The Moulin Rouge Has Financial Angels?

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 14, 2019

It even motivated Commissioner Larry Weekly to bellow and bitch and thus frightening small children, puppies and kittens, large children, and Yvonne Atkinson-Gates and Judge Lee Gates too!  It was the first political activity or action scored to Weekly since being appointed 150 years ago to the Clark County Board of Commissioners of Corruption by Nevada’s Greatest Legacy Governor, Jim Gibbons, who kind of makes President Trump look like any old ordinary pussy-grabbing Perv, doesn’t he?

Weekly spoke imperiously in granting Clemency for the Corrupted more time to find a Financier of their Fantasy which didn’t materialize as the deadline expired and of course, no one has anything to say…except me!

Then Harvey Munford the retired 9 ft tall former Assemblyman who never thought that Montana’s skies were really all that big, gets himself involved with the wrong crowd perhaps and tries to revive the Moulin Rouge Hotel & Casino which because of Climate Change, has been burning cold as ice now for 64 years and that’s what really forced the Moulin Rouge to close!

To attempt to assign to the Moulin Rouge any level of political significance or association to the local or national Civil Rights Movement is patently absurd on its face with perhaps the Westside’s worst known case of CPT—Colored People Time—and taking Black-American Las Vegastan five entire years to even get it together to threaten a Strip meeting to march to desegregate—in fact open—the Strip, indicates a deliberate Dick Fluffed misty watered colored memory for too many here.

What the fuq took five whole years?

The deadly and poisonous mistake the original Moulin Rouge investors made was their even mentioning Integration at all!  Seriously, they didn’t have faith that the 17 Black-American people living here at the time would eventually find out about it?  In 1955 ‘Integrated’ was not the snappy, happy, peppy, preppy, hip buzzword with the kids its known as today.  McDonalds, which also began its journey in 1955, was so terrified of Black-Americans visiting their restaurants that they deliberately built them without lunch counters and quite cunningly did not include any For Whites Only signs which those Woolworths trouble-making little bitches could boycott!

I know, can you even believe that shit?

It all went so wrong for McDonalds whose original motto was ‘We’ll Serve Heart Disease to Any Little Fuqr with a Buck!’  Today, the mighty McDonald’s Corporation boasts its strongest, largest, and most dedicated and insanely loyal fans are Black-Americans and they honestly didn’t know why that happened for them!  My friend Brian was MickeyDees VP of West German Operations when there was a West Germany and he told me about this and when I paused to consider what he had just relayed to me over dinner, I stated, ‘That’s probably because you folks missed that whole Lunch Counter/Whites Only/Water Cannon and Rabid Dogs era of American fine dining, no?

He looked at me admiringly like I was my friend Jesus H Christ and had just given to him the answer to the Greatest Mystery of Life!


From my perch out here in the cheap seats, a lovely lawyer lizard named Thurgood Marshall had a much bigger effect on the misfortunes of the Moulin Rouge here than any 1960 meeting in Apartheid Nevada could have ever dreamed of doing!  Having married a White woman and winning a correct Supreme Court decision in Brown vs Topeka BOE, but whose Hate Legacy of Democratic Party Jim Crow Hate-On, combined with a then shiny new virulent strain of Progressive Extremist Hate-On, actually tried to publicly punish White America’s children by forcing them to attend these now declared “Separate but Unequal ‘shitty city’ schools through the glory of Forced Busing which had no valid constitutional basis to have even ever been brought forward as a legitimate or compromised resolution.

<—-Marshall had earned his Supreme Court seat on such laurels but was exceptionally poor at knowing what to do with that which he had legally blown up afterwards!

The Busing issue ignited the nation immediately and burned super white-hot for more than twenty years as Progressive Haters of the era were dogged determined to make White America suffer and pay for that which they did not create!  Boston was burned into my memory bank and cities like Chicago dared any DC bureaucrat to pull the bullshit they pulled in Bean Town and became local Voluntary Busing Districts!  The way we over-weighted local IL property taxes to pay for local school systems saved my suburban grade-school and high school Districts which also dared anyone forcing anything onto anyone or the neighborhood schools they attended!

