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County Commissioners Earned Their Keep Rejecting Light Rail

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 16, 2019

Las Vegastan–Where Bad Ideas Are Born and Never Die!

I’m a Transportation Guy of 35 years by profession, the Chippendale’s Middle-Age Division thing was just to earn me some Walking Around money because back then, Male Stripper hair gel and glitter had tripled in price, and because of those Chinese bastards, no one is even mining cuff-links anywhere in the world today!

I had genuine concerns that the Maryland Parkway Light Rail boondoggle catastrophe was gaining flight altitude and acceptance with the public as Brookings West and Brian Greenspun-compoop made complete and total asses of themselves pushing this idea with all the ink they could muster.

You’ll never hear me say that Light Rail is a bad thing; its very often a very good thing and surprisingly, the Brookings Boneheads and that Greenspun guy failed to mention that Seattle voters have over the past ten years or so, put together what may turn out to be the nation’s most well-planned and designed major conversion of Puget Sound’s grade-level traditional Bus public transit to becoming more Light Rail-centric, and Seattle’s heroin and caffeine addicted citizens who have not yet put their earnest money deposits down on a Cardboard Condo Camp site in SoNev, approved three ballot measures over the past decade which pays for it!


<—This is bad ass RTCSNV Executive Director Tina Quigley standing arms crossed in front of one of her gawd-awful, piece-of-shit Double-Decker buses which came to become one of the very worst purchases of anything in state history and they should all be donated to Burning Man Ms Quigley and I’ll donate the 100 million gallons of gasoline to ignite them there!

Insofar as long-range, long-term Urban Public Transportation Planning/Dreaming, well, we didn’t do any of that in Las Vegastan despite the RTCSNV existing since 1965 and today they having its very first Chief who has actually ridden a bus…and more than once too!  I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but I think she can drive a bus too and if she needs to blow off some steam, heads to one of their Depot Yards and does a shift of Boulder Highway/BHX or Maryland Parkway/Route 109 just to show everyone who’s the boss and why she’s the boss!  So, if you see a new articulated bus doing donuts in the parking lot or on Boulder Highway one day, it may be RTCSNV Chief Tina Quigley—yes ma’am, that’s Tina with two XX chromosomes too, can you even believe that, and here yet too!

I was going to wait until Project Neon completes to comment on the recent shocking turn of events on the Clark County Board of Commissioners where all of them voted against the MD Pkwy Light Rail boondoggle lead by their bad-ass Chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick!

Chairwoman—Marilyn Kirkpatrick—District B

Michael Naft—District A

Larry Brown—District C

Lawrence Weekly—District DI know can you even believe I’m saying something nice about Larry today too?

Tick Segerbloom—District E

Justin Jones—District F

and Jim Gibson as the Beaver!—District Gand this guy too and I’ve only had one pot of coffee so far this morning!

Very nicely done all of you on the Light Rail no vote for Maryland Parkway!

I wanted to state definitively and clearly to all of you who read conspiracy theory into every word that I may key, the CCBC did not in anyway whatsoever reject Light Rail as a viable transit option for some other routing and at some other future date.

Madame Chair, my most sincere congratulations and personal thank you for keeping your Board Caucus together and you all delivering the most correct decision for the future of public transit in the Maryland Parkway Corridor!  Commissioner Brown I see your fingerprints all over this too, so thank you too sir, your always well-considered input served a dual purpose which saved both riders and taxpayers from committing to something which had no chance of becoming successful for myriad reasons!

I was waiting for Project Neon to be done so that I can write the final and definitive as well as 35 years in-profession opinion of the Route 206 Sahara Express Line.  From its design elements, I wasn’t seeing that the project would improve the eastbound back-ups on Sahara at the Strip much when there’s a major event in town, or its just the weekend in Las Vegastan, so I’ve gone ahead and just canceled all major and minor events near to the intersection to save everyone some time and aggravation!

That’s what a leaders does people and You’re Welcome fans craving my decisive leadership—-and new non-fans because I just canceled everything!


At the risk of instigating those Brookings West Bozos who I’ve left at each of their work stations this morning sneaking in there on this Sunday morning to do it, an empty Xerox paper box of their very own intended for them to put all of their shit into it as well as any office supplies they’ve stolen and forgotten to take home already, and they don’t even know it yet, but I’ll soon be inviting/court-ordering/exiling/banishing them to leave SoNev in favor of say, Cedar City Utah or maybe Victorville California?

This latest chapter of Brookings West and their local Civic Terrorism and distasteful strong-arming of our Electeds in Las Vegastan, consumed an enormous amount of time and money and the government inertia still involved today, can’t accept that all those with a Gummint ID did exactly everything incorrectly including the choosing for the UNLV Med School site on the former Clark County Health Dept site across from Valley Hospital, which is why the Light Rail Scheme & Scam came to be in the first place.

