Welcome Our New Nevada US Attorney Nicholas Trutanich!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 17, 2019

Part One

<—-That’s our new US Attorney (far left) Nicholas Trutanich, standing next to Vigo, Lenny, and Squiggy!  He’s got a very full plate ahead of him and I’ve come to believe that we’ve been waiting for him specifically, to become available for former Senator Dean Heller to submit his name for President Trump’s nomination of him to be confirmed by the US Senate as our new USA for Nevada.

He’s got no ‘political stank’ on him which was very important to me and for all of us that he did not have that ‘stank’ because we need an unencumbered, non-owned US Attorney who can be a son-of-a-bitch hard ass when he needs to be here, but most of all, to return fear of indictment across the entire spectrum of our reality here which has been noticeably missing for many years, especially in Las Vegastan!

Mr USA I had to fib a couple of times on the piece previous to this one and took a shot at you I felt necessary to ensure that Harry Reid Inc doesn’t darken our doorway or yours any further by strong-arming your new position so that they all know that far more than me is watching their every move…and yours!

I wrote the piece below more than six years ago at the first of the year in 2012. I’ve come to believe that a lot of things will soon begin moving forward in federal law enforcement here and that plenty of people may being going to prison and that USA Trutanich will be the guy sending them there and I’m here today to cheer him on as loudly as I can, and to encourage him to do that which he must do!

Blame the FBI & US Attorney for Local Corruption?

Dear Mr Trutanich:

Can I buy you a cup of coffee over at Avery’s Coffee Shop on Ft Apache?  How about a beer or cocktail anywhere but on the Strip?  Say, you’re a pretty BIG big shot in the Republican Party now, maybe you can find out for me why I’ve been a Republican now for 110 days—since October 1, 2018—and I’ve not yet received my ‘Welcome to the GOP Gift Basket’ and new Lexus I had heard so much about during my 40 years of toil as a dutiful damned good Democrat!  I know, can you even believe that they hadn’t gotten around to doing that for me yet?

Those little fuqrs!

I’m a ‘Goo-Goo’—a good government/governance guy—through and through and always have been that too since my Dad took me at 11 years old to my very first political meeting in a storefront in Oak Park Illinois just off of Lake Street for a new group called ‘The Collation for Political Honesty’I kid you not, how’s that for hokey, huh?  It was their very first meeting and lead by a man named Patrick Quinn who most definitely ‘stuck with it’ in Illinois’ always sewage soaked political system and he went on to a number of high elective offices including being elected the first Democratic Illinois governor in 26 years!  The Mayor Daley Democrat Political Machine Pat  Quinn railed against at that very first meeting, elected him to every office he’s ever held since!  It was my first lesson about the duplicity and strange bedfellows in politics which I’m rather an expert about today!

I bring this up because your stay here Mr US Attorney, could be very short-lived if President Trump has retracted my new party and has not yet expanded the  group of his loyalists nationwide.  If he proves to join Jimmy & George as a one-termer which seems more likely today, and I’d like assurance of our senior US Senator that she will support you continuing on under a new president.  She’s publicly stated her support of you she also being a former AUSA, but she’s sold her soul to Harry Reid Inc and she has shown zero integrity or any independence from him or from the DNC, and after her diving head first into Lake Whack-a doodle here and hitting her head on a Jurassic Park-sized giant carp swimming by, she’s adopted a extremist hard-partisan point of view offensive to many and she’s got no choice but to hold you to the Progressive Extremist litmus test she now calls her own.

<—Our new junior senator Jacky Rosen (left) is Classic Vegas, inexplicably holding public office for winning a synagogue raffle perhaps and now a US Senator when only a few days ago, no one even knew her and she had never done a damned thing for Democrats in Nevada her entire time here!

Always looking looking to everyone like the ‘bad girl’ in our high school Health Class films about the dangers of VD and bad girls, I have no idea what you may expect from her really. but will respectfully remind you about the dangers of VD and bad girls Mr USA!

When congressional Democrats get wind of what has happened to and is still is happening to Judge Melanie Andress Tobiasson here, they’re all gonna shit a buncha big bricks so look for Rep Titus to look alive and maybe even interested for the first time in years and both she and Senator Rosen to carry the Progressive Extremists’ dirty water Outrage hysteria reaction here because its coming your way, we just don’t know how or when yet, but trust me on this sir, IT IS coming your way!

