The Prez, the USAG, the NV USA, Metro, & the Judge

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jan 22, 2019

Part II  Welcome New Nevada US Attorney Nicholas Trutanich

LVMPD Vice/Public Integrity Section Investigation

Now going into its 5th year, no one observing or cheering this to conclusion of those accused though not yet indicted going to prison, thought this one would take this long despite the two local pimps sure to go free and one represented by former Las Vegas Justice Court judge Janiece Marshall has won his plea bargained freedom when many including me thought that Judge Villani would shit-can everything against him the police/prosecutor corruption was/is that bad and the witnesses in those now very old cases are that tainted and destroyed.  I’ve wondered how the careerists and purists at USDOJ in Washington view that.

The District Attorney’s office is perceived as being  just a little bit worse, but in a BIG way in that we citizens and taxpayers are still paying Deputy District Attorney Liz Mercer’s hefty salary today while she reads the paper, sloshes coffee, and clips coupons I guess, no one has any idea what she’s doing all day or why the DA hasn’t fired her!   The other pimp is truly an idiot and had one of our best local ace defense lawyers in Jonathan MacArthur who the pimp was trying to get off of his case and we’ve not heard status on him or his case, but assume he must have heard about Ms Marshall’s success on the first case.

<—-Chubby chicks are a Vice delight to those who dig ’em and come here to find them!  Former Sunrise Hospital nurse Julie Blevin’s (left) indictment last year was a ‘signaling’ from USDOJ that they’re moving on the Vice/Malle Mall aspects and certainly her attorneys are negotiating a plea in exchange for her full cooperation.

She was running the business Back Office for him, much like retired LVMPD Vice Commander Lt Karen Hughes apparently was doing for Metro and the District Attorney for nearly 8 years under the former sheriff.  

For years here, LVMPD Vice was reporting ridiculously low Vice arrests and one recent year, Metro’s own K-9 Unit even outperformed its Vice Unit on arrests! I kid you not, and no one thought that was unusual enough to investigate why that occurred.

Nor have we heard about anything involving the first DOJ indictment of former Sunrise Hospital—where all of our big celebrities go to die—nurse Julie Blevin handed down and being tried in California and why its being tried there. The US Attorney’s office and the FBI here haven’t said anything publicly and that is not serving DOJ well given the known about fuq ups you’ll need a big can of Spackle and a big bucket of Bondo to begin your necessary clean up and repair efforts with ASAP Mr USA.

I’ve looked at this case as being two cases regarding the same Metro Bureau and running on two parallel tracks because of the time frames in both being so distant from one another though involving some of the same officers and persons making unrelated appearances in both.  But the FBI has not informed us about Judge Tobiasson or confirmed or denied that they’d opened an investigation about her allegations she brought to the Press here in April 2018 because she felt abandoned by the FBI here and it appears that she actually was abandoned by them too.   My learning recently that the FBI here is ‘aware’ is a very good thing for civilian me to hear, and investigative writer Doug Poppa publishing his interview with her yesterday so that’s all out in the open and public in bright sunshine now too and there are no secrets.

The ‘political reality’ of all of the judge’s aspects in this case are staring you right in the face Mr US Attorney and requiring your addressing them with her immediately. You’re a political appointee, you’re working under another political appointee in impending Attorney General William Barr, and you’re both serving at the pleasure of THIS President, in THIS political climate, in THIS city, within THIS part of Dark Vegas exploiting and profiting on Sex Trafficking women and young girls.  You have a top-tiered witness the very people you are investigating are trying to destroy because some of your subordinates at the FBI have left her twisting from a tree limb after your Agent White was pulled off—which emboldened and empowered them all to continue their unlawful misconducts against her.

Everyone looks bad sir, your Cabinet level Department, especially bad on this portion.

Imagine Nicholas, how this might all play out to a rabid, ravenous, blood-thirsty national Press Corp intent on bringing THIS president, your boss, down!

She quite correctly feels abandoned by all of the various entities of the USDOJ who may be involved, and you are the now at very top of the USDOJ Chain of Command over all of them here, and you can fix this and rectify her very real concerns by simply picking up the phone or stopping by her courtroom immediately sir!   You are mere moments away from political firestorm ignition on what should have never been left to smolder next to the Department’s oily old rags and gasoline soaked old newspapers!


