40th Ruby Anniversary Year Begins November 13, 2019

Posted by Michael Zahara on Jul 27, 2019

I’d committed myself to this upcoming yearlong commemoration because it needs to be commemorated by all Americans. especially after the Democratic Party beatified Senator John McCain as being their very favorite Republican when he finally up and died in August of 2018.

Only ten years earlier, John McCain was the most reviled and repulsive Republican in America who gave us Caribou Barbie as his cynical, slutty running mate, according to all Progressive Nazis nationwide!

<—-Especially by the 65,844,944 million Americans who cast votes in 2016 and who now need to be held to atone for and to account for their grave, mortal Voting Sin they deliberately committed against our nation!  

They are forever and collectively the quintessential Ugliest Americans in our nation’s entire history is how history should remember these truly ignorant-ass and always bigoted and biased Americans!

They all had choices in 2016 and they all made the wrong choices and some were even so bold as to blame the election results on their opponent’s supporters, peppering the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune with actual threats to their safety and to their person for their audacity in not complying with what turned out to be were their Voting Orders from Progressive Nazis!

<—-Prez Wednesday Addams  and VP Tuesday Weld were credible candidate alternatives for 2016 voters who didn’t care for Donald Trump…

….and who also didn’t care for Hillary Clinton.

They could have voted for the 2016 Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld—both were duly-elected two term Governors of New Mexico and Massachusetts respectively—America’s first two-governor presidential ticket in any party in 68 years!—yet these three metropolitan daily newspapers and scores of smaller print Media efforts actually printed these threatening-to-persons statements after the 2016 election results were certified!

<—-Actress Tuesday Weld disavowed and disowned Bill Weld after kicking the living crap out of him when she heard him calling President Trump a racist in front of the nation’s oldest and largest racist organization, the NAACP, at their Race Baiting and Poverty Pimping Convention Confab in Detroit the other day!

They chose Detroit as the very model of Racial Derison and Division to keep their Whitephobic Fires of Racial Hatred burning brightly there every Halloween of course, and wherever they can cry ‘racism’ and then have someone throw ’em a couple of bucks to keep the lights on!


Degenerate Democrats Have Been Vilifying & Eviscerating GOP Opponents for 40+ Years!


Dire personal consequences were threatened by these Degenerate Democrats publicly casting aspersions over the voting choices of others  in 2016 as if how any of us vote, and who it is that receives those votes from us, has ever been anyone’s business to even be irrationally commenting on so recklessly and so Nazi-Identical as the Democratic Party so comfortably Fascist had become in doing!

<—-Burned into the retinas and memory banks of every single American who watched, was the Progressive Nazis meltdown over Trump’s 2016 win! 

There would be no ‘peaceful transfer of power’ from any Democrat Nazi in 2016 in a process which began their party’s Death March Spiral in November of 1979!


Much has been written about a 100% Media created sickness within the national GOP since there’s not nearly enough outrage over Trump for the Progressive Nazis, yet there’s nothing much at all about the actual death of the Democratic Party under political & party assassin, Bougie Bigot Barack Obama! 

Since former Special Counsel Robert Mueller proved himself such an unmitigated disaster this past week, rather than pointing out to their readers or viewers his stunningly obvious incapacity to even have become a Special Counsel to Congress about anything in the first place, our Nazi Propaganda Press instead continued its finger-wagging lecturing to all of us how much of a racist Donald Trump is so that we would all look away from the Mueller Investigation Constitutional Catastrophe!

That’s been the Democratic Party and their Media’s MO from the very beginning!  Neither believes that any of us have noticed that this abhorrent behavior from both bigoted and biased entities didn’t begin with Donald Trump’s 2016 election, but with Ronald Reagan in 1980!

Though he’s not a racist and never was a racist—he is biased and bigoted which 100% of all Americans also are no less than biased!each time that our Media Nazis falsely calls President Trump a racist, an angel gets its wings, a Progressive Bigot is rightfully sacrificed, and vicious, lying, seditious, Democratic Party Propagandists posing as ‘journalists’ like Eugene Robinson, Gail Collins, Charles Blow, EJ Dionne, Nicolas Kristof, and Juan Williams are publicly executed by guillotine!


I still love this movie!  I like Lady Liberty too and was in New York City in 1986 for her 100th birthday, but I love the Giant 120 story Guillotine for New Jersey the French Deplorables sent along with her, even more!

