Robert Mueller Crashes The Dems’ Hindenburg

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 1, 2019

Time is not President Trump’s or Attorney General Barr’s friend and this Special Counsel process and the USDOJ’s lethargic investigative inquiry platforms were greatly hindered and harmed by former AG Sessions’ even more lethargic termination charade parade which should have included Mueller, and top-shelf caliber replacements for both of them named at the same time.  The time burned by President Trump just switching out his AGs is atrocious and is owned 100% by President Trump.  That stated, Barr is performing very well and understands the urgency of his mission.   Former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is the guy Trump ordered to hire a Special Prosecutor but who gave the new hire no timetable to complete his work because the president didn’t tell him to do so, or tell him to find an outsider prosecutor with no DC ties who was not carrying the baggage a Robert Mueller was carrying for instance.  So who did he hire?

Nor did President Trump instruct Rosenstein to open or continue the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s willful destruction of evidence under subpoena to run concurrently with the Special Prosecutor’s investigation.  All of this wasted unbelievable amounts of time and may result in Statue of Limitations expiration on many involved in this conspiracy; and it is a criminal conspiracy and Mueller’s Press Conference shouted that out to everyone listening, it was so bad and badly done!

Oh sure President Trump a business and management genius, sure he is!  Imna haveta get back to you about that one tho because that’s not why voters hired him nor what voters expected from him either!


Earlier this week, Robert  Mueller held his first and last Press Conference lasting 9 minutes and it was a political disast-trophe identical to what the Hindenburg’s tiny little brush fire ‘matter’ did to the helium-helped airship travel of another era while listening to Led Zeppelin music!

Oh the humanity, indeed!

In ‘The Hill is this story below. Please read and reread if you need to.  Its short but stars Special Counsel himself, Robert Mueller, and he’s now playing the Dumb Blonde SC going on a tear insisting again that Trump was not exonerated which is true, but neither was President Trump crowned Miss America!  I know, can you even believe that?  Special Prosecutors do not exonerate anyone, nor do they crown Miss Americas!

A Special Prosecutor’s job is to collect evidence to either indict and prosecute, or to collect evidence and not be able to indict and prosecute ‘a matter’ which is before him.  That’s it folks, nothing more, nothing less and MSNBC’s Progressive bigot Chuck Todd was literally having a baby live on the air that Mueller failed to find the evidence necessary for us to not have to witness Todd’s disgusting afterbirth live on the air!

The SC, did not file charges, and in his PC, Mueller’s now claiming with a straight face that that was because it would be just too damned impossible and hard to do!

This USDOJ’s opinion that a sitting president may not be indicted is only a policy position—-a fifty-ish  year old policy—-The Constitution doesn’t settle this ‘sitting president’ dilemma, there is nothing in the US Code/Law either, and no court in America has ever been presented with this opinion, nor has any court ever rendered a decision on it.  This makes Robert Mueller’s Press Conference all the more peculiar and more bizarre after which he told everyone there he would never address the matter again, that he will close his office and resign, and there will be no more questions answered by him ever again, and he will not respond to Congress if they subpoena him.

22 months, full Exec Branch cooperation, over 40 million dollars spent, nothing at all impeding his professional actions and him hiding behind a single USDOJ policy memo?  Nope, no way Jose, Imna haveta call ‘bullshit on him on this because I believe that Mueller knew within the first two hours—if not all along—that he had nothing but a shit sandwich on the HRC campaign created phony collusion’ narrative and its companion Russian Election Meddling/Interference which again, turned out to be some Facebook ads and about $100,000 spent by them!

$40 million bucks and 22 months wasted and  all this fuss over Russia buying about 100 grand in Facebook ads?  

Oh the humanity!

I don’t know about you readers but I’m sitting here trembling in my vagina hat that those damned Russians would be so ruthless and cunning so as to blow 100,000 rubles on Facebook ads to ‘interfere’ with or ‘meddle’ in our 2016 national election, aren’t you too?

I’m being facetious of course, but I had created in my mind my own ‘vision thing’ about what this Russian interference and meddling would look like picturing Ivan the Terrible wannabees intimidating senior citizen voters at the mall, or lots of women named Olga or Ludmila trading sex for your not voting for HRC, or that they’d returned via our easily hacked and compromised Touch Screen voting system here in Nevada where any under-achieving, low IQ 5th-grader can hack into it and elect his favorite politicians!

Mueller was doing a lot of  Professional Cred Clean-up work here in this effort making sure his efforts and all of his conducts SHOUT LOUDLY to everyone, especially to those who may now also have him in their sites and under investigation, not to bother looking for anything at all on or about him.

