Feel The Bern 2020: DNC’s Only 2020 Goal Is To Incinerate Bernie Sanders!

Posted by Michael Zahara on May 19, 2019

In the past century, Massachusetts has produced more major party nominees for president than any other state—3 Democrats, 2 Republicans— and this would seem to favor Senator Elizabeth Warren winning the Dem’s 2020 nomination, but her negatives are sky-high and her superior lying talents bests all Dem presidential contenders combined! Bad enough and almost impossible for her to reconcile then reverse her position today, she flipped her longtime support of Congress reinstating the Glass-Steagal Act which separated commercial and investment banking since the Great Depression and had it been left alone in the 90s, would have prevented the 2008 Lehman Clinton/Gore Great Recession!

…and Warren dumped her support of Glass-Steagal Act reinstatement actually believing that Hillary Clinton would choose her as VP in 2016 she having convinced herself that there was room for two witches on Hillary’s broomstick into the White House!

Only Senator Warren’s decades long lying about her supposed Native American ancestry her drunken neighbor’s Grandma told her about during a fit of sobriety was it?, was far worse a lie from Warren because she inured very substantial benefits from her telling of this lie for what appears to be four decades!

The senator is pretending that these benefits to her for some 40 years aren’t the major issue to overcome for her flailing, floundering, pandering presidential efforts; though they truly are and when Oppo Research declares an estimate of how big a pile of money she stuffed into her Playtex 18 hour bra and girdle combo for 40+ years, it will be in the very high 100’s of thousands of dollars at a bare minimum!


New York has produced 25 major party nominees over our entire history—10 Democrats and 15 Republicans—President Trump calls New York home and so does Democratic Senator and Prez hopeful Kristen Gillibrand who has no traction at all and microscopic support levels despite her mother being a very powerful person in Albany for many years and proving that those holding Sexist views can tell the difference between 2 X chromosomes of very high value to New York voters in her Mom and who is not 52 years old either btw, and her US senator Daughter of Darkness who can’t articulate whether she’s wearing her Sunday panties today, or cheated and jumped ahead and put her Monday panties on instead!

<—This is probably the best Spouse-to-Prez candidate quote of the 20th century!

She was bright and funny and I was 7 years old and had no idea who she was but her husband always looked drunk to me on black and white TV of the era!  

I would learn before I doubled my seven years of age that VP Humphrey was a windbag and gasbag who liked hearing his own voice, I suspected that both he and Mrs H knew their way around a cocktail lounge, and that the nation would have loved her as First Lady, he as First Man, uhh, not so much tho!

Two dynamics working very hard against Gillibrand are our having just flushed New York’s former junior senator Hillary Clinton as the house-guest who’d overstayed her welcome for 27 freakin’ years wasting our time while becoming America’s favorite Old Hag Nag ‘every man’ sees today as his hated and reviled first ex-wife!    Those same ‘every men’ can’t be casting their 2020 votes for the slightly less disgusting looking and therefore prettier, newer junior senator in Gillibrand.  Senator Gillibrand referring to herself as a ‘young mother’ many times so far during her 2020 campaign catastrophe at a very old 52 years old going on 92 should have ended her foolish campaign many weeks ago, but she’s clings to her Religion: Sexism/Equality, and to her Guns too: #MeToo!

I’ll declare now that provided she doesn’t just up and die first, Elizabeth Warren will finish in the Top Five even though she looks like every man’s nasty pain-in-the-ass-bitch of a former mother-in-law too, she is a Geezer Old Gal Progressive Extremist, she is this cycle’s Top Panderer of the 23 candidates to date, she has no warmth and there is nothing genuine about her at all, and she comes across as a stern lecturing school marm of a finger-wagging nagging boorish know-it-all-and-clueless-bitch!  So of course she’ll finish in the Top 5 with this Delightful Dread Cred of hers.  I’d place her as the one to beat if Biden didn’t enter the race because she’s put together the best staff so far and they’re all busy now for their impending losing effort deluging policy wonk types with all kinds of wonkish policies!  They’re essentially writing the DNC’s Convention Platform already and for their doing this now, Warren will have a plumb sweet prime-time slot in Milwaukee next summer! 

