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Has President Trump Earned & Does He Deserve Re-Election?

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jun 20, 2019

I’m still supporting the president and he maintains my full endorsement and political affection but that doesn’t mean that I won’t criticize him when critique is required which during some weeks, is a daily necessity with this precocious, expialadocious president #45!

Trying to read the 2020 tea leaves is impossible this early out and not just because Donald Trump has proven to be politically indecipherable and incoherent and his current poll numbers and one-on-one match-ups with Dems are consistently bad, but his base is still solid and impenetrable—its just not showing any signs at all of growing or having grown these past three years, and conveniently, neither has the president!   

He’s no old school Republican, that’s for sure, his spending has on some line-items, have exceeded both Bush 43’s and Obama’s reckless spending orgies and he’s tracking very well to add his own 10 trillion in debt should he be re-elected.  His Chinese Tariff War is getting tedious and tiresome because its not easily understood or explained WTF he’s actually doing especially to American agriculture in the short and long runs.  If his Chinese War ends with the president saying publicly, ‘Debt, what debt?  We don’t owe you no stinkin’ debt you Commie bastards!’, then I will personally carve his head as the 5th Face into Mt Rushmore!

The GOP US House members who quit or were defeated in 2018 couldn’t be named by anyone today and that was only 7 months ago, that’s how disinterested  and apathetic we all are about the details of the Melodrama/Reality Show we’ve all been living since 9/11/2001.  Both Obama and Trump’s Celebrity Presidencies confirm we’ve not yet recovered from 9/11 and don’t plan on doing so anytime soon either.  Both Obama and Trump share some remarkable and very unlikable personal and political traits and we’ll just have to wait and see if President Trump is now determined to best Obama’s historic complete total destruction and obliteration of nearly 1,100 elected Democratic office holders from coast-to-coast during his badly failed presidency.  Losing the US House in 2018 was a very good start for President Trump if that was his goal because the GOP’s current US House dysfunction has them forbidden to even try to win it back in 2020!

The big dumb-asses!

As dysfunctional and chaotic as President Trump’s White House and first-term has been to date, he cannot be called a failed president because he’s had far too many successes—-accidental, incidental, unintended, and not-predicted or planned successes, still count as successes for any incumbent president, and that’s still just driving the Progressive Extremist Haters and Bigots completely nutz today!  I’m still never tiring of seeing the severe mental health implosions and Bigot Breakdowns of these Progressive Piglets!  The Ultra Leftist Marxist Progressive haters have done irreparable damage to themselves they just can’t see and will not acknowledge.

The greatest gift President Trump has given to the nation and to the world, is to have exposed the roiling, boiling, seething, ugly hatreds all Progressives harbor for the entire world to see!

The other night in Orlando after having drinks at the Pulse Nightclub there, President Trump continued the Obama-team created annoying political strategy of our presidents existing in Political Plastic Bubbles and their being in ‘Forever Campaigning-Mode’ with what was called his ‘re-election launch’.  I was surprised to hear the president and the Press say that because I don’t recall there being very much of a break from campaigning after Trump had won the presidency 953 days ago.

<—–Senator Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris (center) has run the most consistently racist and bigoted campaign not only of this cycle, but also one of the very worst in American history too!

With her are her truly gifted sister Maya and her girlfriend (left and right) doing a Salt n Pepa cover of ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ trying to jump-start her stalled, failing, and free-falling campaign!

If the election were held today, President Trump would lose against any generic candidate the Democrats put up is the conventional wisdom and I would still agree with that with 17 months to go before we vote.  I would narrow the field of challengers who could depose him to Biden, Warren, and Sanders and an unnamed secret candidate who is not Mammy Kammy and who may ignite in the fall of this year.

New for 2020, we all must keep open the nearly certain probability that Bernie Sanders will just keel over and drop dead at any moment; he’s not looking healthy, or human, or well-rested, or well-fed, or well-combed and coiffed.  Joe Biden as 2020’s Cadaver Candidate, urgently needs to invest some very big campaign cash on some eyebrow pencils and spray-on hair tint; he looks very sickly to me ever since they wheeled him against his will out of ‘The Home’ in Scranton to run this cycle!

