Nancy & Sluggo Live At ‘The Home’!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 22, 2019

Both President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are both Fruit Loops Fruitcake little fuqrs who the nation, not just Congress, should have the right to impeach, convict, and remove the president, and also expelled the speaker, and done within 72 hours or forget about even trying for another calendar year afterward.

Their daily Dinner Theater performance as our nation’s Two Biggest Assholes is running a little bit long in the tooth for me frankly, and if our useless, worthless Congress were so inclined to actually do something during those couple of weeks per year they do what they all call ‘work’, now would seem the correct time to pass and send to we, the several states as we’re known, the new 28th Amendment to the US Constitution for passage by the states. 

The Trump/Pelosi Mandatory Retirement Act Amendment to the US Constitution:

‘Effective January 1, 2020, each person holding any federal office or any federal appointment, must resign their post and may not complete their elective or appointive term commencing the first Friday after they’ve turned 75 years old. No person who has  reached their 75th birthday the previous calendar year, may remain in any elective or appointed federal position past the 91st day after this Amendment’s passage and effective date becomes law.’

Yes, its a terrifically written Amendment, thank you very much, no US law should ever be hundreds or thousands of pages long.  No US law should ever again be written by lobbyists, and yes, passing this Amendment is a “Trojan Horse Amendment’ fully intended to be the battering ram which will break the impenetrable walls surrounding our beloved Congress which absolutely refuses to even consider the most necessary and urgently needed, ‘Federal Term Limits Amendment’ which would limit the time any person could serve in both Houses of Congress, and rein in and cancel the perqs and privileges including their exempting themselves from all of the laws they’ve passed to lord over we peon citizens!

This week’s performance by our 73 year old president and the 79 year speaker was as outrageous as it was appalling and should have convinced you this logical new Amendment is quite necessaryYes, it would cover the presidency and vice-presidency, all members of Congress, as well as all US Judges and the Supreme Court.

Darth Vader Ginsburg would have been retired from the US Supreme Court 11 years already had this law been in place today and I bring this all up because both President Trump and Speaker Pelosi have shown credible consistent signs of dementia and senility and other normal to aging declines in their physical and mental selves.  They both have had public moments where their lucidity and awareness of what was going on seemed to have escaped them both.

President Trump is raising more money for Democrats this cycle than even Reagan had done 40 years ago, he is unmatched by even providing enough money being raised for the Prez aspirants to sustain what began as 26 candidates who all started much too early and further destroyed their party, which is the goal of their Progressive Nazis and which began in earnest under Obama when their party expunged and expelled any references at all to Presidents Jefferson or Jackson.

Why would any Democrat wish to end such good and lucrative fortune by impeaching and removing him?  President Trump is the very best gift the Dems have ever gotten!  If they retreat now and hold their fire next term, they will have the presidency and both Houses for a dozen years and only four years from now!

Their problem is that they don’t have anyone left who thinks politically strategically like that anymore and our exodus and stampede to the exits began in earnest under Obama and now were all gone! 

You’ll never read a single word about that either!


These two psycho politicos and their soldiers were calling one another names last week and that may have been funny had they said or done anything funny!  Speaker Pelosi is in the throws of the most solemn and serious thing a US House may do in impeaching a duly elected president, instead she scored our nation’s very first ‘Speaker Hat Trick’ in an historical first with her brand new super-secretive Inquisition Inquiry—complete with witness Press Releases in yet another impeachment first—and then she scooted off to Syria and then to Afghanistan to stick her goddamned nose in where it doesn’t belong, in her final historic impeachment first for the Hat Trick!

<—The Devil himself, and she’s pleased that untold millions view her as such too!

She looked like Evita Imelda Pelosi and the embargo on video coverage of her tour seems to have held up, I didn’t see any video, but I wasn’t looking for any either.  A Tampa headline screamed  ‘If Trump Won’t Lead, Pelosi Will’, so it couldn’t be any clearer that this is not at all a serious impeachment effort, but the latest Coup d’et tat attempt by Democratic Nazi Party to reverse 2016’s results.

She’s accused President Trump of having had another meltdown and insulting her last Wednesday evening–-oh my, tell me it isn’t so!—when fully 330 million Americans would retire the entire national debt buying chances to belt her in her ignorant-ass mouth!

