No Impeachment, No Conviction, Even Censure Is Iffy!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 15, 2019

It’s been one year and 16 days since I #WalkedAway from the Democratic Party after 40 years of toil & spoils.  The final insult and indignity was the horrific mistreatment of now Associate Supreme Court Justice Kavannaugh and the moment I hit the button on the NVSOS website, I felt my soul returning to my body, I heard Gomez & Morticia’s doorbell, and an angel got its wings, I am certain!

What I still haven’t gotten is my Welcome to the GOP Deluxe Gift Basket and the keys to my new Lexus for making the switch over.


I’ve been going back and forth on what Speaker Pelosi wants to do, has to do, is reluctant to do, and is delighted to do regarding President Trump’s impeachment ‘inquiry’ and I’m right back to what I originally stated on Facebook that the US House will vote to censure the president rather than impeach him.  Someone or some people put an awful lot of effort and logistics into this phony impeachment act of the US House, the most despicable, reprehensible action the United States House of Representatives has ever taken over its entire history is how history is destine to remember this disgraceful misconduct because these vermin US Representatives loathe the president much more than they love the US House.

You should also know but haven’t been told this fun fact:  The Whistle-blower’s identity cannot be shielded for much longer which is why Adam Schiff is all over the goddamned place trying to mop up puke and diarrhea from the dysentery of his fellow House members who now realize that they’ve painted themselves into a corner and have an exceptionally poor Whistle-blower ‘witness’ who is now refusing to testify, and no credible case for impeachment to begin with.

If we are to follow the Dem Insanity Logic on this, what they’re publicly declaring is that Joe Biden was the actual DNC nominee one year before each party meets to select their actual nominee, and this POV by Dem House Impeachment Zealots would seems to run afoul of all the others chasing the nomination from the Left, wouldn’t it?  There were some 26 Democratic candidates for president when this nonsense began, and the president did and said nothing at all that is or was unlawful or engaging a foreign power to assist in his re-election

It would be a fool’s errand for the US House to deliver an impeachment vote against President Trump, first, because his conduct fails to meet the criteria of a High Crime or Misdemeanor—the terms deliberately ambiguous because the Founders wanted the bar to be exceptionally high to remove a president—and with 13 months until the national election, the more proper place to ‘try’ the president for his real or perceived misconduct, is the upcoming national election.  Now prosecutors around the country are piping in that they don’t believe with what we know now and with the horrific misconducts of Chair Adam Schiff especially, that they wouldn’t even be able to deliver a grand jury indictment against the president!

Ouch!  Oh that one hurts a lot of people with tender feelings and no brains out there!

Trust Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want an impeachment vote and never did which is why she chose her words carefully calling it an ‘inquiry’ rather than an ‘investigation’, and refusing to call for a full House vote as they’d done for Presidents Nixon and Clinton.  She above all others wants the censure option open to her because it involves only her House and does not involve the US Senate.  Impeachment requires the matter moves to the senate where conviction appears to be nearly impossible based on what we know today.


I added this below 10/16/2019 at 19:00:

‘….And guess what?  The senate side of an impeachment ‘investigation’ is where any president has his due process rights preserved during his ‘trial’.  Can you even imagine ‘what and who’ the White House will subpoena which doesn’t have to be anything at all related to Ukraine, our diplomats, or the prices of tomatoes this week in Alexandria?

Why, you ask dear Readers?  Because this entire impeachment charade is never a criminal or civil legal proceeding for any president, but is always a 100% political process and where ‘relators’ or witnesses currently over at the Schiff Shit in the House cannot claim the Fifth now during the senate trial and can be referred to USAG Barr for criminal prosecutions for perjury, for example.  All in the Congress who may cast a ‘yea’ vote for impeachment in the House and a ‘yea’ senate vote for conviction, should their vote have been based on manufactured by the CIA falsehoods for example, can all also  be brought up on charges 0f misfeasance, perjury, and other goodies and they themselves be ‘expelled’ from either House of Congress!

You see, this is our nation’s very first CIA created impeachment ‘inquiry’ in the United States.  That the ‘phony’ whistle-blower cobbled together 100% hearsay of others superior in position to her, and could not verify or substantiate far too many claims she made within in the complaint, is the reason the House threw out their own rules ostensibly to protect the whistle-blower, but much more likely to protect this Fourth Branch/Deep State person spying on the Exec Branch from her own perch within it, and she is now rightly fearing Criminal Jeopardy if she came forward or is rightfully DOXed, as she should be immediately for conducting international espionage and the real ‘meddling and interference’ in the US elections the entire US Political Class claims in unison is/was the Russians, but for missing a few pieces of critical  buried deep Intel today, is looking  more and more like its always been US Intelligence meddling and interfering in US elections and which 2016 was not their first unlawful, rogue elections effort either.


