US Attorney Trutanich Announces Cop & DA Corruption is Legal in Nevada

Posted by Michael Zahara on Oct 24, 2019

When Channel 8’s George Knapp broke the story five years ago that notorious pimp and somewhat of a Hip Hop star, Jamal Rashid  known as ‘Mally Mall’ and worth twenty million dollars per his own public relations efforts and him the owner of a multi-million dollar Vegas spread though he’s from the Bay Area, I perked up.  Then that Metro had been deliberately frozen out of the FBI’s raid on his local home because three officers of rank at the LVMPD were in their sites, I thought that maybe a newbie FBI Agent had accidentally used an old school rubber stamp for their PIU—Public Integrity Unit—and incorrectly stamped the case as such!

The United States Department of Justice had never before employed any effort to anything Public in Nevada, they are never concerned at all about public corruption anywhere in this state, and since Bobby Kennedy’s days in the early 60’s, they have an unbelievably poor record here, one which I came to believe is their very worst in America and dating back at least four decades.

More recent cases like G-Sting and the HOA Scandal literally were either Metro initiated or just happened to fall  into DOJ’s laps.  That current NVGOP State Chair Michael McDonald was a former unindicted Metro cop nick-named ‘Easy Money’ at Metro and also a LV City Councilman photographed with known members of organized crime in Southern California and who also ratted out the Clark County Board and chronicled by his local nemesis and fellow former LV Councilman Steve Miller,  I knew that Main Justice had Ops here, I just wasn’t seeing what they were getting in the bargain from their completely ignoring public corruption here, now we know thanks to our new US Attorney Nicholas ‘Tricky Nicky’ Trutanich

Although I hoped that something would come of it, I knew that nothing would because the USDOJ is the Ring Master here, not turning a blind eye, but actively participating in criminal enterprises here which isn’t unusual in law enforcement employing stings and such, but a 40 year long sting operation isn’t ever done by anyone.


<—-After this week’s bad news from USDOJ, we can only assume that our new US Attorney is a HUGE fan of Jamal Rashid!

Professional, civic, as well as to his own mother, a horrific disappointment, bought and paid for Nicolas Trutanich, our long awaited, long delayed United States Attorney for Nevada, has publicly confirmed that his office has no compelling interest in Public Corruption which is too rare here to even expend the energy trying, and his years long very worst FBI Bureau in America and located right here in Las Vegastan, will never investigate nor ever seek evidence to indict any alleged corruption by any public official, employee, or entity which has actually been the United States Department of Justice’s official, though previously unannounced policy, for no less than the past 20 years!

At least USA Trutanich has answered for us the years long question about why it is that we can’t seem to interest any Special Agent In Charge—a SAIC runs an FBI Bureau—to stay around Las Vegas for very long before his demanding to be transferred away to any place other than here!  USDOJ’s once famed and fabled Pubic Integrity Unit’s office at Main Justice had no idea a PIU matter was active in Las Vegastan.  In fact we’d never had the USDOJ express even a casual interest in public corruption here and their website only listed their taking a passing glance at former Senator John Ensign’s extra-marital indulgences.

They never even broke a sweat for G-Sting, they could conceivably do the exact same sting with any Board or politicians in this state, not burn more than a couple of months putting it together, and deliver no less than the same exact outcome of 4 Electeds going off to cushy country club built special for them, federal prisons.

A very big  clue as to how it is USDOJ operates here, came from former sheriff Bill Young to the LVRJ during G-Sting who complained bitterly that the FBI refused to tell him who his corrupted officers were that frequented Michael Gilardi’s strip club.  It was a nice try and public attempt to play stupid with the Feds because he knew exactly who his corrupted officers were as all of our sheriffs always have known, and so did the FBI as they have always known too.

Thankfully, we can now inform Connie Land that her daughter’s murder investigation is officially dead itself and that no one will ever be charged in hers or the other two  murders, so get over it and move on lady is what the USA announced this past week.  We can also tell LVJC superstar Judge Melanie Tobiasson that it is open season on judges of every type all across Nevada, USDOJ publicly confirming with its official capacity malfeasance and misconduct announced on 10/21/2019, that any variety or caliber of criminal can threaten, attempt to assassinate, or actually take the life of any judge in Nevada and to just accept that as one of the risks they should be enjoying knowing it just comes with the job, and that there’s nothing that the USDOJ can do to assist them under any circumstances, and this readers, is now the official publicly proclaimed policy of the United States Attorney for Nevada and his superiors in Washington DC.

The federal Public Integrity Unit case now five years old, covered the entire tenures of our three billionaire Ferititta Family-era sheriffs in Clark County: Bill Young, Douglas Gillespie, and Joseph Lombardo, according to the plea agreement made public 10/21/2019:

Isn’t it a simply amazing coincidence that our three most recent and duly-elected Clark County Sheriffs and all best buddies from way, way back too, were completely oblivious that Jamal Rashid was engaged in an unlawful enterprise grossing him an estimated $144,000,000 over a dozen years—that’s 144 mil folks!—and that the USDOJ doesn’t think that any of the three of them benefited at all?   That’s up in the next piece!



<—US Attorney ‘Tricky Nicky’ Trutanich was thought to be a welcomed relief after 16 years of hyper-corruption during appointed under two separate presidential appointments and engineered by Harry Reid Inc both times, of bought and paid for former US Attorney Daniel Bogden.

