Is Elizabeth Warren In Ascent Too Early?

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 4, 2019

The Democrats look as if they’re 24 assembled Miss America pageant contestants who took the wrong bus to Miss Black America instead—except  Whorey Cory and Mammy Kammy, of course—because all of them except those expected to become dead for displeasing Hillary before it ever begins, are really auditioning for the 2024 race instead of 2020’s!

Gangsta Great-Grandma wannabe Elizabeth Warren—a documented fire-water loving and aggrieved American Injun/LuLu Lunatic Academic Squaw—suddenly caught fire by playing with matches in the barn again and she spooked her own spooky self attracting 6,500 people to her Oakland rally last week!  She’s done a campaign lane change much too early and should have been content to stay at #3 until well after Labor Day and let the two old farts at #’s 1 & 2 to exhaust themselves to death and killing off each other off in voters’ eyes and minds nationwide.

<—She’d win the nomination simply by not dying like Sanders and Biden are aiming to do in their Grandpa Geezer Gunfight at the OK Corral Old Folks Home!

Shaping up as a major issue for Dem partisans is that the ‘Old and White’ they love to Hate-On, now has a bona fide and certified old White woman joining Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and and all three holding very firmly to the top three spots consistently in national polling.  Three old, ancient, decrepit, fossilized, White geezers is not how this was supposed to be sorted out for the Progressive Extremists and their Millennial youngster friends and their voting pleasure next year.  No one bothered to remember that presidential candidates must get through the Primary & Caucuses first and that those contests are dominated by older White voters between 40 and death in age!  In an hysterical nod to the appalling bigoted Dem hypocrisy, the blindingly neon-white and non-diverse Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary remain as the first two contests!

Win one or the other and you’ll do well for the remaining contests, win both and you’re all but guaranteed the Dem nomination!  Harris and Booker can never win either not because they’re Black-Americans, but because they’re pandering to the very worst stereotypes and prejudices within their own Identity Group...and they’re doing it in revolting Minstrel Show Campaigning in black-face too.

Senator Warren is just pandering to everyone about everything and that’s working for her  She has a Pander Plan if you’re paying attention this early!  Less than one month ago I wrote that she would finish among the top contenders but given her recent rapid rise, I may have pulled a Bush 43 and ‘misunderestimated’ her candidate attractiveness to inveterate Dem Primary voters.

Senator Amy Klobuchar can win Iowa from neighboring Minnesota because she’s very Farm Friendly and Familiar and thousands of tons of feed crops rotted in the fields this year because of the president’s China tariffs policy where he did great damage to his own re-election efforts by telling the nation’s feed crop export farmers recently to be ‘patriotic’ about their financial hit that he caused them!   It was a remarkably stupid and tin-eared insensitive thing for him to say to them, but there’s no sign of persistent damage done to him that’s evident because of it…yet!

They’ve got nowhere else to go vote-wise but Trump can’t afford losing a single farm voter or them skipping voting for president which Republicans of all backgrounds and income levels, feel is their birthright and responsibility to elect our presidents.  They do turn out in Prez years and Trump is counting on that to continue for his re-election, but he still needs many more of them to become voters too!

He is also wrong to be dismissive of Elizabeth Warren—I think he fears her most despite Massachusetts being home for her now—out of the 24 candidates on deck, I think her political pit-bull persona is best suited for Trump’s juvenile name calling, temper tantrums, and his being so easily riled and worked up.  If the vast silent majority Centrists of the DNC feel the same way, she should hold on and hold steady to win the nomination in Milwaukee next year!


The Democratic Party has a major ‘Ageism’ problem—they really hate old fuqrs and Seniors something fierce, I’m serious!  Seniors cost a lot of money to maintain as living beings, and that Big Cash should be being given over to Progressive Extremists to pocket instead, according to them—America’s most consistent and dependable demographic cohort do vote and do vote in very big numbers everywhere all across America!  In 2018, 9 million Baby Boomer senior voters no one knew were hiding in someone’s basement, came out and voted for the first time in centuries and give the 2020 Trump campaign hope that he can keep them and grow them as his own for 2020.  They trended heavily for Republicans but did so in Deep Red regions and Trump needs to hire detectives to find them in congressional districts in more Purple-to-Blue states and regions, get them registered, and then get them out to vote in 2020.

That sounds easy enough, doesn’t it, but it is the very hardest goal to accomplish in politics because we are a big fat and happy nation with big fat asses and we’re addicted to our vices and pleasures and to our devices and to our leisure too!

<—-Infamous White Trash but really Black Trash wannabe Rachel Dolezal may endorse Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris!

It’s President Trump’s ultimate challenge to accomplish for his re-election because the DNC found and patched up their leaks in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for 2018 which along with suburban apathy-to-hostility toward the president, gave the House to the Democrats.  The Dems’ hold on the House is precarious having already placed a dozen seats back into play for 2020 because the Speaker can’t control her bigoted and biased, ethnically and religiously prejudiced and hateful, hate-filled members and their obnoxious demands of her with Pelosi’s senior members enjoying their seniority and Committee Chairs and universally hating on the Dem newbies!

