Democratic Party’s ‘Summer of Reprobate Hate 2019’ Concludes

Posted by Michael Zahara on Aug 31, 2019



a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person:a drunken reprobate.
a person rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation.


morally depraved; unprincipled; bad.
rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation.

Democrats 2019-2020:  Bring on ‘da Noise, Bring on ‘da Hate!

This is what was burning hot on the Democratic Party’s Economy Crashing Campaign Trail to Nowhere this summer:

‘…Post-Birth Abortion declared a ‘right’,  Mandatory trans-gendered primary-grades curriculum, Black-American’s Ultra-Black Nationalism, Racism, Bigotry, and Hatred, now exceeds similar Ultra Hatred behaviors of all other US groups—-combined,  Illegal Immigration ranks as #1 in national policy priority urgency, as our most important Political Pander-to-Group and higher than any other domestic US issue too! 

Inviting ANTIFA and BLM-like Terrorists to turn on their Media Masters and conduct their forthcoming multi-victim assassinations of the Print and Video Media Terrorist/Political Pornographers  parroting their Democratic Party Dogshit Dogma and as of  this past summer, who’ve permanently added the Political Propaganda Puking they all create each day!  Convicted Prisoners voting from Prison and from Jail too!, Medicare for All  but more recently, especially for Illegal Immigrants when Mexico has National Healthcare!

Free college tuition and no fees as all Dems declared a Higher Education ‘right’ as Student/Parent Loan Debt is ‘forgiven’ and given over to all US taxpayers to repay instead…’  Anything Illegals want, Illegals will get!


2020 Democratic Party’s Hate to Exceed That of 2016

<—-This is then State Treasurer Ann Richards of Texas seen here giving the Keynote Speech at the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta which would nominate political catastrophe Michael Dukakis. 

I was in Cleveland on a longer-term assignment for work and watching this great speech live from my hotel room downtown and very near to what they call ‘The Flats’ there!

Who is 2020’s Michael Dukakis? 

Of the 20 remaining Dem candidates for the 2020 Dem nomination, pick your personal poison and choose who’s gonna lose for America!

They’re all terrible, really, really terrible and there’s not even a dim star in the bunch!


Joe Biden has done the most and worst damage to himself in the shortest time-frame covering the past 10 days and took the reins as the Democrats 2020 Biggest Bigot and Racist Panderer with this: 

This one’s gonna hurt Joe Biden much more than his Pervy touching his dick while feeling around for yours!  He’s from Scranton, which was in the Kashmir region of India, I think, and then it moved to Pennsylvania which is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh surrounded by Alabama per James Carvelle proving he’d been there and knew the state very well!

<—-Ask Jammu Biden how he feels about this!

Biden’s stupidity in his’ calling 72% of the nation racists by his pronouncing White-Americans to be racist, would have had me walking away then if I hadn’t already done that nearly 11 months ago! Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg—two flaming biased and bigoted racist White Democratic men-would have been fired from private-sector jobs for saying these ugly hateful things about White men and the Chubby Progressive Women who’ve fallen out of their favor and angered them!  Even our Lovable Lesbians have turned on Buttigieg’s profound arrogance and his super-sized sanctimoniousness—-He’s Jimmy Carter with a PPJ and some guy’s dick in his mouth to all of America now—-but then he allows himself to be taped walking in Black-American South Bend with no Black-Americans walking along with him!

That could be because there is no Black-American South Bend or Black-American athletes playing NCAA sports at Notre Dame or St Mary’s and that Pete Buttigieg and all his gay married friends have always been bigots and adhere to a ‘We kinda like Black People, No Really, We Do Mary!, Shut Up Bitch! We Just Don’t Like You Nasty–Ass Black People Living Near Us and We Really Don’t Like Dating Black Men!’

,—There is little to absolutely no Diversity in America’s gay or lesbian Dating and Fuqing, or bars, clubs, churches, Resorts, factories, unions, companies, communes, Uber or Lyft ride shares etc…that’s how its always been is how you’ll hear it from all sides! 


All of the Dems this cycle are dogshit candidates who can’t carry a national ticket to victory in November of 2020, which is why the NYT, Denver Post, and others screamed out in headlined hyperbole just last week that each Appointed by the State Presidential Electors may vote for whomever it is that they please per this 10th Circuit Court’s soon to be reversed by the Supremes very flawed decision of a hyper-bigoted Progressive Extremist Terrorist judge appointed by a badly failed president Barack Obama in 2014.

This is another and current example of Progressive Domestic Terrorism being conducted against the Republic, this time by a bigoted Fascist & Terrorist US Appeals Court Judge in Denver who by indulging the many Demons in her Daydreams and by taking a remarkable 197 pages of explanation to conclude that she’s been a hardcore racist, sexist, and a closet misandrist all of her life and her ho-hum career and as a Judicial Bench Prostitute for Progressivism and its equally ugly twin, Relativism.

