Facebook Names Eric Ciaramello Phony Whistle-blower!

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 1, 2019

Faceb00k Fascists in Menlo Park Censuring 1st Amendment About Whistleblower

Litt and several other legal experts who talked to NPR said Trump uttering or tweeting the name could in theory trigger an article of impeachment for retaliating against a whistleblower, but it would not run afoul of any federal criminal statutes.

Similarly, if a news outlet, member of Congress or member of the public outed the whistleblower, legal experts said, no criminal law would be violated.

“There is no overarching protection for the identity of the whistleblower under federal law,” said Dan Meyer, a lawyer and the former executive director of the intelligence community whistleblower program. “Congress has never provided that protection.”


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There is a patchwork of whistleblower protections under federal law. The specific framework that applies to the whistleblower who filed a complaint against Trump is outlined in the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act of 1998.

The law bans retaliation against an employee for blowing the whistle on perceived wrongdoing. It requires the inspector general to keep the lid on the whistleblower’s name, but it does not stop a member of Congress, a president or anyone else from identifying a whistleblower.

“[The Whistleblower Protection Act] provides no protection. It’s the worst-named statute Congress has ever passed,” Meyer said.

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