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President Trump Wins A Political Grand Slam Match!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jul 19, 2019

<—-If he knew what he was doing I suppose he could be a danger to himself and to poor little Barron. 

But he seems to have much more luck than common sense and that works for me too!

Oh, the Progressive Bigoted Haters are in hyper-overdrive as they’ve been nonstop since 2015 and that’s just frosting on the 2020 cake really!  Lots and lots of frosting on the political cake to we many millions who truly hate the Evils of Progressivism and its Ultra-Fascist Doctrine and Orthodoxy!  Progressives Hating-On all things American and Israeli fires up their poisonous, pernicious Democratic Party’s Hater Base and his re-election would still fail today because of that, but after this past week or so, President Trump is finally seeing re-election broad daylight for the very first time!


No Rules or Standards for Any Democrats, Nothing but Outrage for Everyone Else!


Its their Democratic Party Elitist progressive bigotry double-standards about everything, not any kind of phony latent White Privilege or White Supremacy which neither even exists except in their Progressive bigoted minds and imaginations and as the Media is currently breathless in expounding upon!  We’ve been suffering through this Hate-On from Progressive Extremist Bigots since Reagan and its gotten ‘progressively’ worse every single election cycle since then.

That’ll be 40 years commencing next year, of Progressive Extremist Hate-On of all things American!

Remember this now 8 year old piece from me below?  Democratic Party extremists were actually publicly calling for Bush 43’s assassination and that included an Irish national Nobel Peace Prize laureate and the Media said and did absolutely nothing in response but now expects all of us today to get upset by anything at all which comes out of President Trump’s mouth?

They really believe that tens of millions of us have forgotten their corrosive, toxic, always hateful, always hate-filled bullshit!


They’ve even trotted out vile presidential child Patti Davis twice this year alone to lecture us about what an asshole President Trump is and to not vote for him!  Ms Davis was and still is the truly ugly Progressive Whore Child Hater of Ronnie & Nancy who hated her father so much and was always puking out something to any Media who would listen to her or sleep with her about why Reagan was Satan himself!

<—-This is the most recent pic I could find of Reagan’s deplorable, degenerate daughter, Political Terrorist Patti Davis!

America still hates Patti Davis 39 years later but Progressive Extremists trotted her out twice this year to lecture Republicans about how to be Republicans when she’s hated Republicans for her entire life!

That’s called being stupid-ass stupid of the Progressive Extremists!


Let’s take a look at these past recent days and judge for yourselves:

First, Serena Williams lost and that just makes me happier than a pig in shit anytime that she loses because I’ve never liked her, I’ve never liked her insufferable bullshit, and I’ve never liked her sexualized grunting while serving a tennis ball to some unsuspecting lesbian who is not Billie Jean King!    And there was bigot Serena running her ignorant-ass mouth about BJ King who is Queen and Martina, the Queen Mother, of lesbian-centric international Women’s Tennis!

I know, can you even believe that shitSerena was going to try to ‘out-dyke’ the two Grand Dames of Dykes on the international tennis stage for the past 50 fuqn years!

Fifty fuqn years!

I guess I’m old school, but give me an Althea Gibson over either the always classless and always clueless Serena or Venus Williams any day of the week, any week of the year, and any year of my life because Ms Gibson was also ‘old school’, a top pro in two sports—Tennis and I forget if it was Golf or Cold-Ass Bitch Slapping—and she ‘identified’ as being ‘American’ way, way back when it was popular to do so!

She also appeared to be darker than most to most not yet ‘woke’ folk who cared about such nonsense like Great-grandma Alvina Sharpton who invented and wore the first Jheri Curl and then fried up some chicken with the leftover Jheri grease, and also like the not-so-Great granddad, Rev Jussie Jackson!

Always, always, always, remember that there are tens of billions of federal, state, and foundation dollars to be stuffed full into the pockets of those ugly Race Hustlers & Poverty Pimps who keep the Democratic Party’s intense hatred of everyone else roiling and boiling!


We ‘merkins have loved Lesbian Tennis since Bobby Rigg was exposed as a Granny Tranny by Billie Jean King in their Battle of the Sexes matches…192 years ago!