I thought that maybe DDA Mercer had embezzled from DA Wolfson’s campaign fund a lot of money and therefore she had to be forgiven and kept on since he’s got a history of being the Embezzler Whisperer!    DA Steve Wolfson rather creatively chose to look at this case as he being the only victim when the campaign itself is a standing entity is how most would view it because though a candidate and his signature is required to run and file these docs, others may also have key-code access to do the same on the candidate’s behalf should he run off and go missing in yet another mid-life crisis—so the criminal aspects were committed against both the candidate and the campaign— but he as DA, has ‘discretion’ to see the campaign fund embezzlement of his campaign funds anyway he chooses to see it!  

The NVSOS didn’t even look at it.

<—-How nice for him, how lovely for her too, huh? One almost wishes to light a post-coital ciggie and enjoy the political climax after-glow with them!

That the DA’s daughter Becca Wolfson was reported a visitor at ‘Top Notch’, the false front prostitution enterprise in Chinatown back then and moving to the Decatur & Flamingo Corridor later, is not an issue on its face, she passing the bar a couple years back and following in her Pappy’s footsteps into the often lucrative criminal defense wing of her profession.  It may become an issue if Ms Wolfson had a sexual relationship, or was representing any of the men associated with Malle Mall’s enterprise there, and if she used her juice with her father to ensure that her new friends were treated with kid gloves by the DA if arrested and booked into the CCDC.


I’ve always felt that DDA Mercer’s misconduct was worse than even the corrupted Vice officers because she was fuqn Det Baughman while he was fuqn everybody else in town including his Commander and boss, Lt Karen Hughes which many here thought is an NRS capital offense here to bed her, or that it should have been one, and then Mercer goes off and marries him I’m sure believing she’ll get some kind of spousal immunity though she represented the very last hope of anyone acting professionally under the law in this case, and she refused to do so, preferring to marry a POS Detective she knew was a POS Detective!

How Detective Chris Baughman was operating completely unimpeded as a Vice Detective and who it was at Metro that OK’d his writing two books while doing what he was doing on the streets of Las Vegas.—and for so long too—has been a nagging question for me I’m sure you guys at USDOJ and the FBI here have had the answer to for a long time now if you didn’t have it in real time as it was occurring way back then.

There isn’t a soul here who doesn’t think that your Department’s FBI isn’t complicit in Metro and the DA’s recklessness and corruption.  They have to be, they’d have to have known, this corruption couldn’t survive and thrive without the FBI’s explicit knowledge about everything and their more than implied consent by allowing it to continue.  It’s going to be a hit taken and the longer it takes for you to assert sir, the longer it will take to heal!

Mr US Attorney, no one is reading this out there clutching their pearls and saying to themselves, ‘Oh my, no not here in Las Vegastan, no it can’t be true!’  Nor is anyone chomping at the bit and holding marches and vigils to sweep the streets clean of pimps and whores here either.  What none of us understand is why this has gone on for years here without aggressive federal intervention when the USDOJ busts up all sorts of big-to-gigantic criminal enterprises all over the country, and we can only conclude that the Feds are deriving something they find beneficial to them in exchange for their allowing it.

What we’d like you to do is finally clamp down hard and put a serious dent in this ‘subsistence prostitution’ to ‘sharecropping whoring’ on the violent, brutal, and bloody lower-1/3 tier of Human Flesh Peddling here which after 2002 and the explosion of smartphones, CraigsList, and Back Page Vice opportunity platforms, we should have seen a noticeable decline in pimps but instead have been dealing with their robust expansion as they moved into our Clubs circuit with Metro & the District Attorney’s help and protection and the Resorts and club management pretending this never happened and isn’t happening on their properties every day of the week here!  The pimps are now the primary drivers of business into the Clubs and serving the demands of the Tricks they are selling females to.

<—-This enchanting MGMRI picture of  CEO Jim Murren getting a pre-micro-chub starting to get his freak on by feeling up Joe Lombardo’s leg, really does add another dimension I hadn’t thought about regarding Judge Melanie Andress Tobiasson dumping the now sheriff of Clark county 25 years ago after two lousy dates and he making her kick in for gas, and ruining him for all other women to come afterward except his very ‘inspiration’, former hooker, Amy Ayoub!

Nothing but hotel rooms all over the fuqn place he has keys to, and Murren’s freak is the excitement of in the danger of getting caught in public at a solemn event it seems!

Said Murren’s wife Heather, ‘What?’

Said Lombardo’s wife Donna, ‘Goddammit!’