Though certainly towing the criminal corruption line of Main Justice in Washington on their orders, ‘Tricky Nicky’ has proven himself completely unworthy of our trust on October 21, 2019 with a rookie move Press Release and dodging an open public Press Conference notification to accompany it.

And by extension, the USDOJ has also now publicly admitted that after a decade of exhaustive national public promotion, that its entire multi-million dollar national effort regarding Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking, was just a joke played on the citizenry, and they instead chose to use USDOJ’s ‘prosecutorial discretion’ to ignore decades long systemic, multi-institutional public corruption in Las Vegastan because its local US Attorney’s office and FBI Bureau have been full-fledged partners and co-owners of these corrupted misconducts of Southern Nevada public officials and employees within its Clark County District Attorney’s office and its Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for the entire time its been occurring here through today, the very day you’re reading about this!


<—-That’s former Vegas prostitute turned Deputy District Attorney Liz Mercer on the left and her husband former Metro Vice Detective Pimp Chris Baughman during happier times!

Oh, you didn’t know?  Ms Mercer was a former prostitute prior to joining the Clark County District Attorney’s office?

Her husband’s dirty dick has been in so many Vegas whores, she probably still has the chlamydia her husband gave to her as a wedding gift and had been spreading around the darker areas of Dark Vegas for years prior!

Clark County Deputy District Attorney Liz Mercer didn’t even have to marry former LVMPD Vice Detective Pimp Chris Baughman in what was always a 100% completely unnecessary attempt to employ spousal immunity protections for both she and her pimp former cop husband, who bedded every single female we know about—including his now retired Vice Commander, Lt Karen Hughes—and as an LVMPD Vice Section showboat Detective cop and that he extracted cash and expensive gifts from every single female we know about too, and which continues to this day, long after he pimped his now wife into marrying him anticipating indictment.

DDA Mercer is now completely free from suffering any legal jeopardy at all thanks to the USDOJ.  Her boss, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson knew from the very beginning that he had no requirement to terminate her, nor any requirement to seek her disbarment, so he didn’t do either because the United States Attorney for Nevada has had his ass covered on everything upon his appointment then election. However, any local defense attorney which District Attorney Wolfson was once a prominent defense attorney player, may motion to reopen any case their client’s may have been convicted and imprisoned for which  DDA Mercer prosecuted or participated in their prosecution, and this is fully blessed by the CCDA and fully supported by his US Attorney office enablers by virtue of their official actions and inaction in other similar matters which ran contemporaneous and concurrent to your client’s cases.


<—-I’m sure its not a pleasant task defending criminals who were mistreated by our criminal justice system, but it is the within the very highest tier of those who felt they were called to the legal profession and former LVJC judge, Ms Marshall’s work on convicted pimp Ocean Flemming’s behalf was exceptional and exemplary in performance of her duties to the oath she swore when joining the profession!

Her absolute duty was to get for her client the best possible deal that she could present to him, and she did that by presenting the only offer on the table at the time, and Mr Flemming took it and will be a free man soon!

Now given the corrupted US Attorney in Nevada completely ignoring all of the public sector players involved and their horrific public corruptions, I believe she now has a duty to petition Judge Michael Villani to strike the new deal and reverse all of Flemmings convictions.

Judge Villani is now known as our toughest judge on the bench in District Court at the RJC and that’s a well-earned moniker, but he has got to be completely disgusted by all of this and his sworn oath and duty compels him to do what he must do and reverse himself and fully vacate all of the crimes Mr Flemming stands convicted of.

That’s how truly bad what the District Attorney and the Las Vegas Sheriff have done to Ocean Flemming really is!  To let any of his convictions stand now completely perverts and subverts what our criminal justice system is supposed to be all about.  Seeing that our US Attorney didn’t even see any value in convening a grand jury to address the public corruptions which improperly convicted a criminal, I don’t think Judge Villani has any choice in the matter and I’m a longtime fan of his and I fully support his vacating everything now regarding Ocean Flemming.

Criminals are now victims today in Las Vegastan because of USA Trutanich, and actionable, documented misconducts now call on attorneys of every stripe to sue the Clark County District Attorney and his office, and the Metropolitan Police Department and and its sheriff, for Civil Rights abuses and professorial malfeasance in office.  Former Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Janiece Marshall and who is the current attorney for improperly tried and convicted and once sentenced to life for his crimes, pimp Ocean Flemming, is to be highly commended for her work on behalf of Criminal Justice being fairly and impartially meted out in Southern Nevada, she should be the honored guest and invited speaker at every Law School in America….yes, that’s how bad what LVMPD and the DA’s office did!

We still have the other improperly convicted and imprisoned pimp, we haven’t heard from in many months and a seeming cast of a thousand characters in this Charade Parade of Law Enforcement Corruption. 

I’m not done with this matter and there’s more to come!

Next up:  We’ll  take you on a reminder tour of those who should be mopping the floors in federal prison already, but for whom the USDOJ decided not to embroil in Mr Rashid’s case.  We’ll point out how Human Trafficking is just an elaborate USDOJ fake effort to distract and placate anyone who may be concerned, we’ll consider how much money flowed into Rashid’s pockets and into 2 elected DA’s and 3 elected Sheriff’s pockets too and which didn’t interest the USDOJ at all!

We’ll discuss how this outrage is certainly now an election issue for President Donald Trump,  This is his Justice Department and their corruption he’s protecting with this outrageous pro-Cop & DA corruption decision by the US Attorney this week in Las Vegastan, and it will be the smart Democrat seeking to challenge him who takes it up to win the nomination, if not the election next year.

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