And here’s what frosts this delightful criminal conspiracy cupcake which emboldened them to conduct yet another unlawful coup d’e tat attempt against the Trump presidency via this impeachment:  Each and every US Embassy around the entire world is always sovereign US territory where the host nation has no legal rights and cannot interfere or disrupt what are CIA Intel Gathering Operations at each and every US Embassy station in a foreign capital and we extend the same diplomatic courtesies to nations who participate and follow the International Rules governing what are laughingly called ‘diplomatic missions’, everywhere around the world, but which are in fact, sophisticated US Intelligence gathering ‘safe zones’.

Each US Ambassador, whether careerists or political appointees, are de facto CIA Station Chiefs, so when you have both our bloated State Department and constipated CIA teaming up for mischief and then playing reindeer games in our national Capital city after this began in April of 2019 and ending last month, and starring our always non-transparent Congress, along with our windows blackened out Intel Industrial Complex teaming up, you better know that Hillary is fixin’ to whack a number of people again, very soon!…’


With Joe Biden badly damaged by the revelation that he threatened on videotape to withhold US military aid to Ukraine’s last president if he didn’t get rid of the prosecutor who should have been investigating his degenerate son Hunter Biden which landed the inexperienced, no-value Hunter a $50,000 per month Board seat on a Ukrainian energy concern Burisma, and horses ass House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff publicly lying about what the president said in the transcript, she’s left with no good choices now.

A presidential impeachment effort is the most serious and solemn duty any US House can undertake under the Constitution.  We’ve never sat ‘Secret Gulag Impeachment Committees’ to dispose of a president, vice-president, or US judge before asswipe Adam Schiff sat his for president Trump.

The president is not exonerated by Biden’s threat to the last regime in Ukraine, nor is he convicted by the call either.  As President, Trump has very wide and broad latitude as our top diplomat as well a Commander in Chief, he is also the nation’s top law enforcement official and nothing in US law prevents his seeking a foreign nation’s help to investigate the Biden family or other criminals because it is more than a stretch to say that such conduct is interfering with a US election when we won’t know the two party’s candidates until next summer, and the national election is 13 months away.  Even if his motive was purely political, he can withhold US military aid—even aid approved by Congress—if he considers the recipient nation to be not in the US’s best interests at that particular time.

That our puny US Javelin anti-tank missiles are paramount to Ukraine’s sovereignty and security after Obama/Biden allowed Russia to confiscate the Crimea without penalty, is truly laughable from these political parasites who will grab at any straw now after everything they’ve tried to de-legitimize President Trump has failed very badly since they began this Progressive Hate-On Impeachment Drive on the very day he announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015!

No one in America’s Democratic Party Propaganda owned Media is telling you any of this because what they don’t want you to hear is the audio recording of the call which if the transcript is accurate, show a call absent any threatening verbiage or any quid pro quo.  Trump’s recall and firing of the former Ambassador to Kiev was proven an astute political judgement call and necessary termination by President Trump based on her behind closed doors testimony which showed a rogue, progressive agenda driven, unlawful Fourth Branch/aka Deep State bureaucrat State Department careerist who should have resigned if she found the president’s foreign policy so distasteful and so wrong.

It is Trump’s foreign policy on behalf of the US, not hers, nor the Secretary of State’s or any of the other unlawful Fourth Branch progressive fat cats at State, one of Washington’s most bloated and most larded cabinet level departments where nothing is too fine or too frivolous to indulge themselves with at taxpayer expense going back to the Thomas Jefferson era in Paris. A fleet of fully fueled and staffed 757ER class aircraft are at the ready around the clock every hour of every day of the year to whisk the Secretary of State, his deputies, Ambassadors, Special Envoys, etc…anywhere at all they wish to be whisked away to.

Trump has left unfilled dozens of positions at State and a number of nations are still without a presidential appointed and US Senate confirmed Ambassador and we’re none-the-worse for wear!

<—-This is fired and flushed former Ukraine Ambassador Yoko Ono Yovanovitch!!  She’s taken her place as being second only to James Comey for her complete misunderstanding of what her duties were as a presidential appointed diplomat at the US State Department.

Your honor, I rest my case!

That fired Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch was testifying in secret is disturbing to many Americans.  That this secret Three Ring Circus of Impeachment is being lead by The Three Stooges of the Democratic majority in the House is as appalling as it is unprecedented and is another reason the Speaker cannot and will not allow an impeachment vote.

No Republicans on the House Impeachment Committee may do anything other than play with their own balls and are barred from questioning any witness before the Committee!  This is ‘transparency’ Progressive Extremist Nazi style!   Are we all having fun yet?

