My Special Thanks to FBI Agent Kevin White

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 5, 2019

I’d never met or spoken with FBI Agent Kevin White when he was stationed in Las Vegastan, but I’ve always wanted to extend my hand to him and personally thank him for his efforts on behalf of scores of local whistle-blowers in one way or another, who came to him with credible, verifiable, and years long corruptions in our SoNev Police/District Attorney/Prison Cabal of Conspiracy and which remains so deeply embedded in multi-institutional corruptions and all completely absent any integrity, and the predictable result which continues completely unimpeded today being ‘justice in Las Vegastan being denied to victim and criminal alike’.

Agent White, thank you  good sir for the professional respect, dignity, courtesy, and deference that you had shown to persons of low rank as well as those of higher rank, stature, and gravitas at Metro, and persons of substantial influence and legal world merit at the Clark County District Attorney.

We all shall remain forever in your debt for your always polished professional conduct throughout your tenure here sir!  I suspect you’re gone to another office from here but cannot confirm same, so I’m going to speak to you as if you’re at the LA Regional office of the FBI.

I haven’t mentioned it to anyone until to you today Agent White, but I’m still slack-jawed and sickened in disbelief that Mr Rashid’s plea agreement mentioned nothing about whether the USDOJ seized any of his assets under their Asset Forfeiture Program considering their very expensively produced national effort falsely claiming to have Sex Trafficking a very top department priority effort for the past decade and starring locally and in national roll-out efforts, Metro’s now retired Vice Commander Lt Karen Hughes who was included in the USDOJs Metro Vice Scandal investigation we learned of five years ago, and not a soul in Las Vegastan at all surprised to learn about she being a very long time criminally corrupted officer here, and she acting as ‘the Change-Girl’, keeping meticulous track of all the monies owed to Metro Vice officers subordinate to her and of course, owed to her too and to those above her in rank including now Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank III on up!

Both Heifer Hughes and Spankin’ Hank will reappear in the next piece!

The two dirtiest officers in modern times at Metro and both getting a pass from the US Attorney is an inexplicable and unconscionable dereliction of duty by USDOJ that both walk free today and LVMPD Domestic Violence Champion Charles Hank proclaiming publicly that he’s the next sheriff here to anyone who will listen.  I know that you know all about both of them and I thought for a minute you that may have asked to leave Las Vegastan knowing that they would skate on the Metro Vice Scandal long before any of us would  know.

My vision version of you and your efforts here just can’t see the caliber of agent you are sir, doing that to us and voluntarily leaving all of us here in the lurch to fend for ourselves in your absence.   You’d proven yourself long ago to be a very necessary conduit and contact to many across the public sector here, not just cops, and you caught my attention when the third person I know who had gone to you told to me the exact same thing everyone prior and to follow him said about you, basically that you treated them well and with respect were proactive and responsive and that you treated none of them like dog shit which some FBI Agents here and all over America are well-known to treat local officers like garbage in a sort of very weird and very dated frat boy homo hazing kind of way.

<—-Our current FBI SAIC Aaron Rouse is the son-in-law of Hillary gal pal and scum, John Podesta, and is seen here thinking about where he’d like to go next when he up and leaves us like all of his predecessors have done!

I was alarmed that your Bureau email was closed here not seeing any value in SAIC Rouse in doing so given what you were assigned to do here and people across the entire pubic sector in the whole state knew that they could contact you securely through it, and whomever replaced you if you’ve left and doing the same assignment would have appreciated those contacts being rerouted to their phone and emails for at least a transitional period.  To me, it just looked terrible for the Bureau here and for the USDOJ and like they were closing it all down and wiping away all of that work and effort by you and others so that no one would ever know or ask about it!


We all know that an FBI Agent can do the best possible investigation of criminals, but if their counterparts at the US Attorney’s offices don’t do anything with it for whatever reasoning they may state, then its a wasted effort of time, talent, and resources by you folks at the Bureau.

The good judge still remains today under stifling, relentless, personal  & professional vendetta attacks from our Clark County Sheriff and District Attorney, and given that her fellow colleague LVJC Judge Ann Zimmerman, who’s a senior very well-seasoned and reasoned judge there, as well as her being an LVMPD ex-wife too, but she seemingly dropped the ball on her own legislation this past 80th session which would have extended urgently needed due process protections to Judge Tobiasson, and our genuine concerns about her have only grown afterward.

<—-This is attorney Robert Langford’s old lady!   

Oh, and she’s also known as LVJC Judge Ann Zimmerman!

Agent White, those contacts you engaged in with Judge Tobiasson are the only thread of protection the USDOJ has extended to a duly-elected, highly regarded and revered sitting judge here who was deliberately outed to gang-bangers by a hyper-corrupted, connected, and very ambitious as well as very dirty, Metro Vice cop!

