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Our 2019 Female Majority Nevada Legislature Badly Failed Our Citizens

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 8, 2019

‘Guarantee an Equal Vote for All Nevadans’—-A new Ballot Initiative effort!

Its time to restore the Voting Rights of the citizens of 15 Nevada counties and to change our state constitution by Ballot Initiative to adjust the Nevada State Senate to becoming an ‘At-Large’, directly elected by each county representative body, which would elect one member from each of the state’s 15 counties, and two from the two most populous instead of our current method which rewards Political Party Patronage and Pay-to-Play in two population-rich majority counties and which unconstitutionally denies to long established and fully-recognized and Identity Grouped ethnic, economic, religious, racial, and natural resources rich regional minority constituencies, their representation when monied-interests from the two most populated counties legislatively assert the tyranny of their political majorities and exert over political minorities and their interests.

A female and Progressive Extremist majority legislature for the 80th Session proved themselves to be a bigoted and biased enterprise and a solely Political Agenda Activist driven branch conducted at the expense of all else and over consecutive sessions, has failed to introduce and pass legislation which originated within the state to benefit the state in overwhelming majority numbers.

Near to identical legislative proposals and bills moved or were moving within the majority of States in legislative session again this year.  This is the ugly Agenda of Progressivism’s evil efforts to end our freedom and our liberty and is being conducted nationwide by its Extremist elements whose goal is to completely negate and forever end States Rights under Federalism.


I’ve never commented on our female majority Nevada legislature believing that by just doing so, is paternalistic, condescending, and sexist to even mention it.  It is a milestone of sorts, I guess, but so what?  Female Americans have elected every US President since JFK and have been the majority gender of our population for a very long time, so one wonders what took so long?  To openly celebrate pro-female Gender Bias and Bigotry as an aspired to goal is how hopelessly backward and misandrist the Democratic Party has become!

But during the 80th Session in Carson City, there was no discernible benefit to our state in elective female majority, nor any difference in the legislator and lobbyist shenanigans typical for 120 days every two years in Nevada.  Its always a pathetic enterprise to witness and observe, however, their being in female majority clearly demonstrated to voters that female legislators can be just as corrupted and compromised as any male legislator can be.

<—-Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro hasn’t yet comprehended exactly what’s happened to her!

She’s actually won Nevada’s Political Lottery by becoming the 80th Session’s Majority Leader and though doing nothing spectacular or even notable, but by loading up her platter with helping after helping of larded offerings from the Progressive Extremists’ bountiful buffet of very bad and thoughtless and regressive legislation, her next political office is basically hers to choose!

In case you didn’t know it Nicole, you’re the hands-down, odd-on favorite and you’re the number one choice of everyone—–everyone meaning ‘Gaming’ here, of course, and they just love your next going to Washington for them!–—to replace US Rep ‘Dinosaur Dina’ Titus when she just keels over and dies during Trump’s 2nd term that she, as a failed UNLV Poli-Sci professor, couldn’t possibly have predicted!

Nevada’s political ‘Italian Spring’ is still very much a reality and is as strong as it ever has been and I think someone told me that Nicole Identifies as Italian-American for some reason!   

Nicole Cannizzaro is the right gender and the right race for how the Dems really do things and who it is that they do things for! 

That’s always done for and to benefit chubby White Progressive Extremist women if you’re paying attention!


Sidebar:  For the 9th consecutive Legislative Session in a row since moving here full-time, I’ll publicly wonder aloud here where our seemingly disinterested in public corruption, FBI and its Public Integrity Unit is while they’re in session and if they even know that Carson City is our capital and how to get there and where to stay and eat and drink while up there?  Or that I am exceedingly confident that I, a non-lawyer, could win grand jury indictments against fully 40% of our mighty Legislator/Lawyer/Lobbyist Industrial Complex here!


‘Contain, Control, and Limit Government Lobbying Government’

…a  Ballot Initiative coming soon to aggrieved and aggravated citizens Identifying as Taxpayers!

