Toxic Blackness Killing America!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 1, 2019

Hyper-racist and biased bigoted Jussie Smollett has earned the self-imposed death penalty, he’s begging us to grant him his wish and make him an international martyr & celebrity for the cause of his ugly seething hatreds.


<—This is Janet ‘Moms’ Smollett who raised a family of hella-haters as a Civil Rights activist in the Bay Area! 

She destroyed her six kids with her hatred, the other five irredeemable haters are Jurnee, Jazz, Jake, JoJo, Joqui, and they too need to die gloriously with their brother Jussie!

This Toxic Blackness America has gone on for far too long, cost too many of our police officers their lives, and rewarded human garbage with false settlement payouts to keep the neighborhoods calm from their mayhem.

Those payouts are also known by another racially bigoted and biased term since the 1960s:  Community Development Block Grants–-the very reason Democratic Urban America looks like the ‘shitholes’ they do today and are a decades long proven failure to the cities, is that these Mega-Billions as Bribes all ended up in connected, corrupted Black-American pockets which had zero interest in sharing the Big Booty Bounty with young up and coming politicos!

We’ve known this was failed Pork still on the Pig since the 1970s everywhere, but as long as the Black American bigots got theirs, well now….

In Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Philly, Los Angeles, even here in Las Vegastan, Community Development Block Grants has killed off Black Urban America to enrich biased bigots Rep Alycee Hastings, Rep John Lewis, Rep Auntie Maxi-Pad Maxine Waters, and dozens more have also become millionaires in office.  For more than 30 years of my 40 years as a Dem, I couldn’t convince a single Black face that in order for New Beginnings in largely Black America Urban America to actually begin, CDBG had to killed off permanently.

California’s fabled ‘Jungle Primary’ where the top two finishers go onto the General was the most racially biased and bigoted state primary bill in American history when it sailed through the Cali legislature to broad passage despsite its underlying singular goal being to permanently end any non-VRA protected California US House seat from ever becoming a new one and bending the new law to favor just Latinos and Asians there….and the direct expense of Black-American Californians!

Gee, no wonder Black California is emptying out in truckload after truckload heading to out to our fine state again in the latest mega-out migration to Nevada!

Where’s Booker and Harris’s bigoted mag-pieing about this atrocious and actual flagrant violation of the VRA Maxine Waters is just dandy with today?

This all began the afternoon of the verdict for George Zimmerman in Orlando in 2013 and along with his presidential Cop Hating/War on Cops, is another of Barack Obama’s enduring legacies of his Progressive Hatreds that he immersed the entire American culture and nation in.


The Hoax Hating being done largely by a tiny segment of Black America is being perpetrated directly because America is not the racist bastion of hatred professional bigots like Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker make it out to be.   Today Bigot Harris is celebrating the 7th anniversary of week of  Trayvon Martin, that’s what a warped, sick-ass, psycho bitch she is, and Booker this past weekend turned in the best ethnically biased and bigoted performance of the 2020 Dem field to date, performing as a Black man in black face for people here in North Las Vegas and sucking up to Aaron and Berna Rhodes Ford, Nevada’s two all-time champion racist bigots bar none!

No one in Nevada matches Aaron and Berna’s intensely racist ultra Marxist hatreds as both showed during the Obama caused Dallas cop murders he flew home to stick his nose in and posted the most remarkably racist hatreds on his Facebook thread…and when he told us he was there for his Grandma’s funeral!

…’member that one folks?  I sure do and the screenshots are most helpful to jog the memory!

Learning that Nevada is being sued to rid us of the horrors of our rural brothels, and that bigot and perv AG Aaron Ford must defend the State of Nevada on behalf of fellow bigot and perv, Gov Steve Sisolak, was like our state’s premier Two Pervs in a Pod getting called out for their years long bullshit they both committed against females in Nevada and they’re not even 30 days into the 80th Session!