BIGOTRY should be contained, controlled, and expelled from within a person since it serves no useful purpose for anyone, however, BIAS goes to our own very strongest human instinct-–our own survival—and BIAS in and of itself isn’t a good thing, nor a bad thing, its just A THING and is a major component reason our species beat back those Neanderthal Privilege assholes to delightfully dominate our planet.  We are BIASED in favor of red meat over green meat for instance, but no one could tell those Neanderthals jack shit, so those little fuqrs couldn’t get enough of green meat, and oh well, they all dead now!

Learn to sound smarter and brighter than you really are by knowing and using the correct definitions of the words almost all of you are using or misusing incorrectly in politics!  You know and have known few, if any ‘RACISTS’—they are exceedingly rarer now in our species—but you do know RACIALLY & ETHNICALLY BIASED people and that’s the correct term to use, not just puking out the word ‘RACIST’ for everything!


76 Police Misconduct Cases In Baltimore Were Allowed to Expire Since 2016 When Cummings told the DNC in Philly That Black Lives Matter! 


Marilyn Mosby In Baltimore Said NO They Did Not!



Tump’s latest Tweet about Rep Elijah Cummings MDCD07 was declared to be ‘racist’ by actual racists who belong to actual racist organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus!  That’s hysterical to me and to most other people too and that’s why the proven failed tactic of calling everyone about everything ‘racist’ has the polar opposite effect of its intended political neutron bomb throwing within the electorate and the entire populace!

If Trump were ‘racist’ with that Tweet he’d have certainly rubbed Cummings’ nose in the Worst Mayor in Human History/Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Worst District Attorney in Human History/Marilyn Mosby, the Worst Urban Police Dept in Human History which left Baltimore the only city in America where its Black-American police officers forgot that Freddie Gray was Black!

Criminal Justice Reform campaign talk is pure crap and is as hollow as 2020 Democratic candidate heads are without any of them saying anything at all about Baltimore!  Black-American people in power in Baltimore certainly let things go to Hell there and all this was happening while Barack Obama was pretending that he was our leader!  A blood-soaked Chicago had a similar experience with the last president too!

So President Trump was in the right church, but sitting in the wrong pew on his Cummings Tweet, it wasn’t racist to attack Cummings, it was political.  Trump should have asked him if they’ve ever found any Detective or Patrol Officer willing to work in Baltimore yet and that would have really pissed the corrupted Congressman off!!  His always ethically challenged and sleazy younger spouse who’s making a mint unlawfully trading on his elective office is another very sore point with Cummings Trump could hit him with for days and days!


Dems Will Say They Loved Reagan, But They Hated Him More Than Trump!


The Media will be loathe to even mention it, but they’ll have to comment quite a number of times in 2020 because November 13, 1979 was the date that changed everything for me, and thankfully for America too, and it certainly could be called the date which began the Democratic Party’s four decade long decline into the ugly, seething cauldron of evil and intense hatreds, bigotry, biases, prejudices which it proudly declares itself as being all about the Hate-On today!

<—–11/13/79 was the day that Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for the 1980 Republican nomination for POTUS!  

Yes, ma’am, the following February was the Iowa Caucus—a little bit over two months away with the holidays break—and Reagan would go on to lose Iowa to George Bush 41 too! 

I was not supportive of him then because I was only 18 years old—albeit a devastatingly handsome, bright, smart & horny 18 year old and I bought the bullshit that we would all become cinders and ashes before the 1982 midterms, so I voted for Teddy Kennedy in the 1980 Democratic Primary, and Rep John Anderson in the 1980 General that same fall!

And like a mold or mildew, or a bad case of crotch-rot, Reagan began to grow on me from the very day they swore him in and those little fuqn Iranians freed our Embassy hostages as he was taking the Oath of Office! I thought that was pretty bad ass for an Old Geezer to have scared those little fuqrs so much that he was gonna nuke ’em the minute after he was sworn in, and I’ve also previously written that was the very last time anyone had feared the United States!