Government lobbying government to pass legislation government finds favorable and using taxpayers’ own dollars to lobby against their best interests to take even more money, shouldn’t be allowed to be 1st Amendment protected conduct because the system is already gamed too favorably in their interests.  The continued undoing of anything Republicans had passed going back to 2015 and further tells us that Democrats are all about national Progressive Extremist Agenda politics above all else rather than what’s best for Nevada.  They gave Commissioner Tick Segerbloom his dream taxing ability passing the ability to raise the Regressive Sales Tax on the Poor to further enrich an insatiable CCSD, to the Clark County Board which doesn’t have Tick’s appetite to give over new revenue they can raise and spend just as wastefully and foolishly as the CCSD can.

Hostile to and hated only by bureaucrats, our beloved Tax Caps they just can’t seen to live within—capped at 3% residential and 8% commercial—and they adjourning on the prayer that the LCB interpretation that the Nevada Legislature does not need to achieve super-majorities for any tax increases or continuing previously approved but now expired past increases without another 2/3 vote‘The Females’ gave that the finger, of course—-and our new female majority legislature instead continued Nevada’s irresponsible refusal to live within its means as voters require of it by law.

That’s gonna come right back and bite a lot of legislators right square in their big fat or skinny asses!


A Full-time Legislature Proves 100% Completely Unnecessary & Will Never Pass!

One bright spot is that they did come in on time for Sin Die and resoundingly proved again that our state’s Founders were correct is limiting their always compromised corruptions to an every two year biennium Meeting of the Miserables and that a full-time legislature is always a completely unnecessary and wasteful gross expansion of government power over its citizens in Nevada…always!

That Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton ruled the roost as the smartest, brightest, and most knowledgeable of the bunch up there again, should frighten the Living Hell outta everyone really!  She’s our wonderful blunderful Bureaucracy-loving former State Senator who termed-out there and chose to go backward in political office progression to become nationally known as the Hyper-Racist, Bigoted and Biased, White-Privilege/White Power & Supremacy Nevada Assemblywoman! 

She a years long maven of denying-to-minority Latinos political power  by stubbornly Hating-On Diversity and lingering and clinging for years now to her evaporating political power and voter base of those 5 people.

She truly believing that elective office is a job and career choice and that it sure beats the Hell out of waiting tables for the always Murderous and Bloody Culinary 226!

Maggie Carlton is the political poster-child, swastika symbol reason we don’t ever shout from rooftops about our having a female majority legislature in Nevada!


Our friends in Texas where ill-prepared and incompetent AG Aaron Ford and his wife Berna Ford as well as family pocket-stuffing fraud, Senator Pat Spearman fled, soaked in tears, boogers, and snots,  all three were completely unable to compete in its super-heated #1 economy in the nation which is also a biennium legislature in a gigantic very pro-business, far less regulatory state. 

They do something there that our legislature would never, ever even consider doing in Nevada; Texas is a Zero-based Budgeting state, meaning that there are no sacred cows allowed at all—not schools, or children, or Seniors, or Medicaid, or highways, or even law enforcement!—every single entity coming whining and begging to Austin for any revenue from taxpayers, does so with their budgets always beginning at zero revenue!  Not one dime is pre-allocated to them!

What a concept huh?


If We’re Using the C-word now, Here’s Everyone’s #1 Choice for it!

<—-A horrific disappointment and ‘Pro-Government-to-Grow Government’ Progressive Extremist and Dem falling star and from Sacramento no less, but our ill-informed and lazy voters in Senate District 9 still elected her always dishonest and deceitful self to our state senate in the 2018 Dem blow-out. 

No one has a bigger and more deserved gigantic bulls-eye painted onto her back and to her front and done by her own reckless, deceitful ‘Lying while Legislating’ during the 80th session!

Her Progressive Extremist bias against our sacred Bill of Rights was never disclosed by her during the campaign and didn’t show until AB420 regarding Nevada law enforcement’s decades long documented abuse of Civil Assets Forfeiture. 

Scheible and Cannizarro—both Deputy District Attorneys in Clark County by profession—teamed up to kill this very necessary legislation which had broad bi-partisan support! 

Simply outrageous of both of them to kill off AB420!

