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MonoFAIL Has Financial Angels?

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 2, 2019

<—-My dear and close friend Corie Judie—-who doesn’t think that we’re dear friends at all and completely rejects that we’re close too, must be delirious with hunger!—-he let’s America know just how bad he and his family have had it thru Meme—-while I was serving my 7th 30 Day Facebook Prison Sentence these past 30 days and just released this evening to a call from my friend Jesus who told me that He had to fire Santa Claus while I was down for the count in SuperMaxx!

Corie, I got you buddy, so I will advise you to fry your baloney pancakes in a nonstick frying pan on super hot high heat to seal in all of that Hot Diggity Doggity Greasy goodness!

When I read the news, I  thought some local group of little old ladies and their Kanasta Club’s Kitty Funds were conned outta them and that their investment pool dollars were then Vegas-jacked to pay off old loans still expected to default in order that this calamity of a private non-profit known as the MonoFAIL would be able to Refi still another outstanding debt due in 2055, all in order to get the Clark County Board on board for the complete and total 11th hour desperation attempted revival effort done by an obscenely expensive extension to MGMRI’s dead and not revivable Manadaly Bay brand where no serious gambler, whale, or even a guppy would ever drop more than a few nickels as the property is now and  forever the Las Vegas Strip’s ‘Murren Cursed Massacre Mausoleum’.

I had wished nothing but bad and the very worst for anything and everything MGMRI when effete bigoted and biased Chairman James Murren decided to play with stockholder assets and reward upset employees like the always easily upset, James Healy, to get a company matched donation to any ANTIFA-like terrorist group in response to Charlottesville!

James Murren would match employees to reward racist and bigoted former VA Governor Terry McAuliffe for his personally directing the only Nazi event in decades to deliberately allow a park full of haters to violently engage one another while the police stood there and did absolutely nothing and allowed one side of the park to be completely open to anyone who wished to join the melee!

The FBI’s Richmond office never opened an investigation and told me that their office was ‘too conflicted’ to do so!  The Governor, the mayor, and the Chief of Police would have and still could be, indicted by a federal grand jury because Electeds don’t have choices protecting the free exercise of the First Amendment in particular because such repugnant groups make the gatherings decisions and inform the Electeds of their plans and then the security is designed from that jumping-off point.  All three Electeds are complicit in that girl’s murder regardless that the perp is already convicted and sentenced!

Their following weeks march was handle perfectly by the Boston PD and each prior march and subsequent march was also well secured without allowing opposing groups to intermingle or get near to one another.  What does this tell you as a normally functioning American?  President Trump let this ‘Trump’s a Nazi Narrative’ burn white hot in a super-hostile national Press for 22 days and the president still hasnt ordered his Atttorney General to order his FBI Director to open an investigation of Charlotesville Electeds! 

So a part of me was delighted when the FBI’s derelict & criminal mishandling of their own gun-running asset Stephen Paddock shooting up folks on the Strip, along with a Saudi royal household assassination attempt, were going on at the very same time and included the Mandalay Bay no less!  It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving POS than to MGMRI’s pantywaist CEO James Murren who refused to stand next to Sheriff Lombardo during aftermath and then his being unable to take his hand off of his own dick, James Murren waiting 8 days before coming out at the Sands Expo for a speech about ‘How your own hand can become instantly glued to your own Dick when you’re the Biggest Dick and Fuqn Jagoff CEO in America!

That’s why there’ll be no luck for any gambler or gamer at Mandalay Bay ever again kids-in a national past-time loaded with superstitions and blood oath curses, Mandalay Bay is a dead and cursed brand, never to be revived and redeemedand what was once the most elegant and well-thought-out, well-considered and designed Strip property—owned at different times by both Strip giants—hangs all of its hopes and dreams today on the MonoFAIL  extension before the desert buzzards smell the MGMRI Greed of Dead Gaming Carrion and pick it apart for supper!

Who or what in their right minds would ever give even a cup of obscenely over-priced watered-down Strip instant coffee, much less 10 million never to be repaid dollars to the super-secretive Las Vegas Monorail which should be forced into Receivership and the Strip Resorts legally compelled to revive it or sell its assets and tear it down, is still a great mystery!

MGMRI is so desperate for the extension which will literally force riders from the MonoFAIL into their resort in order for them to get to the stadium all in the hope that they will drop their last change into their slots, that’s how bad the longterm prognosis is for Mandalay Bay truly is today regardless and irrespective of the recent Happy Headlines about the Strip Resorts’ billion dollar plus ‘Win’!

A world-class Gaming Resort does not have or need penny slots to catch the last pennies of Gambling Addicts to make ends meet!  The putrid stank of Dubai World coming to MGMRI’s rescue a decade ago, should have had CEO James Murren and the entire MGMRI Board fired, and then publicly executed by rusting cattle prods!