Long before that happened, I decided that Reagan did what he told us he was going to do for us and that remains a significant measure for my continuing to vote for anyone in any office today.  In 1984, I enthusiastically but secretly, voted for Ronald Reagan’s re-election and it was 20 years later—2004 in Henderson Nevada—-that I had first told anyone about what I’d done in 1984 in Illinois!  This story below played a very big part of why I didn’t tell anyone and I genuinely really love this story about President Reagan and his Pen Pal and I followed it for many years with key elements within the entire years long story between them part of advice I share with candidates I like and support their efforts to get elected to public office.

175 hand-written letters by the sitting president to a young boy in the Congress Heights neighborhood within in what is the still very worst Democratic Party run city in the United States today, just as it was back then too!



Rock Hudson Complained That Reagan Derangement Syndrome Was Identified Long Before AIDS!


In the first reported case of Reagan Derangement Syndrome, Democrats nationwide all had a major shit attack that the Reagans were exploiting these Black-Americans and making them cook dinner for them after that wicked bitch Nancy bought new china for the White House and everything!

He was the Teflon President back then and she was that nasty bitch he was married to went the Democratic Party’s always Hateful and always Hate-filled Insanity Narrative of his two terms in the 80’s.  The Democratic Party Hate-On of Mrs Reagan never let up during their entire time in Washington!  She and gal pal Betsy Bloomingdale were blamed for everything from ketchup choosing to ‘identify’ as being a vegetable to Iran-Contra.

President Reagan, courtesy of his Degenerate Daughter Patti Davis, was universally thought by Dem Nazis to be so senile when he was Governor of California, that they even engineered an almost successful effort to have Gerald Ford become Reagan’s Vice-President—-that was until the Progressives went way, way overboard and referred to their super-sleazy effort as a ‘co-presidency’!

Barbara Bush heard that bullshit and she stepped up and stepped in and she personally provided her own heavily–tatooed muscles, the sharp elbow jabs to the ribs, and the repeated belts in the mouth for her old man and George HW Bush became Reagan’s VP instead!

Reagan beat ’em back twice, Bush 41 suffered them twice, beat ’em back once, Bush 43 beat ’em back twice Ross Perot gave us the Evil Clintons who should have both been executed by guillotine behind the Rose Law Firm long before a single 1992 vote was cast!

Arkansas may be a shithole hillbilly State of Confusion, but it remains the only state still using one of the tens of millions of private-sector guillotine left behind when the French re-gifted their Louisiana Purchase from Spain, to us in 1803-04 because they couldn’t find their Spain Treasury receipt for a full cash refund!

John McCain and Mittens Romney were the worst GOP presidential candidates in party history and we got stuck with Bigot Barack for 8 very long years because both men sucked so badly!


This is how Reagan’s Pen Pal Would play out today


Image result for rudy hines ronald reagan

‘…Americans gasped audibly and tinkled in their pants as Nancy Reagan was getting her Cougar on with young Black guys long before Ronnie’s Pen Pal Rudy Hines came along, she beginning a torrid relationship with a Little Black Shortie,  an Arnold Jackson of Park Avenue, in 1983 after President Reagan decided not to turn the world into ashes and cinders before 1982’s midterms!

‘Just Say No’ was born and the era of Mass Incarceration began just to protect Nancy Reagan’s freaky-ass shit and pervy ways!….’

‘Just Say No’ has already been trotted out by modern 2020 Demo-bigots as a ‘trigger’ for Mass Incarceration which could not be possible if not for Mass Criminality!

<—-‘So I’m like, ‘Whatchu talkin’ about Miss Reagan?’

Democratic Party Nazi revisionists are now attempting to rewrite their own ugly, racist history by claiming that President Donald Trump is the reason for their passion (certifiable insanity), their advocacy (Hate-On), their lying (their lying), their irrational hysteria (there’s rational hysteria?)!

I’m here to tell you that they’ve been at this Hate-On bullshit for at least 40 years and the upcoming Reagan Ruby Anniversary Year should be much fun to watch President Trump attempt to claim Reagan’s mantle (he shouldn’t do that, but he’ll try!) and Democrats attempt to claim that they loved him dearly (they didn’t and hated his guts!) and that they always knew that his degenerate daughter Patti Davis was and still is today, a whack-ass crazy bitch!

Democrats trotting Miss Davis out twice this year alone telegraphs their 2020 intent to bastardize Reagan’s legacy and claim it as their own!!


Mike Zahara Siganture
Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



<—-An Adorable Deplorable

….and a Goddamned Delight too!