Like anyone wants to be in Milwaukee in the summer for any reason!

Both Warren and Biden’s Top Jobs before all else are to ensure Socialist/Communist Bernie Sanders does not achieve the Dem Party’s nomination next year.

<—-Senator Kristen Gillibrand starring in 70’s camp hit ‘Carrie’ and is everyone’s Prom date under the Bleachers this cycle!

Kristen Gillibrand will finish in the Bottom Five and is already painful to watch her fumble around and assess her.  What you’re seeing is that she has no political friends or allies willing to tell her she’s ruining her own Brand by shouting about Equity and Equal Pay into the abyss.  There is no value at all to her championing this as her own because all 22 of the others have towed the Party’s company line on the issue in their own campaigns and today she looks like the girl at the Prison’s Bad Girl Prom shouting for her invisible date to come dance with her!


To a lesser extent because they’re lesser candidates with lesser appeal to anyone other than to guys named Lester, Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris represent the ‘For Colored Girls…Chorus’ of the DNC’sHell No Rainbows in Newark’ efforts to steal away any possible Black-American voters defecting from the Dem Plantation and Safe Zone who may be secretly thinking of voting for Bernie Sanders.  Together, they will pull 90% of the Black-American Democratic Primary/Caucus voters away from Bernie Sanders they all hope!

The Black-on-Jew Hate-On is so very public this cycle and so very ugly and the very worst I’ve ever seen things deteriorate thanks to Barack’s sickening frenetic anti-Semitic hateful bullshit as the most anti-Jewish, most anti-Israel, and most anti-Semitic president in American history!   The vile bile between these two Identity Groups should have the Democrats shut out of federal offices for a generation, but the complicit Media is a very willing Hate-On-Jews participant!

This sickening corrosive ugliness from the Obamas is coming up very soon on The WatchdogWag Project and was a major factor in my decision to leave the Democratic Party after 40 years active within it!

I’ve seen 40 years of racist, condescending, patronizing lying by Racist Jim Crow Dems to Black-Americans, I’ve sat in convention halls packed with Black Dems all over America interpreting for them live as to what so and so Progressive Extremist Hater/Hyper Racist chubby White Progressive chick was actually saying to them in her little turn at the podium!  They’ll still vote in droves for those who’ve built a party for chubby White female Progressive Extremists and their gay White male counterparts, and not for icky, yucky Black people for which White Progressive Extremist DemFems are the Number One cohort nationwide calling 911 and Police Dispatchers reporting Black-American guys to the cops as witnessed by their seeing  them through their drapery peeking & reporting 0f those ‘menacing’ Black men for their living while being Black!

<—While Miss Jane Pittman was taking her sweet-ass time and most of the movie walking to the Whites Only Jim Crow Dem Water Fountain, then Cali AG Kamala Harris swooped right in and arrested her grown children for the Truancy of their ‘lil shortie offspring after she finished sucking on Willie Brown’s old dude dick!

Mammy Kammy may have thought she actually had a chance to be taken seriously, but seeing that like the last president, she doesn’t ‘Identify’ as being Black cuz she being all Jamaican and an India chick on the inside, a bigoted nymphomaniac on inside and outside, and a Sears catalog house-dress wearing Progressive Extremist, so the DNC let she and Cory do their ‘Black People in Black Face Campaigning’ for the 2020 Dem Nomination!

I’d told you about her Deputy AG in Sacramento she brought to Washington who cost Cali taxpayers $400,000 in #MeToo settlement cash she’d forgotten to remember to tell anyone about, well I’ve got some lawyer lizard friends in NoCal who hate-on Mammy Kammy something fierce and funny and they’ve relayed that the total of sexual harassment settlement claims and involving others in her former AG office too, have now topped 1 million bucks.…and its still growing! 