In an absolutely toxic Loves Canal Brownfield, MeToo, Believe Women, post-Kavanaugh political reality we’re living currently and your being a Trump appointee, the good judge’s unlawful mistreatment by Metro and the FBI is epic in the corruptions of the so many involved and serves as an appalling indictment of just how bad its gotten here sir.  More in a moment on this—

Catherine has to look and sound all Professional Dem Female in her new role as the Bill of Rights hating pin-up girl for the DSCC and she should be much more reserved than the other two. She gained the new position given by Sen Schmuck Schumer with her full knowledge that he really appointed Harry Reid and that he’ll be running the show!  Harry’s been one big, huge, asshole and nuisance, constantly underfoot and bothersome since his non-retirement and of course, his entire political life prior. 

I’ve always imagined that the US Attorney’s office here had a enormous warehouse disguised as what we’ve been calling Yucca Mountain with nothing in it but tons and tons of evidence about all of his bullshit here!  So I blew a call into Satan on your behalf to check on scheduled Arrivals down their and YES, he’s on their guest list, but he wouldn’t even hint at the date!   Look for Harry Reid’s incessant meddling in everything here to be your constant companion Mr Trutanich because his political ‘stank’ is everywhere on everything here!


I knew four years back that you were appointed Adam’s COS and am wondering sir, how your being Adam Laxalt’s trusted very good friend enough that he named you his Chief of Staff at NVAG where you performed well for him and for us, but also how it also was that you had no influence at all over his allowing his own vanity being flattered and stoked and stroked to such a degree to attempt even higher office this past year after serving only one term?   Did you know that Commissioner Collins and me volunteered to cut a YouTube together for him expressing our mutual disdain and nausea over our now new Governor and that he never responded?  Then as I’ve thought a lot about this since Senator Heller recommended you to be nominated by the president to become our USA,  it occurred to me that you are not a hard-ass political person which many appointees to your position may also be besides being good prosecutors etc…it’s no sin or deal-breaker for a political appointee to be a hard-assed political person and partisan either!

In your case, it is very good for Nevada that you do not appear to have ‘any of the ‘political stank’ of being a hard-assed partisan on you.

<—Look guys, he’s even got all his teeth and he’s been here for five years now!  Amazing huh? 

Mr USA, you have Good Political Hair for Nevada and its the only criteria we voters use when casting our votes.   Your buddy Adam’s hair was not good and looked like an old rusty Brillo pad and that’s why he lost!  That’s when I knew that though you may be his pal, you had no idea about Good Political Hair—and therefore could not possibly be a hard-assed hyper-partisan political person smelling of political ‘stank’!

Your stock shot right up with me but I needed to check you out further and went East to see what kind of student you were at Georgetown, then reading about all of your cases in Cali, I was laser- focused looking for any indication of ‘political stank‘ in your professional life and I found none so far and I was delighted about that and still am today!

I’m concerned because if you’re the United States Attorney for Nevada that I think that you’re going to become, I’d like you to stick around for a very long while here sir, you will never run out of cases, you will never be bored, and you are looking at the opportunity to assist in the national efforts to repair the great damage the former administration did to Main Justice under AG’s Holder and Lynch and also to its hyper-corrupted FBI under former Director James Comey, which the current administration has done nothing about!   Here in Las Vegastan, you are now in receipt of a veritable mountain of FBI/Public Integrity Section investigative materials with more to come on the way too and which will deliver to you high quality targets of political corruption here that the Big Boys at Main Justice just love to prosecute and which will end the political lives of an elected Democrat and Republican and many of their associated corrupted brethren—and sister-ren too, and I’m believing knowing how you folks prefer to do things, that you’ll begin to seek more indictments maybe as soon as this fall too!


This story dropped the jaws of many in political life around here me included, for many reasons!


Right now sir, you are looking directly at the USDOJ’s very favorite kind of case, especially here in Las Vegastan:  One which literally fell right into your laps which today you have all of the evidence and much more than you’ll ever need and gathered in time-lined fashion by a witness of the very highest value which I’ve come to believe you’ll use to indict and convict, your FBI office’s retired #2 guy Patrick Brodsky and Metro’s now retired #3 guy Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo!  The very thought of an executive officer of a large urban police department in Fasulo ordering about the FBI’s #2 guy in Brodskyhad to have upset a very large number of careerists, purists and brass over at the FBI’s headquarters in DC, as well as your superiors and brass over at Main Justice too!