That one of the very worst new biased and bigoted House members is also from Minnesota complicates things for Senator Klobuchar being chosen as VP.

The political campaign and voter psychology is in play much too early now too and which are all but certain to also change lanes and bless a new front runner.  Warren was Spot On perfect in being the first calling for the president’s impeachment from the US Senate floor.   The visuals looked terrific for her too and that had to piss off people like Booker and Harris who are also senators but who never thought to call for President Trump’s impeachment by the House from the Senate floor—no matter how futile and foolish such a call may be—it still has major political mileage to extract for Dem politicians, especially from their 2020 presidential contenders.

Score the excellent political move to Warren and the political missed opportunity and errors to Harris and Booker!

<—-Declaring her ‘Transracialism to be a valid Identity Group demented dysphoria in 2015 and which is to be celebrated, lunatic and former Spokane NAACP president and born White Trash bitch Rachel Dolezal, was compared to Elizabeth Warren the other day in a Media Virtue Signaling to Booker and Harris done by a Black bigoted NYC DJ who is completely unaware that no one even remembers this now 4 year old incident, and that Dem Primary voters over 40 didn’t hear about it when it occurred either!

Warren wasn’t even dinged in the live on-air exchange but it was funny coming from him as a Black bigot, and she should expect it to be repeated by others as Warren continues to kick Booker and Harris’s scrawny asses on the campaign trail!

What this shows to us is that Elizabeth Warren has put together a team which is sharp, talented, and experienced and which gives their candidate excellent advice she not only listens to, but actually takes and uses too!  They are taking every opportunity to make opportunities for Senator Warren out there and the campaign’s engine is running well with no knocks and pings to note just yet!  All outward appearances are that she and her staff are very well polished and presentable, that they can and do pivot on a dime as news cycles and events demand and that they have ‘A Plan’ for everything one could imagine as is their campaign’s slogan which is sure to die off because it’s just too damned easy for opponents to ridicule.

<—-This Trump-like level of crowd turnout—6,500 estimated—is very impressive by any standard of political measurement this early on a summer weekend in June, with 8 months to go before the Iowa Caucuses!

Everyone was surprised by it including Senator Warren, and especially her main rivals.  Something she’s already doing has sparked voter interest in her campaign this early on.  That she’s from clear across the country and held this rally in Senator Harris’s launch territory was as politically provocative as it was successful for her to do!

Candidates willing to take great risks are often the recipients of great rewards as Senator Warren was with this crowd!

Senator Warren is clearly in ascent now—an enviable position at the start of summerand after a well executed spring campaign performance and as her crowds in Oakland showed to everyone’s complete surprise, she appears ready and well-studied and knowledgeable and is aware that she needs to become more likable but she can’t ever appear to be a bubble-headed dipshit like AOC.  Her biggest Achilles Heel is her own gender and age group who will be very difficult for her to win over and to keep because she’s a woman and the ‘sexism’ in American politics starts and ends with women and their being the very hardest on other women who are running for public office, and this is almost exclusively among Democratic women too!  The stories I could tell you about what I’ve heard them say about each other, are very humorous, but we men can only grin in silent mild amusement for fear of retribution when we come to know about this never mentioned or discussed ‘In-group Hate-On’!

I’ve always counseled female candidates to gauge this and neutralize it if its a problem for their campaigns, by actively engaging and micro-targeting opposite party females and winning their cross-over votes face-to-face!

One of the issues sure to come up among the talking heads if her performance on the hustings remains consistent and she does no further damage to herself, will be her VP choice should she win the nomination. The pressures on her to name another female as her VP will be unbearable and relentless as well as unlikely to be successful since we’ve not yet done two females at the top of the ticket in either party.  She’ll have to fend off Hillary’s Hate Mobsters who don’t care for her, but don’t care for Biden and Sanders even worse! 

Many Dem Fems will still be nursing butt hurts that their 27 year effort for Hillary Clinton was not successful!  They’ll vote for anyone in the end to get rid of Trump but Warren has to be both reverential and respectful to this large group of females who’ve wasted 27 years of their lives blocking all other women ascending, just to aid Hillary Clinton.  It remains the biggest untold story in the aftermath of 2016 that so much time, effort, and money was given over by females and done for a female so undeserving of their 27 year effort!


So concerned is everyone in California, they now see the avoidable error that they’ve made moving up their former last Primary in June to the first week of March 2020 instead with voting to begin in early February there and fuqing up a lot of prior predictions if Joe Biden is not leading in Cali polls before Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada jump in voting ahead of California.  The ‘prize’ of winning the California Primary this cycle could be the curse for Dems which re-elects the president; they’ve really gone even more bat shit crazy over there than their usual insufferable bullshit and states now suffering an influx of their exiting refugees like Nevada, aren’t welcoming to their new neighbors and some here are even openly hostile to them when they arrive, which with solid, coordinated effort, should drive GOP turnout that much higher wherever they’ve landed after escaping from California!