A serious Speaker undertaking a serious impeachment inquiry wouldn’t ever leave Washington for dangerous foreign depots in Hot Active War Zone Theaters being third in line of succession to the presidency and with both the president and the vice-president in her impeachment sites back home.  US Secret  Service and then the Capital Police who guard her, wouldn’t ever advise that such travel was advisable, her protectors and political cover in the House would openly and loudly question the value of such travel when someone who wished to harm the republic would find the line of succession in flux, a ripe opportunity to do substantial harm to us by assassinating her by attempting to bring her plane down for instance.

America’s troops and their families generally hate Nancy Pelosi with a passion to begin with, and this was an outrageously cynical political performance by Pelosi who continues the impeachment charade at her peril the longer it continues.


<—That there’s a festival as well as a workshop for cottage cheese should be deeply disturbing to all of us if we weren’t transfixed but not paying any attention at all to what Congress is and isn’t actually doing, rather than ever listening to anything that any of them are saying!

Now Pelosi is feeling the pain of the Kurds who upon her broom landing in Damascus said, ‘Who is this pain in the ass bitch?’ 

‘Yo Momma, that’s who bitches!’, said President Trump from this side of the Atlantic to no one in particular.  Pelosi decided to just drop by Syria to wretch and kvetch about Trump pulling our troops out which when he began doing so at the beginning of the last week, amounted to all of 50 people of the appx 100 we have on the ground there near to their border with our NATO ally Turkey!  We had a couple thou troops there moving from further south in Syria who are now to Iraq after the president changed his mind again and decided a full withdrawal from Syria!

Predictably, those Endless Wars Bot Congress Critters had a shit attack and claimed we are abandoning the Kurds!  Syrians even threw potatoes at our withdrawing troops and equipment according to Politico, and I’m sure we Americans will try to get over it and pick up the pieces and move forward!  We owe Syria not a damned thing, we owe the Kurds nothing either.

This is Russia’s neighborhood, let her police her own backyard without us.

It could be said that Turkey has an intense interest in all things Kurdish seeing that they have the world’s largest concentration of ethnic minority Kurds estimated to be near to 14 to 20 million within Turkey of the world’s 30 million or so known Kurds who are ethnically Iranian but who live in and occupy an enormous swath of land in Southwestern Asia and which in addition to Turkey, straddles Iran, Iraq, and Syria too.

The Kurds are in fact the world’s largest ethnic group without a nation of their own to call their homeland.   Yes, the US has screwed them, both president Bush’s Wars delivered just a special status zone in northern Iraq, Iran is very hostile to their call for their own nation, super-secular Turkey is apoplectic and against nationhood for the Kurds because the Kurds are apoplectic that Turkey is super secular and hostile to Islam ever asserting over their government, and Syria and their lovely Assad family hangs by a thread of Putin’s personal protections because he’s never giving up Russia’s new port on the eastern Mediterranean on Syrian territory.

The entire Assad clan should have been executed more than a generation ago for committing Crimes Against Humanity and the world did nothing to affect that ever occurring to them!

Kurdistan was all but a done deal in the 1920’s certified by one international treaty, only to be vaporized by another treaty three years later, and this was in the 1920s for God’s sake!  This is a century of Progressivism’s failure all over the world regarding the Kurds, but now the US is abandoning the Kurds is the buzz?

<—-100 years of international bull-shiting of the Kurds since the Ottoman Empire fell, but now its the United States which is abandoning the Kurds?

Bitch, please!

Turkey could invade Syria and take her northern territories and incorporate it into her current land mass, but she doesn’t want anymore Kurds and won’t do anything which would result in even more Kurdish incursions onto their sovereign territory.  Like the parasitic people calling themselves Palestinians, the Kurds tend to never wanna leave and go home and are not allowed to travel freely even within the four nations they occupy, because of this quality about their people!

They really do love to fight though and we like that when it suits our needs and I fully expect a very large Kurd contingent for our impeding Civil War 2.0 against the Progressive Nazis in America! 

