Anita Hill Was No Heroine, but a Stalker and Harasser of Thomas

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 5, 2019

I posted this on Facebook after reading psychopath Professor Anita Hill’s recollections of her experiences in 1991 in front of the senate Judiciary Committee’s before now Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed.   I was very angry reading this fiction below from her in Politico she had deliberately done to coincide with Joe Biden’s announcement of his candidacy for the Dem nomination for president next year.
<—-This is the miserable, morose face of a pathological liar who attempted and failed by perjuring herself before the Senate Judiciary Committee, to derail the USSC nomination of now Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991. 
She looks like a bag of shit today, her having had to carry the weight of her lying to Congress these now 28 years later and crawling out from under her rock now trying to destroy Joe Biden in a coordinated multiple front attack on his joining the race for the Dem nomination for president.
Thomas called it ‘a high-tech lynching’ and he was right, and America, not just American men, agreed. American women may have wanted to believe Hill, but like Dr Christine Blasey Ford last year in front of the same Committee, Hill was an exceptionally poor witness and Agenda Activists followed their MO from 1991 almost verbatim with her psychotic, little girl-voiced testimony in 2018.  At least some of Hill’s perjured testimony was plausible if not somewhat believable, nothing at all regarding Dr Blasy Ford qualified to even give her the benefit of the doubt about anything she was saying last year.
Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Dem member on the 2018 Committee, knew of Dr Ford and was in possession of her correspondence regarding Brett Kavannaugh since July of 2018 but kept silent because her own Committee aides had vetted and failed the veracity of Dr Ford’s false claims and deemed them as unworthy to be brought forward. So did every other member of the Committee’s top aides—all of them from both parties at the very top-tier of prestigious law schools across the country and all top performers in their field—all of them vetted and failed her as a potential witness when Feinstein finally decided to inform the rest of Judiciary’s members about Ford and the letter.  You read about this nowhere last year.  The Media didn’t think you would want to know about this fact.
<—-What Senator Dianne Feinstein did to this mentally deranged woman was cruel and unconscionable.
Because the visual aesthetic was so poor with Anita Hill and the all male Committee members literally looking down on her while exposing all of the lies and inconsistencies in her fable telling about Clarence Thomas, they changed their rules and protocols but Feinstein would have none of that and ensured Ford’s letter was leaked last year to provide the fireworks for the Kavannaugh hearings.
Someone on Feinstein’s staff leaked Ford’s letter with Feinstein’s direct approval which should have had her expelled from the Judiciary Committee, but her gross misconduct went unchallenged and unpunished coming too close to the election which itself was outrageous because after the Hill Fiasco in 1991, Committee rules and protocols were adjusted to much better protect witnesses and Dr Ford, also like Anita Hill before her, made the outrageous demand that the Committee be told of her allegations ‘anonymously’ meaning she did not want to be identified and testify, just like Anita Hill had demanded in 1991—it was exactly how the evil Anita Hill had entered our lives in fact!
Folks, know that victims who are true and real victims, no matter how hard and tough it may be for them, no matter how unflattering or bad their own conducts may have been, when they decide to testify under oath, they don’t make demands to lessen their own butt hurt to prevent their snowflakes from melting, they steel themselves and suck it up.  If you have something you wish to convey under oath which is truthful, you are fearless about any potential repercussions.  Anita Hill, a lawyer and professor of law, and Christine Blasey Ford, a professor of Psychology, both knew this fact as a matter of their own professional credentials and their outrageous demands for anonymity was the first gigantic Red Flags they both raised all by themselves indicating that neither had any plans on being truthful!
Then entering from stage left is the hyper-bigoted, racially, ethnically, and gender biased junior senator from California, Kamala Harris, turning in a bravura performance of her appalling misandry and hatred during the Kavannaugh hearings and she is saluted and feted as a Dem rising star darling for championing #MeToo et al! But while she’s whoring herself on the Judiciary Committee just like she had done beginning at 29 years old, very publicly and openly fuqing anywhere that she could, California’s married and 60 year old nasty geezer perv Willie Brown, and she too is lying to everyone including to her Committee’s ranking member and fellow California senior senator Feinstein, as well as to all her home state voters, and new fans on the presidential campaign trail!
