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Kelvin Atkinson Is Going To Prison To Find A Man!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 7, 2019

I hadn’t met many political mannequins prior to meeting North Las Vegas Gay Political Terrorist, disgraced Senator Kelvin Atkinson, and though political Himbos are very common in politics, my coming across a guy here who is ‘smoove’ down there as the kids say, was disconcerting to me really.

This is politics, we’re supposed to be wearing pants or at least culottes, aren’t we?  My saying that Kelvin Atkinson was as Dumb as a Donut ‘triggered’ the International Donut Defamation League to threaten a boycott and Donut-Shaming of me for my defaming their do-nuttieness by even off-offhandedly suggesting Atkinson could ever be in their esteemed league!

I’ve seen a lot of naive politicos over 40 years, a lot of blowhards too, maybe five or six true Visionaries, 50 true-grit Workers and Doers, seemingly thousands and thousands of Life’s Takers, maybe a dozen or so of Life’s Givers. Poseurs and Pimps over-populate politics at every level in every corner and within every nook and cranny of the United States too.  There are genuinely stupid people all over the fuqn place in America and we in Nevada have an embarrassment of riches there too, but I’ve never had a problem with stupid people because they’re at least aware of themselves and you can work toward solutions with them and also help them get that tough-to-get-on sweater with the too small head-hole, on correctly and by doing so, get that warm feeling inside that you were at least doing God’s Work while He and His boy Jesus must’ve been on a coffee-break!

It’s the ignorant-ass people out there—yet another embarrassment of riches for us here—and Senator Kelvin Atkinson was the Crown Prince of Ignorant-Ass bullshit people here.  Our hate-on of one another began when he made a crack about Lt Williams, continued publicly when he demanded during Richard Cherchio’s first run for NLV public office, that the City of NLV change the street name of El Camino El Norte to Martin Luther King as CLV does.  He suggested this right smack dab in the middle of the Ward 4 race that year and I personally thanked him for being such a colossal asshole during our race instead of during one of his own!

<—Sleazy Senator Kelvin Atkinson needs to make a BIG poo-poo for Mommy, that much is clear in all the pix he has ever taken in 17 agonizing years of his bullshit here!

True to form, Kelvin the Klueless never mentioned Dr King and his lifetime love of Sodomites ever again either. No one except the Borgusons ever said it was a bad idea but when one has such a stupid, wrongly-timed political brain-fart-to-diarrhea-dash idea one should pass that putrid gas in their own re-election attempts.

And yes, of course I support Dina Neal  to replace Kelvin over Massa’s favorite Dem Plantation flunkie fuq up, William the Turd.  She redeemed beautifully with me after a shitty start as the Daughter of Dem Royalty here who may have thought she was gonna be comped on everything here when these crazy bitches have never once lifted a finger to assist those behind them with anything!  Ms Neal had the correct Dem view on the stadium and this state’s electorate will reward her old school Dem bravura performance and the rest of Dem Black Political Las Vegas said and did every single thing incorrectly and in such a way as to damage their Nazi Dem Identity Group’s fortunes for years to come.

You may not be registering this political chicanery which deliberately screwed our massive and ever growing Latino constituents, but Nevadastan, with a paltry and puny 8% statewide population of Black-Americans, steamrolled over all the Latinos here and that Dem Gift of Latino Dismissal and Disrespect is going to be returned by Latino Dems still stinging badly from the racist misogynistic public rebuke, elbowing aside, and #MeToo Compton Entitled jamming down our throats of his being undeserving because of his 2014 loss, now pretender #StealMine Nevada’s Illegitimate Speaker Jason Frierson over Irene or Teresa.

Kelvin, with plenty of empty space to sub-let in his cranial area, had nothing to say!  He’s never been there for anyone other than Kelvin.


He was zero help when I went searching for Outraged Dems to finish off the decades long James & Willia Chaney & Family systemic defrauding of one of the valley’s original Dem Clubs which by time then Chair Foley sent me to assess and fix for her, hadn’t kept any kind of books in at least 20 years, they had no idea where years of GOTV grant monies went to. they had pocketed every single dime out of the Pot-of-Gold monthly Club drawing’s take.

Before James even knew me to publicly call me ‘an ugly White dog‘—my cherished Secret Service code name ever since—I had spent almost the entire day down at UMC watching James ‘qualify’ locals for Medicaid and him like a star maitre”d with extended hand behind him expecting and getting a generous gratuity in the $20 minimum range to qualify them when such services have always been free here and everywhere else in America!

Will Robinson Sr, the legendary super-corrupted NLV Councilman who made a career helping himself to everyone’s things from their cars, to homes, to wives, and girlfriends and him turning scaring Mormons up there into a High Art form and them into ignoring his bullshit and Kelvin thought Will Sr was ‘kinda cute’ and datable’ I guess which is fine, if you dig old dude dick like Kelvin does, I guess!