This should be well worth the price of admission to watch those two squirm publicly for all of their past #MeToo sins nobody said a word about during the 2018 campaign!  Its really rather amazing how soon people’s bullshit catches up with them these days, especially here in Las Vegastan!  Both Elected vermin are believed to be long ago compromised to bend hard to the Special Interests who did their research and investigations on both Steve and Aaron and found a treasure trove of persons ready, willing, and able to  begin talking about what they know to be true about both men the very moment they even attempt to  step out of line and try to be all independent!

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

In fact, prior to Trayvon and Obama stealing the phony Black Lives Matter, pro-lesbian, pro-trans, prop-queer narrative as his own to save his awful legacy as a failed president right afterward, America was enjoying a peaceful period of relative harmony.  Places like Las Vegastan were suffering under Obama’s dictatorial 4,000 pages per week Rules and Regs which shackled the global economy Trump freed by doing nothing more than winning the 2016 election, and proving Barack Obama was an unmitigated disaster at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because not only could he not work with the GOP, he couldn’t even work with his owns Dems, but while Obama was doing his best to mess up America, Las Vegastan sprinted to the top becoming the least racially segregated metropolitan area in America during his lackluster presidency and having nothing to do with Obama.  Hate is Obama’s legacy when concurrently with Trayvon, he had the new research to prove Las Vegastan had become the American new ideal insofar as racial desegregation of livable, viable communities were concerned.  It had been trending that way since at least 2000, but celebrations or toasts to the achievement clashed with the victim first/hate first /identity play date narrative Black Democratic voters are expected to espouse today!

Seeing that America’s first black president didn’t do jack-diddly-squat for Black Americans, this Toxic Blackness Hate Hoaxing Horror after-effect we’ve been going through within some elements of college-educated, snowflake, Black middle class entitled feeling bigots these past seven post-Trayvon years, took it upon themselves to create this Toxic Blackness Equals Our Continued Love/ Racial Hysteria which exists only in their warped minds.

What’s different these past seven years of this Toxic Blackness poisoning America from coast-to-coast, is that the formerly dependable pool of durable Dem Black American ‘Rejectors of the pure Black Haters’ of these now hundreds of post-Trayon instances of Black American created Hate On Hoaxes, have all but completely disappeared from the public square!

In return we have Senators Mammy Kammy Harris and Gayer than Shit but forgot to tell his Moms, Cory Booker, trotted out by the DNC in the first batch of failed Progressive Extremist Democrats to get them out of the way and failed and finally finished early—which both will blame Trump for—- so that the DNC can steer Biden and Klobuchar to the nomination they so richly deserve and earned by being just what bigoted and biased White Progressive Extremist woman can vote for next year while they’re calling their local police department about the ‘Black guy’ who’s looking ‘suspicious again’ even though they’ve lived in thee same building together for a dozen years!

Yes America, please pop off and finish off all of the Smolett Smurf Hate Machinesevery single one of them-–and then prove me correct that Harris and Booker won’t even win their home states in next year’s Primaries!  That how bad their 2020 candidacies truly are!

These current 60s–70s era pocket stuffing Dems self-servers, sold their very souls and those of Black Americans, to become Millionaire Slum Dog Ghetto Rats to an ever shrinking and now always irrelevant Black American Democratic political class.

Bad behavior compounded by more and more bad behaviors since Trayvon and done by bigoted Black Extremist extortionists, had me commenting not long ago that it will take a century worth of time to pass before Americans ever trust Black Democratic Americans with helping us choose a president after we all were so badly incinerated by Bougie Barack.

No credible outrage or counter-commentary about the Smolette’s hatreds, or from the Harris and Booker bigots which are in earsuch high fashion today, has me in the mood to maybe double-down against what this disgraceful Wing of Black Democratic Progressive politicians who with each passing day, is reminding us that California appears to be right in what they did denying them VRA protections under their Jungle Primary and given these past 7 post-Trayvon years of pure hate from them!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

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