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Our 27 Year Nightmare Appears To Be Over!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Mar 9, 2019

At risk of my getting kicked in the teeth once again by me believing this wicked bitch, I’m going to state affirmatively that I believed Hillary Rodham Clinton when she told us the other day that she will not run for the presidency against Donald Trump in 2020.  That may also mean that she will accept being installed as president by her Junta Helpers, or by Congressional Proclamation declaring that she should be our president, or that all of her billions of haters have suddenly found her to be at all sympathetic rather just simply pathetic, and they now wish to just comp her into 1600 without campaigning to complete her former WH Furniture Stealing Enterprise where she stole the bed from the Lincoln Bedroom for Bill’s then Diarrhea Delight Dog ‘Buddy, the Dog that Farts and Shits a lot!’ thinking no one would miss that ratty old thing!

The ratty bed, not the ratty Buddy of course; and he is suspected of being Hillary’s first canine homicide since no one saw that little fuqr ever again once they were 2 blocks away after leaving the White House and the limo door suddenly and kind of accidentally opened and he escaped knowing that she was pricing Must Kill Shelters in New York for weeks prior.

Buddy escaped, not Bill...yet!

Turns out that the ratty old thing at 1600 that no one misses in America though, is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

<—-Here’s Buddy being dragged to New York against his will in Hillary’s first canine homicide!

Just these past 27 years since she and Bill promised us in 1992 a ‘two-fer’ presidency with him being the Elected and she being the Rejected even way back then. this woman has burned through political capital and goodwill in gargantuan Climate Changing amounts exceeding all expended by the 45 men elected president for her nearly three decades of being our political pariah and poison plaything. She’s also promised along with her announcement earlier this week, to continue being a prickly little prick of a pain-in-the-ass-bitch by sharing her views on every goddamn thing she can think of to ensure Donald Trump is re-elected to serve as constant reminder to all of us how much we should have loved her and all of her lovely bullshit too!

Trust me, Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris had a HUGE conniption fit when she heard of Hillary’s plans to fuq up the 2020 Dem nominee even though she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of being the nominee having burned through her solid rocket boosters already and is currently gliding to oblivion along with Cory Booker, both senate pretenders to the presidency falling for the exact same song and dance that the DNC gave to Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988!

Its deja vu all over again how predictably consistently racist the DNC has always been and I’ll tell you all about that coming in a few weeks!

What leads me to believe that Clinton is being truthful for the first time in her entire life regarding 2020, is the announcement from Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio telling us that he will not be running for president in 2020!  That was surprising to me since he’s from Ohio, and though old, White, raspy, and a cranky little fuqr with bad hair, he is an actual electable Progressive with a solid track record and cross-party appeal in a Must Win state for both parties Trump carried by 11 points in 2016.

What is Senator Brown seeing today that we are not?  Both he and Hillary, who should have been Prez and VP husband and wife on the 2016 Dem ticket Trump couldn’t have beaten then, announcing their passing on 2020 in the same week is more than a little bit curious.  Brown’s recent visit to Las Vegastan’s legendary and murderous Culinary Criminals Union was met with their typical Hillary Worshiping derision and disdain of anyone else running.  Only Bernie Sanders is more hated at Local 225 than Sherrod Brown is!

Now Senator Kamala Harris had no problem sleeping her way to the bottom sucking on Cali’s SAC Pimp Legend Willie Brown’s old dude dick much to the relief of Mrs Brown who was tired of that nasty shit everyone agrees I’m sure, and Harris intends to win Nevada’s always corrupted Caucus next year by publicly bumping pussies at T-Mobile Arena with Catherine Cortez Masto and her Pimp Poppa, Harry Reid if he’s still alive and darkening our lives then!

<—I’ll bet she’ll even sleep with Wacky Jacky just for shitz and giggles at this point too! 

Sherrod Brown got the NVDEMS Hate-On message at Culinary and skedaddled the Hell outta here on the Joad Family’s truck as even they’ve finally left California!

More likely making Brown’s decision to take a pass on 2020 is that the Nazi Democratic Party has lurched so far to even his Very Far Left, that he doesn’t see America willing to fire Trump given that no Collusion or Obstruction of Justice by President Trump will be reported to Congress by SC Mueller very soon.  Sherrod is smart enough not to attempt a run when the nation will be reeling again because of the Democratic Party Hate On!

How do we know this?  It’s been a past month of really shitty news for those Trump Haters who had to watch 60 Minutes light-weight Steve Pelley’s interview with criminal conspirator and fallen former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe trying to rationalize his gross misconducts and unconstitutional actions regarding James Comey and his well-earned termination by Trump and implicating by his inclusion of equally corrupted and fallen Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein by falsely claiming an ‘inappropriate relationship between President Trump and President Putin’, which there is still no evidence at all today is even remotely true and Rosenstein ‘not joking’ about wearing a wire around the president which exploded Senator Lindsay Graham with promises of forthcoming hearings in front of his Senate Judiciary Committee in response!