<—-A damned handsome woman who could knock the livin’ shit out of a tennis ball, Betty Stove was not the ‘Big Bosomed Lady with the Dutch Accent’ who tried to change Rod Stewart’s point of view way back then, but she was the pin-up of every Dutch Trans Boy-to-Girl wannabe in the 1970’s!

Throw in a Betty Stove and you’ve got a lesbian Hat-Trick on a tennis court, and if you even know who Betty Stove is, then you are spending way too much time watching Women’s Tennis sir…umm, I mean ma’am!

If only we weren’t all living in caves back then and weren’t all still living in them today, and if we only had some Progressive Extremist Bigots instructing us how to think and who to think about to achieve ‘Diversity’, then maybe we’d all know who the Hell these bitches are today!

Trust me on this one, there are many more millions who know who Betty Stove is and what she’s famous for than who know who Barron Trump is and why he looks like a young Betty Stove to those same many millions out there!


‘My son Eric Garner was a good boy and a good career criminal!’


Then as if God and His boy Jesus opened a cloud up and descended upon us, hyper-racist bigot and badly failed mother, Gwen Carr of Staten Island. got the good news that her dreams of getting a better hairstyle which does not culturally misappropriate Blonde womens’ hair streaks birthright, was rejected by USDOJ and AG William Barr personally broke the tie between his New York office and his hyper-corrupted since Eric Holder ruined the USDOJ’s Civil Rights Division which now DNC Chair, bigot Tom Perez told America when he was there that federal Hate Crimes legislation was never meant for, and will never be used for any Hate Crime committed against a White person by a minority-grouped person!

Nevermind that federal Hate Crimes legislation never, ever even remotely suggests that this is fact or was ever Congress’s intent—this was three colossal Progressive Extremist assholes in Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Tom Perez making this determination/interpretation of Congress’s intent when they were creating, writing, and passing these laws and these three bigots did this all by themselves and without the consent of Congress, and which is also how Holder & Obama forced Trannies onto the Pentagon first and in defiance of Title IX of the HEA of 1965.

<—-Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris’s homo Uncle Fred the drag queen (left) plays Rep Fredrica Wilson of Florida in his show! 

Our very own Frank Marino who’s been doing Fredrica Wilson for years in his Vegas drag show, should sue this geriatric drag disaster for being the only member of Congress who makes even the truly ugly, stupid, bigoted, and racist Rep Maxine Waters look good…. even to blind people!

Those are moth balls around his neck, in his sequined ball-sack, and hanging from his ears!

I should have left the Democratic Party the very day Perez was elected Chair of the DNC and I regret that I did not until 10/1/2018 and Senator Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris’s bigoted and biased mistreatment of now Associate Justice Kavannaugh from her undeserved seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee where she had forgotten to tell her own Ranking Member, fellow demo-bigot Senator Dianne Feinstein, that she and her favorite fellatio & fuq buddy from her CalAG days also had a mess of #MeToo moments all his own which have cost California taxpayers now in excess of 1 million dollars to settle and they’re still not done mopping up her messes there!

This dizzy bitch thinks that qualifies her to be president or vice-president.  Of the United States, it does not, of Oakland, it probably does though!

Gwen Carr’s career criminal son was killed by NYPD for refusing to comply with police orders to him and she’s already banked nearly 6 million in settlement from the city but what USDOJ did for now overjoyed New Yorkers is nullify the outrageous $41 million settlement with the Central Park Five Terrorists who were among 1,000’s of hateful, hate-filled bigoted and biased minority youth who were terrorizing the city and its visitors in the summer of 1989. That settlement was done by mayor Bill De Blasio against the strenuous objections of police and prosecutors and what was needed was the pro-‘Wilding’ Black bigoted racists to be balanced out and Eric Garner’s death provided a ready opportunity to do so by USDOJ!

DNA evidence freed the ‘Freeloaders Five’ terrorists and convicted the man who attacked that poor woman but it did not ‘exonerate’—-to use a recently popular word associated with President Trump—-those five Urban Terrorists who absolutely were in Central Park that night and ‘Wilding’ is what they were calling what these human vermin were doing to mostly female strangers that summer.  I remember it well because I was across the river in Jersey City that year quite a bit for work and these five Urban Terrorists deserved everything they’ve gotten except that $41 million dollars from Bigot de Blasio!