President Trump made his own problems worse with his ignorant-ass mouth and that he publicly called for Shiff and Pelosi to be ‘impeached’ speaks to his own ignorance as members of Congress are never impeached but rather are ‘expelled’ for misconducts and voted on by fellow members.  This exasperating quality about President Trump not knowing or caring to know any of the details about how the government works, remains the greatest impediment to his re-election prospects.

Expelled is a much stronger, much sharper word and one would think the president’s advisers would tell him to be using it nonstop throughout this US House charade because the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that impeachment also means removal of the president, which it does not.

The Dems are playing this impeachment charade hard to the American public’s complete disinterest in knowing or caring to know about the details of how our government works!


Hillary Clinton—seen here in her Bed Bath & Beyond Shower Curtain ensemble—crawled out from under her rock last week knowing that the possibility and probability that the Democrats will have a ‘brokered convention’ is now very real!

All she needs to jump back in is a failed first vote for the nomination and she can become a viable alternative candidate from the floor for each subsequent vote thereafter!

With Hunter Biden’s positions in Ukraine and which he resigned from in China weighing his father’s prospects down currently, have raised all 297 Dem candidates for president hopes and dreams which is exactly what no one wanted to occur this late in the lead up to Iowa and New Hampshire.

Nancy Pelosi does not want Hillary to occur under any circumstances which is another reason she will not allow an impeachment vote or will work to ensure such a vote would fail the from the entire House.  She has more than enough super-safe Dem seats to instruct those members to vote ‘No’ or suffer her wrath!  Retiring Appropriations Chair Nita Lowey would be one of those ‘No’ votes should Pelosi ask her or muscle her.

Even though Nita is retiring, Pelosi and Lowey are political birds of a feather and because of that, she’d defer to Pelosi’s request with some bullshit reasoning of Trump being a fellow New Yorker or something along those lines.  Her Westchester County suburban District is a beautiful part of the Tri-State region of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on the lower Hudson River valley and is the city’s northern suburbs where the Clinton’s also live when they’re not out assassinating their enemies!

Both women are too quiet these past three weeks for their respective personalities and I’ll wonder aloud right here if those who began this latest coup ‘de’ tat attempt against President Trump over at CIA & the State Dept, ever bothered to inform the Speaker what they were up to?

<—-This is the 20 years younger political wife of Rep Elijah Cummings who married him in 2008 and launched a private political consulting group which bought and brought for her the former Chairmanship of the Maryland Dem Party and millions from Dem candidates nationwide seeking to curry favor with her quietly corrupted husband!

Don’t buy the St Elijah bullshit now that he’s dead. MDCD07 really is a shithole and that’s the way Cummings ensured it would continue to be because that is the deal the Congressional Black Caucus has made with the devil to keep themselves in power by consuming their own communities—more on this coming up later this year!

For a guy like me, Pelosi pulling off Supa Dupa FUPA Rep Jerry Nadler off of this super-secretive Impeachment Inquisition tells another story entirely as he is stuffing his face right now with Oreo Double Stuffs, crying his eyes out, naked at some Maryland fleabag motel in Elijah Cummings’ shithole 7th District.  But also note that he is a quality soldier and he did exactly as the Speaker instructed him to do by not saying a word about Adam Schiff taking his slot which has to be killing the fat little fuqr!

<—Look at that magnificent FUPA on Rep Jerry Nadler folks!

Joe Sacco, I think that I’ve found you a date for Homecoming bro!  Looking very forward to meeting you soon too!

I keep telling my conservative friends that its OK to Hate-On Nancy Pelosi, but to not acknowledge she knows exactly what she’s doing is to not know how ruthless and blood-thirsty that broad is!  That she is almost completely silent since this began tells me she is stewing about something VERY BIG and its not Jerry Nadler’s little dick!


What appears to be the driving force behind this latest unlawful coup d’e tat attempt on the Trump presidency where the timelines matches correctly to Attorney General William Barr going off globe-trotting and personally engaging American allied governments without  announcing his itinerary and with specific questions he’s posed to them about the misconducts of our own CIA and FBI as well as the 17 Intelligence Agencies which may have done the unthinkable in 2016, all to deny Donald Trump the presidency.

That was done by Barr this past spring and only became public knowledge this past August with Barr announcing another new Team he’s formed at USDOJ last month and the long overdue and awaited since this past June of the DOJ’s IG report due out this coming Friday!  That the AG managed to keep his travels on the super down-low and which appear on the look back to have been done so as not to alert our Intel Infrastructure might have me volunteering to commit Suicide by Hillary if I were Comey, Mueller, Flapper, Brennan….  If our Intel didn’t know about Barr overseas until August and Adam Schiff really is a woman in a woman’s body, kudos to the fat guy AG cuz you sure managed to stir up a lot of shit which resulted in Trump’s fashionable Impeach Inquisition Inquiry too!