Compounding the concern is that any economic downturn, even a mild recession which is expected within the next 18 months, will send MGMRI and the Monorail’s House of Marked Cards crashing down and leaving local taxpayers to pick up the difference on any stadium payment shortfalls and enrich Mark Davis as well at the same time!

They have wanted to refinance the stadium since before the original horrible deal’s ink was even dry!  They’re all praying that they can wait it out until after Sisolak is re-elected in 2022 which just by itself, is no sure thing!  We’re one year away from completion and opening of the stadium and the first anticipated roof collapse should happen shortly thereafter!

Metro’s LVMPD stadium requirements are still not known because though we know that the Raiders have always been the NFL’s very worst, dog shit franchise since they began in the old AFL, and we also know that few Working Class fans will ever see them play here, and that even the impotent stadium CBA is nothing special for the community or even guaranteed should revenue begin to bleed red ink, but that they must and will hire Trannies!

I kid you not!

Here’s a dress rehearsal Press Conference imagined for the Chair of the CCBC or other Commissioners:

‘…of course we had to tap into County general revenues and Tick’s stupid-ass Sales Tax increase to pay the stadium debt servicing on-time and without penalty or surcharge levied by lenders which no one told anyone about when we started our Stadium Scam bullshit, but let’s all thank God together that the good news is that we’ve succeeded in exceeding our Tranny hiring goals and now every $40 bag of  .05 oz popcorn or peanuts has the ‘Sold by a Stadium Tranny’ label written in Crayola but not in cursive, today!

What we don’t know is what kind of human vermin the Raiders are bringing along with them from their Oakland and Los Angeles fan bases who come here not to see the game, but hopefully gamble and drink but then keep their sophisticated well-organized theft/guns/dope/prostitution ring activities to a manageable level for Metro.  This criminal enterprise misconduct will be primarily located in the Resort Corridor and Downtown, but may also have substantial and robust associated criminal activity all over the County which is as geographically large as Massachusetts or New Jersey’s entire state in total acreage is!  So the Boulder Corridor, COH, NLV, even Mesquite & Laughlin could see an increase in general policing and patrolling costs on home game weekends.  NHP’s costs will be similar to any weekend in SoNev but they may see sharp DUI and other behavioral crimes increases!

The Raiders NFL Brand has always been Bad Asses and Bikers, Titties and Tats!—and as a family partner in our family’s Chicago Bears Season Tickets for 43 years, I can tell you when an NFL team is hot, its supernova hot, and when a team sucks, its like Jesus just fired Santa Claus and He did it on Christmas Eve too!

Gangstas & Gambling will  be the NFL’s brand new mantra!     If they’re having successful winning seasons and are Play-Off hopefuls each season to come, that’ll very rapidly develop out a brand new Wing of Vegas Criminal Predators with our NFL visitors as they’re goals!  If the team is sluggish and shitty and performing poorly, that will require the Resorts buying enormous blocks of tickets and giving them away just to get the games broadcast locally!


The Criminal Predators who are coming and will finally bring ‘Diversity’ to Las Vegastan by diversifying their criminal conducts because the NFL’s fan base is universally thought of as wealthy and well-heeled and ripe to be plucked and fuqd as Crimes of Opportunities avail themselves to be taken!  With that in mind, Metro All-star and NWAC Patrol Officer Marcus Martin, who I once witnessed doing the Best Traffic Stop in Human History and I shouted him out loudly for it and not just to you guys here, but also directly and personally to the Sheriff and the Undersheriff!

<—-Here’s NWAC’s Ofr Marcus Martin—P#5000—at the Blow & Go Gas Station at Buffalo & Westcliff on 5/24/2016 which will close today and reopen next week as a Terrible since we hardly have any of those!—-after having had pulled this car over for Underaged Smoking like a Cheech and Chong Movie sequal!

Three years of relentless fans flirting with him since the 2016 Blow & Go traffic stop and tens of thousands of autograph requests from teenaged girls and Grandmas, Ofc Martin talked Steven Speilberg and Spike Lee into co-producing his new award winning LVMPD YouTube below where he is reminding citizens to always lock their home doors and always lock their vehicle doors too!

This has been a chronic problem in SoNev since the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs roamed Police Memorial Park next to NWAC, that we’ve never gotten through to citizens well enough about our reality here!

A trained and skilled Method Actor, Ofr Martin couldn’t remember what to do with is hands during his inspirational big scene stealing speech to citizens to ‘Lock It Up or Lose Your Shit’ so he improvised and remembered that our mutual friend, Jesus H Christ, always does the ‘Here’s the church, here’s the Steeple thing….’ with his hands so it appears from the way that Marcus is holding his hands, that he’s in church and is coming back from Communion!


