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US Attorney Trutanich, Bundy, Bunkerville, & Beyond!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Feb 10, 2019

Part III  of our Welcome to Nevada to our new US Attorney Nicholas Trutanich

Days since US Senate confirmed you as our new US Attorney:  38

I’ll admit Mr USA that I was a bit surprised to hear a rumor that you’ve hired your former boss Adam Laxalt and if that proves to be true, that’s going to complicate your life even more than all of the problems USDOJ has let fester for far too long here in Las Vegastan!

You’re sitting on a number of major things we’ve back-burned for too long waiting for your nomination and arrival and which require your immediate attention and public commentary on as soon as is reasonably possible Mr USA:

<—-Though she’s married to Nevada’s very biggest asshole, douche-bag, and insufferable dog-shit citizen,  Howard Beckman (left, bad toupee), now NVSC Justice Elizabeth Cadish (right, better toupee) was to have been US District Court judge here, but she fuqd it up over her views on the 2nd Amendment and your buddy Dean Heller preferred Gloria Navarro instead!

Harry Reid’s political stank is all over both women but that putrid odor emanating from Howard Beckman is just his nasty personal stank!

Bunkerville/Bundy:  This outrageous 4 year long prosecution stage directed by Harry Reid and his political goons on behalf of big developers in that area, his judicial placement Gloria Navarro, who was to have been Elizabeth Cadish who was just elected to our Supreme Court, and with co-starring roles of the then Assistant Sheriff Lombardo, Deputy Chief Fasulo, and even a tearful, frightened and crying like a little bitch Sergeant Tom Jenkins of the TV show Vegas Strip fame—everyone so scared up there that they all had even forgotten to wear their Kevlar!

As those images absent these guys wearing their Kevlar flashed across my TV screen, the case was over for me and should have been tossed the following morning because they were not paying any attention at all to the details, were appearing with all of the Bundy’s and their supporters up there and completely negating the narrative your office was trying to sell to the public.

How was it Mr USA that nobody at the FBI or USA’s office here or in Washington was spitting nails and breathing and farting fire about that major misstep taped by Channel 8’s crew working with reporter George Knapp?

I fried them all here and insisted then and still believe today that Judge Navarro should be impeached and removed by the US Senate she claiming not knowing what your now subordinate attorneys were doing the entire time and not holding them to any level of standard professional conduct for the entire time either.  The damage done to the US Attorney’s office and done by the US Attorney’s office, is enormous in this state and region sir, and its reputation and credibility will takes years of effort to repair with citizens here.  Former AG Sessions was livid but did not blow a gasket publicly about it here but did when he got back to base I’ve heard, the Press here reported he was going to conduct the DOJ inquiry into your new AUSA’s gross misconducts himself!

<—Ruh roh!

…and unfortunately, it is your mess to mop up now going forward sir. 

Because although not reported here (surprise, surprise!) it was reported in Portland, OR that the US Solicitor General, Noel Francisco, has OK’d the Appeal of the Dismissal filing with the Ninth Circuit in SFO filed by your Nevada Appellate Chief AUSA White on your behalf.


<—-When he told America that, ‘ I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Reno, I couldn’t even get a boner going!’, it was the only time that every single one of us believed him!

She was a Bill Clinton presidential erection-killer as anyone can tell by the look on his face here too!

As if this even has a snowball’s chance of getting out of the Ninth sir?  I realize that you are subordinate to the Solicitor General and may not have been able to even offer a counter point of view to him being so new and all.  I also realize that it is long-standing, unwritten USDOJ internal policy to make life as miserable as possible for Sovereign Staters in this region of the country, but the USDOJ’s heavy-handedness brings back very bad memories of Ruby Ridge, Murrah, Waco, Elian & Maris-useless Gonzalez and AG Janet Reno attempting to not look so butch in a business suit and comfortable shoes!

<—-Her 2000 performance in Miami had America hating on her crying, whining bullshit, so much so, that millions of Americans were offering to pop her and snatch up Elian and give him back to his father in Cuba!

