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Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 2, 2019

Something is Very Broken at the United States Department of Justice


It’s no secret or exaggeration that federal law enforcement gives public corruption a pass in Las Vegastan and Nevada as a whole because they themselves created it and empowered it here and are active daily participants in it every single day of the year here too!

That’s not to say there aren’t good solid employees at the Nevada US Attorney’s office (appx 50 AUSAs) or the Las Vegas Bureau of the FBI (appx 200 agents) there are many great careerists at both entities here but they just aren’t powerful enough to rid either entity of a very corrupted way of approaching federal law enforcement here and those that can leave, just move along to another location when they’ve had enough and which is a terrible indictment and critique of federal law enforcement here I take no pleasure in stating.

Something is very broken at the United States Department of Justice and as the Guardians of Democracy and of our liberty which they should be above all else at all times, has been in very sharp decline since 9/11/2001 which shook their entire USDOJ bureaucracy to its very core and foundations and 18 years of aftershocks continue today and are evident all over America.

Despite my having had the very best experience of my entire political, professional, and personal life with the USDOJ in 2008 as a federal whistle-blower on the SallieMae debacle, after the US Attorney’s office here in Las Vegastan sheepishly ducked by doing a rookie move Press Release announcement of their closing what grew to become a comparatively gargantuan case commonly referred to as the Metro Vice Scandal on 10/21/2019, I too am rattled and very concerned about the civic and institutional health of our entire Justice Department from coast-to-coast, and you should be too!

I’ve believed with all that I’ve got for all of my adult life, that without a strong and healthy USDOJ we can all have blind and unfailing confidence in, our little experiment with Democratic Republican democracy simply cannot and will not survive the now very public and daily onslaught from the barbarians now not at our gates, but having fully breached them and invaded us over the last decade or so,  and that there are caustic and toxic elements embedded within which are dogged determined to ensure that our nation does indeed fail in our now 243rd year of this experiment and which is the Clear and Present Danger hiding in plain sight!

It is each of us as Americans, our duty to defend our Constitution, our way of life, our values, and most importantly, our liberty!

You’re reading this from a former 40 year veteran and highly experienced partisan Democratic Party member with the scars to prove it, who still believes that Harry Truman was the very best president the Democrats had ever given to the nation, and today, I’m a proud card carrying member of Mr Straka’s ‘#Walk Away’ movement as of last October 1, 2018 during the Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Calamity and over Senator Kamala ‘Mammy Kammy’ Harris of California’s Black Privilege and hyper-racist Hate-On whose despicable political performance during his hearings reached a brand new depth of Toxic Progressivism’s political poison through her intellectually bankrupt hatreds, and televised to the entire world for all to see!

I was not that and never have been that, and I am not that truly ugly, biased and bigoted, and racist with blind raging hatred 0f anybody who disagrees with me.

I don’t recognize anything about my former party today and I am ashamed of my four decade long association with it and what it has become today and which I am a 40 year expert in their bullshit and how it is that they operate.

Today, I’m beginning a newer refreshed approach to all of this bullshit we are all witness to but collectively are not doing anything required of us to kill the cancer, cut it out, and cauterize the wounds to our nation, but I also need to continue on an immediate and necessary screed about the US Attorney and the FBI here in Las Vegastan, and I will continue to do that below and through a couple of pieces yet to come.

What they in federal law enforcement are force feeding we here in the Las Vegastan valley to just accept today after five long years, cannot and will not stand if I can do anything about it, and then also convince you all to buckle up and enjoy the roller coaster ride we are about to embark on, which is critically necessary for us to do out here, its so bad!

Unlike 2016 where I knew every step of the way exactly what these mother fuckers were up to but was helpless to do anything about it back then and was angry and frustrated about it, today I am enjoying one of the most pleasant years of my life and my sense of humor is back with a vengeance too.

I will not be consumed by all of this this time out because as I informed you in very recent previous pieces now in the right margin of my website, the bastards and wienies conducting the Trump impeachment charade will be uncovered and discovered and though I called the Judas in the unlawful Fourth Branch/Deep State a female, he is in fact a he, and has absolutely no federal protections under any of the various federal whistle-blower statues Congress created, no, not even for the CIA!

That would be none whatsoever!

I knew this because I really was an actual bona fide federal whistle-blower 11 years ago and I wrote that he went the Whistle-blower route to dodge potential criminal prosecution for his treachery and deceit waiting 18 days to deliver second hand incorrect information about Ukraine and going to Wienie of all Wienies, Rep Adam Schiff and his Helper Monkeys to do it!  We can now confirm that he is closely associated with William Brennan, the human vermin coup de’t tat ringleader and creator of the ‘Putin fired Comey’ false narrative as well as being the number one target in Attorney General William Barr’s criminal prosecutorial sites tonight, and I am fuqn delighted about that and you should be too!