So now do you understand why the Criminal Class is so excited about the NFL and new opportunities for them in Las Vegastan?


The euphoria of the Vegas Knights entry into our market will be a bit easier for them when they get into their shitty years, the NFL has 40,000 more seats to sell than T-Mobile and it still hasn’t dawned on locals that we’ll never see a single penny for any activity held at the stadium, it all goes to the Raiders for every possible booking there.  If the Clark County Board of Commissioners has to tap taxpayers to cover a Bastard of a Billionaire NFL owner’s demands we are contractually obligated to pay him, then Steve Sisolak is a one-termer and/or prison-bound, and many other should fall in defeat in the State Senate and Assembly too as well as on the CCBC though those who pushed this atrocity will be termed out and gone!

Quite a lot can happen over these next three years!

In a town with 40 year garbage collection contracts Republic wants to extend or add more and more fees and surcharges despite being a monopoly, and where an original LVMPD new MLK headquarters lease-back which was to have gone on for a century but we still wouldn’t have owned the goddamned thing when it was all over, you’d think they’d have remembered not to forget not to do any bullshit insider-profiteering efforts here ever again!

Thankfully, Sheriff Lombardo renegotiated MLK without fanfare or even any Media interest and now we will own it when the lease is done!

There nothing but the ‘stank’ of public/private corruption on the MonoFAIL extension’s sudden urgency!  Opened since 2004 and never a successful operation with no Sands Expo stop was done with malice in order to severely punish whomever does Sheldon’s very bad hair days! The Las Vegas Monorail Fail in an Uber/Lyft world today, along with a new surprise entry Ride Sharing Player which in order to get their operating approval, voluntarily guaranteed to Ride Share to US Bankruptcy Court a number of remaining local Cab, Limo, and Shuttle Bus companies which are not yet flaming burning wreckages on the side of LongHaul Road, and that’s the RTCSNV’s barely one month old ‘Trip to Strip’ ride share for up to 11 people for as little as $6!

So our Public Transit taxpayer subsidized transit is now going head-to-head with our private tax-exempt MonoFAIL by offering ride sharing while at the same time complaining publicly that ride-sharing is sharply decreasing RTCSNV ridership and revenue which could only mean a substantial fare increase is in the works!

  • Routes 120 and 121 in the West Valley have not yet been returned to full service both going to hourly service each evening and over all day long on weekends and holidays too and no sign yet of creating a full-service, full-line, full-time Buffalo Corridor option ever becoming a reality, nor Town Center Drive one either
  • Express Routes still must go to Downtown and the Strip and no consideration at all has been given to cross-Valley express routing like Craig/Lamb to Summerlin, Westcliff Transit Center/to 215 to airport, or the CX route finally moved down to Zero Level at McCarran instead of his old lady’s spot near to UNLV where he stops to clean up, have a few beers, and get a whole lotta good lovin’…
  • No signage in languages foreign visitors may appreciate seeing and reading at the Zero-Level Bus Depot area at the airport, or on their devices, but Sheriff Lombardo left his Black and White running and parked right next to theRefugees-Got-It-Way-Bettter Bus Depot’ down there like a month ago so I’ll be doing ‘Refugee Ride Share with Lombardo’ for Hulu like the former ‘Cash Cab’ for just $750.00 per passenger, per ride.  You’ll go where I take you and you’ll not complain about anything in any language nor will you spill anything or I’ll get Medieval on you and your pain-in-the-ass old lady who hasn’t shut up since I pulled this old-timer Metro Squad Car over!
  • You will not smoke anything and Weed is not legal anywhere in Las Vegastan, so don’t even think about doing that bullshit in Sheriff Lombardo’s favorite Black & White from years back!  You will not burp, belch, fart, puke, piss in your pants or shit in your pants, and you must always wear clean and shit-free pants at all times!

Ride share with me begins August 17, 2019, no refunds, no receipts, US Currency only!

Specifically introduced to illustrate that a Monorail ‘is a Mouse thing’ and that we’re not Disney here in Las Vegastan, and that the obscene cost of the extension to benefit only one resort which juiced the stadium’s chosen site to only benefit them, was obnoxious even for MGMRI and nobody, and I mean NOBODY, does obnoxious in Gaming, Hospitality, and Corporate Vegas better and with exquisite Dedication to being Dicks, than our beloved MGMRI!



Up next on the Dawg:  Like an underground coal mine fire or a giant used old tire mountain fire back East, its been burning for 64 straight years on Bonanza in Las Vegastan.  ”The Moulin Rouge Has Financial Angels?’ 

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