Yes, lying by omission is still lying folks for Kamala Harris’s own top Deputy from her days at SF City Attorney and at Cali Attorney General, as well as her current part-time lover boy though she is married to someone else, is the cause of California taxpayers shelling out $400,000.00 in #MeToo settlement dollars to his victim which Harris knew all about as AG, but she still brought him along to Washington to serve with her as her personal Perv with Benefits!
The Sacramento Bee broke the story after the Deputy finally resigned after the Kavannaugh hearings and Harris hasn’t mentioned it at all on the campaign trail nor has she ever spoken of it, nor have her many opponents…yet!  They will though, you can’t ignore that level of depraved indifference, flaming hypocrisy, and bigoted, biased duplicity in Senator/Pathological Liar Kamala Harris and expect to get your party’s nomination.
<—New Yorker Brandon Straka founder of #Walk Away!
It was the very last straw for me on something I knew was coming for 10 years prior, and I joined the Just Walk Away movement on October 1, 2018 and just walked away from the truly miserable, truly evil Hate-On which is today’s hateful, hate-filled Democratic Party I had dedicated myself to and worked my ass off for, for 40 years.
In 1991 in fact, I joined the A-Team of the campaign of Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois and we defeated a sitting US Senator in our own party in the 1992 Illinois Primary for his being the vote which turned out to have been the vote which confirmed Clarence Thomas, and we won the US Senate seat in November in what was dubbed ‘The Year of the Woman’  Six Democratic women would win US Senate seats based on Anita Hill’s stalking and harassing of Clarence Thomas in 1992, and of course we would elect pervert Bill Clinton to the presidency and he would go on to defile someone’s Intern daughter who thought she would be safe, and he did it in the Oval Office and with a cigar, and Democratic women were silent about Clinton’s perversions in the White House after brutally excoriating US Senator Bob Packwood of OR forcing his resignation in 1995 in lieu of his expulsion for his harassment of some 17 women.
Leading the charge against Packwood for the Dems was then California Senator Barbara Boxer, a shrill, hate-filled woman whose former senate seat is now held by Kamala Harris! And this issue goes round and round and round further exposing #MeToo for the fraud that it is.
None of the six female senate winners in 1992 would introduce anything at all which would address workplace harassment on Capital Hill, Congressman Barney Frank would be exposed for his perversions with gay male pages introducing the Gay Wing of this issue no one is talking about today when the inside of the Beltway which is our nation’s capital, is the largest, most popular gay bar in the the nation! Its just a matter of time before this aspect boils over all agree.
…and the only thing to come out of Anita Hill, Bob Packwood, and Monica Lewinsky was that Congress had set up for itself a secret taxpayer paid Slush Fund to pay out claims of those so abused by them and we still don’t have a full accounting of who was paid what amount and for which sexual misconducts in the federal workplace and committed by our Electeds in Washington.
So save your sanctimony for someone else because we just had a healthy infusion of more women elected in 2018, and not a single one of them has introduced any corrective legislation.  That’s how we know this is pure political pandering no one is serious about from both sides and both genders.  What they don’t want you to know about on the Progressive Extremist Hate-On Left is that women can be stalkers and harassers too, just like Anita Hill was because she disapproved of Clarence Thomas marrying a White chubby woman in 1987!
This is my April 25, 2019 Facebook post below and there’s additional info backing it up below it too!
She ruined her own credibility by lying to the Judiciary Committee, the most egregious lies about why if she was so harassed, did she follow him from job to job and then lie further again to the Committee in stating she wasn’t still contacting Thomas long afterward?
She made America unlikely to believe #MeToo settlement seeker phonies 27 years later about their alleged harassment!
But there was another element in play regarding Hill’s never-happened harassment I wouldn’t have registered had my sister not married a Black American man several years before the Hill Lies Fiasco. Also at this time in my career, I directly managed a part of my company which employed 134 Black American women and two Black men among others totaling 260 people in our division, and I took possession of their naming me an Honorary Black Woman 1988-1990!
What I would learn up close and personal was that there was a large cohort of Black women in America who literally hated that ‘their men’ were running off with chubby white girls and marrying them! Now Justice Thomas was divorced and then remarried in 1987 to his current spouse Virginia, a decidedly ‘white chick’ and not a thin one either!