This below is a 39 page explanation for how the USDOJ determined the sitting president/do not indict policy way back when dinosaurs roamed the Potomac and is just for poli-geeks who like reading stuff like this and is not required reading for this continuing coursework of mine you’re all taking!


This is where all the conspiracy talk emanates from in the first place.  Just with all of this that we know about today, we have no less than a Conspiracy of Silence!

Looking the very worst among equals and rapidly deteriorating by the second, is former FBI Director James Comey whose Legions of Haters is growing exponentially with each passing day.  We still have not been told how it was that he became the ‘Decider-in-Chief’ on whether or not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton since then AG Loretta Lynch had no statutory authority whatsoever to even delegate that decision to him because USDOJ has very strict and stringent ‘Chain-of-Command’ protocols which must be followed should DOJ superiors have to step aside on ‘a matter’.


Mueller’s got to be nervous too because of what’s been happening with our two favorite fuq ups to date, failed and fired FBI Director James Comey and now former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein! I think its the very best bitch fight with claws out, hair-pulling, wigs flying, fingernails gouging eyes, that there has ever been in Washington—and now its personal too and Comey has crossed lines he shouldn’t have crossed with Rod Rosenstein and earning for himself temporary and extended redemption with me because he’s just been whuppin’ the livin’ shit out of James Comey in their dueling newsprint/Net OpEds just over this past month!

Google ’em and read them all, it’s terrific Political Theater of blame-laying and finger pointing with the smell of criminal indictments in the air from a competent, well-qualified Attorney General who’s been our AG before under Bush 43 and who knows the USDOJ inside and out, backward and forward and knows where all of the bodies are buried as well as who it was that buried them too!

I’ve called Rosenstein out as a ‘Wienie and I’ll assign Comey the moniker the ‘Weasel now though I think that as this narrative progresses as we learn more from the IG’s Report soon, that Rosenstein’s professional stock will continue to rise and split again. I’ve subsequently learned that he has an army of Legal World fans nationwide and sterling legal credentials beginning with his earning a BS in Economics at the Wharton Beauty School and Nail Salon, just as President Trump had attended prior to him!  But Rosenstein’s next stop was Harvard Law School, and he edited the Harvard Law Review, just as Obama claims he had done too becoming the first  ‘Brown on the outside, White on the inside’ Affirmative Action placement everywhere he had gone to school except that Madrassas School in Indonesia his mother sent him to all by himself at 10 years old which is why he’s sealed his crappy college grades and transcripts for 75 years not wanting to ever be ‘Transparent’ or for any of us to know the con games he’s been playing all of his adult life as he approaches his 58th birthday on August 4, 2019.

Rod Rosenstein’s assisting President Trump on the reasons he should note for firing James Comey was masterful and correct advice.  It also made it clear that Main Justice is determined to insulate itself as best it can from the damage its subordinate FBI had caused to the entire Department under Obama.  His being publicly critical of Obama too was extraordinary itself and that tells us that they will isolated out the DOJ’s own bad players at the company’s Mothership who were all Obama appointees in an effort to hold onto any remaining integrity and credibility the Department may have left after this concludes.

Robert Mueller seems to be demanding that the House begin impeachment proceedings right now and he’s doing it in such a way it sounds like he may fear what AG Barr and the IG may have discovered in their investigations about the 22 month long Mueller effort as both matters would be happening concurrently and both the IG and SC would be seeing elements of the others professional work throughout.  Mueller clearly wants the House to get the ball rolling on impeachment so that it validates him and his hyper-corrupted 22 month long effort which delivered the devastating news that Russia did interfere with our 2016 national election by placing $100,000 in Facebook ads, those dirty bastards—and so that it cannot be as easily shut down even though the senate will never vote to convict or IF it has been discovered and uncovered by the IG—even accidentally or inadvertently that….

…That the entire FISA Court unlawfully granted approval of the Russia investigation, and as it was related to the president and his 2016 campaign, appears today to be a completely and totally unlawful criminal enterprise which evolved rapidly to harm one presidential candidate in Trump and assist another in Clinton—and which her campaign paid for and the DNC distributed to the Media, that Mr Trump’s Constitutional rights have been violated in doing so, and that it was done with malice toward him, and that it was assisted by persons at the very highest ranks and levels of the FBI and USDOJ and White House and done with the full knowledge and approval of AG Loretta Lynch and President Obama resulting in persons of high rank, actually lying to the FISA Court to get their ‘after-the-fact’ warrant approvals to continue the surveillance of the Trump campaign and its lower-rank and former campaign operatives and the Russians our Intel said were involved!

<—-Repulsive and reprehensible Progressive Extremist bigot Rep Jerry Nadler of New York showing off his FUPA here!