Eric Garner and no federal prosecution of NYPD cops also pays meager penance for racist bigot’s like Jessie Smolett in Chicago and now over 400 fake racial and anti-Semitic incidents conducted across America and staged by Black-American biased and bigoted racists looking for an easy payday on taxpayers backs!  No federal prosecution also helps repair damages done by Black Lives Matter bigots and their Obama War on Cops which claimed dozens of cop murders and done with Obama’s blessing after he deliberately exploded Ferguson!


America’s Two Premier Black Holes, Sharpton & Jackson, have become multi-millionaires on the backs of Stupid Black People who follow orders from both!


Smart and aware Black-Americans left the Democratic Party Plantation and Safe Zone decades ago and are performing economically just as well as any other group who’s also done that very necessary Exodus from Evil!

<—-We all certainly want and demand Reparations from America’s violent and predatory Black Bigoted Class of racist shit-stirrers like these two infamous pocket-stuffing Radical Racists and America’s two biggest Black Holes!

To date, no jurisdiction in the United States has passed any law or legislation designed to civilly punish with harsh mandatory fines and county jail time any bigot who would make racially motivated false accusations against any real or imagined person or any peace officer, but its coming, because this evil bullshit has gotten so out of hand and is blessed by Progressive bigots and the Democratic Party!


Ugly Megan Hates Christians & Lies to America About their CBA and Ugly Progressives applaud her Lies!


Then the ugliest American bigot in my lifetime—-Ugly Megan Rapinoe—-appears on a Women’s World Cup soccer field after just realizing she was a lesbian the other day and cracking up a gay Anderson Cooper from CNN who while laughing at her, not with her, and he was like, ‘Bitch PLEASE! 

Of course she hates Trump and was running her ignorant-ass mouth all day on the international stage about him and she kept back-peddling to make her bigoted and biased ugly ‘Identity is Everything’ politics more palatable to those watching at home!

<—-Ugly is as Ugly does and no one in my lifetime has been an uglier bigot than truly ugly Bigot Megan Rapinoe of USWNT!

Then she started in on ‘Equal Pay’ for all the dykes on her team and who all knew that Ugly Megan was a lesbian way, way back in the Maternity Ward!  What she didn’t tell anyone about the Womens Soccer’s lawsuit filed this past spring to deliver them ‘equal pay’, is that USWNT play soccer under a Collective Bargaining Agreement and she conveniently forgot to inform anyone whether or not USWNT ever brought up ‘equal pay’ while negotiating their CBA where it belongs, not in the federal court system where these bigoted crybaby bitches now want the courts to do for them what they refused to do for themselves negotiating their current contract!

Ever the intolerant Progressive demanding tolerance from everyone else, super-bigot Ms Rapinoe and her equally bigoted team mates blocked Christian female soccer star Jaelene Hinkle for her refusal to wear the Gay Pride Rainbow flag on her uniform last year and she’s has been blacklisted from the US Team despite her being one of the world’s top female soccer stars!  Accused by one of the five female lesbian bigots on the US World Cup team of being homophobic and intolerant when their intolerant demands of her to support Gay Pride because of ‘inclusion’ drew audible laughs from straight female soccer players all around the world!

These bigoted dykes really believe that no one is paying attention to their intense hatreds and when they’re caught, they hide behind false narratives like ‘inclusion’ without ever explaining how one of the world’s best players was left off of the US Team this year!

An effort has begun to strip US Womens Soccer of its Title IX Soccer Privilege and replace them ALL with born male Transgendered players to send all of these ignorant-ass, snotty, snooty bigoted and biased bitches back to working in Hardware over at the Home Depot!


Congresswoman and racist bigot, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, will soon become the 16th member of Congress killed as a well-trained Homicide Bomber!


Never missing an opportunity to say something stupid which in turn pays huge political dividends to him, President Trump invited female racist Dem US House America & Israel Haters, bigots Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, and double-dipshit Ocasio-Cortez, to leave if they don’t like it here which their always hate-filled rhetoric inspired him to declare!