To this day no one has asked Professor Hill about her views on interracial dating/marrying in the Great Plains in the 80s, nor have they asked where her Mr or Miss Special is today! When the Media locks down like this, they’re ensuring the ‘facts’ are limited to that which they prefer you know, and not the actual truth! Sound at all familiar to any of you? This kind of Media creative manipulation is nothing new, especially from Democrats of which I was one for 40 years before the horrific mistreatment of now Justice Kavannaugh had me packing my bags and leaving for good last 10/1/2018
Anita Hill hailed from a part of the nation lacking in very many Black Lives that Mattered then or even now, remains dateless, spouseless, no men, no women, no trannies, nothing, nada, zip!
Anita Hill, like Dr Christine Blasey Ford, was no accidental alleged victim witness lying before the Judiciary Committee, these were both cases of Activist Perjury to bend public opinion and outcomes their way! And they’ll do it again and again and again if Congress doesn’t begin charging them with perjury and male victims begin suing them for damages!
You’re a proven, unapologetic liar Ms Hill, no one cares to hear what you have to say about anything!
In February of 2018 this article appeared demanding Clarence Thomas be impeached:
Then this gem from May 1, 2019:
<—-Angela Shannon-Wright has been an unapologetic ethnically, racially and same-gender bigoted racist for nearly 30 years which is why you probably haven’t heard of her and her ugly hatreds. 
She detests white women much like Anita Hill detested  ‘white girl’ Virginia Thomas for marrying ‘her man’ in 1987!
One of my former subordinate co-workers, Cherry Fykes, still a good friend today, took me to school about how Anita Hill was play-acting and performing for the Committee, by tilting her head, dropping her voice, looking downward, sighing, taking halting breaths….this she told me is how an intelligent Black woman would act when cornered with the truth and with facts. Anita Hill was using her sexuality with the all-male Judiciary Committee to complain about sexual harassment which had not occurred!
I’d have not known about this ever growing schism of hate between Black women and especially the White women who marry their men had it not been for the ‘intersectionality’ of the issue in my personal and professional life 30 years ago.  Look Mom, I used a Progressive Extremist term!  Today, this is talked about much more in the Black Left press, it wasn’t acknowledged at all in 1991!  Listen to the caustic hatreds of Black Lives Matter today and this issue spills out all over the country from them these days.
More damning to Anita Hill than her juvenile reasoning for following Clarence Thomas from job to job was her inability or unwillingness to explain why she kept contacting him despite the alleged harassment which she found so unbearable?  We didn’t have Smart Phones or email back then then, we had land lines and pagers and her calling him showed up on both for long after both had moved on.  Today Anita Hill would be called a Stalker and the Harasser in the relationship and there’s a muscular movement to have Joe Biden apologize to both Clarence and Virginia Thomas and growing demands that Anita Hill do the same!
Angela Shannon-Wright is back again with her ugliness demanding that Joe Biden apologize to her now and seemingly giving up on impeaching Clarence Thomas.   Shannon-Wright is a pig of a person whose been on this kick since the Thomas hearings failed her vetting in 1991 and she was not called as a witness.  You have to read her appalling hatred of white women which she peppers into everything that she writes on this matter and always has.  Read both articles to see that Angela Shannon-Wright is an unapologetic racist and bigot who blames white women for everything.  Her jealousy and envy about white women has been her hallmark for near to 30 years now and she can’t help herself when her bigotry erupts.
Both Hill and Shannon- Wright, though horrific bigots, aren’t entirely wrong in their racist views of White women.  The Democratic Party is exclusively the party for chubby White women and skinny White gay men, both who hate guns because they’re so loud.  They’d rather be victims then ever take a firearms course which is why Pulse Night Club had no armed customers or staff and the death toll was so large, and also why Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence Homicide is growing to become more and more a White women matter in our society,
Every other of the 1000’s of Wings, sub-groups, subsections, and branches of the Democratic Party are barely tolerated to keep all of the party’s efforts focused exclusively on White women and White gay men.  Hill and Shannon know this but don’t know how to unshackle the chains they themselves allow from the Dem Plantation and Safe Zone, so they they’d rather fire from the sidelines and be trotted out every so often when they can be of benefit to White women and gay White men.
Anita Hill, aside from being a racist and a bigot who pathologically lies with ease, is also a Stalker and Harasser, is how the Court of Public Opinion would find her to be guilty of being today, and it would be spot on correct today and would have been 28 years ago if we knew what we were witnessing then.

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