The Nevada legislature is criminally addicted to spending and to never cutting, containing, or constraining government’s voracious appetite for ever more and more money from its taxpayers and begins each new session every two years here with already planned and plotted out schemes and scams to raise revenue by taxes, fees, fines, and to do everything that they possibly can do to act unlawfully and always in willful defiance of voters who demanded and approved at the ballot box, constraints on their fiscal exuberance and always wasteful government civic hedonism and Elected member hubris.


Here’s Everyone’s 2nd Choice for using the C-Word—-Senator Julia Ratti, future NDOC Prisoner ID#….

<—Corrupted and compromised Progressive Extremist Senator Julia Ratti of Sparks, NV

She inexplicably carrying and then drinking the political sewage and dirty bath water of someone or some entity whose has something within PERS reporting they don’t want us to know about and are willing to pay her to do their bidding! 

Julie Ratti being a very thirsty political whore, just couldn’t resist!

She’s had the putrid odor of public corruption ‘stank’ enveloping her since she inexplicably took up shading, shielding, and blinding Nevada PERS from public view, and then lying to everyone that she was concerned about Identity Theft but providing no evidence of anyone ever attempting to steal anyone’s identity nor telling us how their names and where they’ve worked in public sector Nevada and for how long and listed on PERS, would make it any easier for Identity thieves.

So she’s proven herself to be a prolific and consummate liar and a sneaky, duplicitous one at that, she having never championed blinding the public from knowing how their tax dollars are spent prior to winning her Sparks Nevada State Senate seat, so who she’s doing this for and why, then most importantly, for how much in cash, future office promised, or any illegal consideration which would make her publicly prostituting herself for this terrible Anti-Transparent idea unlawful?

This type of public corruption ‘Buying of a Legislator’ is usually done in multiple smaller amounts of cash payments directly given to avoid suspicious deposit amounts, gift cards or rechargeable debit cards purchased, or donations made to efforts dear to the corrupted legislator which commence and coincide with their inexplicable stance on very bad legislation which is anti-taxpayer, anti-voter, anti-transparency, and pro-secrecy in this case!

She’s another embarrassing poster-child for why we don’t brag to the neighbors and to those who know all of the bullshit going on in this state, about our having a female majority legislature in Nevada!


Bye-Bye Birch Bayh! No One in Carson City even Knows or Cares about What You Did!

<—-Look at the Hate-On here!  OMG, can you even believe that Trannies aren’t even included?

I certainly can and so should you!  The Transgendered were known about way back then and had to be excluded from CRA-1964 and Title IX-1972 for the good reason that they don’t belong there and that’s still valid today since their Gender Dysphoria is a medical and mental health severe psychosis

This past March, our female majority legislature showed incredibly bad form and complete, total disregard and disrespect and showed no deference at all toward one who you’d think female members in both parties would wish to honor he who passed at 91 on March 14, 2019 and who in addition to his personally authoring two Constitutional Amendmentsthe 25th and 26th—which were approved and became supreme law of the land,  and who also changed the world of women in America to a profound and demonstrable degree by his personally writing and stewarding to passage Title IX  of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Back in the 1970s, US House  and Senate members still actually took pen to Legal Pad and wrote out by long-hand the beginning of legislation being born,.  Today, legislation is created and written by lobbyists and staff whenever it may be created at all since no one is in any hurry to interrupt their Fundraising Before Families First promise to their constituents!

<—-This is what politicians with moral compasses, who know right from wrong, who reject  Progressivism’s ugly sides and who get into politics for the right reasons, are capable of authoring! 

The 26th Amendment expedited the ending of the Vietnam War and was the morally and politically right thing to do and Suffrage for those 18 and older, passed! 

Senator Birch Bayh wrote it!

He who died was US Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana, a traditional Truman liberal and a farmer and one of the very best retail campaigners in American history and when I tell favored by me candidates how to do retail like a pro does it, it’s from my knowledge of Bayh’s superior bipartisan campaigning efforts as senator next door to Illinois when I was coming up!  He asked his super-powerful then Majority Leader Senator Mike Mansfiled’s permission to create Title IX because his wife was denied admission to college because of her gender!  He worked on it for several years and it passed in 1972 and was added to the HEA that year!