<—-Marisleysis Gonzalez’s asinine theatrics and antics in 2000 also served to enable this new toxic twat to be elected to the US House from New York NYCD14 in 2018!


My sincere advice to you Mr USA:  Own itapologize for the misconducts of your subordinates, pledge that your entire office will be reminded through retraining protocols what USDOJ’s mission is and that it must not only defend all aspects of the Constitution, but fully abide by it in doing so because at Bunkerville, your office failed in those duties, and that you as United States Attorney are charged with correcting and reforming that which requires correction and reform effective immediately!

That’s it. No embellishments, no melodramatic moments from you are allowed because this statement itself is powerful and to the point and will be very well received by millions in this region—and then of course, you must act to fulfill your stated goals.

Also helpful to you is to look at Bunkerville as a blessing in disguise within the big cloud surrounding your silver lining Mr USA, because of your being able to get into your prosecutors’ heads and getting into the hows and whys your own office’s AUSA Corp somehow decided to up and forget everything they’d ever learned, then flushed all of the many, many policies and procedures regarding case management and protocols of the USDOJ…as well as the oaths of office they all took and all swore to uphold!  This will be invaluable intel going forward for you Mr Trutanich because it is pervasive if not endemic here that this is how everybody goes bad and goes down here!

<—George Knapp (left) has been Metro’s and federal law enforcement’s go-to guy since Jesus was a toddler in Pampers and his friend and former colleague Dana Gentry (right) has now joined his stature with this same cohort having the confidence of Metro insiders, RJCers, and federal law enforcement!

There are days that I think the I-Team’s George Knapp’s little Alien buddies over at Area 51 and the Test site are spraying some kind of plasma through Chemtrails  here which turns normally intelligent and thoughtful people in public positions of power, prestige, and authority, into complete total fuqs, so I suggest that you must publicly admit and apologize that some of that Alien plasma got onto your AUSAs in Bunkerville because the outcome there was so damaging to the entire Department of Justice.


It was a very big hit to the Department of Justice Mr Trutanich and I hope the federal jury in New Jersey refusing to convict the super-sleazy Senator Robert Menendez there last year, was not an indicator that the public’s perception of USDOJ has shifted to one of distrust and failed confidence in permanently damaged or destroyed by former FBI Fuq up James Comey, the AUSAs in Bundy/Bunkerville, the corrupted US Attorney’s people regarding the 2016 election, soon exiting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and compromised FBI attorney James Bake & Andrew McCabe being referred to the US Attorney for prosecution.

The New York Times recently broke a story that top FBI brass had opened up an unconstitutional investigation of President Trump to ‘rein him in’ for firing the hyper-corrupted James Comey, CNN in on this story too and its legit and has set off another firestorm at USDOJ—but this time its a good one for your department’s badly damaged image.

<—-The three proprietors (left) of the local firm ‘Winkin, Blinkin, and Nodd LLC’ do not inspire confidence in anyone other than their competitors!

Your appointment here after our waiting almost two years, was a critical necessity for Nevada as you can clearly see Mr Trutanich!  


Mr Trutanich, my old political friends back in Chicago live in a near constant state of panic and fear since former USA Patrick Fitzgerald swept into town 19 years ago, that someone that they know—maybe even their own mothers and grandmothers—-are not wearing underwire bras, but actual ‘wires’ from the ACME Company’s recording devices!


I’ve known IL Speaker Madigan for 40 years and Alderman Burke for about 33 years and no one in Illinois believes your colleagues there have made an error or mistake Mr Trutanich.  Find faith in the intense Operations USDOJ often engages in in other jurisdictions around the country when it comes to Public Corruption.  We’re counting on you not to sweep under the rug any of the unflattering to USDOJ bullshit which will come out in the coming weeks and months.

Simple basic FBI stings like this are never done here much to my amazement!  Can you make it a point to tell us why our arrogant Political Class in Nevada shouldn’t have at least some level of fear of you and your office and all of the many things the USDOJ can do to keep things as open and honest as possible here?