This is all so outrageous and the worst scandal in American history committed by USDOJ and every member of the House and Senate already knows this really has been a Trump Witch-hunt for which the president gets no sympathy because of his own stupidity and arrogance navigating it.  Couple this with the FBI, not Russia or Putin, being the actual entity which was directing outcomes in our 2016 presidential election by having James Comey making decisions he had no statutory authority to be making—and then no one in either Party in both Houses of Congress calling any of this out then or now—and you can see why members of Congress today are looking and sounding so desperate and dire, especially the Dem Committee Chairs in the US House under Pelosi.

They are sounding so desperate telling us that there is mountains of evidence of ‘collusion’ for example when they’re not also telling us that it is only Congress which determines what is or is not collusion very much like ‘impeachment’ requiring ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ to proceed and only Congress able to determine what constitutes ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’. 

Do you see the pickle these little fuqrs in both parties are in on Capital Hill now?  Nancy Pelosi was a younger 89 years old when the US House impeached President Clinton in 1998 and that’s why she is not committed to even allowing any of her Committees to vote on Impeachment and move it onto the full House for a vote.

If Robert Mueller doesn’t determine for Congress what constituted a criminal conduct for anyone within his investigation, but particularly regarding President Trump’s conduct, then it looks like we’ve wasted two-years and tens of millions just to de-legitimize the duly-elected President of the United States because the Bureaucracy doesn’t like him and the FBI was doing all sorts of illegal gymnastics to frame him including misconducts which served to elect him president in the first place to cover up their covering up Hillary Clinton’s crimes.

I honestly don’t know how all of these hundreds of criminal conspirators communicate because their communications is also unlawful, even those dozens and dozens who USDOJ was inexplicably handing out Immunity to like tricks or treats in 2016 covering Hillary’s illegal conducts for her! This is how stupid USDOJ is hoping that  we all are still today:  Mrs Clinton was facing the rest of her life in prison just for her malicious destruction of evidence under subpoena she willfully destroyed and now fired FBI Director James Comey told us he would not recommend her prosecution when the US Code requires it? 

This is why both James Comey and Loretta Lynch should have also been indicted, prosecuted, and imprisoned because the FBI Director was chosen specifically to make a pro-Clinton determination when there are dozens of people at Main Justice who are to make such determinations within their Chain of Command when a superior is conflicted or unable to do so!  The FBI Director is never in that Chain of Command and never has been it it, and never will be in it again either, they criminally conspired to unlawfully place him there, also a felony criminal misconduct and the US House and Senate, loaded up the ass with lawyer members all over the fuqn place, and no one said a word about it?

Somehow, Hillary Clinton knows that were she to run in 2020, they will slam her down hard this time out and prosecute she and Bill and maybe Chelsea at 900K per year at the Foundation too, and she preferring her freedom to life in prison, is agreeable, but she’s free to continue to be a big huge bitch about anything she wishes to be a big huge bitch about.  That she pulled the ‘I’m not running trigger’ is a major ass-fuqn by her to her fellow Dems because she did it so early with a year to go until Iowa and no Mueller candy to hand out!  Jesus Christ, whatta bitch!

This entire charade was entirely dependent on Mueller playing his part to the hilt.  If he delivers nothing, watch the Dems erupt claiming Trump got to him and corrupted him too! This is how desperate that they are this afternoon as our Republic weeps because Democratic Party hatreds are so toxic to all of us.  There have been Democratic Party efforts to impeach every single Republican president since Eisenhower, wouldn’t it be great if Mueller finds nothing or turns the tables on the haters who brought this political terrorism?

In the coming days and weeks, pay particular attention to the urgency in Dem hyperbolic pronouncements of Trump illegalities and the expansion of mole hills into mountains.  If Mueller had anything at all on the president, it have leaked months and months ago since DC is the leakiest place in the universe and you can’t keep secrets that big in that town for anything more than hours on your best day.  Manafort’s surprise light sentencing indicates the judge knows this is a nothing burger too and is not willing to tolerate perjury traps or added sentencing because the defendant is an asshole.

His team is preparing the report’s release and the leaks have panicked the Democrats into such a state I have never seen to this degree ever before.  If the news is good, you are calm, relaxed,  and confident with a touch of cocky on your breath perhaps, when its not, your making and expanding accusations hoping that no one notices.

Since 60 Minutes and McCabe last month, Dems behaviors are worse and worse every single day.  Hillary and Sherrod out in the same week was no coincidence either!

Pay attention and you’ll see it too!

Next up!  More very bad news from USDOJ and the FBI right here in Las Vegastan as they don’t plan to do a damned thing on the LVMPD Vice Scandal despite their being able to do so with evidence of public corruptions irrefutable and massive,  but they prefer that these  LVMPD cover-ups continue and that victims can go to Hell here since those at the local FBI Bureau and their LA Regional look really, really bad, and have here for many many years!

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