He was also the father of the soon-to-be Indy Governor and future US Senator Evan Bayh who Blue Dogs and Centrist Dems like myself and scores of others, vigorously and relentlessly recruited to run as Dems in our post-Dukakis world of political exile and misery when no sane or reasonable voter in America would ever trust us with the economy, or business, or taxes, or with the change left over in their own pockets!

He scored two major losses in failing to pass the Equal Rights Amendment and Abolishing the Electoral College—thanks for that God!—but brushed those losses off and continued his Midwest Farmer Liberal Legislator ways going on to being defeated in 1980 by then future but now former VP Dan Quayle!


For a week now I’ve had Ziggy Marley’s ‘Tomorrow People’ playing nonstop in my head while considering all of the above and much more:

Tomorrow people, where is your past?
Tomorrow people, how long will you last?
Tomorrow people, where is your past?
Tomorrow people, how long will you last?


My biggest disappointment in SML Cannizarro and the other females in majority during the 80th Session was the obsession with passing bigoted and biased protections and championed by racist and hyper-bigoted Agenda Driven members like Senator Pat Spearman who has the intellectual capacity of a ferret and is a mile wide and an inch deep so she cannot process that Obama and Holder were dead wrong to included intellectually deficient and gender incapacitated Transgendered sufferers and their advanced psychosis into the CRA-1964 and Title IX  of 1972.

CRA-1964 was supposed to be about righting the wrongs of Democratic Party Jim Crow exclusion of Black-American for 100 years, and grew into something unrecognizable today!

<—-Feminist Germaine Greer was an Abortion Rights First Feminist and Betty Friedan was an Economic Equality First Feminist who didn’t believe that Abortion Rights should trump everything else important to woman!

Everyone, yes everyone in 1964 and 1972 knew all about the now estimated 750,000 Transgendered in the US and the ‘Science’ behind their mental health gender dysphoria as well as how corrupting including these mentally challenged individuals into Title IX would necessarily harm born genetically females and their need for protections under the Act.  That’s why we’re hearing from one of the Godmothers of Feminism’s Second Wave today and which commenced in the 1970’s and and starring Germaine Greer and Betty Friedan on polar opposite sides about how Feminism should evolve.  Greer is adamant today that born males can never become female and 100’s of millions around the world agree!  I ‘Identify’ with this grouping and their views!

No one has ever said to shun or mistreat the Trans folks, or to deny them inclusion, accommodations at Motel 6, and access to services in a society absent discrimination against them, but to include them into laws which would mean their competing as born genetically male against born genetically female in sports for instance, is legally and medically impossible to reconcile.

Nevada’s first female majority should have barred psychotic Agenda Driven parents from authorizing Puberty Blocking poisons be given to their minor children until or unless they reach the age of majority and can make those decisions for themselves, not as a four year old whose mother is convinced her son is Transsexual and be given these dope poisons to placate her fantasy world she resides in!

Nicole Cannizarro can still make herself into a national political star in her own right by introducing, publicly championing, and passing for the Governor to sign, legislation which forbids the Trans-gendered from competing with the genetic advantages of their birth gender in official events against opposite gendered born males or females at any sporting events held in Nevada regardless of participant age.

Who could possibly be against doing this except Agenda Activist bigots like Pat Spearman?

This is not settled law, Obama and Holder arbitrarily declaring without benefit of Congressional input and approval, that the Trans-gendered are included in landmark legislation prohibiting sex discrimination because the authors must have forgotten to include them, I guess.   To even consider that this issue wasn’t considered is to not know anything at all about the late great Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana!

When this arrives at the Supreme Court they will recognize that this cannot be reconciled within existing law too! And like DACA before it, will further cement Barack Obama’s legacy as one of America’s very worst presidents!

It has me asking like Ziggy Marley sings, ‘Where is your past‘, that you don’t know enough to even recognize Birch Bayh for what he won for you and for all of us, and you all instead are so singularly focused on your futures being all ‘Tomorrow People’ as he also sings, showed to me and to many others observing that none of the females of Nevada’s 80th Session are deserving or worthy of being shouted out for or about anything other than their being fully owned and operated by the Special Interests that they’ve sold their very souls to in their quest for political power and higher office shopping.

Nuthin’ at all to see here in Nevada folks!  For shame, indeed!

Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



…An Adorable Deplorable!