In an embarrassing episode from the always racist and bigoted Congressional Black Caucus the other day, they suggested Mammy would be a great choice for Biden’s Vice-President, and she had the great and only response which indicates the joke set-up to benefit her was planned and contrived and that everyone knew the pitch was coming, but that they being the CBC and she being like a wet fart on a windy day kind of a person and candidate, completely fuqd it up as her new signature line for the duration and in the history books because her staff is so politically retarded and she’s no brain trust herself!    They go off on how racist and sexist the suggestions even was…and coming from the CBC yet, and they were all clutching their pearls in Outrage of course, when the simple response from her should have been, ‘Bitch please, of course I will, Joe Biden did a fine job for President Obama and I will certainly consider him for Vice-President when I win the nomination next summer!

That’s the only response and someone like fossil #3 Dem Rep James Clyburn of South Carolina  knew this and knew how to volley it to her and deliver this kind of political humor, he and the CBC flunkies set it up for her, but she and her staff goes off like crazy bitches first… instead of just going with the joke…while their 22 competitors all sang in unison, ‘Wow, what a stupid bitch, thank you Jesus!’

That was Clyburn ‘Preference Signaling’ that he wishes Joe Biden to signal back with the news of Mammy Kammy as his VP next year cuz she’s been to South Carolina like 897 times just this year already and likely gave to him her Willie Brown Special Fellatio Treatment since SC Primary voters hit the polls February 29, 2019 a week after Nevada fuqs up its 2020 Caucus efforts again!  Some DNC member from SC has already endorsed Cory Booker and since SC is 4th on the list, that’s very poor political form cuz Clyburn is the Dean of the Dem Dumb-asses and wants all 89 Dem candidates by then, to visit him and to visit him very often to kiss his crusty cock ring!

South Carolina is a Primary state which Nevadastan should have become after 2008!  Primary states are superior to Caucus States to candidates and their crews because they are much harder-to-impossible to steal like Harry Reid always does with our Consistently Crappy Caucus here!  Clyburn has built for himself a magical little Kingdom which appears every four years down there and all sorts of candidates come from near or far to pay homage and kiss that old dude crusty dusty cock ring of his and his gig is for that fawning to continue for him, and that means that no dumb ass better be endorsing anyone and upstaging him!

Regulars will recall that Clyburn earned my intense public ire after Gabby Gifford shot herself in the head for being such a Dem Dingleberry, and in response to her, he demanded that members of Congress be comped in through TSA screenings at airports everywhere…and he wasn’t kidding!  I’ve known him for 36 years and that’s his MO–-that’s how he be!—so bet on it that he was trying to Messenger Cory Booker and his DNC endorser from SC not to fuq up his gig down there, or else!

Cory Booker still can’t stop datin’ them hottie thug niggas he digs in Newark, but he don’t want his Moms to know about it, so shhhhh, don’t rat out Spartacus to his Moms!  This should be much more fun in a few more months!

He was the White Obama before Obama was the White Obama and he was a party star until he no longer was after slipping that one day and calling Michelle sir! He’ll fold up his pathetic campaign Ops cuz he’s too light-skinned a crazy cracka and he looks more Swedish than any of the others running—Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar are way Blacker than Cory Booker will ever beplus, he’s not presidential timber!

The whole Dem Primary and Caucus apparatus is solely focused on defeating Bernie Sanders because he’s not a Democrat and he’s had three years and still would not change his party affiliation and rewarding him with the nomination would have the party purist at war with the Establishment because you don’t give your party’s top nomination to someone who’s not a member!

I agree!

****** ***

Here’s a brief recap of  some of the others running:

Montana Gov Steve Bullock===Loser, farts a lot, no chance, finds sheep attractive, moose even more so!  MT too cold and too Red for Dems to even remember its a state!

South Bend Mayor and Tea Dance Champion Big Gay Pete Buttigieg===Way too gay for DL Cory Booker’s tastes per Cory Booker’s mother, so I guess she already knows about his dating dudes in the Jersey ‘Jects!and though myself and others listened to him at the very beginning, this guy really is a HUGE asshole who claims to know and like my buddy Jesus, which was news to Him when I asked!  Plus, we’ve just uncovered that the Founders in Federalist number something or other, said way back then that no gay man with ‘Butt’ in his surname may be elected president!