For you folks at home, there has never been a time in all of human history that the FBI didn’t announce loudly it’s superiority, preeminence, and always lead position being in charge of law enforcement in America.

Both Brodsky and Fasulo are currently working as dishwashers and busboys for casino mogul Steve Wynn I’ve publicly cracked-wise about since this news broke and Wynn’s been offering sanctuary for Metro officers and its predecessor Las Vegas Police Department since the earliest days of his first effort here at the Golden Nugget downtown!  One of the perqs all of our sheriffs have had here which few know about and of those few, no one considers the corruption associations which may or may not be involved, is his ability to pick up the phone and immediately place officers of all ranks and time served as an LEO under him, into positions paying very well and usually under the Resort Security Directors who have often been almost all Metro retirees themselves, anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip.  I believe the new Busboy Assistant at Wynn, our former Assistant Sheriff Fasulo, was the latest in a years long list of Metro Honor Roll Wynn Resort placements, former Sheriff Jerry Keller being a good quality ‘get’ and asset for Wynn and lasting a long time there after retiring as sheriff, and someone you’re going to know very well soon, retired Metro Vice Lt Karen Hughes who only lasted a couple of hours there it seemed before she got popped and was shone the door, or got shoved off of the roof or something!

<—This is the Dina Titus Purse Pistol Uzi which gets her through the roughest of days, neighborhoods, and political meetings!

Investigative reporter, Doug Poppa who broke this story for the Baltimore Post-Examiner is associated with the old Riviera Hotel’s security efforts himself and he dropped a very big bomb here by uncovering this story almost nobody knows about because our local Media refuses to follow it.  Curiously too, the always unhappy looking, frumpy, dumpy looking woman standing behind Todd Fasulo is our US House Rep for NVCD01 Dina Titus and she’s our Feminist Progressive Extremist Agitator Hillbilly Hayseed who to date, has inexplicably not come to Judge Tobiasson’s aid with support!  Her orders from the Nevada Resort Assc and the Resort CEOs and Presidents and other brass who own her, would be to deny, downplay, and ignore any talk of Vice here for any reason. She‘s a very rare Progressive Extremist Dixiecrat Dowager from Thomasville, GA whose always got a big huge honkin’ gun/cannon in her purse cuz she gets very itchy around darker-skinned people—so make sure you have her wanded, metal detector-ed, patted down, strip searched, and shoved off the roof or something should she stop by.

The two Resort giants feel that their employment of post-retirement LVMPD officers is proprietary information which is none of anyone’s business including the GCB which may have made that FBI report on Stephen Paddock your FBI guys are are approaching 90 days being late on releasing, somewhat difficult to put together just trying to figure out who’s connected to Metro and who is not.  This delay is also creating a strong under tow fueling speculation that there may be a developing criminal component investigation of the players in the Mandalay Bay Massacre involving Metro, the District Attorney and his office, the CCBC, the Office of Sheriff, MGMRI, and the insurers.

I’ll come back to the Vice case in a moment—


You must be reform minded and possess at least a visible level of determined and focused son-of-a-bitch and within you because Nevada’s entire Political Class, our entire Lawyer/Lobbyist Class, and our Police/Prosecutor/Judicial/Prison Class have no fear at all of you and your Department.  None sir!  None at all and they haven’t had any fear or even concern about USDOJ in many, many years here!

I’m going to step gingerly here not wishing to upset or make enemies at your new office or over at the FBI, but I was not a fan of your predecessor Daniel Bogdan, but plenty of important people here were and coincidentally, just like your home office headquarters today, you have those very same structural, institutional, and cultural issues right here in Las Vegastan which have dulled Justice’s efforts here for many years.   You’ll not hear current political buzzwords and propaganda slogans like ‘intersectionality’ or ‘systemic’ of the Leftists now Progressive Extremists where I spent 40 years playing in their Political Playground and I really detest those terms too for not serving the ‘body politic’ at all well and leaving nothing but blood and guts to clean up afterward, plus, its just too damned easy to do which is why its done by all on both sides.

I’ve long held the view that federal law enforcement has been the major impediment to our achieving a far less corrupted political Las Vegas and Nevada.  No one has ever piped in with an alternate point of view challenging my assertion either.