Remember that tasteless misuse of Sherwood Howard’s good name and reputation just to get Kelvin more Black Brides Magazine Wed Cred that he actually knew or cared about anyone in NLV he hadn’t dated, proposed to, or that fella he once married from Republic?  Everyone was acting like a complete total ass for their silly marriage mimicking for the cameras and Kelvin wondering where the Advocate’s staff writers were hiding in Judge Allf’s car trunk to snap his wedding exclusive since everyone now knew the pecking order for pecker pickers changed to San Francisco, West Hollywood, and finally, North Las Vegas earned its coveted spot as one of America’s premier gay ghettos at number three!

It was all done for publicity, propaganda, and pandering to fascist Gay/Queer/Trans/Identity Politics.  Local Treasure Chuck Muth piped in on Twitter the other day with his revulsion in Kelvin Atkinson doing exactly what rabid racist Jussie Smolett did lying about being attacked by MAGA supporters, Muth was hysterically called out by certified Press bigot & racist, Nevada Current’s liar/writer Micheal Lyle, and then he was backed up by NLV’s NSHE bigoted and biased Grand Wizard champion, Laura Perkins! Both are lifelong ethnically biased, identity-bigoted racists, and completely unable to see their own drenched in poison hatreds by their even commenting at all on a matter Muth was 100% correct in his comment on!

17 years of nothing from Kelvin Atkinson is still nothing, but one has to admit that he was adorable in those JC Penney Gar-animals coordinates, still the only way he can even somewhat dress himself today.


Don’t even get me started on Moose Arberry, the Urban League/UNLV Daycare non-Phung Fraud attempt, expelled phony and faking it fuqr Assemblyman Steven Brooks and his remarkable Cali cray-cray fake-ass ‘Oh, I’m crazy now bullshit!‘ just in case those indictments of all of the above and more, were coming sooner than expected!  Kelvin’s role in this Down Low Black Gay Mafia dream of his and theirs had me also then pronouncing him a ‘Moron of a Man—he’s not even a stereotype, he’s a cliche!’ but the Morons’ Reps concurring with me and no threatened boycott or lawsuit from them for my comment is expected.

His leasing space for his bougie Urban Lounge most say a good, healthy, robust, and vigorous 5 alarm fire would be a vast improvement given the atrocious rent he thought was a great bargain but all of his 3 customers told him they were too afraid to come there and then be forced to pay Strip top-shelf prices for his well-Brand X swill.   No, of course North Las Vegastan didn’t need yet another gay bar in Nevada’s municipal Gay Mecca and epicenter with the Pentagon’s ‘Gayest of the Gay’ Air Force base and all those ‘horny mens’ up there—no, perish the thought dammit!—and the obscenely over-priced Arts District in Las Vegastan had to do for Atkinson’s daily cash burns because the City’s gross misuse of that Redevelopment Agency cash to enrich themselves and their friends, does not attract investors, but retards their capital pools with everyone paralyzed until they get the graft cash they demand first!

If Kelvin Atkinson didn’t steal his campaign funds deliberately to go husband-shopping at NDOC and Hope for Prisoners as many including me suspect, and if new lip-liner, gloss, and Bobby Gentry Go-Go Boots had nothing to do with it either, then he certainly can’t make the numbers work at his current location even at $75 a chipped glass with Lake Mead tap water on his ala carte menu!


Kelvin Atkinson is also a god-damned liar—a prolific and consummate liar at that and about everything too!  It was 2004 0r 2005 when he stiffed the Women’s Democratic Club’s Annual Spotlight Dinner fundraiser at the old Riviera and I had advised him of ‘his bookkeeping error’, me personally relaying to him that they had no record of his payment and when could they expect payment from him?  Kelvin, being is obnoxious, self-serving, condescending, pretentious, insufferable, puke-of-a-person self he manages to hide or gauze from most unsuspecting folks out there, went off on me in some kind of racist head-trip for almost exactly a month.  All I said to him was, ‘Bring me a copy of the canceled check, and we’re good and I’ll make sure its all cleared up!’

Dumb-ass and always ignorant-ass Kelvin didn’t know the other person who had been valiantly attempting collections efforts from him was the Women’s Demo Treasurer Nazi at the time and also my big sister, Susan Ford, or that I had been the fella who did the double-checking of all of her always flawless work—every single receipt and ticket set sold—on that year’s Spotlight Dinner.

Oh, I can and certainly did forgive the creep, but I’m not the type to ever forget such bullshit because I discreetly asked him if he needed some assistance to cover his tickets costs cuz we did have a little wiggle room on pricing courtesy of some of our deeper-pocketed members.  He blew that option off choosing instead to totally stiff them and I have watched him these past 17 years raise billions and billions and never once stick his fuqn neck out for anyone…ever! 

<—This will be me in 2039 welcoming back Kelvin Atkinson at McCarran!

I have watched him ignore candidates ‘he said he was tight with’ as they were dying on the campaign trail vine looking for a grand or so to cover this or that and falling on always deaf, non-responsive ears on Kelvin Atkinson.  The little prick of a Muthafucka! I gave them all a Big Mikey thumbs up for ‘Political Justice slamming down hard on him when his corruption news broke!   He’s earned everything he’s gotten handed back to him!