Her reward for her treachery and unspeakable, unconscionable gross misconduct which should have resulted in her immediate termination by Metro if not also her prosecution, was to be elevated to Detective status in our Homicide Bureau! 

And me just being me Agent White, I just about shit!   Our Police Department has a long storied history of outing gang-bangers to their rivals but never before has an officer outed a judge and Officer of the Court!

After Sheriff Lombardo without explanation, pulled our vaunted Homicide Bureau—now called Homicide & Sex Crimes Bureau—away from their duties after the Mandalay Bay Massacre, we all  knew that the fix was already in regarding Stephen Paddock, MGMRI, and our department’s own failings that night which were all exacerbated by our Homicide Team not leading the investigation.   The crime scene was contaminated, the body moved, cellphone camera pix were taken, and evidence taken away before any LVMPD unit investigating got up there, and which would have never had happened had Homicide been up there.

No legit Media anywhere in the universe picked this story up either and guys like me and others are not consider legit Media by what’s called the legit Media. That the Metro Vice Scandal Press Release of Jamal Rashid’s plea agreement made it into the Media here is miraculous, though none of them were able to ask about anything else or probe all the ‘intersectionality’ related matters and it was deliberately shut down and cut off.

I detest political buzzwords like ‘intersectionality’ which is why I’m using it a lot in this piece!

<—-The only bad ass, tough broad that I know who wears a bra with a wife-beater, this is Judge Melanie Andress Tobiasson of Las Vegas Justice Court!

Regarding Judge Tobiasson, and had I not see this with my own eyes and heard this with my own ears, I’d have told anyone relaying this to me that they were completely full of shit and got something wrong in their translation and interpretation of the related events!  But then an LVMPD internal email which confirms the judge as having been outed—the smoking gun if you will—and a utilization of Interstate Commerce via an email which normally is all the boys over at the US Attorney’s office need to convene grand juries—and still, they at our Las Vegastan US Attorney’s office here have done absolutely nothing for Judge Tobiasson.

We know that the judge came to you and regardless of the US Attorney’s office corruptions here and deeply embedded during all of Dan Bogden’s disastrous tenure there,  she IS a witness and IS a whitleblower entitled to all the protections therein afforded to any federal witness.

Even the very worst, sociopath and evil criminal going back to the Justice Department’s post-Prohibition passing era, would never do anything which could be construed as threatening any judge at any level anywhere in the United States knowing that the blow-back from the United States Attorney would be as swift and as harsh as they could possibly deliver to send a clear message in blood to others who might be entertaining such notions.

There are some things that are just never done and which can never be rationalized under any circumstances and a dirty Metro Vice cop outing a judge here is just such an instance where your superiors at Main Justice in Washington should have ordered be done to LVMPD Officer Justine Gertus post-haste, and without delay.

<—-My vision version of LVMPD dirty rat bastard corrupt cop Justine Gerdus!

Instead, their silence in Washington continues to be deafening and its echoing all over the country now in the aftermath of the US Attorney scoring very bad for the department major losses here in Nevada regarding the Bundy’s and in New Jersey regarding Senator Robert Menendez.    The US Attorney’s office here, foolishly proceeded to file an Appeal in the Bundy Harry Reid instigated case which they should never have brought in the first place.

Which is further proof just how broken the USDOJ’s US Attorney’s office is, especially here!

Melanie Tobiasson’s ‘intersectionality’ in this case came in 2016 two years after the FBI raid on Rashid occurred in 2014 and inadvertently proving that though raided but not yet charged, Jamal Rashid was still operating at full capacity his Sex Trafficking Enterprises as if he didn’t have a care in the world, and that both the Sheriff and DA were lying about reforms having been implemented at Metro Vice, so now we know that he really didn’t have a care in the world!

That they’ve publicly said that they’ve closed the Jamal Rashid case with an ulta-light feather tap despite all the department PR hoopla on Sex Trafficking and such, is really ballsy of those guys especially since that included no phone call to Wolfson or Lombardo to pull off of Judge Tobiasson and cease their bullshit immediately.  A guy like me sitting out here in the cheap seats is gonna wonder who is the superior agency to whom here and then publicly wonder how many of your federal agency’s team members would go down in flames here for their ignoring the public corruption here or for their personal involvement in it? 

And I’m wondering the very same thing about the US Attorney’s office here too!

<—-Toddles as I call him, former LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo, beat a speedy retreat and left Metro during  all the post-Mandalay Bay Massacre bullshit and rumored to be because of an on-duty DUI or his part  in leaking the Mandalay Bay Massacre photos—neither which I’ve ever believed–his ‘intersectionality’ issues are two-fold and besides his Judge Tobiasson gross misconducts, also include the sudden retirement of fellow former Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts in too close proximity to one another and something which had never before occurred in Metro’s history!