Yes, so bigot Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris the Hater is in a microscopically small club of those who enjoyed being bused thousands of miles from home every morning!  It was a horrific idea and over-reach of Washington over the Several States and a full frontal attack on Federalism and the first nuclear strike to get the federal government out of local schools and their issues since Education is mentioned exactly nowhere in our national creation era!

Brown vs the BOE and the Moulin Rouge’s mishandling ‘Integration’ on the same intersectionality plane, are why both failed in 1955 America.


Well anywho-hoo, at the time, I had recently written about the Moulin Rouge and have always been fascinated with its mystique, legend and the lies told about it by people ‘misremembering’ things that never happened there or anywhere else!  If all the events and visitors attributed to the Moulin Rouge were to actually have occurred, it would have taken just under 307 years of 24/7/52/365 bookings and events attributed to the long dead casino brand!

It was a good piece and still is a good piece but I parked it because former LVRJ obituary writer John Smith popped in here and declares to me, ‘This is bad even for you!’ then he blocks me from all of my various stalking efforts to keep tabs on his working for the Buffalo Bullshitter now and his old lady instantly becoming the breadwinner/ramen noodlewinner of their little family after John Smith has a big huge shit attack one day in 2016 and he up and quits the LVRJ in a big huge snit covered in snot because Sheldon is so scary to him!

<—-That’s ‘New Bad Mommy’ on the right, Dr Miriam Adelson!

John Smith could have built an entire new career and empire about her love affair with Donald Trump while Sheldon watched since Pornhub is always looking for new ideas and concepts!

Then the thought bubble above my head starts filling with words representing my thoughts:  ‘Leaving the RJ was the stupidest fuqn thing you could have done John, you big dumb-ass, and its not my fault that your spouse has to work so hard and for so long and for so many hours just to keep you  feeling like a man without you taking fists full of those blue pills like you once did when you had a fuqn job with an expense account and a column with a huge following in the state’s still largest and most important Media who Sheldon’s own kids deliberately never told him or that woman that they all call ‘New Bad Mommy’, that they had purchased for them that one day!’

‘New Bad Mommy’ is Dr Miriam Adelson of course!

But John Smith wasn’t the issue that day and I was glad to oblige my not indulging his always menacing–looking White Privilege and White Supremacy emotional blackmail he calls ‘Jounalism GoFundMe Panhandling!

<—-Former LVRJ fuq up John Smith now with the Buffalo Bullshitter’s Dem Dick Fluff Daily!

No, it was longtime former friend, Ward 5’s Katie Duncan who went off on me and not really about the Moulin Rouge though the piece I wrote did inspire her to contact me seeking ‘Reparations’—yep, that’s the word she used—from Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Metro for the unceremonious closing of the Moulin Rouge after 6 months of operations and going into ‘bankruptcy’ was the reason given because of ‘poor management’!

On the only thing me and Katie Duncan agreed on during this commotion she was causing was that Too much Jungle Fever had too many frightened it was contagious in the Apartheid Las Vegastan of the mid-1950s’!

She and I spoke specifically about how various Jewish and Italian-American  contemporary community standards of the day as they were back then, would have reacted to such a revolting idea of Integration and White women pushin’ up on Black fellas and them both going off to intimate engagement at a Moulin Rouge room or nearby broom-closet and doing so for all to see.  Yes, that would have been outrageous to far more than mobbed up Jewish and Italian guys, but also to the Catholic Church and its membership here back then as well as the Mormon Church which way back then posited that brown and black-skinned people were cursed by God-–and LDS held this view for another 25+ years until the IRS considered yanking their tax-exempt status and they finally had a spiritual revelation and dumped that view in the late 1970s and saved their exemption!

