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Completely Ignored Today, the Hyde Amendment Is Still The Law Of The Land!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 12, 2019

<—-This is American super-hero Nick Sandman of the ‘Covington Kids’ group of Catholic school boys from Kentucky who were in Washington DC to participate in the National Right to Life March which is held there every March since the 1973 Roe decision!

I truly love this young man as if he were my own son because somehow he kept in together and held it together within himself and he was the only one at this evil confrontation who did the right thing throughout the entire episode of Progressive Extremist hatred and ethnic and racial bigotry and bias he was suffering because he was wearing a Trump MAGA hat!

He is suing the Washington Post for 250 million dollars and the case is viable and proceeding now! 

The secondary story no one told any viewer about was that this year’s Women’s March—-was hijacked by Islamic Feminist Nazis  spewing their anti-Jewish hatreds—-was also on the Mall and they were completely unmolested and no commentary from the national press was even attempted to be made about their 2019 evil Gathering of Haters!

This is what the evil 2020 Democratic Party in America is proudly all about now!

VP Joe Biden made a big and avoidable early mistake by Cowering to the Cowards of the Pro-Fetal Killing elements of the ultra far-Leftist Progressive Extremists who have recently completely rejected the Roe v Wade doctrine of three-trimesters of human gestation having legal weight first, which then evolved into the Doctrine of Fetal Viability in Casey 1992 as the judicial guidepost the courts would follow going forward.   

During the Clinton years, they contracted and shrunk the Hyde Amendment to include allowing for publicly paid by Medicaid Abortion-on-Demand for rape and incest pregnancies, but failed to incorporate any standard federal rules or regulations all states must follow that those seeking taxpayer-funded Medicaid paid for abortions and claiming their pregnancy was the result of rape or incest, possess a completed police reporting of the alleged rape and a licensed medical facility performing a Rape Kit and DNA collecting of the perp’s DNA for when he strikes violently against women again, or that emergency contraception be given to the victim free of charge under her Medicaid eligibility.  Only 14 states require a police report for the Rape and Incest Medicaid exceptions but activist federal judges have ruled that such reports must be waived if it proves too bothersome or burdensome for the female of any age to file them!

Any female of any age and who so desired, could completely invent two serious major felony crimes having been committed against her in order to get a ‘free’ Medicaid abortion and no Detectives would ever come to interview her or take her statement because they’re not required to be told about it if the female didn’t want to tell them about it—-even for minor females who are victims and whose parents are barred by federal judicial activism from knowing their daughter had gotten an abortion without their being notified about it.

The FBI does not segregate Incest crimes for further study or for future reference or for psychological profiling of those perps either.  So what the Clinton Administration’s diluting of the Hyde Amendment did with the brand new addition of the Rape & Incest Exception for the first time, was to also allow for Abortionists to have no law enforcement reporting requirements when these two violent felonies against women and minor girls are even suspected by them, and then they can turn around and bill Medicaid in their state for providing the taxpayer paid abortion to the female without reporting any crime which may have been associated with her pregnancy!  Nice, huh?

So don’t buy the hype, know the facts as they have evolved since 1973!

It is the victim who makes the decision of whether or not the incidents will be reported to law enforcement officials. So the reality is that the Hyde Amendment exists today, but is a Tiger with no Teeth and now has no power to prevent taxpayer funded abortions for women on Medicaid as federal judges weakened and weakened this Amendment Congress passed in 1976 and in response to the 1973 flawed Supreme Court decision and the outrage across the land that people didn’t want to be associated with such evil as elective abortion and done with their tax dollars!

This was all very logical and required in 1976 of the Hyde Amendment legislation.  Millions of Americans today have not changed their position and don’t care that Hyde discriminates against poor women, they believe that Planned Parenthood should bear those costs from their enormous donor pools and I also share that view after seeing the Women’s March’s Anti-Semitic Nazis this year showing tens of thousands of female supporters who need to pony up now to support their own barbaric beliefs with their 100% tax deductible donation dollars—–and that Planned Parenthood has never needed one thin dime of US taxpayer money to run America’s top Abortion Mills.

No Abortion-on-Demand would ever be slowed down, much less stopped for even a minute because this parasitic taxpayer funds-addicted reprehensible organization is the #1 killer of Black-American fetuses by design since the group’s 1916 inception, which lead to Congress and the president in 1976,  finally cutting them off from the spigot of federal dollars they devour seeking more fetuses to kill!

That would last from 1976 through 1992 and the Casey vs Planned Parenthood of SE PA Supreme Court decision.  VP Biden should have pointed out this now 27 year old phony farce since 1992’s Casey, to these Progressive  Extremist bigots before claiming he no longer supports Hyde!


Like his doctrine on abortion being ‘Safe, Legal, & Rare’ and which was a profound moment of exceptionally rare Bill Clinton understatement and stated publicly by him during his presidency but containing no basis whatsoever in fact or desired-to-achieve national goal or outcome then or now, it was what we wanted to hear from our president on this divisive and emotional issue where it is not possible to bestow onto the fetus, constitutional rights which are equal to or greater than the women who is carrying it—Pre-Viability and outside of her womb!–-conversely, the concept of forced or indentured gestation is an equally abhorrent concept to millions of people across the country.

