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How Can We Really Screw The Citizens Of Las Vegastan?

Posted by Michael Zahara on Nov 9, 2019

I could imagine US Attorney’s and their AUSA’s and staffers sitting around big conference tables here and in Washington saying something along the lines of the title of this piece.  How federal law enforcement goes about their duties here is something completely foreign to me and I wrote the following piece as the lead-off to the New Year in 2012 and I pulled my punches too hoping that they would straighten up and fly right cuz if an idiot like me can see the bullshit they’re pulling here, then certainly other idiots could see it too!

It was the #1  piece of 2012 and had daily visitors all year long and its still hit today.  116 hits this week for a 7 year old work of mine!


Retired Metro legend Sgt Norm Jahn revived this work of mine this week reminding his followers and fans that I was onto this not long after the professional cops at LVMPD were!  Thanks Norm!

To update this piece today, I would simply say that there is no longer any question at all that the agencies under the United States Department of Justice not only have allowed for an enormous Vice-related Criminal Enterprise to grow and to flourish here completely unimpeded by any measure of credible local law enforcement, the Feds actually gave to it lift, and life, and power, and energy, as well as across the board federal protections for those like Mr Rashid who is just one of many Las Vegastan Prostitution Slavery Entrepreneurs!

Incredibly and inexplicably, Mr Rashid has no restitution to pay for his dozen years grossing $144 million in untaxed and casino and resort laundered illicit gains from this enterprise, but there is also no sign whatsoever that the USDOJ has seized any of his personal or professional assets he brags in his own PR efforts are worth more than 20 million dollars!


Sidebar:  This piece below dethroned the above in March but lost the year-end total because I wrote it in March and the other in January. but this one pulled ahead after New Years 2013 and never looked back and remains today the #1 work of this little project of mine at over 300,000 visitors over 7 years!



My vivid imagination and creative conscious has been very active my entire life but I’d like to think that I live in the real world without my head in the clouds and my Nike flip flops firmly on a sandy beach somewhere.  When I’m feelin’ ‘it’, I tend to feel ‘it’ very bigly.   

Learning the graceful and gracious art of seeking forgiveness rather than waiting in line to bow, kiss a political ring and/or ass, and then begging permission to do something, has been very helpful to me in everything I’ve endeavored since I learned what endeavor meant.  Scoring the WIN has never been the goal on anything I’ve ever done and though I like the W’s over the L’s of LOSS much better, I’m not the kind of guy who emotionally needs the Big W’s to validate myself to my own self, or to anyone else for that matter!

I’m comfortable in my own skin and am comfortable with your being comfortable in your own skin too!

Anyone who comes to me for political advice gets the same first question I’ve always asked politically ambitious people:  Why are you running for this office?

It continues to surprise me how few can answer that question correctly, to a question which has no hard ‘correct’ answer.  I can glean from their answers all that I need to know about them and their chances of enjoying a crime-free period of pubic service in elected political office.

I’ve also never had a need to know about everything and everyone and everyone’s everything about them either.  Political low-lives betray themselves in the exact same manner as criminals betray themselves.  They’re very easy to spot because they engage in regular, routine, patterned behaviors, verbal reactions and interplay, and physical postures which are a built-in veneer to act as a cover for whatever bullshit they’re up to.

Remember former Assemblywoman Kathy McClain who was using her campaign donor’s money to pad her PERS for years?  Neither she nor Gary Gray ever said a word to me about my writing about it, nor I to them either.  It was like pulling wisdom teeth trying to get then NVSOS Ross Miller to hold McClain to account for her deceit and for her perjury filing false CC&E’s, but he finally did, though finding no wrong doing on McClain’s part of course, but making the bitch repay the money she stole from her own campaign that year to pad her own PERS.   For all of the previous years she’d been pulling the exact same bullshit, he let her skate.

No one took up the matter as to why we’re still allowing our legislators in both Houses in Carson City to even participate in PERS when they’re in session for only 120 days every two years.  In the another piece to follow, I’ll tell you a little tale about how it was that former 25 year veteran Assemblyman Morse Arberry managed to skate coming in with 6 shitty state charges and no prison for stealing his campaign funds, and Kelvin Atkinson and Ricki Barlow were both charged with more serious federal crimes and both went to prison!

All three are Black-American men and racism certainly played a major role in all three cases having charges filed against them.  Black Privilege, Black Nationalism, and Black Corruption sure did lend a helping hand to one to them but the other two, likely have cause to seek to have their convictions overturned because it did!

I’ve never been one of those annoying Do-Gooders and I do make an effort not to be one of those Do-Badders either.

It is so damned easy to do the right thing and do it correctly and lawfully here when you’re in public life, I never feel any sympathy or empathy for those who do get caught. Case in point: Sheriff Lombardo was caught—discovered a much better word—earlier this year having not disclosed anything about his wife’s income, assets, & debts as is required by the NRS.  A very minor sin which can be easily corrected with an amended filing with no penalty.  That that occurred at all is the outrage with his campaign using the same connected firm most others use too to file his CC&E’s, though that filing would have been done before by him and separate from his CC&E’s, the firm could have advised him that they will take care of the filing when he provides them the information.  His campaign manager should have insisted this be filed and on time, and he said nothing to Joe either.  The sheriff knows better than to be that sloppy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the filing hasn’t been done yet either!