As repulsive and/or revolting as this all still is to some, the Entertainer Class of Black-Americans at the time has never been held to account for their gigantic role in excluding Black-Americans from Gaming Nevada when their choosing to boycott performing here should have ended this bullshit right after VJ Day.  Their names were big enough to pull that kind of Boycott Vegas move which would ensure quick response and resolution, Yet they allowed themselves to not even be able to stay at the resorts they performed at!  Sheets were burned on those rare occasions a Black-American fell asleep on some dirty laundry back then too!  Their stories and reasoning is completely absent in the Moulin Rouge’s history because its unflattering to Civil Rights era Urban Mythology in Las Vegastan versus Civil Rights Activism’s facts on the ground here that we know today!

History by definition is always ugly and Black-Americans and their misconduct here are not absolved from or by that history for what they did not or could not do and which only served to reinforce brutal, suffocating Democratic Party Jim Crow over more than a century!

There were no Josephine Baker zealot-type entertainers in 1955’s Black-American Las Vegastan who were willing to lay it all on the line so that everyone else in their Aggrieved Group could possibly have it better here in the future!

It should be noted here and now that neither Joe Lombardo or me was even a twinkle in our respective Daddy’s eyes back then as neither of us were even born until the following decade!  I do however get about 600 calls per week asking that I comment on something for Sheriff Lombardo, though I have not and would not ever comment for him because he does it so well for himself, but in Katie Duncan’s case I went full-metal Metro and publicly committed via comment that ‘Metro would never pay she and her sinister fellow Moonies ‘reparations’ for jack shit because among other things, there was no Metro back then!’

Oh, and yes, Katie married a goddamned Moonie and this once sweet, smart, & sharp former Republican woman from Alabama became one too!

I know, can you even believe that shit?

<—-Every time he goes in for a smooch, she says, ‘God, I said, no tongue asshole!’ 

He is the rare Church leader calling himself God in Unification’s Doctrine, and she has the bonus of being required to know him as her/THE God as well as being able to use the word God as a sinful in vain use of His name in exasperation for his hella-horniness all the time!

Of over 35 trillion images on the net of God & Mrs Moon, you will find none where he’s successfully planted his lips onto hers!  Not a single one and leading me to just assume that ‘God ‘aint gettin’ no pussy!’

This is Sheldon and Dr Miriam Adelson’s as well as all of humanity’s ‘True Parents’ though they look nothing like my parents, and we’re all supposed to call him ‘Heavenly Father’ (God) and she’s just called Mrs Moon which seems kind of shitty of the Unification Church to me  for them to not to give her some kind of name or title with she being God’s old lady and everything!

I bring all this Moonie bullshit up because if anything killed this latest attempt to swindle perhaps well-meaning, well-intentioned investors in this latest scam, involving this derelict property and decades dead brand called Moulin Rouge, it was Katie Duncan’s Moonie-ism because no one with all  of their marbles would bother entering a guaranteed to lose the whole brand and the property deal because that’s just how Moon rolled his own believers for so many decades before he just up and died some years back!

So it really is no wonder why Mrs Moon declined God’s amorous advances when you finally get the back story from me, is it?

<—-This June 1955 Life Magazine cover showed to America the Coochie’s of two females waiting for the Bonanza RTCSNV #215 bus near to the Moulin Rouge and the ensuing public outrage resulted in present day Las Vegastan’s Black-American ‘100% Dem Plantation-Owned and Proud of It too’ Political Class to becoming America’s most ethnically racist, most ethnically prejudiced, and most ethnically biased and bigoted in all of America today!

The Moulin Rouge died the very moment Life published this edition! 

I’ve long said that Nevada owes to Mississippi a long overdue apology and public contrition for proudly calling itself  ‘The Mississippi of the West’ and Katie Duncan as a native Alabaman, knew exactly what I was talking about because this whole disintegration of our relationship began with her serious query to me about the Hows and Whys of a dreadfully inexperienced and horrfically unqualified vacant, vapid, and vacuous local Gangbanger with political interests barely 10 minutes old named William McCurdy—and who is also a card carrying member of the notorious and infamousMcCurdy Klan of Political Pocket-Stuffing Civic Terrorists’actually became Chairman of NVDEMS in 2016!