In all seriousness, both Sanders and Biden are showing signs of having developed Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s.  Both men have had public moments where their being lucid and aware seemed to have gotten away from each of them. It’s a truly sickening feeling of total helplessness having had seen this decline in my own late father and I am 100% fully supportive of a national policy of once someone turns 75 years old at any level of elected or any politically appointed position anywhere in America, that on your 75th birthday, be everyone’s mandatory, no exceptions, final day of public service! 

Good-bye Associate Justice Ginsberg!

Elizabeth Warren turns 70 going on 147 years old this month and seems the odds-on favorite to win the Dem nomination today and she should become a Political Florence Nightingale to both Sanders and now Biden too, so she can be there as the VP choice of both guys whenever it is that one or the other drops dead during the 2020 cycle!  She can even pretend that she’s giving either guy mouth-to-mouth trying to revive their Geezer Guy lives on live TV!  She’ll look to America as being very magnanimous and very helpful and also very Nurse Ratched-like by even pretending to revive either guy….and then she’ll win the Dem nomination and likely the presidency too!

<—-I’ve come to really believe that the 2020 campaign will score the first candidate Death by Natural Causes while campaigning in our nation’s history! 

Throw in Hillary and Nancy into this Geriatric Stew of Poo-Poo and the probability of someone dying this cycle is guaranteed!

Trump, Biden, Sanders, Clinton, Pelosi, and Warren’s combined ages total over 2 millions years old and which plays very hard against this 100% Media-imagined, completely contrived youth Movement of the Millennials!


He’s got a lot of work to do and Trump is no sure thing for re-election—because he is exhausting to be around and to listen to—but he does have what all successful politicians have and that’s luck—and a platinum horseshoe shoved way up his ass as well.  He’s always been his own worst enemy with that mouth and he’s making re-election assumptions and presumptions which are perilous to his effort but that’s him and how he operates in everything that he does.  I’ve always wondered who it was who hurt so badly the nanny and governess his father hired to raise him and to love his being Trumpian, haven’t you guys?

President Trump mentioned Hillary Clinton 872 times in Orlando and that wasn’t a good sign even though it was only 7 times that he he said her name!  He did and said nothing new in MCO either.  President Trump mentioned no new dragons to slay, nor did he mention anything he wishes to affect historically about all of the things he enjoys blowing up so much like Uncle Fester and Pugsly used to love blowing up their model railroading playtime together!


President Trump’s got himself a very good Attorney General now who the New York Times itself is so nervous about, they gave him a special spread 2 wknds ago which the Las Vegas Sun picked up the following week and its a good and fair piece about AG William Barr imho.  Take the time to read it if you haven’t already, it’s got a lot of clues as to what may actually happen at USDOJ as his Investigating the Investigators efforts continue:


<—He’s got 17 months until the national election and if Barr comes up empty-handed or without indictments or at the very least, without a full accounting of who did what in time-framed sequence covering everything that happened, then President Trump will surely lose his re-election bid…

….and he’ll lose because he just can’t shut up, and he’ll lose because he’ll also look and sound like a big sore loser crybaby little bitch to many of his own fans!

If Barr dots all of the I’s and crosses all of the T’s and finds no less than Criminal Conspiracy occurred and which got stronger and more muscular the longer it went on, and that he does have the grounds to indict or threaten to indict, then he’s got an even bigger problem with President Trump and that’s his even attempting containing Trump’s mouth and his commenting on or about anything the Attorney General may uncover and wish to pursue.

President Trump was damaged by the federal government assisting his political enemies—-we all know this—-but the Attorney General would threaten to indict persons because their misconduct harmed the United States and violated its laws first.  I don’t think the president would be able to cope with knowing this nor keep his big mouth shut and letting his AG do his professional best first and then maybe the AG would allow for the president to take a modest, pre re-election public victory lap.