Because in our Department’s culture, the positions of Undersheriff  and Assistant Sheriffs are considered to be held by persons the current sheriff considers worthy to ascend to the Office of Sheriff should he drop dead, get whacked, or find himself under indictment and on his way to prison soon!

The Clark County Board of Commissioners would appoint a sheriff until the next election and would give serious consideration to these men, but are not beholden to follow any sheriff’s recommendation.   Undersheriff  Kevin McMahill and Assistant Sheriffs Brett Zimmerman and Tim Kelly are all eminently qualified to run Metro, however, AS Charles Hank III is not and he is too monstrously corrupted and owned along with his having lied to a US District Court judge here during his bankruptcy and his having never copped to the Domestic Violence charges with his 2nd wife which was fixed for him by the previous District Attorney and now LVPPA Counsel David Rogers, would ignite the largest retirement exodus in Department history were he to ever become sheriff, and you Agent White, know that too!


<—-The  putrid stank of public corruption is always evident on former FBI agent and now Wynn Resort dishwasher/busboy, Patrick Brodsky!

That your former colleague here, FBI Agent Patrick Brodsky apparently took direct orders from our former then Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo, to pull off of Melanie Tobiasson and Todd declaring she not being credible as a former 20 year veteran Deputy District Attorney, currently married to a retired LVMPD Sargent, and now a years long duly elected Las Vegas Justice Court judge, was also reported by Doug Poppa and which I believe to be completely accurate too, was the type of phone call grand juries love to listen to while reading along with the transcribed text, because what grand juries love even more than calls like that, are the documented public-sector misconducts of the participants on those calls and which followed afterward!

Those two mischievous scamps landing in a big pile of dirty laundry over at the Wynn Resort, and just weeks apart from one another, would also lead any grand jury to pepper their Federal Prosecutor Guidance Counselor assisting them with many, many questions about what would be lawful and/or unlawful, and indictable misconduct by either man then in the highest echelons of their professions here.  Like the Fasulo and Roberts retirements coming too close to one another not to raise suspicions, Brodsky and Fasulo exiting together is what the odor of public corruption envelops still today.

For me sitting out here in the cheap seats Agent White, this was the first credible confirmation that the United States Attorney’s office here in Las Vegastan was actively engaged in department and sister agency cover-ups by protecting and shielding their own unlawful misconducts here.  At the time we had no presidential appointed and US Senate confirmed US Attorney in Las Vegastan and I came to believe that then Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a shit attack of his own about all of this and that he proceeded to go to the US Congress and get now former and temp Nevada US Attorney Dayle Elieson sat here as an emergency measure to protect USDOJ’s few remaining specks of integrity they have here.

Just the very thought that an officer of any police department in the country was giving orders out to an FBI Agent anywhere within the Bureau’s Ops, is so outrageous and outside the way the FBI operates, you’ve got to know that its true and is the real reason why both are gone in close proximity to one another, yet the US Attorney could find no evidence of public sector corruption in Las Vegastan in all of this?

That three sheriffs in a row were so incompetent that all three missed 12 years of criminal Sex Trafficking operations happening right under their noses and protected by their subordinate officers, is simply not credible of US Attorney Trutanich to even infer that there is no evidence.

That no Media anywhere in the universe picked this up, further solidifying I was correct in my views.


Agent White, your efforts here in Nevada are the only hope I’m left hanging onto because our Justice Department is very broken today sir, and all of you within it have a duty as well as a responsibility to cure and fix it despite the intense modern-era political interference which was the cause of the Bundy failure here via Harry Reid’s personal interference and Chuck Schumer’s personal interference in neighboring New Jersey for Senator Menendez.

That five entire years of FBI and USDOJ time-wasting effort resulted in only two shitty indictments—and the first was that chubby White chick former Sunrise Hospital nurse Julie Blevin who did the credit cards thieving, and then no restitution requirement for now convicted pimp Jamal Rashid was just insulting and patronizing to any thinking person with even casual knowledge of the case and of the realities of what’s called ‘the life’ here within what I call ‘Dark Vegas’!?

Its doubly-difficult to me witnessing an aggressive and focused USDOJ effort in Chicago, its suburbs and other locations, and them just knocking it out of the park on Public Corruption and our effort and taking only months there, and here taking five years resulting in two shitty indictments and one of those a pending plea requiring no restitution and suffering no assert forfeiture either!

If only there were a way for citizens to charge both the Bureau and US Attorney’s office Las Vegastan with Law Enforcement Malpractice and seek damages!

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