The very moment I heard  that CIA was the Trump Impeachment Whistle-blower, I knew that this is an elaborate highly contrived and super constructed attempt to distract the citizenry from what could be the very Smoking Gun which leads to prison for many in out Intel Industrial Complex and another 1975 US Senate Church Commission which was to have finally reined in back then a completely out-of-control CIA which refused to be subordinate to any Branch of our three. 

From my perch out here in the cheap seats, how the CIA got around Senator Frank Church and his 1975 Select Committee was to slowly move their super-secretive work over to USDOD over the many years since where I told you guys last year someone at USDOD listed 45,000 American troops engaged and active somewhere in the world but did not name those troops or their locations, nor give the name of their missions, nor identify the regions they are engaged in.

I’ve seen a lot of things over the years, but never DOD pulling this kind of shit.  Thank you again for everything Obama, you asshole!

<—-Rep Lowey, Chair of the uber-powerful House Appropriations Committee, is a hella-bitch on wheels and didn’t rise in the US House by playing nicely with everyone and sharing her toys with the boys! 

That powerful Chair was a personal gift from the Speaker herself for Lowey keeping the Dems’ once considerable, but now shaky Jewish-American support in tact and strong despite Trump naming Jerusalem the Jewish nation’s capital we now recognize!

At 183 years old, Nita can still break your goddamned jaw with her sharp left and acid tongue!

Like President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also personally takes Chair Lowey’s calls to him without delay!

To those Dems dreaming  of a Trump/Pence double-impeachment, you people are truly delusional as the probability of that occurring and the senate voting to convict both men is firm at zero!  The US Senate is always inclined to give any president under any circumstance the benefit of the doubt regardless of who’s in power there which is why we have never convicted and removed a president and why we won’t begin by impeaching and removing Donald Trump either!

The irony lost on no one, is that although Rep Nita Lowey is perhaps AOC’s biggest hater in human history in the US House, but AOC stood alone and absolutely correct for once in her life lecturing us is in that adorable Bronx Bullshit condescending tone of hers, that had everyone just ignored Donald Trump he couldn’t have survived: his ego is that fragile, his narcissism, that toxic!

<—-Again, I’m amazed but I totally agree with that bubble-headed dipshit AOC on this one! 

Had the Dems not spent every moment of every single hour of the day since June 16, 2015 melting down and trying to oust the duly president even before he was even elected and instead did to Donald Trump what the post-Lincoln Republican majorities did to then President Andrew Johnson by ignoring him and freezing him out of everything, the Democrats would never have drifted so very far to the Marxist Left of Chairman Mao and the Dems would have controlled the presidency and his/her Supreme & US Court picks, and both Houses of Congress for at least the next twelve years!

This is the horrific price the Democratic Party will pay for this juvenile Indulgence of their Dipshits these past four plus years.  Republicans shouldn’t be uncorking the champagne this early either because our President Political Tourettes has Spastic Vocal Chord Syndrome and possesses no impulse or outburst control and he’s betting it all that voters will give him a second term because the Democratic Sewage Outflow has been so relentless and toxic.

That bet is simply foolish of him and his most ardent supporters because no experienced and/or professional seasoned political veteran would ever let their client entertain such notions if they intended him to win because it slams right up against the unknown number of voters both parties have lost from 2016’s Hate-On Freak Fest and how willing the electorate may be come next November—more than a year away—to enduring another four years of this president and his most peculiar ways of governing. his lying about stupid shit no one cares about, his behaving like the born huckster and buckster he is, and if a Democrat accidentally catches fire and develops a convincing ‘Charm Offense’ which speaks to our better angels and our better selves and before the Primaries begin in four months, is the person the majority of voters will choose instead of Donald Trump!

You can call me very surprised with such an enormous field out their that someone hasn’t already done this to step away from the Pack of Pervs who have no chance at all to become president!   No American wishes to be called an asshole, even by other Americans who are much bigger assholes, no one wants to hear how bad we are at everything to this microscopic NWO Crowd of Haters either!


I will advise an new old friend and she in Montana from LVMPD and another old new friend he who kicking it in Utah and is also former Metro, how they as Conservatives can effectively participate in next year’s national election from their new home states which a politically Purple today and where the GOP needs their assistance very badly if they wish the president a second-term of driving Marxist/Leftists/Progressive Nazis completely nuts!

Its not a secret and I lost count of how many people have told me, ‘Oh, piece of cake Mike, I can do that blindfolded and drunk!’  Love the confidence, but the task I will give to both friends is maybe the hardest thing an Activist can do and it took me more than a decade to become expert at doing it way back when I was a pup!   Coming Soon!

I’m in Facebook Prison for my 8th 30-day sentence since 2016 ending at this month’s end and I deliberately did it this time to lure the Facebook Fascists into our little trap which hopefully may lead to breaking up their parasitic data mining monopoly for good!


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