Don’t bet on that even being a possibility.  William Barr will not be nor will he play anyone’s fool and he is no one’s political toady or campaign fashion accessory either.  AG Barr is very simply the man who will very rightly either be credited or blamed by the president for the president winning or losing his re-election bid next year.


Trump’s outright refusal the other day to walk back, correct out, or even forget that he said that he’d accept foreign intelligence help/Dirt in his re-election effort triggered the exactly wrong response from him when the Press and political enemies called him out on it and resulted in Trump doubling down even further.

Attorney General Barr knows what kind of president he’s working with—one with no impulse control or any internal braking mechanism whatsoever—and that will jade his decisions on Investigating the Investigators that much more.  President Trump delegating to him the sole ability to declassify documents which will greatly assist him in his duties, was a political masterstroke but one with truly great political risk attached for the president too!

Both gutsy and ballsy, if not suicidal, and I think it will be recalled historically as being Trump’s very best decision as president because we citizens have not yet had any closure at all about all that lead up to and then occurred in 2016!  He’s delegated to AG Barr the full power, authority, weight of his appointed and US Senate confirmed position as US Attorney General, to bring to Americans this closure that we’ve all needed…and which may or may not be helpful or necessary for the president’s re-election effort.

It’s the actual Sword of Damocles hanging over President Trump’s head and his re-election campaign and AG Willliam Barr now owns that sword free and clear and he will determine Trump’s re-election fate based on his professional conduct going forward as the AG over the coming months.  The NYT piece was a good look at how the people that matter are seeing things too!

Donald Trump’s inability to control his own mouth predates even his Merv Griffin years long public feuding and could sink everything the AG may wish to proceed on!   The USDOJ was a super-corrupted Hot Mess under Obama 

If AG Barr can’t prosecute  any of them, he still has to purge scores and scores of them and permanently remove their Security Clearances too because there are lower tiers of DOJ staff who were supposed to have acted and spoken up too if those above them were even casually suspected of abusing their authority, power, and credentials against the now president

But the greatest outrage of all may be that we’ve already passed the Statute of Limitations and that they deliberately ran the clock out to ensure that no one suffer any legal jeopardy over any of their wrongdoings!


Steel Yourselves, Much Is Not Indictable 


Steel yourselves readers because much of the gross misconducts conducted against President Trump prior to and after his 2016 election is not criminal or even civil, but are non-indictable political gross misconducts.  All 110,000 USDOJ employees are not forbidden to have political views or to partake in political activities, they just can’t use the color of their public positions when doing so and must disclose to superiors whenever their political activity would even hint at compromising their objectivity as federal law enforcement agents.  That falls under their professional ethical obligations which failing those is not generally a criminal or civil legal matter either!

AG Barr must be honest and candid with all of us if Trump is to be re-elected  If the majority of what he finds is not indictable, I don’t think President Trump will handle that well at all and he’ll become re-energized to continue on the Toddler’s Tear he’s been on since 2015.  If he shows to all of us that as president, he fully understood the gravity and necessity of what he ordered his Attorney General to investigate…..and that AG Barr was free from being pestered by him every ten minutes to find something against the Investigators which would fall under the six words in his vocabulary, then President Trump should be re-elected and with the popular and electoral vote….and pretty easily too!

The smart money is always on the president going off half-cocked, off the reservations, off the deep-end, and that gives hope to any opponent the Democrats may nominate who at any upcoming debate in response to the question ‘Why should voters cast their vote for you?, only has to point across the stage to President Trump and state while pointing directly at him, ‘I’m NOT him!…and they’re elected with the popular and electoral vote to become our 46th president of the United States of America!

That’s how historically important what Trump and Barr are doing now truly is.  If President Trump has  truly delegated to Barr and then left him alone to do his very important work—-and then much more importantly—-if he can keep his ignorant-ass mouth shut for 17 months, he wins, if he can’t control his mouth  and Barr fails in his duties, he loses.


Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

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