President Obama was a Human Rights Catastrophe with such human garbage State Department appointments like biased and bigoted hyper-racist Susan Rice as our UN Ambassador as they both, along with Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as back to back Secretaries of State, have nothing to at all to be proud of for their 8 years of Toxic Progressivism rather than Policy in the Middle East and Southwest Asia…and the entire rest of the world too.

It was Vladimir Putin who came in to save the day in Syria putting ISIS down, getting his long desired Mediterranean port in the bargain, completing his natural gas pipelines into Western Europe and warming Germany and France’s asses and hearts too, so suck my dick Merkle and Macron.

As a warm-up to his joining in all the fun in Syria, he had sent 80,000 troops into eastern Ukraine and confiscated the Crimea and was given only dirty looks from Obama and anyone Obama related in 2014, Obama himself always looked like he was moments away from bursting into tears during this period of his failed presidency.  Our diplomatic energies and synergies were in tatters under that former president, this is fact, and now our current US State Department careerists are unloading on President Trump is yet another first. and I’d fire everyone at State who is involved immediately, but President Trump can’t easily fire anyone at the State Department!  No president can in this deepest part of the Deep State!

Such gross misconduct by US State Dept Bureaucrats/Deep Staters is simply never done publicly, even under subpoena because that is the misconduct which undermines US Policy however ad hoc and unorthodox it may currently be or appear to be to some!

The testimonies of the careerists are loaded with rhetorical bombs of institutional bureaucratic superiority over the Executive Branch, lead by sterling credentialed William Taylor whose comments are a State/CIA Rorschach Test and doctrinaire exposure of the reality of Deep State through and through!

But there’s something I neglected to inform you guys about in the last piece  and regarding the State Department where there’s not a looker in the entire bunch of whiny, prissy, itchy, bitchy entitled-feeling bureaucrats who all look like former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and all have enormous asses like her too!

‘State’ as this cabinet level department is called by everyone in Washington is the only department where careerist can switch off and become politically appointed by any president as US Ambassador to wherever for instance, or Special Envoy to whatever, and then return to their careerist status when those duties conclude or when any president has lost confidence in their ability to continue to serve any president’s foreign policy!

The outrage against Trump over his decision to recall back to the home office, the woman known to insiders as ‘Masha’, our former Ambassador to Ukraine, was then and will always be, his prerogative he owes nobody any explanation at all for doing.  Their work at State is always considered to be no less than ‘sensitive’ all the way up to ‘top secret’.  He should have fired her upon her return if he were able to do so last spring.

And since she’s had no courage of her phony convictions and concerns, instead of resigning and going off to work at some lefty Think Tank in DC, she decided to stay and spy on the Administration by returning to her careerist status instead!  That is simply outrageous given how this is playing out and the president will find firing her near to impossible in her careerist status now.

Recalled and replaced former Ambassador to Ukraine, traitor Masha Yovanovitch could not and would not confirm to either Rudy Guiliani who she had no requirement whatsoever to answer his inquiries, but also to her superior, President Trump to whom she absolutely did have an absolute requirement to answer to, whether or not Ukraine had conducted a credible investigation into the Bidens and their nefarious connections and misconducts regarding anything in Ukraine!

This is a major reason this phony testimony is behind closed doors:  No one bothered to ask her about this!

Guiliani had reported to the president that Ms Yovanavitch was being deliberately insubordinate by her even considering that her orders amounted to unlawfully allowing a foreign nation to interfere with US elections processes to his benefit!  Rudy was right!  She was conducting her own foreign policy on behalf of the Biden campaign and she was effectively breaking US law by shielding Biden’s misconducts in Ukraine to affect his electoral prospects as the at the time, front-runner for the Dem nomination.

To add insult to intense injury and done by the Deep State/Fourth Branch bureaucrats at State, they actually pulled the same shit on Barack Obama during his failed tenure and they went to the national Alt Press, the big papers, and were leaking stuff left and right about how terrible it was that Obama was appointing too may of his mega-donors to Ambassadorships all around the world!

Trump appears to have been burned badly by his billionaire appointee as Ambassador to the European Union who is a Hotelier by trade and who testified the other day for nine solid hours and as a private sector player, but who has no idea of the Back Office palace intrigues over at State, nor any idea at all that his texts with the other two diplomats regarding, Guiliani, no quid pro quo etc… are the very texts which will result in a no impeachment vote if it should even come to that, because what these diplomats were discussing is the Stagecraft of Statecraft you’d read about here many times over the years.