Just standing there guy—Julian Castro====Someone said he was once Mayor McCheese of San Antonio and I think that they meant San Quentin because this guy’s is about bright as a birthday cake candle and is boring as all Hell and San Antonio is a cool little spot in Texas.  He’s the token Latino Drag Queen this cycle and his surname is even more a deal-breaker with America’s Hetro-Haters than Buttigieg’s is!


Bald White Nudist Guy—John Delaney===I was listening to this guy cuz he’s been running since 1987 and there was nothing on TV or NetFlix, and I couldn’t or wouldn’t put my finger on it, but the something which was making his early campaigning uncomfortable to the Born Clothed Matters Movement was his bald-faced nakedness and we’d seen enough of that with Jimmy, Billy, and Miss Lillian Carter!   Ewwww!


Lipstick Lesbian Bon Vivant & Troll to some —Tulsi Gabbard===It was bold of Ms/Mr Gabbard to Hate-On The Gay Guys of Molokai showing on Pornhub right now at Best Buy as a matter of fact—but you hadda know someone would since blowing a leper has built-in dangers like dicks just falling off….and since no one knows what a Tulsi is to begin with, I ran into her—over her in some interpretations—in Honolulu, home base of my fave Detective Charlie and Mrs Chan & their many Chinese Children after the Japanese declared victory and just bought up everything, and the only thing I could think to ask of Gabbard was, ‘How come I get 1,000 emails per day from you?  You don’t look Japanese to me toots!’ 

You know Boom Boom Michael, that’s why!, she replied!

Damn you Johnny Jackson!


Ghetto guy mayor of Denver once and also the Gov there—Yawn, Stretch, Scratch, Burp-John Hickenlooper===This little fuqr tried to deny Tick Segerbloom his Weed and thus deny CCSD children their cut of the action.  Stupid-ass surname with too many letters translates from the Swahili to ‘Don’t Bogart That Joint’


Five time winner of ‘Asshole of the Year’ honors in Washington state—Jay Inslee, he’s trying to get stupid and easily influenced flatulence friendly folks to buy into his bullshit Climate Change crappola when it was 23 degrees below zero this morning in Las Vegastan!

<—This is former MN Senator and Lyndon Johnson’s VP, Hubert H  Humphrey and Mrs Muriel Humphrey! 

Neither are Amy Klobuchar’s parents btw!

She doesn’t look like Hubert or Muriel Humphrey and that gets her to the finals!—Senator  Amy Klobuchar will be VP Joe Biden’s VP choice next year because she can throw a punch and bust him in the chops if he pinches her ass again and her work driving a John Deere Combine out in the fields bringing in the crops as well as her expertise with a switchblade in Minnesota’s notorious Muslim Gangsta Ghettos when they tried to do a live clitorectomy on her, right there in front of God, His boy Jesus, and everybody else, can you even believe that shit?  

So how could the Party for chubby White Progressive females and skinny White gay men not support Amy and her Chubbiness in 2020?


Family Fuq Up, notorious Himbo, and bubble-headed dipshit—Alberto O’Rourke===From the Latino lacking Pride family of ‘Woke’ Irish little fuqrs looking for a good time at a cheap bar in El Paso which is an oxymoron, with even cheaper women which is an even oxyer oxymoron, Beto, is a fuq up’s fuq up, so say his vanity Texas license plates and who am I to disagree?  He ran for US Senate against the most hated reviled and detested by all in both parties—No, not Harry Reid who is idling in Pre-Dead mode right now—but wienie Ted Cruz, and the stupid fuqr came close but he didn’t win because he’s a stupid fuqr and thought being el Presidente of Bolivia would blow the US Senate away. and went down there instead with three weeks to go up here, dumb-ass!

Dumber than shit itself, of course Beto will be in the Top 5 today I’ll give him 4th place, a cookie, and a juice box!


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