I was very frustrated with Senator Heller for not presenting the president with a USA nominee until last July, my knowing first hand that doing so is any given senators cherished photo-op and good Press moment to show his voters just how wonder a senator he really is. The majesty and constitutional requirement of the appointment and confirmation itself , is a truly great Americana political moment for all involved and I sincerely congratulate your achievement rising to this high-mark pinnacle of your profession.  Your family is so proud of you and for more than just your good hair now too and your folks will be beaming for months to come!

still wonder what AG Sessions was doing getting USA Dayle Elieson passed into your seat—a very unusual move—which appears on the look back, to have been a temp seat-warmer placement because things were aging badly within DOJ Ops here and on a growing mountain of cases Main Justice would be insistent upon delaying until the district had a senate confirmed USA.  Is she remaining here as a Special USA to assist you?  Then as I was learning about your impressive street cred as an AUSA, I’m believing more and more that we were actually waiting for you to become available for submission to the president of your name for appointment and confirmation as our US Attorney cuz your caseloads as an AUSA were very tough, hard to win prosecutions requiring good solid lawyering and sharp skill-sets from you.  How cool is that if its true about us ‘waiting for you’ and what a compliment and salute to your acumen and abilities from everyone involved including your currently hyper-dysfunctional and politically poisoned home office in DC?

Don’t correct my impression if I’m wrong cuz I like my version and I’m good with this story for you!

<—Yes, this really is Jozef Tito and you can see by ‘the look’ he’s giving here to some asshole, why I hope and pray that our new USA Nicholas Tratanich, also knows how to throw ‘the look’ our ethnic relations have been giving to one another for more than 900 years in the former Yugoslavia!

I’ll come over and teach it to you and we can practice it together in the mirror until you get it right cuz you’ll need to be throwing ‘the look’ to a lot of assholes here in the normal course of your new duties!

Your surname also indicates we may be related by ethnicity. Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian?  I’m two of the three on my mother’s side and can’t keep track of who it is I’m supposed to be hating on for more than 900 years now of our collective history. But we can both agree that our people certainly know how to hold a grudge, can be a bunch of drunken sons of bitches who like to fight with one another for centuries, and that we all loved President Tito who was our beloved benevolent Communist Dictator for like 30 years!  You’re gonna need some of that which flows through our ancestral bloodlines too!

Of course, Mrs Trump is the ‘Croatian Sensation’ First Lady today and who is the first First Lady in modern times to not have graced a single magazine cover for national female-oriented glossy print publication. The Left hates her husband, but they’ve always irrationally hated Republicans as this was their MO very necessary to stoke Dem voters to go out and vote as we saw in last fall’s election.  We can’t have Mrs Trump having a 900 year Hate-On for them for being such assholes to her, so, I’m gonna see what I can do to get YOU on one of those national Ladies’ magazine covers and we’ll just have her hidden and spring her on them from behind a closed door or something like that!   How’s that?  Sound good?


Part II  Up next of this welcome message we’ll go into all of the details of the politics of your new position and USDOJ’s cases here and how new criminal investigations of brass at Main Justice may effect your efforts here.  The two biggest political matters you must address effectively and immediately are the once flaming, burning brightly and now smoldering wreckage of Bundy/Bunkerville, and the Public Integrity Section’s investigation of Metro’s Vice Pimp/Prostitute Protection Rackets which unfortunately, didn’t even pause for a moment when the Malle Mall case came to become public—and I’ve split that into two cases running on parallel tracks:  The first I’ll call Vice/Malle Mall, then the second, I’ll call Vice/Judicial Intimidation.

But it appears now and because USDOJ has had information under Blockade since Bogden left two years ago, and that because the gross misconducts and malfeasance within Judge Melanie Andress Tobiasson’s Vice/Judicial Intimidation track of this case, are so egregious and damaging to the public offices the public must have confidence and faith in, but also confirming too, that absolutely nothing was done at Metro or the DA’s office after Vice/Malle Mall became public, and that the elected Clark County Sheriff and elected Clark County District Attorney and a number of others in high positions here, fully engaged in Criminal Conspiracy to ensure that this fact would never become publicand conducted by them personally—that they both personally moved that track of the case into the Top Priority status at USDOJ and ahead of Malle Mall—and they both being re-elected only weeks ago, this cannot be slow-walked or delayed for any reason until their terms expire so they could leave on their own as Main Justice likely arranged with the former sheriff here in exchange for their not placing Metro under its first Federal Consent Decree which appears on the look back given these gross misconducts, to have been far too generous settlement terms by USDOJ back then.

...again sir, they have no fear of you at all Mr Trutanich.


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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