The Democrats and their Media Propaganda Enablers are besides themselves with rage again as if they’d been anything other than that regarding President Trump since 2015.  The president, though the poorest communicator ever to hold the office of President of the United States but believes he is the greatest, doesn’t ever help his own causes by using his unique to him language skills, is seemingly oblivious that he has ignited a political firestorm which killed off Joe Biden already and will result in a Brokered Convention in Milwaukee next summer which should see rioting and unrest in the streets of urban America as the party disintegrates under its own toxic arrogance while the Toxic Progressives gorge themselves on the party’s carcass fighting over whatever is left to consume that they haven’t yet gotten to.

Mammy Kammy, Kamala Harris, is near to suicidal tonight by she having assassinated her own campaign and forcing me to stampede to the exits last October and officially divorce myself from the Democratic Party, and I couldn’t be any happier and delighted than I am right now that she’s crashed and burned her own never to be revived goddamned campaign, and that she did it all by her bigoted and biased hyper-racist self too, and that Beto the Bimbo Himbo has hung it up too, but who may actually win the Texas US Senate seat up next year, to make up for the one that he lost in 2018.

Please read and then re-read as many times as you feel you need to, the following which was the first to publish the identity of the fake whistleblower and subsequently blew the doors off at 35,000 feet of the latest and super-secretive and locked in the basement Democratic Party Toxic Progressivism coup de’t tat attempt.  It is well worth the read so bookmark it because its that important for all of us to know about it:



OK, back for a local continuing of our Life in Hell here in Las Vegastan where we’re still reeling after the US Attorney here tried to pull a fast one on all of us over the five year old Metro Vice Scandal this past week!

In my reading and re-reading everything of the very little publicly stated about the plea deal  the US Attorney reached with Mally Mall, no Media anywhere mentioned the USDOJ’s Public Integrity Unit, nor the three LVMPD officers which were all grouped together when George Knapp broke the raid story on their specific instructions about what to tell all of us in TV-Land five years ago!  Nothing sinister in any of that, and its common for the Justice Department to split off for prosecution, specific entities on any particular matter or case.  In fact, HOW the US Attorney went about announcing the Jamal Rashid plea deal in Las Vegastan, has left an impression that the Metro and District Attorney portions is still alive and still active within the entirety of Main Justice’s Ops in Washington DC where they are all subordinate to the Attorney General and to the current President of the United States, though Rashid’s case was begun under Obama and Lynch.

We’d also learned this past week that the FBI began investigating Mally Mall five years before they conducted their 2014 raids on his operations here bringing the timeline further back to 2009 and involving literally hundreds of public sector personnel at LVMPD and CCDA—that’s ten total years of  DOJ time and resources devoured and consumed in pursuit of what is now only 2 persons being charged with more conventional benign and common fraud-type crimes rather than the Criminal Sex Trafficking Enterprise crimes everybody involved had been committing the entire 12 years the US Attorney told us was their operational time-frame.

I was very tough on our new US Attorney Trutanich in the previous piece after glowingly and blowingly cheer-leading him to do the right thing as well as his sworn duty here in Las Vegastan regarding Mr Rashid and his co-owners and partners over at Metro and the District Attorney’s office here.  Those three pieces were intended to telegraph to him and to everyone else that no one actually expected that as a brand new USA on his first assignment would ever be the ‘decision maker’ on the Vice Scandal case and his Press Release confirmed that he played no role whatsoever aside from creating that Press Release.

It was either Attorney General Barr or one of his top Deputy AGs who made the Rashid case decisions because the FBI and USA offices here are both up to their nostrils deep in the thick of the Vice Scandal and I don’t see how a William Barr can look past that while he and his top-tiered USA Durham very publicly moved their ‘Investigating the Investigators’ effort to a criminal investigation status in recent days!

Maybe those guys have a Part II and Part III of this case coming up because over these five very long years, there were times this case was spinning so fast, it was picking up all kinds of ‘intersectionality’ component persons we had no idea were swimming in our fetid, putrid local sewer waters while conducting their respectable lives in other sectors of the economy and in neighborhoods far from the Strip.

Oh my gosh tell me it isn’t so, huh? I’m clutching my own pearls reading my own writing now too cuz I’m so shocked and upset to have learned about this…way back when I was five years old and its been some time since I was five years old!