President Trump got a nationwide free-pass again because for these four racist and biased bigots to be calling anyone names is very entertaining to those of us paying attention that none of these four Pukes of Female Persons have ever suffered a moment for their 24/7/365 Hate-On since before they were even sworn in as US House members.  Omar and Tlaib should have long ago been stripped of their Committee assignments for their pure, unadulterated hatreds they have no problem voicing to whomever will listen to their incessant ugliness!

So long as the Democratic Party’s horrific hypocrisy and duplicity prevents them from ever condemning and expelling their own bigoted, biased, prejudiced, and racist party members, President Trump is cheered and his support for re-election grows bigger and bigger!  Couple this with bigoted Rep Omar who is still rumored to have married her own brother to commit Immigration Fraud together and one wonders aloud where the USDOJ and Homeland Security is about this intense Minnesota Mess of an America Hater and her super-corrupted family!

Islam does not condone incest nor marrying one’s sibling even to commit Immigration Fraud for Allah!

Ms Omar’s stubborn refusal to answer to the local Minneapolis Press still today about her Marriages Merry-go-Round further fuels open speculation that she is an anti-American Operative because she most definitely had committed Tax Fraud by filing jointly for years with a man she wasn’t married to—-also without explanation from her—-and then she took back her first old man and had a third child with him though having divorced his sorry ass ‘within their faith’ whatever that means.

She’s painted her very own political target on her very own hairy hunchback all by herself with her bizarre personal life decisions that are very much the public’s business especially since this bigoted and racist woman has been demanding Trump’s tax returns but refuses to provide the Minneapolis Media her own!

15 members of Congress have been killed in office over the House and Senate’s history—-10 Democrats and 5 Republicans—-four members died in duels which many including me would like to see between these four ugly, miserable females, and ten have died from gunshots wounds.  Few doubt that ugly bigot Ilhan Abdullahi Omar is aiming to and is willing to die for her intense hatreds and become a martyr for Islam…..and tens of millions of Americans wish her well toward her goal including me too!

Her Sisters is Savagery in Mogadishu and the former Trans-Jordan West Bank region of the Jordan River and called ‘Not Palestine’, have been training Muslim females as Homicide Bombers for more than 20 years now.  She is an excellent candidate to carrying out such savage anti-human behavior because she is inhumane, her loyalty is exclusively to Islam, not to the US House, not to Speaker Pelosi, and not to the United States of America which took her in and gave her refuge in the Whitest area of the nation within Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota!


Delightful Debutant Pakistani Female Homicide Bomber Strikes on July 20, 2019!


She’s already demonstrated that she is willing to break the law for her cause!  America knows that and is near to universal in forgiving President Trump’s intemperate, impolitic rhetoric of recent days!

I know I am!  I didn’t think he sinned in the first place about these four evil Wicked Bitches!

‘Send Her Back’ chanted by people at Trump’s North Carolina rally may have already served to secure President Trump’s re-election because no American is going to tolerate a Whitephobic hater and Islamic-bigoted woman telling her tales of Hating-On all things American and Israeli for very long.

Truly ugly Whitephobic racist and bigot Rashida Tliab should be expelled from the US House before she can blow herself up there!

<—This racist, bigoted, and anti-Semitic international effort against Israel is 100% supported by Ilhan Abdullahi Omar and Rashida Tliab, and both ugly bigots are the reason Congress has not yet voted to condemn this ugly hateful effort!

I’m betting BIG that super-bigoted Representative Ilhan Abdullahi Omar and and Rashida Tliab are micro-targeted for defeat by their Speaker and by their own Caucus which truly hates them, by pro-Israeli/anti BDS factions in the House and Senate, by Mossad and the CIA, and the enormous pressure against their Hate-On of the United States which will be blamed, along with President Trump of course, when when they do become Homicide Bombers for their evil cause!

Mark my words, super-bigots Ilhan Abdullahi Omar and Rashida Tliab  fit the Homicide Bomber/Islamic Hater international criminal profile perfectly and I wish them well in Hell when they finally strap their bombs on and explodes them in glory to Allah in the US House one day soon!

This is the hate and evil the Democratic Party bathes in and drinks into drunkenness today!  Don’t ever say that I didn’t warn you what’s to come!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



<—-An Adorable Deplorable

…and a Goddamned Delight Too!