Since Sheriff Lombardo’s televised meltdown with Net Nut Laura Loomer in the days following the James Murren Mandalay Bay Massacre, the relationship between Metro and the FBI couldn’t be any frostier than it still is today.   So many let’s call them ‘inconsistencies’ in Metro’s official account of the event and your FBI’s  report expected delivery date delayed indefinitely, it would seem and that’s actually a good thing because any fictional accounting from them, would bring additional harm to the entirety of USDOJ’s efforts here and elsewhere USA Trutanich.   

I still haven’t heard an explanation of why it took an hour for new Deputy Chief Jesus Campos to get up to the 32nd floor with nothing but cops all over the fuqn place down there, how its was that Metro Misfit & Misanthrope Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank III came to be the first senior officer down there with the sheriff enjoying Whoppers with cheese ‘with friends’ at the Venetian at 2200 on a school the next morning night for him, and why former Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo beat a speedy exit landing onto a bunch pillows over at the Wynn a month or so later, while former Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts retired to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a member of the ignored minority in our state Assembly!

AS Hank has been actively telling people for months that he’s the next sheriff here when he has perhaps the FBI’s largest file of any officer in human history in Las Vegastan and many believe he is also an unnamed officer in the Vice investigation(s) and as its official Plantation Vice Protector Pimp Poppa, and as the former Deputy Chief of Tourist Safety where no tourist was ever safe, a bus hostage situation lasted over four hours cuz no one knew how to open the fuqn doors from the outside, and an officer whacked a meth’ed out guy at the Venetian earning Hank the unearned Assistant Sheriff position for defying gravity by failing upward!

Of Charles Hank, how could he not be a part of any Vice–related Public Integrity Section investigation of the LVMPD?  I mean come on really Mr USA, when you read about all of his bullshit over the years, you’re gonna have yourself a monster shit attack that he’s even still employed here—and he seems to be on his way to appointed position under the Governor!

Maybe we should double-up on the Spackle and Bondo for you, huh Mr USA?  If you’re a drinker sir, take care that you’re not going to become an Alcoholic Gold Medal Drinker for all the piles of shit we’ve left for you!


I don’t know yet that your AUSAs are a problem, and of the people we all know have interested you fellas at DOJ, District Attorney Steve Wolfson is looking the worst today, even worse at times than Sheriff Lombardo and Todd Fasulo also look. but what should be the parallel investigation of Judge Tobiasson’s issues as the relator and/or federal witness and as the duly elected local judge held in very high regard and esteem, looks from the cheap seats out here to be ready to go as soon as maybe this fall because so many gross misconducts on her matter are so egregious and outrageous in magnitude and audacity and are still being conducted against the judge today, and all are being done to destroy her reputation in the Media, her profession, and in the public eye and all being done for a DA’s office and police department which is in hyper cover-up mode about everything she had brought to them which resulted in two murders and her being ‘outed’ by now former Vice Officer Justine Getus, who was promoted to Homicide for her efforts attempting to whack a judge by identify her to the gang-banger pimps Vice is protecting!

It was a lateral move done by Sheriff Lombardo, she is still listed on Clark County payroll records at the Patrol Officer level and pay-grade though press accounts of her busting a suburban LA cop here refer to her as ‘Detective’ and though we have no rank at that title, we consider those with the title to be Sargent equivalent and move their pay-grade up accordingly for their expertise.

‘That now former Vice, now Homicide officer Justine Getus deliberately ‘outed’ Judge Tobiasson to those who could bring great harm to she and her family she also ‘outed’ two of the three murder victims Metro failed to investigate Judge Tobiasson had informed them about—then after the two murders occurred, the sheriff called the judge and removed officers to other assignments but like with now demoted former Vice Detective Al Beas. the sheriff refuses to fire anyone and instead Lombardo promoted her to Homicide, a position of status and stature in all police departments in the United States!

LVMPD Homicide was not thought of highly enough by Sheriff Lombardo to conduct the Mandalay Bay Massacre investigation and he inexplicably yanked them off of it very early on after 10/1/2017, but I guess that they are good enough to host a corrupted officer who attempted to have a judge here killed by outing her?

Seeing how USDOJ has handled police corruption matters in other cities, I just can’t believe that Main Justice is at all OK with the sheriff rearranging the furniture at Metro rather than expelling the contaminants’ which brought us to this place we’re at today and which seem directly counter-intuitive to the Public Integrity Section’s mission and history since being formed in the 1970s.

Can you see the political quagmire this actually already is Mr Trutanich and how what you do going forward after reading this is so critical and urgent?


Main Justice has always treated anyone involved in criminal conspiracy against anyone in the local, state, or federal judiciary as its top priority!

