalay Bay, and after their outright lies about Officer Charleston Hatfield abandoning his wife and becoming Superman Cop at the massacre site and leaving her to fend for herself which was always patently ridiculous to begin with and was a built and contrived lie told to everyone because prior to Mandalay Bay, we were dealing with Ofc Lopera’s OIS where he killed Meth head felon Tashi Brown at the Venetian, and they saw an opportunity to show citizens and officers alike how much they love Black people and Charleston Hartfied was a Black American man!

Their cynicism is just as appalling as their many lies told to us regarding Mandalay Bay.  Our local FBI is now many months late in their promised report about that event because Stephen Paddock was almost certainly a former federal ‘asset’ both Metro and the Feds lost track of, or maybe they allowed him to massacre all of those people deliberately to pump more money into Metro’s enormous budget where we still have no idea today what policing the Las Vegas Strip actually costs us.

No idea at all, costs creatively buried and charged off to the Area Commands and other Metro things.  We have added 650 new cops with many more on the way, and with the Raiders arrival coming soon, we will become ‘Gangstas and Gambling’ their fan base the very worst in the NFL, their ownership always the league’s very worst for all of my entire life!

If they did succeed in getting USDOJ to pull off of their initial Vice investigation by its Public Integrity Unit, then that was what emboldened and empowered Joe Lombardo and Steve Wolfson to attempt Melanie Tobiasson’s public political assassination  because there is no such thing as Double Jeopardy or something similar for whatever USDOJ chooses to make a priority and their pulling off of Vice here could easily be rescinded by the next US Attorney General who is US Senate confirmed or by the president if he had people around him giving him the information he needed to know first, before granting the Metro pass.  The scandal involving Senator Dean Heller not giving the president a US Attorney nominee until this past July and the former USAG nominating one himself and he getting Dayle Elieson confirmed, then Harry Reid engineering Adam Laxalt’s former Chief of Staff as our new US Attorney, is the worst possible news for our community.  New US Atty Nicholas Trutanich hasn’t said a damned thing about anything!  No explanation at all given to us why this took two years and why AG Sessions had to go ahead and fill the void first with Ms Elieson himself!

So yes, we as a community must step up to the plate and protect Judge Melanie Andress Tobiasson.  She is our ‘asset’; an honest judge at Las Vegas Justice Court who happened upon our corrupted Vice Unit.  If this matter becomes nationally known. USDOJ will be forced by national public demand and Dems in the US House to come back to Las Vegastan and Lombardo and Wolfson’s reaction and mistreatment of the good judge shows to all of us, just how badly neither man wants that to occur and destroying her career and reputation became for both men, priority number one!

Despicable! Please don’t let them succeed!  Hang in there judge, we’ve got your six ma’am!

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



….An Adorable Deplorable!


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