Federal law enforcement knows this about our peculiar lack of  interest in enforcement of even the simplest of state and local laws here and are just as lazy and unmotivated to enforce federal law here as well.  ‘When in Rome’ and all, seems to be their decades old fall-back excuse in Las Vegastan!

That’s what’s making this whole Metro Vice Scandal/US Attorney blow off of all of the public corruptions involved, that much harder for me to accept, so I’m not accepting it and will fully brief any political opponent of the president’s re-election efforts, who asks for it.  The president surely doesn’t know what his subordinates at USDOJ did here, and Sheriff Lombardo never needed to and therefore never did request a ‘Prosecutorial Discretion’ pass be given by  USDOJ to the LVMPD, the DA and all their associated riff-raff involved in the Metro Vice Scandal.  The direct ‘intersectionality’ with the Vice Scandal and the Mandalay Bay Massacre should have had Attorney General Barr verbally brief the president about all the bullshit their subordinates have been up to here, but he may have forgotten to remember to do so, that being easier the easier course of action with this president on most matters.


The federal government has never liked us or our people, our guns, our wild game, our gambling, or our chubby chicks either.  They’ve always hated Wayne Newton, Celine, Donny & Maria, Cher, Lady Gaga and all of the Cirque du Soleil shows.  I’m going to fully agree with them on Cirque wondering when that Tourist Fetish is ever going to expire!

They are all also fully aware here that this is two recent major incidents in which our local FBI Bureau and their superiors at their Los Angeles Regional office outright lied to us about what they actually did and what became of what they had actually done here.  The first was Eric Scott’s Officer Involved Murder where three uniformed LVMPDers just couldn’t stop shooting Scott at Summerlin’s Costco and one of them so enthusiastically shooting to ensure that he would get really dead, for real, fired one bullet that went right up the victim’s ass in the process!

I was too hard on Mr Scott in the aftermath and I apologized to Eric’s father Bill Scott for stating Eric’s family should have been more aware and more proactive about his addiction issues which numbed his responsiveness and which the LVMPD took care of that by outright killing his responsiveness for a guy who did nothing other than lawfully carry a firearm in Costco.

I tried in vane to get Bill Scott to redirect his sorrow and anger away from Metro and into second place, and then list Costco and its poorly trained and completely unaware of gun rights personnel first, as the travesty of corporate greed and no credible training of store staff it actually was and what set everything else into motion which followed and cost his son his life!

I’ll do the same now with Mrs Connie Land who I was too flippant and insensitive in comment about her deceased daughter and our USA Nicky Tratanich effectively telling her to get over it and get on with her life.  Mrs Land I apologize for my thoughtlessness, unfortunately you are now a member of a terrible club of families here and all over the US and Canada who are dealing with the exact same issue and who also have no hope of closure coming to them either! 

I’m very sorry about that too ma’am!

However, I’m told that you have some anger issues with Judge Tobiasson which I can’t imagine what that is over or about, but I’ll tell to you as I told to the judge in this mess about her similar anger with writer Doug Poppa; that you’ve both wasted precious time and energy being angry at all among yourselves and at anyone else other than the United States Department of Justice and its subordinate agencies.   Mrs/Judge/Mel Tobiasson is a natural ally to you Mrs Land.  her performance on our bench is at our very top-tier of excellence in this state and you have my personal word on that!

The crime scene where your daughter was murdered and near to my neighborhood too, was very badly corrupted, contaminated, and compromised and that was deliberately done too if you didn’t know, to ensure that anyone who may be charged lacks the evidence to convict because of local and federal law enforcement officers who were there in the dark of night busily covering their tracks, and further proving their immense corruptions and which the new US Attorney is saying by his inaction and disinterest in the pubic corruptions of associated publicly employed persons, that basically, he was unable to find any evidence on yours or any of the other related criminal matters!

I’ll just go ahead and call BULLSHIT on that right here and now for all of us!

I’m especially sorry to have informed you of this if you didn’t know the background and consequence of what had happened at your daughter’s crime scene.  I know Metro’s Homicide and Sex Crimes Bureau’s work to be among the very best in the nation and the evidence Doug Poppa wrote about and which was left behind in the apartment was in fact another crime in and of itself!  This is not how our Homicide Bureau operates at Metro.  At least it wasn’t how it operated when Sheriff Lombardo was first elected in 2014!

…and the band here plays on and on and on as our local and federal law enforcement’s institutional Titanic left the dock here many years ago and hasn’t been seen or heard from since then!

All three million of us in this state Mrs Land, should be crying our goddamned eyes out about that today!


I’ll salute two shithead cops in Karen Hughes and Charles Hank III which no credible FBI investigation would have failed to find reams and reams of evidence about both corrupted officers


Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara

‘A National Treasure!’



…An Adorable Deplorable!