The Justice Department has never been quick to correct out or admit to its errors or mistakes, and since we in Las Vegastan now have actual public corruption by agents of the FBI and likely AUSA level staff at the US Attorney here too, we can now say with appalling confidence that that’s what Sheriff Lombardo and DA Wolfson had always known about those guys in federal law enforcement here and therefore, they would never suffer a moment of legal jeopardy nor would any of their subordinates suffer as criminal cops with badges regardless how obscenely corrupted both entities had become while our three duly-elected sheriffs in row were completely oblivious that all of this was even occurring under their respective watches per the Jamal Rashid plea agreement with the USDOJ which despite a $250,000 fine, did not include any amount of restitution to also be paid by him.

This is not an unimportant point to consider because Sunrise Hospital nurse Julie Blevin whose part in Mally Mall’s world was shipped off to California for trial and never to be heard from again we assume, though the FBI folks made it a point to inform us she had control of his credit card operations the FBI is always hot on for any criminal and which Metro has become a national law enforcement agency leader in investigating every new twist and turn the crooks can possibly conceive of here and which always includes stolen or robbed from their johns credit cards and IDs for quick use before they’re cut off for sudden overuse and then the nightmare of Identity Theft which will take victims a number of years to clear up.

Still no mention of anything of Metro in the plea deal or Jamal Rashid needing to pay any of it back, only the guarantee he would not be further charged in any of this!

Ironically, one of the guys I cited for my readers in an old piece here as being one of ‘Six Metro Bright Spots’ way back then, was the Commander of what we were calling Financial Crimes at the time.  He is retired Metro Captain Brian Greenway whose work with his team had caught my attention because of some ‘intersectionality‘ I had with a party to a mini crime wave here that Greenway and Crew figured out in rapid fashion and charges were filed against the perps in equally rapid fashion, something you Feds may have noticed had USDOJ done any credible level of Vice Scandal investigation, and which is a recurring, if not chronic problem for Metro within some Bureaus.

The even bigger irony of course is that Sheriff Lombardo had named now retired Captain Greenway as LVMPD’s very first Captain over the Vice Section, something I had always championed to anyone who would listen to me was a critical department necessity given the type of city we are and the human vermin which come here like enormous waves of refugees from wherever they had just been released from prison after fuqing up their lives somewhere else, to give to we here in Las Vegastan, their encore performance in Vice-related criminality. 

Then Sheriff Lombardo took our Gangs Unit and married it off with Vice and Captain Greenway beat a speedy retreat to unexpected retirement after a great career here!  We may never again see Vice on its own under its own Captain.  Vice not being a stand alone Unit under Metro’s old VNB structure and answering to its own Captain, was a major component factor in its corrupted misconducts that three sheriffs and incredibly, the FBI and USA Attorney here, claim to have never known about!

I don’t believe that anyone in federal law enforcement ever thought to contact Captain Greenway in retirement because he was very unlikely to play along with the creative crime narrative the USDOJ sprung on us last week!

You should also know that I don’t believe that any entity of the USDOJ had interviewed anyone of importance after the raid on Rashid’s Las Vegastan residence and business location in 2014 because that’s another clever way for them to not see or become aware of criminal enterprise activities in the public sector and which they seem to have employed in spades in their Metro Vice Scandal non-investigation.

By their likely not interviewing folks like Lombardo, Wolfson, Mercer and the other not named officers of the LVMPD and DA’s office—nor former Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo or FBI agent Patrick Brodsky as it also appears—then how can there have been any criminal misconduct if they didn’t see any of it or hear about any of it from witnesses is how this is intended to play out to the public by the USDOJ Community Theater Players here.

However, gone from Las Vegastan in super-secretive silence and orchestrated by his superiors here or in Washington, complete with the closing of his FBI email address he used here which I had never seen done to anyone in the federal bureaucracy, was our now former superstar FBI Agent Kevin White who over his time here, had interviewed so many people I know who came to him, I am confident that whatever was in Agent White’s files is more than enough to seat grand juries—please note my use of the plural here—on multiple instances of public corruption here and that’s why they got him the Hell outta here too!

I’ll once again state as I have many times before to you guys, that there are no degrees of separation regarding anything within ‘Dark Vegas’ and this time, the Mandalay Bay Massacre cover-up is the reason federal law enforcement took a pass on the Metro Vice Scandal…which Lombardo and Wolfson and all of their corrupted underlings knew that they wouldn’t do anything about from the very moment Stephen Paddock fired his first shot from the 32nd on floor October 1, 2017 and he may have been allowed to indulge in his killing spree to buy the political cover our beloved local corrupted politicos felt was necessary to dodge indictment in the Metro Vice Scandal!

I’m going to personally thank and salute FBI Agent Kevin White who I have never met or spoken to for my being able to say with great confidence that he did in fact do his job here and that he did it with honor and integrity too….and that’s up next! 


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Michael Zahara

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