Any US president and recipient nation president would want to ensure that no embarrassing details weren’t corrected out before the Stagecraft of a Press Conference announcing the aid would be created by any president’s political team in the lead up to an official State visit to the White House by the Ukrainian president.  They’d both want to ensure the aid had been received before announcing it, any president would wish to appear to be benevolent, empathetic, and proactive to the requesting nation seeking our help

Any president and his political apparatus has every right to ensure our nation’s aid in any form is dispensed and used judiciously and to tie that aid to specific conduct and behavior benchmarks of the recipient nation.  You’ve heard a breathless toxic US Press not come up for a single breath yet, but what you’ve not heard from anyone in Ukraine or who is associated with their nation here, say that Joe and Hunter Biden had ever been investigated by Ukraine by anyone regarding any matter over that nation’s current and former president’s terms.

Our degenerate Democratic Party Propaganda Press hasn’t mentioned this anywhere, but collectively refer to Trump and Guiliani’s request of Ukraine to investigate as ‘unfounded allegations’ which his how you can tell they are all towing the same company line on this lie.  The allegations are not ‘unfounded’, they are simply not substantiated or confirmed because they were never investigated by Ukraine to begin with.  Ukraine’s former top prosecutor has admitted this did not occur but he is not held in high regard by anyone anywhere in the world.  We’d have never known about any of this had someone not leaked Biden’s chest-thumping in Kiev giving them six hours before he departed Ukraine, and if their former prosecutor was not fired, there would be no US aid, period!

<—–Once known the world over as Chicken Vladivostok, Russia got tired of the brand and gave it to Ukraine to see if they could do anything to improve it, and they took the Crimea in exchange!

Chicken Kiev was born! 

Chicken Kiev, Disney World Chernobyl, and Oksana Biaul are the only things that our former, failed Deep State Ambassador to Ukraine claimed she that knew about the Bidens!

The quid pro quo with Biden and Ukraine is as clear as day: Don’t dare investigate my degenerate and grossly unqualified son who also bedded his dead brother Beau’s widow right after his death, if you expect any US aid from the Obama administration.  Biden’s travels to Ukraine were extraordinarily frequent for a nation we were not hostile to nor necessarily very friendly to either, and where Russia came right in and stole the Crimea under the former failed Obama, and whose Internet Cretins are usually the #3 nation attempting daily to breach my website you’re reading right now!

State & their partners in crime over at CIA didn’t expect the Biden video diatribe and his quid pro quo in Ukraine to be directly competing with their false narrative quid pro quo regarding Trump’s perfectly lawful conduct seeking the Bidens be investigated for how it was Hunter got that terrific 50K Board job and another one in China too!

State and CIA have assassinated the Biden campaignhe’s toast now!—and who was the Dem Establishment’s candidate.  No one at either corrupted enterprise ever thought that there were folks out there wanting to off Joe Biden and who would leak that tape!

Their arrogance is bad enough, their political ineptitude is truly stunning!

These criminal people are so desperate now, they’ve even trotted out two former Chairs of the FEC to castigate the president and lecture he and his people about how wrong and unlawful foreign interference in our elections are, but both were completely silent during Obama’s first and second terms about Bill Clinton and the hundreds of millions of unaccounted for generous donations which gushed into his Foundation from foreign nations his wife was engaging as SOS and continued afterward assuming she was going to win in 2016, but which completely stopped forever the very morning after the election and no one bothered to investigate that coincidence?

The 400 million bucks for those Javelin anti-tank missiles are about 6 teeny tiny missiles at that price—I’m exaggerating, but 400 mil is a couple of cases of toilet paper and tampons at USDOD procurement prices for Deep State’s top brass!  This is high quality, but low value War Toys intended by Ukraine to serve notice to Russia that their borders will not be breached by Putin again!  They weren’t asking for fighter jets, SAMS, naval support via the Black Sea, and they didn’t even notice that the aid had been delayed.