Our local FBI’s SAIC Aaron Rouse’s release of a 3 page brief instead of the report promised to us about Stephen Paddock was less than adequate and an embarrassment to the Bureau but it was enough to place it on a back burner for a while longer.  He looks to many of us to have been a former Eric Holder Fast & Furious-era government asset you folks may have forgotten was here because whomever it was at USDOJ in Washington who created his false background information after we were done with him running guns to the cartels for us, someone decided it was OK to have in his false history that he once worked for the USPS and for the IRS, the two most despised Gov entities, and that someone also forget that the tail numbers on his two Cessna’s would show all of the previous owners of the two aircraft and who it was which would become their next lawful owners of both Cessnas….and again, surprise, surprise, that turned out to be the Pentagon!

I vaguely recall that this Pentagon shaped building in Washington DC has quite a number of its own aircraft which can do amazing things like completely avoid 1970’s-era Senator Frank Church’s Commission edicts back then which ended the US CIA’s killing of our political enemies overseas. 

18 years at war in Afghanistan and 45,000 active military personnel unassigned by the Pentagon today meaning we have no idea where they are ‘fighting’ for us, would indicate that we’ve got a much more lethal and effective ‘secret military’ today than Senator Frank Church could ever imagine back in the 1970s.

IThat his old lady was never his old lady is besides the point too.  She never blew him, he never so much as even attempted to touch one of her boobies! How was it that this Filipino Fraud of a female double-agent managed to get herself an Australian passport and clean herself up all over the Internet after being interviewed for all of 20 minutes?   That wasn’t mentioned by Aaron Rouse but he tried for months afterward to get a gray forehead streak going like Marilou did!

Nor was any reason given why former AG Holder skipped town in such a hurry and without anyone at DOJ ever placing him under oath to tell us when it was that he told President Obama that then SOS Clinton had installed an unlawful and unsecured email server next to her comfy commode in the basement of her suburban New York home and that the Russians and anyone else who may have been interested, were reading her Classified emails in real time each and every day during her entire time as US-SOS?

<—-It would be difficult for even the most ardent partisan to not call USDOJ’s 2008-2019 period to be the very worst era in their history and I’d concur Mr US Attorney, my remembering fondly of the late Martha Mitchell, ‘The Mouth of the South’ who brought down President Nixon as then US Attorney General John Mitchell’s wife!




I wasn’t sure how to react when Ms Gentry broke the above Sex Trafficking story on 2/7/2019 either.  Is this just stage and set design and you guys posing for pictures together to let us know you’re ready to begin your duties here?  I’m fine with that too Mr USA because since this story broke here in 2014, many of us have wondered why USDOJ has appeared to be slow-walking to the point of standing still, this case from the very start and why known and named persons so far haven’t seemed to have broken a sweat and have continued these past four years as if they hadn’t a care in the world about your investigation and their being a major part of it.

Not a single person named to date and on the public payroll has even been fired or strongly encouraged to retire out as we begin our fifth year of the Public Integrity Unit’s investigation you very nicely confirmed to Ms Gentry in the above story, is still an active investigation and giving to her the Journalism Hat Trick of this state’s Top Three Scoops over the past ten months!

No one was surprised that District Attorney Steve Wolfson did absolutely nothing about his corrupted subordinates when the news broke in 2014, but quite a few of us, myself included, were slack-jawed that Sheriff Lombardo barely broke a sweat moving a few of his corrupted underlings around rather than firing any of them, but then kicked it into hyper-drive over Judge Melanie Andress Tobiasson in his most blatantly sexist and misogynistic misconduct as an Elected official to date.

Couple Judge Tobiasson with Julie Blevin Mr US Attorney, and you should be able to clearly see what is going to exploded the US House Dems when they learn about what has and has not been happening here sir!

The sooner you and your team get these multiple indictments handed down, the better for all of us who have been waiting decades for the USDOJ to assert here and clean up all of the crap we’re forced to live with because we don’t have federal law enforcement partners in SoNev to step up and to step in when we need them most!

Nicholas, please change that for us!  We’re counting on you kid!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!