Senator Kamala Harris had to be inconsolable and crying and cursing a blue-streak because her 2020 presidential campaign officially ended when crowd shots of Elizabeth Warren’s Oakland rally exploded on the Net and its only June with 8 months to go before the first vote!  Harris’s money will slow to a trickle and then just stop, as it will for the others too before this coming fall turns to winter.  She doesn’t even have Nevada as her backup/desired first win either because we’re an easily stolen by corrupted politicos Caucus state, rather than a locked down and superior Primary election state which voters and candidates prefer by very wide margins in both parties.

The ridiculous new plans for NVDEMS’ 2020 Caucus will deliver yet another national embarrassment and shame to Nevada and we may or should deservedly lose ‘First in the West’ to the Arizona Primary if they’re willing to move up going forward since they are the Mountain West’s largest and most delegate rich state.  The badly failed Nevada Caucuses shows to the entire world how hopelessly backward and incurably politically corrupted Nevada remains today compared to our neighboring states in the region!

Just on Media spending in Nevada for nearly one year prior and done by 24 campaigns and their Nevada teams this cycle, I’m surprised our Media platforms in Nevada haven’t been demanding a Primary all along and lobbying the legislature to fatten their campaign ad spending haul to create a Prez primary which works for us, and I’ll be discussing our creating a Two-Ballot, both parties Prez Year Primary effort unique to and for Nevada soon!

Hopefully, Nevada politicos in both parties are now seeing the dreadful mistake both parties have made by continuing Nevada as a Corrupted Caucus State on Harry Reid’s orders instead of moving us to an Early Primary State after both parties suffered recent disastrous Caucuses and both party’s hard-assed partisans demanding a Prez Primary going forward since 2008 which is routinely ignored without explanation.  No one even touched this issue during this now past 80th session, and that’s too bad for Nevada that its 2019 just adjourned female majority legislature succumbed to and joyously joined in the horrific political corruption here too while also passing Voter Fraud Friendly, NO REAL ID Required voting ‘reforms’!

<—Oakland was where her campaign all began for Mammy Kammy and it’s where she first gave married and pervy Willie Brown a hand job as was seen here at the BART station!

How dare that old White-kinda sorta Indian bitch Senator Elizabeth Warren have a rally there and steal her thunder and her voters when half of her people are real Indians…and from India and everything!

If she had an active brain cell in that bigoted little pinhead of hers, she’s be dragging her Jamaican Pappy along with her everywhere that she goes for the remainder because America fell in love with her Unhappy Pappy when he very publicly dressed down his own daughter for engaging in bigoted racial stereotypes on the 2020 campaign trail!

‘Kamala’s Pops for President’… is gaining traction and momentum and I’m all in!

If/when Biden flat-lines in the summer heat, Warren or Sanders will win in Nevadastan!  There are growing, credible calls for Sanders and Warren to team up now as a ticket with Bernie at the top and she as his VP.  I think such as pairing is near genius in theory because we hadn’t done that kind of pairing prior to someone achieving the nomination in modern times and both help each other where the other is weakest in voter perceptions.  Most importantly is Bernie looking like death warmed over and ready to drop at any minute and she being right there to be sworn in as our first female president to carry his torch….which he planned on using to torch everything in sight once elected!  I think such a pairing of them coming around October in a grand announcement together, defeats Biden and helps contain Sanders’ idiotic policy positions, with her appearing to voters to be more reasoned and rational though her policy positions are just as radical, idiotic, and destructive as his are.

<—Harris also hit the wall right out of Turn One at Indy and has hyper-bigoted and biased shyster Senator Pat Spearman on her team who’s always looking for tasty young females to devour and? 

I could name a dozen Black-American Nevada women who would have brought much, much more to Mammy Kammy’s Nevada effort than a super-corrupted, washed up, wore-out old predatory dyke with a bible and a bottle like Pat Spearman could even ever dream of doing!

The Oakland rally crowd shots had to have had the Warren Campaign ecstatic and celebrating—it was a very big deal for her campaign—and the other campaigns had to be puking their guts out seeing that because California moved up its 2020 Primary date to March 3rd and leads the nation in counties with more registered voters than they have actual people according to Census data!

8 months to go until Iowa is 500 lifetimes in politics and anything and everything may potentially occur to change everything and rearrange the players on the Dem field.  Someone in ascent and performing this well and drawing crowds that large will result in the inevitable efforts to shoot down her rising star and stop her campaign’s momentum cold!

It’s gonna be a long hot summer on the Dem campaign trail…and a lot of fun to watch for observers too!


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