So WTF is Adam Schiff doing?  Rep Elijah Cummings (D- Shithole 7th) decided to just up and die rather than continue in this latest unlawful coup de’t tat attempt. Why hasn’t the Speaker shut this down yet?  Because they want Rudy Guiliani shutdown or given a staff title in the West Wing so they can oversee his goings on which they cannot do now.  It is most unusual but not unlawful or unethical for a president to dispatch his personal attorney all over the world performing duties which would normally fall to a Secretary of State and his deputies.

You may be surprised to know, but I agree with the Chair and the Speaker on this one! 

Rudy may be an asshole to many, but his street cred and professional cred is impeccable on this matter as a superstar level, very top-tiered former US Attorney whose record there has never been in question.  Any president sending their divorce and parking ticket regular guy lawyer to investigate our hyper-corrupted US State Department and their partners at CIA, would never be acceptable to anyone for any reason, so Rudy’s got to get ‘official’ in the West Wing and I think he’ll do that on his time and that he’ll take his time doing it too!

Rudy is being deliberately provocative to this unbelievably hyper-corrupted Congress as a matter of political strategy for the president and you may be surprised to know, I also agree with ‘America’s Mayor’ on this!

Rudy was the most reviled mayor in America on September 10, 2001 whose fortunes changed forever for some reason, the very next morning after ‘some people did some things’ in lower Manhattan.  He was previously the hot shot US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, one of USDOJ’s most prized and most coveted assignments in the entire country, his record there reflected his talents and abilities.  He’s not coming on the cheap to President Trump but he may not be covering the president’s ass as well as one might think for such an accomplished resume.

The president’s infamous paranoia is very well founded regarding anything at the US State Department and our CIA , which I’d rank as #2 and #3 respectively behind the #1  most corrupted and completely destroyed by the last president, cabinet level department, the United States Department of Justice which we learned this very morning in Las Vegastan, has been completely destroyed on a five year old local matter they’ve closed without doing their duties under their sworn oaths!

What the White House is completely lacking is someone to explain all of this and who is not President Trump and who speaks in clear and easy to understand conversational cadence within the English language, something the president has had major trouble doing on everything he comments about since winning the election in 2016.


Then last Thursday we learned that the president had committed next summer’s G-7 meeting to be held at his Doral in Miami, an absolutely clear and unambiguous violation of the Constitution’s ’emolument clause’, no ifs and or buts about it, no witch hunts, no Deep State, and Trump stating that he was ‘doing it for cost’ which makes no difference at all.  No one in the West Wing attempted to cover the president’s ass by jumping up and down like their goddamned pants were on fire that there is nothing he or anyone else could do which would make contracting the event with himself legal without having gotten Congress’s consent first?

It was a major, colossal political blunder which made President Trump look and sound spectacularly stupid as well as magnificently ignorant, and then he doubled-down on Twitter again going off on those who were in sharp disagreement with him and Republicans began to speak out against the very idea being considered by the president at all.  Finally, after more than three years or relentless, round the clock fruitless efforts, the president personally delivered to both Houses of Congress the matter which would impeach, convict, and actually remove him from the presidency!

Stunning, absolutely stunning!

I really thought he was joshing and joking with us, making a terrific attempt which would work to get the Media off of impeachment for the last weekend at least.

The truth is he had no idea his proposal was blatantly unconstitutional without Congress’s consent, and he has no one around him who advised him that it was, or that he would even listen to such a person around him who did tell him!  He’s wobbled his own supporters and his base’s political super-structure and he has much repair work to do if he intends to win a second term.

We’re going to need much more than ‘winning’ and ‘MAGA’ this time Mr President, because you and you alone, did this to you!


If we had an Age Limit Amendment, Nancy Pelosi would already be four years retired and President Trump would be constitutionally required to retire out in 2022 when he hits 75 which will be his 6th year in office and all presidents have bad 6th years in office, their parties take gigantic hits with voters who have tired of them and their party’s bullshit!

Its a start and a credible start fully intended by me to get to the Federal Term Limits Amendment we so desperately need if we are to survive this cancer of Toxic Progressivism’s full-frontal assault on our nation, its values, and our liberties!


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

‘A National Treasure!’


.…An Adorable Deplorable!