This malfeasance has crossed lines no one in elective office should ever cross, most especially not the elected sheriff and the elected District Attorney, their respective duties and oaths of office requiring of them to prevent, or arrest, jail, prosecute and imprison anyone else who would dare to do this to anyone, much less doing this to a judge!  They did the exact opposite instead by turning to intimidation/retaliation mode against Judge Tobiasson and what is absolutely clear here is that the USDOJ or its FBI did not order either Lombardo or Wolfson to stand down and back off—specific orders BOTH men would follow too because the blow-back if they refused would be intenseof their harassment of her which empowered them further that they could continue their unlawful behaviors against her.

In fact, there is no evidence that the US Attorney had even been told about any of this , or that Tobiasson had come to the FBI with it, or that the FBI had relayed this information to the US Attorney at the time, Daniel Bogden either, and that points directly back to now retired FBI’s Patrick Brodsky though other agents could also be involved.

Because of the public offices involved and that a duly elected judge was/is also involved, one would think that the US Attorney should have been told directly that same day that Melanie Andress Tobiasson had come to FBI.  This is a very serious matter internally at USDOJ if the local FBI withheld information from the local US Attorney which would have or could have adversely affected the original Vice/Malle Mall case they were very deep into at the time.

I have no idea how something like this would move up the Chain of Command at the FBI and how and when the local US Attorney and its Chain would move, and then when Main Justice in Washington would be advised by the FBI of something this urgent, but I do know that all of the Justice Department’s many entities have strict protocols all must follow so that any particular agent or attorney doesn’t wander off on their own given the enormous power and discretion they have to enforce and prosecute matters on behalf of the United States.

What’s so peculiar about this is that when Sheriff Lombardo dispatched trusted by him now Captain Raybuck to interview Judge Tobiasson, Todd returned with an excellent, well prepared briefing for the sheriff in writing, and I’m sure that Joe also asked for Todd’s impressions verbally too, I certainly would.  This gave Sheriff Lombardo political ass-coverage and a level of plausible deniability, the ‘wiggle room’ I say all politicians need to have, and time to take corrective measures too—but I don’t think that the Sheriff and Captain ever gave a thought that it also served to raise Melanie Tobiasson’s credibility as a witness against Metro up into the stratosphere because the elected sheriff had sent Raybuck to get the whole story from her.  She had discovered through her efforts gathering intel as an Officer of the Court, that Metro hadn’t done anything to correct the corruption at Vice despite what the sheriff had told to us publicly and this is the primary factor for all of the unlawful misconducts committed against her which followed.

I have to believe the US Senate soon confirming the president’s new but old Attorney General William Barr, will push this along further still and that he will order Melanie Tobiasson’s case be to validated by opening an investigation separate from the DOJ’s original Vice/Malle Mall but on a parallel track, if it hasn’t been done already.  If anyone had managed to win a USDOJ Prosecutorial Discretion delay or conclusion benefiting they and their corrupted companions, that he will rescind that and reverse course too! 

Regardless, she came to them with credible evidence of wrongdoing at Metro and is therefore their witness. That’s how this works readers.  There’s no card or pin or initiation paddling that you get when you become a federal witness, you just are one.  USDOJ can categorize you in many different ways or in no way at all, but that’s a decision for the US Attorney to make, not the FBI!


They have, no credible defense of their meeting’s criminal conspiracy to affect the unlawful retaliatory actions they were taking just by their convening this meeting against Judge Tobiasson with Judge Bonaventure!

Only a sheriff and District Attorney who thought themselves immune from recrimination, criticism, and prosecution would ever do something reckless like that!

Of all in attendance except possibly Judge B and Captain LaRochelle, you already have enough evidence to indict, prosecute, and convict them, but my knowing all of these men, all would accept immediate resignation in exchange for no indictment or potential further jeopardy to them for other aspects of this case and other prior cases.  USDOJ would want to ensure their cooperation on this matter, the Mandalay Bay Massacre, and forbid their employment at any Gaming establishment or concern, and a lifetime gag on all of them not to speak or write about it or profit in any way by their misconducts in office here.

Clean, clinical, surgical and very precise and with them gone, your further efforts on the case are made easier and will serve to show that you mean business! 