I believe this is exactly what the Dems have been so shrill and insane about since Mueller released his findings.  Rep Jerry Nadler and his Supa Dupa Fupa has worked himself up so much and into such a state because he’s got no meat on the bone and now, no bone either,  he had heart palpitations and was rushed to the hospital for a hug the other day!

The mischief the Russians made in ‘meddling’ and ‘interfering’ in our 2016 election was a series of Facebook posts costing them about $100,000!   Do you remember the House and Senate members hysterics in the Media after our own Intel officers of the very highest rank testified under oath to Committees of both Houses as to the gravity of this Russian interference?  Do you remember the compliant and complicit entirety of the national Press chiming in about it to further this constructed and contrived narrative of their favored political candidate who actually paid for it with donor cash even further along?  All of that was done to to assist Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation they were absolutely positive would not only show the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russians, but actually prove it too!

Conversely, we Americans have been meddling in the elections of nation friends and foes alike all over the world for the entire 20th and now 21st century and coinciding directly with the dawn of the Progressive Age in the US in the early 1900’s and then going into hyper-drive after WWII, Chile and Iran among our most mortal of election sins to name two.  In fact, Intelligence Agencies of major and more middle-sized nations do this ‘election meddling’ all the time, and no one within our Sainted Dem Propaganda Media has ever bothered to tell you this!

Robert Mueller shocked the shit out of the Progressive Extremist Dems who bet it all on the SC believing that Trump colluded with the Russians and that he would prove it or delay his findings just long enough to get them the 2020 revenge winning of the White House back at any cost. 

That putrid ‘stank’ we’ve all been smelling for three years now is exactly what Criminal Conspiracy actually smells like readers!

<—-James Comey and Loretta Lynch are the very top contenders to be named criminal co-conspirators first!


Trump is not wrong nor is he incorrect in using the the word, term, or verbiage ‘conspiracy’ to explain what is now morphing into a major criminal investigation within three separate spheres headed up by three separate United States Attorneys of impeccable and inscrutable credentials assigned by the Attorney General.  The Media is apoplectic and hysterical in reaction to ‘Investigating the Investigators’ and Comey just can’t help himself and continues to run his ignorant-ass mouth in an effort to cover his tracks and his likely criminal misconducts.  Remember that he has always had substantial Conflicts of Interest which should have had him recusing himself from any and all matters involving Bill & Hillary Clinton.  The Inspector General can’t possibly ignore those conflicts Comey has and the decisions he made as the very first FBI Director in history to ever make the decisions on who and what the USDOJ was going forward with charging with federal crimes, and who was not.

It must also be considered and investigated whether or not James Comey crowned himself Guardian of the Republic and was acting as a Lone Wolf protector of our national virtues because what he’s been saying in the Media in response to Rosenstein’s intense and valid criticisms, and from the beginning of the year reads very badly and horrifically sanctimonious, that the USDOJ is certainly composing and creating his new criminal profile and has been for quite some time now!

James Comey will absolutely be indicted on criminal conspiracy charges and much more, I guarantee it!

When Mueller said no, Trump did not collude, the entirety of the Dems went into major panic-mode and have been there ever since.  I’d spent 40 years on the Dem Plantation and Safe Zone and have never seen or witnessed anything at all like this from the DNC and her membership nationwide!

None of the ways that anyone of them are acting and over-reacting are politically explainable because they are all fearing criminal jeopardy today!

<—Here’s Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in his rumpled, crumpled machine washable suit from ‘The Conrad Hafen Collection’ available exclusively at Sears for $79.99!

Mueller faces intense scrutiny now made even worse by his ill-advised Press Conference the other day, for his accepting the Special Prosecutor assignment and that AG William Barr must determine when it was that he knew that the Steele Dossier and work of Fusion GPS was completely false!

All indications today are that he knew about it all along because his good friends in our Intel Ops who testified under oath before Congress certainly told him so!

The sheer size and scope of this corruption is truly mind-boggling to me.  That persons felt they could use their vast Intel powers we entrust them with stewarding to the very best of their abilities and their personal integrity and that fully much more than half the country would just forget about what happened in the Summer of 2016 and move on, was a conceit of enormous proportions we’d not yet seen in America.

All that they have is impeachment now which is a solely political, not ever civil or criminal way in which Congress may impose punishment—and it’s the only reason Robert Mueller came out of his hole and saw his own shadow in his very ill-advised Press Conference!  He too faces substantial jeopardy because all of those Intel guys who testified under oath to Congress are his very good buddies for many decades!

and here’s the kicker, here’s what’s gotten Mueller and everyone elses panties in an bunch readers and what any potential future Obstruction of Justice criminal action against the president after he leaves office would beg this very simple question before it could move forward even one millimeter:

How can any president or any private citizen be charged with Obstructing Justice in an investigation which had no legal basis or authority to commence in the first place?


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