Enter Brookings West championing this Light Rail attempt at railroading us into getting those new Med School kids as far the fuq away from UNLV as was possible!  I’m dead serious folks and that’s exactly the wrong thing to do if we’re trying to breathe new life into UNLV and into the revival of the entire Maryland Parkway Corridor from McCarran to Bonanza!  

Without question, we absolutely need the new UNLV Medical School as geographically close to campus as is possible and that site is on Maryland Parkway and Twain’s northwest corner is perfect and which is about the same size as the poorly chosen Pinto Lane site and it only seems to have a single 7-11 on it.  It also bears the name on its street signage of Sheldon and Miriam Adelson and I’ve heard those two names somewhere before and wonder if the land is encumbered in any way?

Move the Ruvo Institute to the former Health Department site and give those people as many free buffet coupons as possible because their incredibly ugly building which makes fun of people with Brain Injuries just doesn’t fit where they’ve placed it and its clashes with the Smith Center.

OK, your new Trip the Strip will fail too Ms Quigley, you’ve been here long enough to know the Resorts are such fine citizens that they expect you to fill their empty casinos no one goes to who lives here since they took away free validated parking for locals with a local ID..  You’ll reposition some of those shuttles to bring kids back and forth from UNLV two blocks north to Twain & the Parkway’s new Med School for that neighborhood when its done.


Rosemary over at McCarran–who gets excited about nonstops to Fresno—signaled we’re 2o years away from the new Las Vegas International Jetport 30 miles south of the Strip.  That’s also green-lighted you and your RTCSNV to begin the first planning of Vegas Rail’s new and first heavier Commuter Rail Line running on the UP right of way from Apex/NLV south to the new airport.  The train’s power  plants built by General Electric and GM’s Electro-Motive Division and both built in the United States, are the most fuel efficient in history today and work continues on finding out how to power them with natural gas like RTCSNV buses!  In 20 years, we’ll have a whole new product maybe run on liquid hydrogen for traditional commuter rail here!

It will certainly be prudent to also plan for a Tourist-transport MAGLEV right-of-way along side the new Apex-to Ivanpah traditional  commuter rail because the Chinese are doing it well so far but the energy burn for the electricity to power MAGLEV may not be available because cars and other vehicles will negate and cancel all of these Green  Clean Energy initiatives the 80th Session and others prior passed here and elsewhere.

With a lock-boxed Legislative commitment of just 1/8th of one single penny of Clark County’s combined fuel taxes and done in the 81st session and continuing through infinity but  forbidding that 1/8th to ever rise for any reason, you will build SoNev’s first viable Commuter Rail Line which will fuel the growth of the bedroom community new suburbs and subdivisions along the entire route south to the Ivanpah Valley and the airport related jobs that will fill those train seats with asses!  The fuel taxes being lock-boxed forbidding the Legislature from ever taking them under Dillon Rules or rescinding them, or your agency using them for anything else not directly related to Commuter Rail here, opens another door very widely for you too Ms Quigley:  These train sets can be run directly from Apex to Los Angeles if they can include two super-hybrid power plant locomotives to get these train sets up and over the El Cajon Pass and back down to Union Station in LA!

Traditional Commuter Rail train sets usually don’t exceed eight passenger cars because of suburban station platform limitations, but we’ll be building all of those new platforms in Nevada!

It’s a matter of holding the UP to the contract they will sign with the RTCSNV which Amtrak never did, so an annual legal budget will have to come from that 1/8th too and that’s when we’re ready to get the rolling stock filled with paying asses and rolling on the rails again to and from Las Vegastan!  Another option is getting the Legislature’s approval to enter into a public/private partnership which would build a new connector line from the BNSF main line in Arizona, north to Nevada and through the Eldorado Valley to connect to the Union Pacific and the new freight, chemical loading and off-loading, and passenger car servicing yard in Apex which is already too small imho!

It needs to be built as big and gigantic as the BNSFs terrific new Logistics Parks which is what they’re calling their newer Intermodal freight train yards everyone loves servicing!

Without beginning this right now, today, I-15 will look like Sunday or Monday nights every single night of the year. I personally guarantee it Ms Quigley!

Marilyn, again, you and your Board deserved today’s shout-out and I hope that this signals your your fiscal restraint over the fiscal exuberance of some of your members who may be named Tickles, may have going forward!

Very nice job and I’m very pleased for you all and I wanted you guys to know I hadn’t forgottenabout this vote….and I’m pleased for all of us out here in the cheap seats!

Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



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