The issue is now and has always been about elective versus therapeutic abortion.  That we don’t ever hear these two terms from Planned Parenthood, or the National Abortion Rights Action League, to any political candidate or office-holder in either party, or from the Media when writing or reporting about abortion, tells a much bigger untold story. 

Like with Immigration and Illegal Immigration, grown people know that there is a major difference in the two statuses ‘legally speaking’ of immigrant statuses in the United States, but the Media under prodding by Progressive Extremists/Open Border supporters, thought the term ‘illegal’ was too harsh and began referring to them instead as ‘undocumented’, today its just ‘immigrants’ all collectively under one name and banner and of equal status under Progressive Extremist belief in Relativism as superior doctrine for American national policy.

On the look back, the Court should have simply barred the states interjecting into these personal matters of American women and barring any effort which would obstruct a female of majority age from terminating her pregnancy during the first trimester!

Therapeutic abortions are done every day and everywhere in America, even in Utah and even in Alabama.  Women also miscarry their pregnancies every single day in America too.  The 1973 Warren Burger Supreme Court knew this and was trying to be Solomon-like regarding elective abortion for grown women of majority age.  They never intended that their Roe decision be extended to minor females prior to their reaching majority or consent age in their state.  We know this because still today, in all 50 states, young girls are treated as the chattel property of their parents and require their written consent to marry before the age of majority at 18 years old.  The mish-mash of completely insane Consent to Marry laws on the books all across America in 2019 speaks to abortion not being at all about Women’s Health but about the Abortion Industry’s bottom-line and immense power within the Democratic Party and groups like Planned Parenthood shielding predatory criminal males from law enforcement who are preying on and impregnating minor females.

Statutory rapists are a work in progress in some states where Romeo & Juliet-like laws are less severe on the older male if he is generally within 4 years in age of the minor female.  We’ve all known those creepy dudes who are a bit socially backward and same-age group immature and many of them have expectations and notions of female subordination and submission to her husband which are medieval at best but is why they target maturing but much younger teen girls to flatter and impress with their worldliness and sophistication of being old enough to have his own car and to buy beer too!

Think a 22 year old guy with a 15 year old girl; that is a long, long 7 years of life experience he is exploiting and though technically a statutory rapist in most states if they’re having any kind of sexual relationship, he’s usually not arrested and charged or even questioned if her parents are OK with their relationship.  Planned Parenthood never reports this kind of Statutory Rape crime even if they know about the age differences, and no parental abortion notification or approval exacerbates the problem if parents may not even know about it or that their daughter is in such an unhealthy, unbalanced relationship. When Parental Notification was diluted like Hyde with a newly invented ‘judicial out’ for the minor female which Casey upheld in 1992, again, parents were completely removed by Judicial Activism from their legal authority over their minor child and would not know what other adults were deciding on their female child’s behalf.  Even in states where the parents have no veto and no legal ability to stop the abortion, Planned Parenthood always fights as a matter of policy, their ever being notified about their daughter and this outrage pre-dates HIPAA by decades too!

In some states, the parental approval of their minor daughter marrying an older man of majority age and far beyond doesn’t even have to include the approval of the minor female if you can believe that!

Our 80th Session updated Nevada’s law on this subject under Assemblywoman Shannon Bilbray-Axlelrod’s AB 139 raising the marriage age minimum to 17 with parental and judicial consent required, but not yet signed by the Governor after us having no hard minimum age to marry in Nevada since statehood—that’s 155 years dear readers and we’ve had 13 to 15 year old juveniles allowed to marry here in more recent years in Nevada!

<—So good was this 2019 marriage minimum age effort by Assemblywoman Bilbray-Axlerod, that she took her husband Danny over to the Versace store at Crystals at City Center and bought him a brand new purse!

Mrs Axlerod introduced and passed in both the Assembly and the State Senate, the most logical, well-considered, and grown-up new marital requirement law in many decades here and she wins my vote as ‘Legislator of the Year’ because we have to clean up and tighten these hodge-podge laws nationwide dealing with age-of-sexual consent, age-of-lawful marriage contracts, doctor prescribed to minors birth control, and abortion and which should have begun the very day that Roe v Wade was decided 46 years ago!

Nebraska has a minimum age of 19 years old to marry and Mississippi’s minimum age to marry is 21 years old.  16 states do not have a minimum age to marry at all and surely delighting Muslim Extremists, though common law assumptions basically state a boy be no less than 14 years old and a girl no less than 12 years old to marry in these 16 states!

No parental consent is necessary for an abortion in Nevada though its a surgical procedure and no minor can be treated anywhere for any condition without a parent or guardian’s consent or judicial advocate’s consent.  The onus is on the girl to be honest about her age and if she chooses, anything she cares to share about her impregnator and she never has to discuss or disclose anything to anyone either!