Folks, in political public life, it really does come back to you and then on to you too, ten-fold.  You more than get back to you what you have given.  I wonder today if his enormous ego can just consider for a moment, the people who may have been hoping and praying for a financial assist from him to help launch their political dreams in just the past five years?   The number of people is appalling because he’s never had a sense of giving back politically from that which he gorged on like a king politically, and that which was given freely to him courtesy of many others, not even earning his gratitude, much less his  humbled and head bowed respect.

Much was bestowed onto him when he just showed up at NVDEMS, blessed with an easy Assembly seat, then graduating to an easy Nevada Senate seat, he was always there for the bows, the Black Privilege, the photo Ops, the undeserved credit and never earned accolades.  He didn’t do a damned thing to leave the place better than he had found it…not a damned thing!  There is no legacy other than  his pretentiousness and his being an entitled feeling User and Taker in this  life and assuming he could continue his revolting, gluttonous gorging at the political trough without consequence to him ever becoming the very necessary cure for his political ugliness.

There are no tears from me here, oh Hello no, cuz I’m pissed off he was such an ignorant and arrogant asshole who consumed 17 years of our community time when someone with better ‘inards and outards’, someone with real and actual personal character and integrity, could have been actually making a difference in the Northeast Valley of North Las Vegastan!

I’m reminded that when Ricki Barlow went down for his bullshit, he was, still is, and will continue to be treated very well and with reverence by me because though he fuqd up, he took it like a man and in the ass for England just like the Queen always does, and no tears, and snot-nosed bawling his eyes out like a little 7 year old bitch, or any whiny bullshit either; nope, he owned it, apologized and now is rebuilding his life back up.

Thank you Rickles for respecting us all enough not to carry on like a little 7 year old bitch sir!

I was ready to barf a barrel full over Kelvin’s revolting Drama Class theatrics and carrying on weren’t you guys too?—-Jesus Christ I really, really hate when they do that shit, I really do!

Barlow also left something Atkinson did not:  A credible, demonstrated, consistent effort for his constituents in his Las Vegas neighborhood which I can still see with my own eyes today in CLV Ward 5.  Very nicely done Councilman Barlow!   He understood that Basic Housekeeping is Rule #1 for almost every office in Nevada, even if your public office has no Street-sweepers, garbage trucks, dump trucks, brooms, buckets, mops or pails, or graffiti-blaster crews to keep up with the taggers to dispatch when the neighborhoods needs a good scrubbing and hosing down, you as the Elected better know how to bark out orders nicely to Public Workers to deliver this to your voters on a consistent regular basis which they can see the effort and you can crow about how wonderful you are as the Commander of that effort on their behalf on your public office website!

Larry Weekly was completely tits on a bull useless on Council and unable to even talk to a garbageman during all of his years there and the Ward always looked like Rodney King’s fans just rioted and looted the night before almost every day of every week and we rewarded his non-effort with the County Commission seat where he has no idea where their Public Works is even located and he’s almost termed out!  Like Weekly who is at the twilight of his public office career thankfully, I can’t link a single solid thing to either Larry Weekly or to Kelvin Atkinson that they’ve ever done or attempted to do, which made the place a better place to live for their constituents.

With Rickles, I can!  The Ward is substantially and consistently cleaner than its been since the glaciers of the last Ice Age pushed down all of those Homeless Encampments from Canada and dumped them here and burning 10,000 years ago!   Bus stops were regularly cleaned, hosed down, and trash was collected for the very first time in human history under his watch,  he made a substantial effort to rid the Ward of the Smut Boxes and may have actually succeeded in ridding it of all the ‘Outfit’ owned Squatter Boxes ducking their annual licensing fees!

I know, can you even believe that the ‘Outfit’ would be ducking their fees owed to the ‘Outfit’ owned Mayor and her Council Players?


And so we bury another Piece of Shit Nevada politician who decided to drop his drawers and take a shit all over us.  We’re left with a number of questions for our new US Attorney Nicholas Trantanich over how it was that this indictment and plea from a scummy, sleazy, dirt-bag local politician with no redeeming qualities, came down with such supersonic speed for USDOJ here and where next month, will  they cross the five year mark of delaying and dragging its feet removing a corrupted Clark County sheriff and District Attorney and all of their corrupted associates and none of whom are even under indictment today?

You’re telling us that federal law enforcement at DOJ and its FBI had determined that their critical Urgency-to-Indict was puny little worthless prick Kelvin Atkinson while you’re sitting on five years of evidence ready to go to trial which could send more than 50 persons in Clark County to federal prison sentences for the exact same charge of Mail Fraud Kelvin Atkinson is going down on for his bullshit?

If so, I’m calling Bullshit on that one right now fellas because you are going to ignite America again if you’re also not indicting the sheriff and the DA this week—two  hyper-corrupted white men in a Black Lives Matter world—-but slam down heavy on a stupid, vapid, vacuous, gay Black man from North Las Vegastan and making him cry and ruining his make-up too?   I would suggest that all prior USDOJ provocations of Black-American into Violent Social Unrest response all across America, will seem like Kids Stuff the facts on the ground and the visuals are so bad on your brand new ‘The Sheriff, the DA, and the State Senator!’


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