<—-On the left is Judge McHugh in her ‘Slutty Buddy Blonde’ by Miss Clairol looking as she once did as Obama appointed her in 2014. 

Today, at five years later and exhausted from not doing anything of value to or for anyone at all, she’s let herself go (right) and is more than twice the man she used to be under that Big Gurl Robe she’s was seen modeling just last week from Wal-mart’s new Black is the New Black line of Burqas for Bitches Boutiques ! 

Imagine if you will, should Colorado’s Obama’s appointee’s approval and embrace of this Ultra-Leftist Lunacy stand without The Supremes necessary intervention for reversal, then the Electoral College will have will have become a bona fide American political entity and franchise which is viable and protected to ensure its own expansion in direct defiance of the Constitution—-and add to that, to be able to caucus, cajole, and coalition-build together so as to create a US President of their own specific political design as well as a political Arts & Crafts Project and with no Checks and Balances either thanks to ‘Denver Dipshit of the Day’, Judge Carolyn McHugh!

Under McHugh’s cloudy and blurry vision of the very Constitution she swore to uphold, she’s just made a decision to empower the Appointees to the Electoral College to have no requirement at all to even cast for someone who appeared on the ballot!  They could conceivably come in with their own guy and needing only 270 votes among fellow Electors!


That icy idiot Progressive Hater Terrorist from New York, Senator Kristen Gillibrand, quit the race and we’re waiting for her to quit life too and pull some kind of big political suicide event like going shopping with AOC for Rashida’s non-existent Granny!

<—-Tens of millions of Americans have been waiting patiently for our buddies over at Mossad to ‘take-out’ super-hater and the #1 Ugliest American, Rashida Tlaib, and her nasty-ass ugly-ass Granny ‘out’ for ice cream cones at the Cold Stone in the Arab Permanently Relinquished and Forgotten about West Bank and Gaza areas newly declared Israeli Territory there!

Declare your borders and end 72 years of these Arab Dog Shit Parasites on Israeli’s soil for good!

The Democratic Leftist Terrorists are in hyper-drive as summer is expiring and as predicted here at the  onset, so is Bernie Sanders’ 2020 geriatric campaign being dead but not yet buried, and along the way, the DNC’s true owners and their largest Bloc: Their Dem Chubby White Female/Skinny Gay White male Progressive Extremist Terrorist Wing, completely failed in presenting to their voters any more than two or three who might be interesting for Dem Primary Voters to consider voting for.  Bernie’s gotta be near to suicidal chastising his followers not to be happy about David Koch’s death and calling out his supporters to now suddenly be vehemently against billionaire Media barons!

This is how the Terrorist Left does it, he’s calling on his supporters to assassinate those Media Propagandists who refuse to support his bid for the White House.

He’s losing it because he knows they will not let him ascend and are now vaguely approving of Elizabeth Warren—-She’s Bernie in a Brassiere!—- who cannot ascend because she has a born with tired, old, and worn out nasty vagina and if that wasn’t bad enuf a deal breaker, she was also a Republican which Dem Voters are just getting word about now!

Ruh roh!

Just as Bernie Sanders can’t ever be the Dem nominee as a Democratic Socialist, neither can Elizabeth Warren as a fallen, former Republican!  Some sins are always forgiven, some are never forgiven down at the DNC!

<—-This is Neo-Nazi Progressive Bigot Tom Perez—the Dems first Latino Chair of the DNC—-who told everyone when he was at USDOJ’s hyper-corrupted Civil Rights Division that Hate Crimes can never be committed against White Americans unless they are also gay, or disabled, or fall under some Aggrieved Group too!

And because no one was giving any thought at all to what they are doing down at the DNC Plantation & Safe Zone, they’ve also inadvertently created Dukakis 1988 2.0 and seem mighty proud of themselves that they’ve done that badly too!

Its the ass-end of August 2019 and already, all of the presidential campaigns are calling for bigoted DNC Chair Tom Perez to be arrested, no bail jailed, tried, found guilty, then sentenced to be guillotined publicly!  There will be no Nevada and Iowa 2020 Virtual Caucuses cuz someone realized that was a dumb-ass idea!

With 5 months to go until 2020’s Iowa Caucuses—-something even Iowans hate doing—-5 months to burn through all the already waning and tepid voter interest, all the cash and clever peptides & bromides, and the crappy chili served in poorly decorated homes by people who never learned how to hang toilet paper correctly because they’ve never used it over in Crackastan—-America’s Whitest State!