<—This rendering of a NYC provocative Pro-Life billboard caused a national shit-storm something fierce when it appeared because its 100% truthful and spot on too!

It’s this kind of obscene US District Court Judicial Gymnastics which grossly expanded the original 1973 Roe v Wade decision and was done by Activist federal judges and which are the most likely rulings to be curtailed and severely restricted going forward under the Roberts Court should they even choose to take up the issue of state-sanctioned, no questions asked, no standard need ever be met, Fetal Killing at any point during gestation, and which according to Virginia’s Governor and 2019 legislature, the mother and her Abortionist may lawfully commit Infanticide without any legal jeopardy risk!


Then changing instantly since Brett Kavannaugh’s senate confirmation to the Supreme Court in October of 2018, the Democrats created their new militant Pro-Fetal Killing/Infanticide platform position which allows a born baby to be killed or left to die post-birth if that’s the decision of the mother and her physician.

<—-This brilliant and very hard hitting ad is also 100% truthful and began appearing during the Black Lives Matter criminal and predatory Black-American national extortionate enterprise regarding cops!

Planned Parenthood  and the evil and horribly racist Margaret Sanger, from the very day she opened its doors for its gruesome business in 1916, has micro-targeted Black-American fetuses as their number one per-capita target for extermination!

New York state passed similar legislation to Virginia at the same time and Militant Extremist Leftist Women are screaming that state courts are now conducting a ‘War on Women’ Health!  VA and NY was done in anticipation of a now conservative majority for the first time in over 50 years on the US Supreme Court, over-turning Roe v Wade as the the ‘Legislating from the Bench’ tens of millions of American believe Associate Justice Harry Blackmun who wrote the opinion for the majority of the Burger Court, was doing when he wrote the infamous and fatally flawed Supreme Court decision in 1973.

Whenever you hear Judicial Activism or Legislating from the Bench, it is Justice Harry Blacknum and the Roe v Wade decision he wrote for the majority in 1973 that they are always referring to!

This new for 2020 vulgar, vile, violent, sub-human, Nazism depravity Democratic Party embraced Fetal Killing On-Demand ideal is nothing short of barbaric and medieval but its unbelievably being cheered today by the ultra-Leftist Progressive Extremists as a victory for Women’ Health in 2019-2020!


This past October and the Senate Judiciary Committee’s mistreatment of now Associate Justice Kavannaugh was the very last straw for me and I joined #WalkAway and I left the Democratic party after 40 years.  To bring in a mentally deranged female with severe mental health issues and speaking child-like under oath in Pro Fetal Killing Activist fraud and fake ‘witness’ Dr Christine Blasey Ford, was revolting and repulsive to me.  That no one could corroborated any of her testimony and all of this done by Democrats to ensure Roe v Wade not be overturned with a conservative majority on the USSC, just sickening to me too!

<—-She is Planned Parenthood founder and butcher Margaret Sanger who is human history’s most prolific serial killer and despised butcher of now nearing 70 million fetuses killed just in the United States since the 1973 Roe v Wade flawed Supreme Court decision!

Josef Stalin and Pol Pot could only dream of Sanger’s depraved Fetal Killing Fields success over 116 years of her Planned Parenthood’s gory, bloody history!

Because the wholesale overturning of Roe Vs Wade is not very likely to ever occur even as pro and anti abortion forces in the states keep passing obnoxious new laws recently to try to force the Supreme Court to intervene.  That no one is reporting this to us is also sickening because the VA and NY new laws are just as unlawful as the heartbeat or Alabama ones are according to what the Court declared in Casey v Planned Parenthood 1992.  They also reiterated and reaffirmed in Casey the state’s compelling interest in the Viable Fetus which the Democrats are now trying to extinguish in defiance of such long established Roe doctrine!

The Dems of today want to forever flush ‘Fetal Viability’ now—but that’s not going away, ever.  So the likelihood of Roe surviving and thriving is actually very high now so that the US Supreme Court may be finding itself pivoting in majority to the absolute ‘constitutional rights of the Viable Fetus’ which was at the time, the completely contrived and created invention and having no basis in law or in the 14th Amendment and done by Associate Justice Harry Blackmun writing for the 1973 majority!

I’d look for the future Court to declare definitively at which week of pregnancy ‘Fetal Viability’ may begin on average. This being necessary to further along their ‘Fetal Viability’ Doctrine successive Courts have strengthened since 1973.  Advances in Pre-Natal and Neo-Natal medical technology and physician training since 1973, have pushed fetal viability further back and requiring the Court now attempt to establish when viability begins.

SML Mitch McConnell, a slippery slithering senator just one half step below asshole former Senator Harry Reid in his years long corruptions, has been the Trump Administration’s Golden Boy packing the US District Courts with neo-conservative judges at breakneck speed.  Should Trump lose next year, it is the one bright spot of his tenure that he had McConnell there to recognize that changing the make-up of 60 years of ultra-Progressive Extremist US District Court judges was a critical necessity to rein in their Leftist arrogance and their subservience to the gruesome and barbaric Abortion Mill Industry and its supporters in Congress!


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