Public Integrity Section investigation of Metro Vice Unit began in 2014 with the first raid on Malle Mall’s Escort Service Ring, to the covert meeting with Judge Joe in April 2018, covered a span of four years and not only showed but proved, that despite the federal investigation and Metro being completely cut off from it by the Feds, the Vice Unit’s corruption was continuing completely unabated and undisturbed and this despite the sheriff in the press soon after this came to light him saying something to the effect that there’d been changes made and officers removed and reassigned—Translated: A fresh coat of paint and some new curtains—and that he had turned it over to Metro’s Homeland Security Division to investigate everything which is a first for them since those aren’t their duties and like all police departments in the United States, Metro has an Internal Affairs Bureau solely entrusted with these matters with its Commander reporting directly to the sheriff and undersheriff to ensure no interference in their duties by others.

USA Trutanich, how can this particular aspect of USDOJ’s Public Integrity Section’s investigation of Vice Ops here, not have moved this matter to the top priority slot of the USDOJ’s continued investigation here?


When the sheriff dumped Lt Karen Hughes as the near to 8 year Vice Commander in one of his earliest moves as newly elected sheriff and I wasn’t surprised, but I was ecstatic my knowing of her years long bullshit told to me from dozens of officers of almost all ranks, and what she’d done to so many officers careers, and especially what she’d done to her ex-husband out of pure spite, anger, envy, and hatred and who you guys in federal law enforcement here thought very highly of and so do I, our former USM Chris Hoye.

Just so you know Mr USA, if Hughes somehow ducks indictment by your office, I will probably have the biggest shit attack in human history cuz it took former all-star LVMPD Sgt Norm JahnI know that Sgt Jahn and many others brought Vice corruption matters to the FBI’s Field Office here and to their Regional in Los Angeles too—to explain to me what I was seeing regularly on the Strip when observing what Metro was doing down there which seemed to be gumming up the works all the time with black and whites with flashers running all up and down the Resort Corridor and processing those arrests seemingly taking forever, especially on weekends, and he told me it was Hughes’ orders to everyone on the force making Vice related arrests anywhere, but on the Strip especially, to inform her first 24/7/365, so I’ll assume you’ve got her and will indict her for being the General Manager of this enterprise for Metro and also Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank III for being the top Metro Pimp Poppa, but will concede this doesn’t look as easy to proceed going forward further down the chain of command for USDOJ because of a few things you must be considering as you’re reviewing what it is that you’ve actually got in your hands as the new USA.

Think about that Mr Tratanich, and please think about whether or not you’re at all comfortable with having some 600 judges in this state petrified to speak up and speak out about something because they are intimidated into silence by the Clark County District Attorney and his corrupted underlings, or by the Clark County Sheriff and his crew?  

Judge Tobiasson’s conduct was unorthodox but well within her scope as an Officer of the Court and her mistreatment since 2015 is a political and moral outrage to such a degree I’ve never seen before in 40 years of political life, and you must stop it and you must punish those would do this to a duly elected judge here in good standing.

The April meeting with Judge Bonaventure changed everything and the entire matter is a now confirmed and long running criminal conspiracy among some of our highest level public servants to ruin another of our highest level public servants and all done to protect years old countywide Dope & Prostitution Rackets for the tax-free mega-money it is driving into so many pockets.  All involved had choices all along the way for the entire life of this story, and all made the wrong choices all along the way too and they did not act at all to protect the integrity of their public offices by corralling, containing, or correcting the misconducts of subordinates all across their public offices.  Depending on how wide you wish to cast your net, you also have Club management and Resort brass complicit in all of this too, but my sense is that you’ll see things exactly the same way that I do sir and take the bird in hand that you’ve got today:  You’ve got a career-making portion of the larger case which will remove from office the sheriff and DA who did nothing about it, which you had that handed to you on a silver platter by a witness they retaliated against without reprisal or their fear of indictment.

Had Joe or Steve picked up the phone and called me, I would have told them both to do nothing without USDOJ’s express consent—especially removing and rearranging without firing officers—or suggested to keep those officers he had moved placed under the constant care of inscrutable managers above their rank.  Same with the DA who will do anything to protect his daughter from becoming a target in your efforts.

You’ve been here long enough you’ve probably heard the saying that ‘Nevada is run today by the offspring of the same people who ran it 50 years ago’, and there’s truth in what that observation is really trying to say: That we’re too cocooned, isolated, interconnected, incestuous, and insulated and we’re still a very small town with big boobs here—everyone knows everyone else—and because of this trait, we absolutely need a persistent and constant federal law enforcement oversight here which is not and cannot be compromised because we are this way here!

Next up:   Bundy and Bunkerville and help in fixing that mess!

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Michael Zahara

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