I don’t believe that was their intent as the first Dem candidates began announcing their 2020 presidential campaigns in January of 2017!  That was just insanely too early to begin a national political effort under any circumstance—even in response to the election of a Donald Trump—would never have a major American political party begin its next presidential election cycle by not bothering to conclude their previous and failed 2016 effort first!

It was too much time to fill for too many presidential candidates and in American Presidential Politics today this too early start has politically assassinated almost all of the Democratic Party’s 2020 contenders. and it also handed to the GOP every single stupid, hare-brained, government expansion and erosion of our inalienable rights as citizen and stated by Democratic Party Terrorists Candidates this cycle,will now be permanently welded to whomever their nominee is!

<—-No DNC ‘controlled chaos’ was even considered for 2020, nor was any official Announcement of Candidacy barred by the DNC before such and such a date for instance.

Its embarrassing to watch their 2020 Democratic Party’s Unapologetic and Unrepentant Ultra Hatred..and then to remember that I used to be one of these people for 40 years yet too!


In 1988, the dreadful Michael Dukakis was the always Unelectable Massachusetts Mistake who’s sole role to the Dem Progressive Terrorists females back then was to derail the Rev Jesse Jackson!  They ended—annihilated really—Jesse Jackson’s bullshit very easily back then as both he and they finally got the message that Chubby White Female Progressive Extremists just hated Jesse Jackson and would never allow him onto another Dem presidential primary ballot.  Jackson would win 13 caucuses or primaries  and that was enough to scare Al Gore, Dick Gephardt, Paul Simon, and others out of the race  early enough so that that son-of-a-bitch Jesse Jackson could lay no claim on the VP nod.  Jackson did demand the 1988 VP slot and Dukakis being a Massachusetts phony fuqr said to Jackson:  Suck My Dick!

<—-1988 was supposed to be the year that we nominated and elected Senator Gary Hart of Colorado (right) and that’s his hottie honey Donna Rice, at left on lap and fresh off the Monkey Business!

It would take them until 1992 with Carol Mosley-Braun in the US Senate, but Democratic Party Progressive Terrorist females redeemed themselves for whacking Jesse beautifully then and in 1994 with Black-American Dems by delivering to Jesse Jackson Jr the ILCD01 US House seat to the then affable, polite, and gun-shy son of the Surely Bound for Hell Ultra Hate-Peddler and Political Pimp, No Christ Within Him at all, Jesse Jackson Sr which proved to the entire world what Black Supremacy and Black Privilege are just as ugly as those of any other bigoted and biased Hate Group which extorted tens of millions from their own, for their own corruptions first!

How this demented Progressive Hate psychosis works in both theory and practice is that the always most important over all the others combined Democratic Party cohort—-which is always, always, always and without exception Chubby White Female/Skinny White gay male—-would begin to work to redeem themselves for what was absolutely necessary to be done in the killing off Jackson’s absolutely toxic and atrocious Identity Politics of the era!


Joe and Amy Seem Least Risky for the Chubby Progressive Chicks Who Own the DNC!

As bad as the whole summer has been for all of them, Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar still seem the natural and logical winning Primary pairing for the Dems who would then have zero chance of winning the general election in 2020!

Harris is so offensive to so many partisan Democrats, that growing covert efforts to deny her any primary/caucus victories are very real and consist mostly of reminding partisans that she is nearing 60 years old, she was 29 when she began publicly committing Adultery with and performing acts of fellatio on the decrepit Willie Brown, and she was in her 40s and 50s as she was locking up Black-Americans like crazy in Cali which is not in fashion there today!  She’s counting on a win in South Carolina, Nevada afterward, and her home-state of California which moved their former always last in the nation, held the first week of June Primary, to March 3, 2020.

It’s always fair to call Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris a delusional, batshit crazy, and dim-witted bitch too!

Cory Booker is dead in the water and even the sharks don’t want his carcass.  Where both bigoted and biased 2nd-tier Black-American Electeds now running for president this cycle got the fool notion into their heads that Chubby White Progressive Extremist females and their Skinny White gay male ‘Partners in Progressive Poison Politics’ would ever again be approving of anyone with too much melanin terrorizing them like Barack did, is unknown!

That stated, President Trump would still lose the election today and again that would because the national GOP is not fortifying their Purple Places to any acceptable level of new or casual voters to help lower-ranking offices which are harder to achieve without them  They’ve completely written off any credible play for the US House in 2020 and will increase nicely in the Senate in preparation for what should be the Big Dem Flip years for 2022 and 2024 and a president we’re tired of seeing and hearing from beginning his 6th year, just as we’d done in 2006 & 2008 with Bush 43!

2014 was also a great catastrophe in Obama’s failed presidential tenure which despite his being a horrific racist and bigot, had nothing to do with his race and that he ‘Identifies’ as White and had everything to do with it being his 6th Year of Terror as failed president!

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