Reviving a Gaming License with the ghost of Rev Moon even just standing there in Hell cheering Katie and her husband further below, seems unlikely to win over even a Steve Sisolak GCB.

Throughout these exchanges with Katie Duncan over a couple of weeks, I was blamed by her for every sin committed by White America and for my support of Donald Trump which continues today unabated because though I’ve also publicly, privately, and in writing on these very threads, called him a moron too, but Katie, like all other Trump Derangement Syndrome Progressives,  just shuts down and hears only what she wants to hear!

Duncan voted for Hillary Clinton I am sure, so she and her Moonie friends should be paying all of us Reparations!

Ms Duncan has attempted to achieve elective public office and has failed badly doing so for two reasons: 1.  She never bothered to call and ask me for some advice and pointers before even sticking her nasty big toe into the Political Realm here, and 2.  Katie Duncan is very bright and engaging when she wants to be, but can also become a prickly little prick and that’s shut off a deluge of money her Harrison House needs badly and with this latest Moulin Rouge revival, the Black-American Celebrity Class seems completely oblivious is even occurring when they should have been the very first and last stop for anyone or any group seeking to revive the Moulin Rouge Brand and its peculiar and ugly history.

<—-I don’t think that boxer Joe Louis’s amputated arm on display in Detroit since 1986 was necessary to developing the original Moulin Rouge brand either! 

His being part of America’s always exceedingly wholesome and pure Boxing Industry may have played a much bigger part in its failure than people are willing to admit today or would even consider especially back then!  In fact those Jewish and Italian American fellas who may have been unfairly called ‘Outfit Fuqrs’ may have shut Moulin Rouge down specifically for Joe Louis being a part of the Colored Folks Party on Bonanza because though Outfit Fuqrs may hate your guts and your little ‘N*ggerFest’ too, but what’s never changed is their universal love for their favorite color: GREEN!

Many, many fish in this stinky Kettle of Fish are all suspect to me today because all that’s been very poorly researched and archived over the years about Moulin Rouge 1955 leaves big huge gaps where any little fuqr could have instantly appeared on that former Grassy Knoll area where the Mamie Eisenhower Interstate Highway System now stands defiantly blocking any successful resort casino development ever occurring on the 900 E Bonanza site!  Add to that the stigma of its close proximity to Martin Luther King Boulevard and there is no way in Hell that the Moulin Rouge could ever be successfully reopened or ever become viable and profitable on the original site.

This is fact, painful fact to some, but fact nonetheless, and whomever is selling this Snake Oil Sludge to potential Moulin Rouge investors today should be Imprisoned for Life with no parole…if not taken out back and shot!

…and then like a blinding flash of light at the Test Site, I think that I read that this current Investor Group had retained the legal services of one John Hunt!  Now there are lots and lots of John Hunts in this world and the John Hunt that I know here in Las Vegastan has always been human vermin and is without question the POS Son of Satan himself and a ‘Barely Adequate Divorce Attorney’ who came back from the politically dead and into SoNev on the jets of flatulence he expels for all to enjoy and who managed to steal for himself the Chairmanship of ClarkDems in 2007-2008!

Soooooo, if its THAT John Hunt involved in this latest catastrophe of unkept Moulin Rouge promises, you should have done your due diligence and hired someone, anyone other than him!

I had suggested to Katie Duncan that putting an investment group together though never an easy thing to do, would stand a much better chance of success if they were to put together an unsolicited bid for Stations Casino’s Texas Station property on Rancho which is now well-established and still within the new ‘West Side Story’ she and her supporters are trying to rewrite and restage!

Stations is spending money like crazy these three years later and may still become interested in selling a majority stake in Texas Station or partnering with the right group to revive the Moulin Rouge brand in Las Vegastan.

One which includes any Moonie will not be the sucessful group!


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